so darn beautiful


I had to minish my to do list but my hand slipped lmao

I’ve grown so used to drawing this cutie, I love love her <3 I should start getting used to drawing her with the flowers buuuut… ;w; Her eyes are so cute and the flowers remind me of her misadventures c’:

Athela’s from Bloomtale, by @askbloomtale



*throws an Anastasia AU on top of the dozens and dozens of other starco AUs I love*

jiubilee  asked:

okay, honestly, pepe has been looking so good lately and i'm glad that i'm not the only one that has noticed because his hair is beautiful and his smile is beautiful and he's just so gosh darn beautiful and i have very strong warm and fuzzy feelings about this

GIRL SAME to me he looks soooooooo much better with his hair like this like there’s NO comparison tbh please never shave it again @ pepe also, please keep smiling and always be happy ily very much 

So I saw this today and it gave me an idea

Shhhhhhhh, he’s okay now…….