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What Truly Matters (Drabble Version) Julian Albert x Reader

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Pairing: Julian Albert x reader

Request: tomthestuntmanfelton asked: I know requests aren’t open right now but I was just wondering if you would write Julian albert x reader things? Sorry if this bothers you (totttallly assskiinngg for a friend not me hahah)

A/N: Mah request asked for “things” honeys. Yo girl DELIVERS when it comes to Tom. I will write an imagine based on this prompt and this drabble. It’s also 12:57 am and I’m typing the rough copy on my phone in my bed. Key word(s?): Rough. Copy. Your work is never perfect the first time, loves. Especially mine. I hope you enjoy this, I didn’t spend too much time working on it. Just a quick blurb as a preview for what I’ll be posting later :) 

Warnings: None


It was the only emotion that could register as something tangible in your brain. The unbearable shreds of your last hopes fluttered away with gusts winds that whispered its own share of irony. You were numb, the dull, empty air filling in your lungs and barely providing enough energy to keep your head from spinning. Colors melted into whites and grays and blacks; there was no trace of the world’s former vibrancy left. 

You were losing him. 

The faint memories of sun-kissed, rosy cheeks and lingering cherry-flavored kisses fell like raindrops until the storm had passed and with it, destruction in its wake. Trailed behind with the aftermath of broken promises, tailored down into a perfectly pressed tuxedo. Slicked back blonde hair. A diamond ring. You were free-falling into a life of stretched truths and betrayed trust, but unmitigated loyalty that became increasingly one-sided. 

Julian offered you all but two words against thin lips, clasped without deterrence. One name. A single risk he was willing to take that subjugated his entire being. 

“Caitlin Snow.“ 

She was all it took for three years to go flying out the window. It was an arbitrary ending to a story delved into overlooked broken edges and where latency laced itself into its undertones in order to add purpose. Because when events turn sour and “Caitlin Snows” turn into “Killer Frosts” and “Killer Frosts” turn into something caught in the middle… 

…There’s a blessing in disguise. 

Weeks become months. Moments become palpable, placing themselves into the palm of your hands and you carve out a path for yourself. Become the dictator of your own emotions and turn around to find Julian trailing closely behind, ring box tucked safely into his back pocket. He saves it as a reminder and as a goal, an aspiration that his steadfast passion will surmount in time. 

He’s patient because it’s taken him this long to realize you’re worth the time needed to fix what you once had. Watching from a distance, he knows that you are what he needs. Takes the days as opportunities to make him what you deserve.

It’s different for everyone, but as those broken edges are smoothed out and the aches rectify themselves, it’s the “us” that reconciles from nothing more than a reprieve of insignificance. Because this time, Julian doesn’t hesitate when he says: “I love you." 

You were doubtful once, but there was nothing but burning truth, certainty in his eyes this time. There’s damage still present, but he was there. He was there, and he wasn’t going to leave, even if you wanted him to.  

And you know that’s all that truly matters. 

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