so deal with it

So, this day has not gone as planned. The plan was to catch up with some of my studies, clean the house after the masons had been there, and maybe draw a little and be productive.

What happened was the biggest sob-day i’ve had in a while. I guess i needed it, i still feel like there’s more i need to let out (meaning i still feel like utter shit), but i just had to pull myself back together and get back home (i escaped to my mum’s house earlier today, where she’ll live for less than a month before she’s moving). I try to stay postivie, and usually it works, but some days is just too much. I even went to the store in my pyjamas without realising.

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You should take a picture of your jacket. I'm sure one of your followers has a similar one or knows the brand. Just a thought.

with enough persistent internet searching I did actually find it. only in one place. for a reasonable price. in the wrong size.

so since when does having a straight (or predominately straight) character portrayal make you a homophobe or unfriendly to the LGBTQIA+ community??? ? 

no. characterization is just that. characterization. no one should be upset with that. i’m even upset with people who are upset that certain da characters are canonly straight– like ok? its how the world works ok? some people are straight, some are gay, some are queer, some are bi and some don’t know. so what’s the big deal?  not every character has to be queer in order to promote sexually equality. sexual equality is just that. equal representation of all sexualities. dai does a good job with these. we have some gay characters, some straight, some queer, and trans characters! and i believe this darp community does a great job in this. so shut your hate. ok? and plus: character portrays do not mirror the mun. ok? if your character is queer, it doesn’t always meen the mun is queer. if your character is straight, it doesn’t always mean the mun is straight. so don’t go calling people homophobes based off the portrayal of their muse– but off their actions…. (which no one has done anything homophobic here, to my knowledge. i would’ve called out on that too)

so stop your grumbling, stop your hate– bc this is just how the world works. ok??? ok. 

that’s all that catbug has to say. 

In my directing class, we have to choose a a scene from a movie (in our book) that we want to direct for an in-class performance. We were broken up into 3 groups (A, B, and C) . People in group A choose people in group B to act, group B chooses from C, and C from A. I was in group C, and I’m still CACKLING at the fact that everyone in my group got picked TWICE from group B before I was even picked once. And the guy who was designated to keep track of who’s directing who ended up picking me probably because he sees on the sheet in front of him that everyone already is up on their limit except me (and one other girl who was picked once early on). It’s just like dodgeball in the movies where the nerds get picked last, and the captain who picks last grunts because ugh, you have to be on their team (except I was a good dodger in elementary school and was always picked first). Not sure if it’s because I wear the hijab, but I’m heavily leaning toward that since not everyone knew each other in that class…

So Daniel @manlesbian is going to be doing cheap commissions soon to work on his portfolio and pick up extra cash while we are in England.
If anyone is interested contact him or me and once commissions open up we will let you guys know but for now expect text post as reminders to anyone interested!!
We have a few things with life we are having to get in order,with moving and getting married, including getting his work computer and a shit ton of other things but
Please keep him in mind if you’re interested in cheap commissions

Me getting ‘officially diagnosed’ with ADHD after asking my psychiatrist if it was a possibility:ADHD, huh? Oh, okay. Let me look up the diagnosis for that. Oh, here’s a one and a half page checklist of possible symptoms. Why don’t you fill that out? Oh, yeah, you ticked 'yes’ or 'probably’ to most of them? Well, I guess you’ve got ADHD, then. Hold on a second, let me google which medication I should be prescribing you.”

Me 'self-diagnosing’ myself with autism, and having my psychiatrist tell me that I 'shouldn’t worry so much about labels’: Talking to multiple people with autism about their own experiences, taking multiple online tests and getting a positive on all of them, reading message boards and blog posts and articles written by and for autistic people, finding the section on autism in my university library and reading or at least skimming through well over a dozen books on the subject, making detailed explanatory lists of the ways that my own behaviours matched up with various versions of the diagnostic criteria, recalling the way I identify strongly with characters many autistic people consider to be autistic, stimming a whole lot from the stress of thinking about it all, finally recognizing my stimming for what it was, remembering the two or three separate instances in my life when an autistic person (unprompted) asked me if I was on the spectrum), carefully considering my personal history and experiences over the entirety of my life, and coming to the conclusion slowly over the period of a number of weeks.

So can we please stop acting like psychiatrists know everything and anyone who self-diagnoses does it on a foolish whim with zero thought put into it?