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Friends & Family appreciation!

i want to compliment ALL my mutuals & my friends.
because my anxiety kills me (thanks anon)
mostly because i don’t contact people often,i just want them
to know how much they mean to me.
that i see them as ACTUAL friends. 
yes this is kinda like a follow forever. just with compliments!
this is a  hella  long list! so i’m so sorry.
i’m bad with telling your personality,so i’m so sorry.
i didn’t wanna leave anybody out.
family = bolded (basically means people i see as my real life friends)
friends = italics (means that we might not talk alot,but you still mean alot to me)

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GOT7 Mark x reader smut.

Request : Can I request story about Mark (from got7) pleaseeeeeee?

Author’s Note: Sure. I’m so sorry that this is so late. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had to write it. It’s my first time so… I honestly think it may disappoint you? Haha I really thought this through though that’s why it kinda late. 

Pairing : Reader x Mark Tuan

Genre : Smut and slight fluff

Length : 3185 words

Warnings: Language. Daddy and baby girl kinks.

[Mark’s POV]

She caught me staring at her again.

“Damn it…” I muttered.

I looked away as if nothing happened. I couldn’t help it… I mean she had been there working the punching bag while beads of sweat rolled off her face, brows furrowed in concentration. I wish I could make her sweat like that.

She looked so hot and fierce and everything about her seemed so captivating. “Why am I so horny today. For fuck’s sake. Get ahold of yourself, dumbass. Unless you want to end up with a boner and showing it to the whole world,” I thought to myself.

I walked over to the table filled with members’ information and went through the list of recently joined members hoping to find that particularly name and soon enough, I found it. (y/n) it is. Ugh Jackson is lucky to be her instructor. Anyone could tell just by looking at her that she has experience in mixed martial arts. She still has some slight flaws in the way she fights, though.

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I don’t have a lot of time to draw… To much things to do for school. And my birthday is next week. (18th October if you didn’t know) I feel so old…. -sigh-

Whatever I hope you will enjoy these few sketch ! My Graylu family makes me so happy  *^* ♥  I love them so much ♥ I wish someone could make a fanfiction about them. Baby Mila and baby Silver are so damn cute ! >w<

From right to left :
Random boy 1: Look look ! It’s Mila !
Random boy 2: She’s so cute…
Random boy 3: We should ask her to play with us !
Silver: What the hell are these stupids guys saying ?!! (<- He has a little sister complex)

Mila: Big brotheeeer ♥♥
Silver: Mila what are you doing ? Don’t hug me like that, you embarrass me.
Mila: But I love you big brother !
Silver: Damn… You’re so annoying…

Silver: Daddy ! Daddy ! Let me see your magic again, please !
Gray: Okay but just one more time.
Silver: Wooooh…
Mila: -try to touch it because it’s shining-

Lucy: Look Gray ! She’s playing with Plue ! Come here with the camera and take a picture !
Plue: Pun-pun…

Gray: Come here Silver. Say hello to your little sister.
Silver: Hello ! I’m your big brother. Can you be a boy please ?
Lucy: Come on Silver… We already told you it’s a girl. -laugh-
Silver: I don’t wanna a girl !
Gray: I think it’s too late…

Silver: Mommy I don’t thing she listen to me, she doesn’t respond. If she was a boy she would say something.

Lucy: And you’re ready.
Mila: Mommy, it’s my turn to brush your hair !
Lucy: Didn’t you brush your doll’s hair ?
Mila: I want to brush mommy’s hair too.
Lucy: I have a better idea. Let’s brushing your father’s hair 

Gotta get me some sonic now, damn

There’s angry confusion, disappointed confusion, then there is Kevin Owens lmao.  

ENZO LOOKS SO GOOD HERE??? Wow. (Cass, you look good too bb.)

More confused face lmao


… puppy dog face Cass holy shit. 

NO BEARD ENZO WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF he looks so good without?? This coming from someone who literally lives for the beard and scruffy????? woW

Gotta have a pic with Deano bc I love him I’m SORRY

“Bitch, wut.” 

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NEED ME A TALL FRIEND LIKE THAT. It honestly takes no effort even, he just like reaches over and barely taps the stupid bowl. “COme on.” 

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I love Enzo and Cass so much omfg. 

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Need me a tall bear hug like that

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HAHAHAHAHA they are so good for each other i need emotional help 

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Basically, they remind me of my sister and her boyfriend and IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. 


EXO Reaction when you’re dating them and you are introduced to the others for the first time

I would be so nervous to be honest, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Always doing weird things* “I’m Chan.. the one who will make you laugh all the time!”


*You can’t stop admiring this God and he knows it*


*Introducing himself* “I’m Mr. Oh. I love Choco and I’m the maknae! Everybody loves me!”


*Runs to hug you* “Welcome home little sister!!! Here, let me panda hug you!”


“I was dressing man! It’s not my fault you didn’t knock!” *Already makes you feel like you are one of them*


*Curious* “So do girls always smell this nice? Do you have friends… you know to hang out with… I’m Baozi!”


