so dang proud

Practicing several features and faces shapes! 

Suki is so lovelyy!!!!! It was a blast playing with her palette color but a struggle to get her features ! I definitely need more practice but in the meantime I’ll throw this in here 😄

Finally getting around to watching RandL on Food Network Star. Y'all…my heart is bursting with pride❤️THEY DID SO FREAKIN GOOD. They were confident, upbeat, funny, smart, quick, god damn they were awesome. They were so professional but also themselves. I love seeing them on other stuff, they’ve come so far.

Also idk why but I noticed a certain confidence in Link and it made me so happy to see him kicking ass like that. I hope that people back in NC and just people of his past have noticed his growth. I’d like to know what that asshole that picked on him (the one that Rhett punched) thinks of him now. I hope that anyone who ever was negative towards him feels embarrassed as hell now. The Linkster is a freakin company owning, show running, content creating, tv show guest starring, late night talk show appearing, award winning badass.

Little Link had no idea what his future would hold, had no idea the impact he would make in people’s lives. I wish somehow little Link could’ve known what was to come, that millions of people would embrace his quirkiness, his unfiltered mouth, his weirdness. That he would be loved and looked up to and admired. And most of all, that he would learn to embrace HIMSELF, love HIMSELF. That he would gain confidence and shine like a freakin star. A “Linkstar” I guess you could say..😜

For whatever reason, I decided drawing a pole dancing figure would be good practice without using any references so naturally it ended up becoming Yuuri. XD 

My friend so kindly informed me there’s a crop top Yuuri trend thanks to @zephyrine-gale! So here’s my offering of thanks for all the wonderful people drawing Yuuri in crop tops! 

Say You Won’t Let Go

It was a warm spring night, the kind that drew everyone outside and created a festival kind of feeling. Marinette and Alya walked merrily down the sidewalk, both of them looking forward to their dates. A new restaurant had just opened along the river, and the place had quickly become a favorite spot because of its beautiful outdoor seating area. Adrien had managed to snag four reservations for an open mic night.

“I’m telling you, your voice is great and you gotta get up there!” Alya said.

“No way, that place is gonna be so crowded,” Marinette shook her head. “I don’t think I could do it with so many eyes on me.”

“You sing for us all the time when we have karaoke night,” Alya pointed out.

“Yeah but that’s just us. I don’t want an audience.”

“Fine,” Alya waved a hand. “But if they have that new zedd song on the roster I’m dragging you up there with me.”

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