so damn smart

I'm sure they know.

I’m sure Sean knows he’s a wonderful inspiration and and the cutest green bean ever, he’s been on the internet and popular for a while. He’s heard it before.

Same goes for Mark. I’m sure he knows we know that he is so damn impressive and smart in everything he does, he’s heard it before.

And surely Felix, by now, knows that his audience is there for a reason, and that he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

Ethan must know that he’s wonderful and can do almost anything at 20, and we support him through that.

I’m sure they’ve been reassured that they’re beautiful, too. Hell we make art of them daily.

They know.

But does Tyler know HE was the actively saving my life? Not Mark? That he is a walking miracle of a human in the way he acts, and WE KNOW IT.

Does Robin know that when some of us see a really funny part in a JSE video, a close up or a few pop up things. We think of that funny Swedish dude that we barely see but god we love him. (Additionally hes so impressive? Like??? Antisepticeye is part jack but also a HUGE part Robin go dude)

Does Katherine know, as the resident brown haired woman with glasses in teamiplier that she makes me accept myself as the brown haired girl with glasses because she is so damn beautiful

Does AMY know, that she is so passionate about what she loves and that drives some of us everyday. I want to be like Amy Nelson! And FUCK NO, when I say that I do not mean I want to date Mark. I want to be loving, passionate, and talented. And she’s a fucking good inspiration. (Even though she has a channel, still saying this, because it’s true and it might not have reached her yet)

Does Signé know she makes some of us feel not so alone anymore? That woman dealt with depression and anxiety and still deals with some today. She’s creative, she’s wonderful, she’s beautiful and when I say I want to be like Signe Hansen I don’t mean Sean’s girlfriend because I want to be creative and I want to fight off my depression and I am, with her help. (Even though she has a channel, I’m still saying this)

Gods sake, does MARZIA KNOW she is a sweetheart and smart and talented and not just Felix’s girlfriend because just a little scroll through the comments on her channel saying she’s using him for views makes me sorta insulted. Marzia is loving, and sweet and beautiful and when I say I want to be like Marzia Bisognin I don’t mean Felix’s girlfriend I mean a kind, loving and sweet woman with an impeccable fashion sense. Do all these people get left slightly behind and never told this, only getting indirect praise because it’s targeted at Mark? Or Sean? Or Ethan? Or Felix? I want Tyler, Robin, Katherine, Amy, Signe and Marzia to know they’re just as important as their friends/ significant others to some of us. Reblog with your own thoughts on these guys! Spread the love!
‘When it’s time to go there,’ I said quietly, 'we go together.’
'It’s a bargain,’ he said, and kissed me gently.
I murmured back onto his lips, “Yes, it is.’
The skin on my left arm tingles.  lick of warmth snaked down it. I looked to find another tattoo there.

Page 698, A Court of Wings and Ruin


we dont talk about scotty enough? like that dude is so unbelievably fucking smart and hilarious and so kind? like i bet him and jim like to go out camping and drinking together and he finds out how to make bagpipes fit with the vulcan flute with spock and he takes chekov under his wing because that kid is so damn smart and scotty is absolutely one of the biggest geniuses on a ship chalk full of em and i bet he likes to knit sweaters and cook food with real ingredients and has like ten cats


Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.

*notices the nekkid purple Firestorm version is f’ing RIPPED and tries to imagine Gabriel Agreste with muscles and only a bath towel covering his unmentionables*

*spits coffee all over computer*


Highschool Marliza thingy

@myfacelookslikecookiedough planning le story and did the coloring (see pics 3-5)

I just drew the shit and did a few animations


also spam @myfacelookslikecookiedough

a pet peeve; when people think nakamoto yuta is dumb even though he’s continuously shown that he is a very smart and well spoken person with his own opinions about varying topics

Lord of The Riddles

Requested: Yes. Anon asks, “Oh oh oh! May I request something? I feel like there’s not enough Darkiplier stuff on here, so would you mind doing a little fic or something of your choice on a Darkxreader, where the reader manages to trick Dark for once, and is is furious with it? Your choice on ending, and I love this blog, you’re such a good writer!!!”  

