so deal with it


She watched Adéwale jam the end of the crowbar into the gate and effortlessly pop the rusty lock away from the hinge. Turning to both she and Edward, he then gestured for one of them - Edward, more specifically - to be the first to head through.

“I ain’t goin’ first.” Edward stated firmly. “There could be a guard dog on the other side.”

“It was you, who insisted we hit this place.” Adéwale reasoned. “You should be the one to enter.”

“I got a better idea, mate.”

Edward made a fist and placed it in the palm of his hand before signaling Adé to do the same. Ugh… There was nothing a quick game of, rock-paper-scissors, couldn’t solve between those two. Adéwale took the bait and overpowered Edward easily enough; rock versus paper…

Just as Edward began bargaining for a rematch, she rolled her eyes and shoved herself between the two of them to walk through the gate.

I’ll go first.” She growled before heading inside. “Honestly… You two are such babies…”

Me getting ‘officially diagnosed’ with ADHD after asking my psychiatrist if it was a possibility:ADHD, huh? Oh, okay. Let me look up the diagnosis for that. Oh, here’s a one and a half page checklist of possible symptoms. Why don’t you fill that out? Oh, yeah, you ticked 'yes’ or 'probably’ to most of them? Well, I guess you’ve got ADHD, then. Hold on a second, let me google which medication I should be prescribing you.”

Me 'self-diagnosing’ myself with autism, and having my psychiatrist tell me that I 'shouldn’t worry so much about labels’: Talking to multiple people with autism about their own experiences, taking multiple online tests and getting a positive on all of them, reading message boards and blog posts and articles written by and for autistic people, finding the section on autism in my university library and reading or at least skimming through well over a dozen books on the subject, making detailed explanatory lists of the ways that my own behaviours matched up with various versions of the diagnostic criteria, recalling the way I identify strongly with characters many autistic people consider to be autistic, stimming a whole lot from the stress of thinking about it all, finally recognizing my stimming for what it was, remembering the two or three separate instances in my life when an autistic person (unprompted) asked me if I was on the spectrum), carefully considering my personal history and experiences over the entirety of my life, and coming to the conclusion slowly over the period of a number of weeks.

So can we please stop acting like psychiatrists know everything and anyone who self-diagnoses does it on a foolish whim with zero thought put into it?