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Juniper – take two 

highkey may take a break from posting lookbooks since tumblr won’t let me post coz of all the outside links/ads problem (even if most are literally tumblr links! jk i’m lying, there was some from tsr, but i didnt have problems like this esp like yesterdays lookbook….anyways, i’m super lame for already deciding to do this after one failed attempt lmao i just wont even deal)…. so for now i may just be posting portraits of my sims. and maybe lookbooks just with no links but thats always lame :/ right? eh. oh well.

also, i am not sure why i am literally like posting every night when i’m in the thick of nursing school and LIKE I SHOULD be studying but im just .. doing this lol haha. thank you all for the love tho i so so appreciate it. like with just one or two notes i’m ecstatic haha. i love posting my sims coz i just do; i love the game, i love making cute, fashionable pixels. the notes and love from peeps is just a bonus. also.. 8 more followers til i’m at 100 o: people are great. simblrs, y’all r gr8.