Fandom: Markiplier

Pairing: Dark/Reader

Pronouns: She/Her

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: I really didn’t know what to do with this one, honestly, so, I hope you don’t mind how I did this! Also, this has much more dialogue than detail. I’m sorry! <3 …Enjoy!

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   (Y/N) and Dark sat across from each other on the couch, (Y/N) was getting increasingly furious and Dark’s ego was swelling. He was proud of the fact that he couldn’t be beat and by the fact that (Y/N) was a terrible guesser. It had started with a simple sentence, spoken by the human as she sat on the couch, staring at her phone.

“Many have heard me, but nobody has seen me, and I will not speak back until spoken to. What am I?” it was a riddle and (Y/N) couldn’t figure out what it meant. She thought about it for at least 30 minutes. Dark, who had been passing by the living room at the time, spoke knowing the riddle right of the bat.

“An echo.”

“Hey, I was gonna answer that!” (Y/N) pouted as she scrolled past the post. The conversation was going to stop at that but Dark decided to add more.  

“It’s not my fault you can’t comprehend a simple riddle.”

“Excuse you!” (Y/N) turned to glare at him, she hated to be called dumb or even for someone to infer that she was.

“Do you disagree with the fact that you didn’t know what the answer was, even if it was simple.” Dark approached (Y/N) with a condescending smirk on his face. He sat on the couch beside her. He faced her and she faced him and if looks could kill, Dark was sure he’d be seriously maimed.

“Fine! If you’re so damn smart, I challenge you to a Riddle Off or whatever.”  

“And if I win?” Dark leaned forwards, regarding (Y/N) with narrowed eyes and the same smirk on his face as before.

“I will do whatever you want for 48 hours-”

“A month.” Dark cut (Y/N) off, challenging her.

“A week.” (Y/N) crossed her arms over her chest, narrowing her eyes at him.

“Fine. One week… And if you win?” Dark leaned back, folding his hands together in his lap. He loved their little games, mainly because he normally won.

“The same thing will happen. You will do as I say for one whole week. Do you accept?”

“I do.” Dark winked and (Y/N) rolled her eyes, she was to focused to get blush-y.

“What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?” (Y/N) read from her phone, watching him.

“You belittle me. The answer is a penny. My turn… You will always find me in the past. I can be created in the present, but the future can never taint me.” Dark grinned at her, watching as she mulled over the riddle in her head. She repeated it to herself a few times before a smile graced her lips.


“Well, you’re not as dense as I thought.” Dark nodded, a genuinely impressed.

“Piss off,” (Y/N) scrolled through her phone, ignoring Dark’s mumblings about how she couldn’t come up with a riddle on her own. “What is easy to get into, but hard to get out of?” upon seeing the mischievous look in Dark’s eyes she blushed. She realized how dirty the riddle sounded but for someone like Dark, she was sure that he wouldn’t say anything about it. Apparently she was wrong.

“I could go the perverse route but that would be wrong, the most obvious answer would be… Trouble.” Dark turned up his nose, already knowing he was correct. (Y/N) grumbled angrily to herself, a frown on her lips as she searched for a new riddle. An hour had passed since they started the meaningless challenge. They had gotten closer both furious with the other.

“Fine! You want a challenging question? What’s in my pocket? Betcha don’t know that one you pompous, condescending, asshat!” (Y/N) stood, glaring angrily at the other figure. His head was starting to twitch from his frustration. The question, though it wasn’t a riddle, was still a challenge and he wanted to win. His ego was way too big to turn away from a challenge.

“Well,” Dark started, gazing over her form, assuming she meant the pockets of her shorts. “It’s not your phone as it sits, discarded, on the coffee table. It’s definitely not your wallet because that thing is way too big to fit in a woman’s pocket. I remember that you told me you kept a ring on you at all times, one from a lost relative, that’s my answer.” (Y/N) glowered at Dark as she went to reach into her pockets. Then it clicked and she couldn’t stop the smug look that reached her lips. She realized that the pockets were faux and that the ring was actually in her jewelry box, upstairs.

