so damn stoked


I think of the things I’d like to say to you when you’re standing in front of me, mere feet away.

In all honesty, I’d probably be too shy or chagrined at myself or overwhelmingly smitten by your presence to say anything at all.

But I still think up of all the craziest poetic statements I’d want to say to your face just to watch your expression change from that solemn one to that amused one to that wild one. All that change, all that dynamic combustion of emotions you feel and that I, in my own way, compelled.

I’d tell you, I want your lips tattooed to the side on my neck – here, just where the curtain of my hair courts the crook where my shoulder ends at my irresistibility begins.

I’d tell you, I want those sinewy hands on my hips, those pianist fingers digging into my flesh, that fanned stance you’d assume as if in the middle of a dance where you dip me and I cling to your deceptively muscular form. And you smile, a smooth deceptively calculating spread of victory when the surface of the table miraculously lends credence to the arch of my back.

You brought me here. You do me here. I’m at your bidding and you know it. So release that Irish wilderness all over me. Whip up a ginger storm and ravage my clover field. Unchain that ancient beast to claim my bare territory. Do unto me as the Celtic melodies do at the very depths of the crashing sea and consume me, Bill.

“I’m ready. Take me.”

im_socratisotto So damn stoked for 1 of the most beautifulist peeps to come into my world @yvonnestrahovski rocking the huluhoop in @handmaidsonhulu Best show on 💻something to mfkn behold #BraceYoselves #watchitNOW #missyouVon #missmyhairtoo Source: [x]


Let’s see how many childhood memories I bring back~.

No really, I loved being Lena Dupree at Denver Comic Con this past weekend. Such a throwback cosplay, and those that recognized us were so damn stoked! (Everyone else was convinced I was Esmerelda.) Thank you, Jasmine, for inviting me to be a part of your Scooby Doo on Zombie Island group!

Photos by Shutter Crazy Photos.

No but you know that when Belle gets pregnant (hopefully waaayyy down the line) Rumple is gonna be the most ridiculously careful, attentive to annoyance and paranoid father-to-be in the entire world.

Rumple: “Belle, Belle sweetheart are you sure you’re alright? Is the baby alright? Do you have to pee? You’re walking too much, you’re gonna exhaust yourself, here, let me carry you. I’ll magic us home right now, say the word. Are you sure you don’t have to pee? Are you happy? Do your feet hurt? Are you sad? You’re sad, I know it. Oh god, please don’t cry. Do you want some pancakes? I’m making pancakes. I won’t have you eating that slop from Granny’s.”

Belle: *gets a craving*

Rumple: *drives to NY and calls in favors from old magical buds to get her what she wants*

Belle: *cries over a sad animal commercial*

Rumple: *buys her a puppy*

Belle: *sneezes*

Rumple: *buys out the entire drugstore and threatens Dr. Whale into making a 3 a.m. house call for a full examination and testing*

*baby kicks*

Rumple: *cries in the diner*

dylan obrien is going to be one of the greats of our generation on par with leonardo dicaprio and tom hanks and shit just WATCH and hes only going to get better with age i am so god damn stoked to see where his career goes