so delicious

This is what I’ve been starting every single morning with lately because it is simply so delicious :)
Banana & date oatmeal made with rice & coconut milk; topped with banana slices, strawberries, raw almond butter, melted Green & Black’s dark chocolate, sweet apricot kernels, flaked almonds, and dried white mulberries. 😍

VEGAN COOL WHIP IS COMING. And it’s not made from nasty chemical death! It’s made from delicious coconut cream! And it looks EFFING AMAZING OH MY GOD GIVE IT TO ME NOW. (That’s the technical term for how it looks, fyi.)

Via VegNews:

In four weeks, So Delicious Dairy Free will be launching its brand-new CocoWhip—a vegan coconut-based whipped cream. There really is nothing more to say, is there?

No. No there is not.

(p.s. it’s made with organic coconut milk, is GMO-free and carrageenan-free, and the retail price will be $3.99!)