“I’m sorry Dark, but you’re mistaken.” (Y/N) felt the pride swell along with her own ego. She watched the smirk fall from Dark’s face as he too realized that she didn’t have any pockets.

“You broke the rules of the game.” Dark glared, his anger multiplying, but fought to control himself. His human had beaten him this time.

“There were no rules set… Now, are you going to stand there and pout or are you going to hold up your end of the bargain.” Dark gave an over exaggerated bow and (Y/N) clapped excitedly, her smile growing.

“How may I be of service to you?”

  • Expectations: colour-coordinated notes in beautiful handwriting in a stunning notebook, sleeping 8h every night, waking up bright and early, fuelled by garnished lattes you got at a local cafe, listening to chill music and organizing your life with a clean and personalized bullet journal, getting As on your exams and treating yourself for your great achievements
  • Reality: messy notes on crinkly loose leaf sheets and ugly spiral notebooks you got on sale, living on 5h of sleep or waking up at 11 am and cursing yourself for sleeping in, fuelled by stress and anxiety, listening to your own crying while trying to get your shit together with a cheap planner filled with quick to-do lists that you never complete, always being on average in tests because everyone is so damn smart and not having the time to treat yourself because you're flooded with work

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After reading action movie cliches, I just remembered how happy I am that this show actually treats ammo and guns in general seriously. Bullets do run out, loaded guns have to be found, a dude with am empty revolver poses no danger to anybody. And it was at least twice when Watson counted shots fired in order to know when an enemy or presumably suicidal Holmes will run out of ammo and it would be safe to counter-attack.

Honestly god bless this

Aaaahh the bnha vigilantes recent chapter was so good!!! ;___;

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I love Tensei so much he is such a cool guy I can’t TT_TT

Also his friendship with Koichi gives me so much life

They’re so precious, Tensei is so damn precious, Just look at them, Tensei is really a good big bro not only for Tenya but for everyone. 

Speaking of big bros,Tensei  reminds me of Tadashi Hamada a lot  (also they share a tragic fate lmao) :’(

Really this chap was badass as hell. I loved the fact that Ingenium is not against the vigilantes (like Naomasa) but he saws them as a heros too :’)

Now I fucking hate you Stain TT_TT how fucking dared you TT_TT

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Can I get some Chris Evans headcanons where his wife is pregnant and Dodger is really over protective of her even with Chris and it's just a bunch of funny fluffy moments

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Writer: Jess

  • First of all, when you tell Chris that you’re pregnant, both him and Dodger starts to jump around
  • Chris will be giggling and Dodger barking, the two of them just making a lot of noise to celebrate the news
  • Chris also starts to tell Dodger every single day about how beautiful his brother gonna be (because he’s so sure that you’re gonna have a little dude)
  • During morning sickness, when Chris has to get something for you like a glass of water while you’re throwing up, he’ll scream “Dodger, stay with her” while running to the kitchen
  • For your surprise, Dodger will obey him and will stay watching you at the bathroom’s door
  • Whenever you’re craving for something weird to eat and Chris has to go to the grocery store, Dodger stays with you, following you around the house
  • “How can you be so damn smart, Dodger?”
  • After the baby kicked for the very first time (and of course Chris made Dodger put his paw on your belly to feel it), the dog got so protective over you
  • Is someone getting closer to your belly? He will bark
  • You’re sleeping and cuddling Chris? He will join you two and will rest his fluffy head on your belly
  • He will play with you, make you company whenever Chris is not around, look after you, etc
  • He’s basically your dog now lol
  • When Chris found out that you’re actually expecting a little girl and not a boy, and he told Dodger about it, the dog barked
  • And Chris started to talk to him
  • “Noup, you didn’t know it was a girl, stop it”
  • “Do you wanna choose the name, buddy?”
  • “Chris, Dodger is not going to choose our daughter’s name, he’s a dog!”