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does dennis maybe Really NOT know abt macs crush??? like we use his manipulating macs attraction as evidence that he knows but? i was thinkin abt it and he? does that to everyone? like he just assumes everyones attracted to him lmao ?? i definitely think he doesnt realise (or maybe just doesnt consciously acknowledge) that there might be anything more emotional behind it on macs end?? idk


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)



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Is Touka abusive towards Kaneki?

From the moment that it became clear that Ishida Sui would be further developing Touka and Kaneki’s relationship in Tg:Re many members of the TG fandom began throwing around the term “abuse,” in relation to Touka’s character and Touka/Kaneki as a ship in general. Now, in a manga where nearly every character has faults and has done something to hurt Kaneki in some way, I find the constant desire to single out Touka as the most negative influence on Kaneki’s life quite interesting.

Tokyo Ghoul and its successor, Tokyo Ghoul:re are both dark manga. There are definitely moments of humor and black comedy, but at it’s core it tries to be a manga that dissects tragedy and character flaws.

Many of the characters do horrid things and many of the characters in TG have done horrible things to our main character, Kaneki Ken.

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I think one of the things I really enjoy about rarepairs is exploring various possible interactions between characters who never really get to interact much in canon.

I dunno. I just find it a fun challenge to keep the characters in-character but put them in a different dynamic. Understanding a character’s personality and why they make decisions is, to me, more important than who canon pairs them off with.

That’s why I don’t get the canon policey mentality. I understand being annoyed at making a character wildly OOC, but I see that all the time in fanwork of canon ships too. Are we meant to only regurgitate what actually happens in canon forever? If you’re not allowed to tweak anything, what’s the point?

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I can only imagine Akira's head so crowded due to all those Personas he caught. He constantly has annoying voices clamoring in his head while he tries to focus... and then there's the feared Velvet Room.

I thought about this too!! I think he can only hear the voice of the Persona he awakened to, but it would be SO AWFUL if he just had everyone chatting all the time like poor boy, how would he sleep??? He goes through enough without all his obnoxious Personas shouting or doing other unnecessary things. ;_;

Besides, Arséne talks enough to make up for it LMAO like Akira’s trying to go to sleep and he’s slowly drifting away but then he hears ‘…Do you think pigeons have feelings?’ and he just groans and shoves a pillow over his face lolol. BUT THEN Zorro joins in since Morgana’s within close proximity, just sleeping on Akira’s tummy. And Zorro’s like ‘Callate, don’t be a fool. Pigeons killed my father’ and then the two start debating in Spanish and French, so Akira and Morgana have to cry themselves to sleep LMAO. Thank you for the hilarious headcanon, anon!! <33

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Oh my gosh In your Mercy76 art I just saw of them sleeping is Mercy wearing the Evenstar??? Omg is that a joke about how young Mercy stays even as she gets old?

Ahaha! Ok, this is fun!

Since you’re the second person pointing that to me, (@stevethesloth sent a similar ask but I answered privately) I must confess that it wasn’t intentional to make her necklace similar to LOTR’s one, so it definitely wasn’t made on purpose and definitely not a joke, but hey! The headcanon that Angela could know about the series and being a super fan (and a super Arwen/Aragorn shipper) seems a cute headcanon, to me! :D

So, yeah, why not?! XD Ahah!

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does that last ask means you ship Bakugou x Ashido??? Will you ever draw anything related to them?


MMMM i’m getting more and more into drawing skies and stuff

laziest coloring 2k17 but i found this song finally and i’m obsessed and vitya deserves all the love and happiness in the world