*Has no words* “Damn she is pretty…. this can’t be happening to me”


*The first chat you two have is about how “manly” he is*


“Will you love me too? Please do… I’m cute!” *Is adorable all the time*


“I can’t fall in love with her.. no I can’t. She is taken… girls don’t really look at me.. I’m just the friend… no I don’t love her..” *Struggling Soo*


“Woah! Kris wasn’t lying! You are very pretty!” *Angelic Lay*


*Gentleman* “I’m Suho… I take care of these 11 dorks… I’ll gladly be there for you too”

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RFA + V sending their kid off to their first day of school


⥁ “how do i look daddy?” “like the prettiest little girl!”

⥁ he would cook her the cutest lunch he had been training for days to make the best meal for her

⥁ he would have “MY DAUGHTER IS THE MOST PERFECT GIRL IN THE WORLD” look plastered on his face he’d just be so fucking proud of your daughter his most precious

⥁ but deep inside he’d be scared for her because he wants no one to harm her in anyway 


⥁ she was in her element helping your son get ready for school

⥁ she’d feel overly emotion and proud because yourr kid will finally start with their education 

⥁ she’d have the warmest smile on her face it made you blush you don’t even know why 

⥁ “bye mommy, bye mommy!” - jaehee sheds tear


⥁ he would be crying with emotion just the idea of leaving his baby alone at school would scare him

⥁ he’d hold your kid’s hand while walking to kindergarten it was adorable 

⥁ they’d be matching like they would both have cute backpacks you t you felt like you had to leave yoosung at the kindergarten too

⥁ he’d cry on the way back home because he misses his daughter already


⥁ he would be so damn nervous he wouldn’t stop moving everywhere


⥁ *here baby take these snacks *shoves handful of hbc in her bag*

⥁ he doesn’t let her go when she comes back home he just cuddles her and hugs her it’s the cutest thing


⥁ even though he worked until very late the night before he still insisted he wanted to wake up early that day and go with you

⥁ he would feel very over protective and would have so many guards just following your car i can’t believe this he’s the actual kid

⥁ he actually suggested to make him wear a suit for school jumin your kid’s 4

⥁ “will she be okay” “yes, she has the you as a mother”


⥁ he’d be such a responsible father you know it

⥁ he planned out everything, his outfit, his lunch, his books i mean everything

⥁ “be a good boy” “yes daddy” “give daddy a kiss” IM WEAK

⥁ watching your little boy as he ran through the school gates, he put an arm around your waist as you leaned on him and watched him go to join his new classmates. 

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13. Father’s day (his p.o.v.) with peter pan😸

Tittle: Father`s Day

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: G

Warning: Fluffy, cute daddy Pan

Plot: While in the underworld Peter is given a second chance at life, to find true love and start over. At first Peter doesn’t plan on using it but then he stumbles across the reader. At first he tries to stay away from her, but in he ends up falling for her anyway. Before he knows it he has settled into the role of living happily with his wife and daughter in StoryBrooke, Neverland and his past nothing but a distant memory.

   I woke to wet, slobbery baby kisses pressed against my cheek, little hands tapping my jaw. I chuckled happily, and let my eyes flutter open and came face to face with a giggled 1 one year old. The moment she noticed I was awake she squealed happily, crawling onto the bed, sitting happily on my chest as she bent down to press a kiss to my face again.

 “Morning Dada.” My daughter squealed, laughing as my fingers gently moved along her sides.

  “Good morning my beautiful princess!” I giggled leaning up softly to press a kiss to her cheeks.

  “Up dada up!” She squealed, drumming her fingers along my jaw.

  “Alright princess. I`m getting up.” I hummed, holding my daughter tight against my chest as I swung my feet over my bed. I moved her over to my hip, and made my way down the stairs, the smell of breakfast wafting up from the kitchen.

  “Princess I told you to not wake daddy up.” My wife playfully scolded when the two of us walked in. I chuckled at my wife, my eyes scanning over her body. She was dressed in her sky blue flannel pjs, a white and pink apron hung loosely around her frame. She had her long hair pulled back into a messy bun, her eyes smiling happily as she looked at our daughter and me.

  “Oh well I don`t really mind. She`s my favorite way to wake up.” I hummed, leaning over to press a kiss to her cheek.

  “Well we were suppose to have a brought you up dinner in bed.” She giggled, reaching over to grip our daughters hand. “And I thought I was your favorite way to wake up.”

  “You were, then your brought my little princess into the world and she took your place.” I laughed, moving to sit down behind the counter, moving my daughter to my lap as I sat down.

  “I would be offended if the reason wasn`t so damn cute.”She laughed, leaning across the counter to gently bop her nose. My daughter giggled happily and started clapping her hands, chanting “mamma.” over and over again.

  “You are so happy this morning, aren’t you my princess.” I cooed, peppering kisses onto her cheek. She squealed and turned to grab my face, leaning down to press her own wet kisses to my cheeks. I chuckled and hugged her closer against me, letting my fingers dance along her spine.

