so darn attractive


normally im so totally o k with being alone but like this time of year has me feeling wierd as hell. all my friends are in relationships and i just seem to be so darn bad at attracting the right type. i know it takes time and all that but having no one to cuddle with makes my heart frown.


How are they all so darn attractive?!? 😍😘

Septiplier and Tythan Au

Ocean Au where Jack is a Merman and Tyler is a Naiad is my literal aesthetic! Tyler being super good at tinkering and fixing things and being over attached to everything while all being super good at Polaroid Camera photos. Jack being able to do so many cool underwater tricks and flips with his fin and is super cocky about it yet he looks so darn attractive and professional while doing it. 

Marks just a basic every day surfer who only finds interest in surfacing and is just such a beach boy. He has a house that’s like right on the beach and just sits out and watches sunsets every evening with his dog Chica. Ethan just being so shit at swimming and such a hard working boy who just needs a break and rest from his stress pile of a life and is just so fantasized by anything to do with the underwater or the ocean. Wishing he would breath and live under water  just to escape the feelies,

God au’s with @jack-a-yote are literally so much fun I just ❤

ɢᴅғʀ|ᴀ:ᴛʟᴀ ᴀɴᴅ ʟᴏᴋ| sᴇʀɪᴇs ғɪɴᴀʟᴇs

Sooooo, I recently hit 9000+ subs on YouTube and decided to make a lil’ video for it. 

Team Avatar is so darn attractive in action. Let us bask. 

Closet Endeavours - Outlaw Queen OneShot

So mademoiselle-arel​ dared me to write something with cheesy prompts… I chose “Friends locking them up in a closet” and this is what I came up with. I revisited it and beta-ed it and now it’s new and improved and also on and AO3, enjoy!

While searching the farm house for anything that might help bring down the Wicked Witch, Robin and Regina seem to be getting along well, until she sees destiny marked on his wrist, but something prevents her from running away. 


“Well, in the last few days we’ve survived a curse,” 

Was he really so openly hitting on her or was Regina finally going completely insane? 

“-woken up in an entirely new realm,” 

Why did he have to be so darn attractive? She could not help but smile while hearing him speak, his tone, his accent seemed to soothe her but also made her jumpy and nervous. Regina quickly smoothed her hands about her hair to make sure it was not as crazy as the Wicked Witch. 

“-and forgot a year of our lives,” 

He turned back to face her, he was smirking, damn those endearing dimples

“I’d say we’ve earned it, wouldn’t you?” he extended a glass to her and Regina already had her lips set in the word ‘Yes’ so she could accept the drink and everything that came with it – after all, she could blame it all on the alcohol if she did regret anything later – when she saw it

The shape of a lion imprinted in black ink on his left wrist, a mere mark for anyone else whose eyes happened by it, but a frightening symbol to Regina. 

The guy with the lion tattoo, her soulmate

A million thoughts raced through Regina’s head in the exact three seconds that she stood looking at the mark on his wrist dumbfounded. 

Fear kicked in, the very same type that made her run away from him all those years ago, and Regina could barely hear his concerned question of, “Is something wrong?” before she began moving towards the door. 

However, Regina was only able to take a couple of steps before a sound made her stop dead on her tracks and look ahead. Her survival instinct told her not to move while her heart screamed for her to run. 

She remained motionless – as did the outlaw – as her ears picked out the sound of steps. Footsteps coming from outside, she could identify the owner almost immediately for there was a clear limp in the sound. 

Rumpelstiltskin, the most powerful sorcerer she knew, the man, thing, who had taught her almost everything she knew about magic. On normal circumstances, she could handle the imp just fine, but being that he just happened to be at the mercy of the green lady who inhabited the house she happened to have broken into with- Gods, her soulmate, Regina was not taking her chances. 

“Come on-” she heard him half whisper behind her while his fingers encircled her upper-arm and pulled her back towards him.

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