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Okay but yesteday I’ve suddenly been hit by the hugest revelation. You know how the bnha kids are all in a dorm now, right? So like, they share spaces, a lot? Imagine if Hagakure has long hair. Long, invisible hair. Long hair you’re gonna find on the floor or on the couch or wherever, maybe even on your clothes, but you can’t see it. Imagine how damn creepy that is I’m ??? You just walking barefoot and then suddenly there’s something long and light sliding on the back of your foot and you can’t see anything and it just keeps on happening how long before they start saying the dorms are haunted

Me when watching the new Milo Murphy's Law special

Milo: and there’s the pistachio king in our time
Milo: just run it over!!!!

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hooo weeeeeee say one (1) gay thing and suddenly homophobes swarm in im sorry u have to deal w this garbage on ur blog

i mean honestly i say gay shit all the time and rarely get this type of anon, so it doesn’t really bother me all that much

i get more shit when I say science is a social construct so like, there’s that


“A-Ah… S-Sorry about that,I just remem-remembered something I shouldn’t have… A-Anyways! My life before was… Fine. it wasn’t okay but it wasn’t bad either. If I compared my life back then to my life right now,I think my life right now is much better than before…”

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Okay i know i probably shouldnt get angry but like why are there so many people being so fucking rude to Hiro on twitter about how jerza didnt get a “proper ending”. I know now everyone knows WSM isnt released until wednesday but like people need to understand that it is, in the end, HIS story. He is not obliged to give any couple any type of ending. It is all his choice.

Bottom line is, please stop tweeting to Mashima about the last chapter. 1st, it was an illegal release that everyone read. 2nd, it’s just downright rude to just tweet at him about your ship not getting the ending you wanted.

unrelated but im my opinion a ship doesnt always need a kiss to be canon

Sorry to clog up your dashes with this, but I have to say something:

Thank you.

Thank you to every single person who has contacted me through asks, DMs, texts, etc over the last few weeks.

You seriously don’t realize what every single one of those messages mean to me.  I’ve been teetering on the edge of completely losing my mind over the last few months.  I finally reached that point a few weeks ago, so I walked away from the one part of my life I could actually walk away from (writing).  I needed some time to think about everything that’s been going on and figure out what to do next, how to get back what used to make me so happy, and how to survive my own anxiety about every single aspect of my little world.

At the moment, I’m working on a literal inspiration board for a project I’m planning on really diving into in August.  On it I have quotes, pictures, and some of the sweet messages I’ve received over the past few weeks.  As I was pining them, I re-read them, and it just hit me so hard just how many kind souls there are in my little corner of the fandom.  Reading them has filled me with so much joy, so much inspiration, and so much EXCITEMENT about everything.

I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about Elysian.  I’ve kicked around the idea of maybe condensing (throwing out) some of the plot points so I can shorten it and maybe finish it so I don’t leave anything unfinished, but every time I think about posting, I feel this wave of nausea (not to mention the fact that I don’t really want to cut any of the plot lines out which honestly might cause more problems for me in the fandom), so I’m not sure if I have the energy to even attempt it. 

But then I think about some of the words of encouragement that you guys have sent me and I honestly didn’t think anyone really cared that much about that fic until now.  Like, I thought I could just stop posting and maybe one or two people would have noticed.

Anyway, that’s not the point.  The point is that I wanted to thank you guys for every single kind word you’ve thrown my way (especially over the last several weeks).  They have seriously meant so so so much to me.

Sit down buckaroos because I’m gonna share some historical insight with you because of ignorant people who are trying to discard the most badass character in all of feminist characters in musical theatre history and I won’t take that.
Katherine Ethel Pulitzer was a real person - daughter of Joseph and Kate Pulitzer. So there’s fact number 1 to prove she was an actual living person in the 1800’s. Fact 2. When you say women weren’t journalists back then well you obviously have never heard nor read about Elizabeth Jane Cochran also known by her pen name “Nellie Bly”. She was the inspiration behind Katherine’s character in the first place. They basically merged the real Katherine with Nellie and created this character. Nellie Bly began writing for “The Pittsburg Dispatch” in 1885 and moved to New York City two years later to begin working at “New York World”. She was known for her investigative and undercover reporting, including posing as a sweatshop worker to expose poor working conditions faced by women. She earned her acclaim in 1887 when she went undercover at an asylum on Blackwell’s Island and posed as one of the patients to get the story and in turn had launched a full on investigation on the treatment of the institution and the well being of patients (which wasn’t a well being at all with neglect and physical abuse) in said facility. In 1889 she went around the world in a record-setting 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 14 seconds in attempt to break the faux record of Phileas Fogg, the fictional title character in Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in 80 Days”. At the age of 18 (my age) she submitted a racy response to an editorial piece that had been published in The Pittsburgh Dispatch that made sexist statements towards women. The writer was Erasmus Wilson (known as the Quiet Observer or Q.O.) Nellie’s letter grabbed the attention of the paper’s managing editor, George Madden, who then offered her a position. She later published a book about the experience titled: “Around the World in 72 Days” in 1890.
So don’t you DARE tell me Katherine Plumber wasn’t a vital asset to these boy’s story. She’s more of an inspiration to me than ANY character I’ve read about. Nellie Bly is an inspiration who makes me want a writing career. I am very much like Katherine (in more ways than just having power bangs) and because of her I’ve learned to love myself. Because of her I can get through days when I’ve got a shit ton of Senior year homework knocking me down. Because of her I’m happier. Katherine and Nellie are huge inspirations to me and if you hate either one of them just unfollow me now. Because these two are my role models and always will be❤