  “Baby girl I think its time to wish daddy Happy Father`s Day.” My wife cooed, placing a plate of pancakes, bacon and eggs in front of me.

  “Happy dada day!” My daughter squealed reaching forward to grab a handful of eggs from my plate, giggling as she shoved them into her mouth.

  “Thank you.” I chuckled, pressing a kiss to her temple as I started to dig into my breakfast.

  “It`s wonderful.” I hummed as I dug in, smiling widely as my wife sat down beside me, her own plate in front of me.

  “Thank you, your daughter really seems to love your eggs.”

  “Dada`s eggs!” She squealed happily, earning a chuckle from me.

  “Yeah that`s right princess, dada`s eggs.” I cooed, hugging her tightly against my chest as I ate.


How did I not notice this was done on Sasuke’s POV!!!!! Soooo can I dream about the reason why he didn’t poked/kissed/hugged Saku-, I mean, his wife, was because he remembered what they did the night before so he got a little self-conscious and embarrassed and his tsun overpowered his dere because her daughter was also watching as he was kinda getting in “the zone” while she was looking so damn deliciously cute???? Can you let me dream about this? CAN YOU?? C. A. N. Y. O. U?

~ And with a shitty graphic I threw together on picmonkey that is only saved by the awesome art that isn’t mine, let’s start off the year right with a follow forever! Hell yeah, went over the edge on New Year’s Eve and now it’s time to honor some badasses. You guys make my dash pretty damn fun and I’ve had a hell of a time roleplaying and seeing the incredible content you create! 

The People I Love to See

@bioticgalaxy, @retroteddy, @redmiel, @radishezrom, @rogueteddie, @coinincident@ourintergalactic, @oceanicpornography, @alizardinlaw, @thisgirlgames, @fluent-in-lesbianism, @vreinart, @smells-like-skeletxns, @dimwitt, @polargrizz47, @damiensthirst, @dammit-vaughn, @theteenagehorror, @theleftnostril, @shepard-to-my-vakarian, @strategichomelanddivision, @starfleetspectre, @volsungs, @duoachievement, @ezioavditore, @gibilynx, @hyperiontrashcan, @itsnotunusualtolove, @cosmic-eggs, @nothing-ridiculouss, @the-acethetic, @howdoipunk, @itsnotaplanbutitsaperfectplan, @thelastofassassinsinfinite, @kovicadam, @mehcoffee, @negativpotato, @officialachievementhunter, @octomoosey, @protectpapyrus, @uptown-steampunk, @yusunf, @yusuf-da-istanbul, @zentech-inquisition, @zohmaigawdd

Roleplayers I Should Interact with More

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The Badasses

@rhyssedlightning: Hella fine Rhys right here who doesn’t give themselves enough credit dammit. Man, I’ve loved every single thread I’ve done with them, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to like all the ones we do in the future. They’re sweet, they’re funny, they’re so hella artistic and talented and I just can’t say enough nice things about them, They’re a pleasure to roleplay with and I look forward to more pun-tacular content from them!

@handsomejackhoney/ @nicholas-wolfwood: All the kudos go toward this fantastic Mun holy shit cannot, repeat, cannot find the right words to describe how awesome they are. By far one of my favorite Handsome Jack interpretations, with very intelligent and entertaining choices and theories from the Mun. Nick is just as awesome with both characters being handled with such care and articulation it just makes me so damn jealous! Kudos to some fantastic interpretations. 

@vcughn: Twin bros for life! Lovely Vaughn, excellent Vaughn, much praise indeed. Specifically emotional conflicts, they always impress me with their description of their Muse’s thought process. They can describe emotions so well it totally impresses me. Plus they’re just so cute! Oh my god the Mun is so funny and again the puns are too damn much. Glad to have a sweet double to interact with!

@sirhys: Hell yeah another Rhys that impresses the crap out of me yo. And an AU Rhys too, the first one that bothered following me! You make me so emotional in a good way. The threads we have are just so heartbreaking but they make me so damn happy. Another Mun that doesn’t give themselves enough credit for the fantastic work they do and have you seen their art? Fantastic! Much excite for future threads! Make me cry more!

@cognitivehelios: My sister who I’m contractually obligated to praise. …Just kidding they’re fucking awesome and I never would have gotten into writing without them. Holy shit, I want to steal her mystical diction powers and absorb them into my noodle brain and use them because they are hella rad. Go follow my sister dammit! They play Mister Blake like a fucking boss and I won’t let any of you tell me different!

@oceansxftime: Probably the only Mun who’s muse I consistently ship with, this Mun can write yo! I can’t believe she can keep up so many muses like that and still nail our threads like a god damn boss! I’m spoiled with their content honestly and the Mun is just the sweetest person alive! Lucy is just so god damn cute too I just want to hug her! Much excite for future threads indeed. 

~ Whooooo that was a long post okay. Thanks to all of you for supporting this blog! I hope to interact with way more off you over my second semester at university. Happy New Year!