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what to do when ur parent constantly tries to guilt u into giving them hundreds of dollars a week and no matter how many times u say no they keep calling

I am not sure why I have not seen or thought about this before, but the name Ruby`s weapon, Crescent Rose, is actually quite brilliant. Not only it`s a nod to the weapons color, but the Crescent also probably is a nod the scythe`s alternative mode:

The shape is different than a normal scythe, and resembles a lot more to the “shape” of crescent moon, also known as the sickle moon. 

As I read more about this, there was also an another interesting thing: “It is used as the astrological symbol for the Moon, and hence as the alchemical symbol for Silver.”  You know, Ruby`s silver eyes and all that jazz. o_O

Like, the amount of symbolism and foreshadowing that has been put into this alone is absolutely stunning and I love it. Like, I now have an urgent need to go to the RWBY wikia and read a bunch theories and symbolism tied into this series. Like, i have been watching this show since the Red trailer and only now have started to notice all of this stuff…. 

New obsession, it that you knocking on my door?


get to know me meme: favourite youtuber –> JACK HOWARD

i was in my room and i exclaimed “i was wondering what would break first your spirit or your body” and then just squished a mosquito 

yall: dont believe the news!! the police are trying to make black people look like criminals!!! question the media!!!


yall: *read one article on, radar online, etc* omg thats the END of my support for Michael Jackson!!!! may he rot in hell!!!! pervert!!!!!