so cute... like an angel

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As long as you weren’t putting yourself in any danger, Mark would thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to you drunkenly flirt with him. He’d be painfully aware of the butterflies in his stomach so cute but would hover over you like a guardian angel to catch you when you drunkenly stumble and to make sure you don’t get too drunk. Mark would definitely make sure you got home okay and would show up at your door the next morning with hangover food and a small smirk on his face. He’d make you suffer through not knowing what you’d done the night before until after breakfast, when he’d ask if you really did like him or not. 


Oml you’ve broken him. Jaebum doesn’t really know how to handle the situation except to make sure you don’t get hurt and get home safely. He’d be happy that you were flirting with him because he really, really likes you, but he would wish it hadn’t happened when you were drunk, because now he doesn’t know if you meant it or not. He’d spend most of the night in an inner crisis, trying to figure out if he should mention this to you the next day and possibly get a date or just let you forget about it. In the end, curiosity would probably get the best of him and he’d ask if you remembered flirting with him or not and if you meant it because hahaha he has a tiny little crush on you too please like him back


Jackson would be a mess as usual. He’d be shocked when you started flirting with him and would just sort of sit there smiling and giggling like a grade-schooler for a while. If you strayed off topic, though, he’d try to bring you back around to talking about him, asking you what your favorite era of his was or something lmao. He’d try to play himself up, too, by saying things like, “Doesn’t this shirt look good on me?” just to watch your reaction. He’d have a laugh watching you act so out-of-character, but would make sure your friends took you home safe. The next day, he’d show up at your door and remind you of exactly what you had said to him, word for fucking word, by imitating exactly how you’d said it. If you didn’t kill him before he finished the imitation, he’d ask,  “But do you like me, really? I like you.” 


Jinyoung would freeze. His stomach would flip, his cheeks would turn red, his eyes would widen, the whole shebang. Once he got over that, though, he’d hover over you to make sure you didn’t stumble or do anything you’d regret he really hopes he wouldn’t be a regret. He wouldn’t encourage your flirting, but would be kind of at a loss on how to deal with it, so he’d just sort of nod and look away for a second. I think he’s totally the type to make you breakfast the next morning and would work up the nerve to ask you about the flirting while watching you eat. When he did ask, he’d just sort of blurt it out suddenly and, depending on your reaction to it, would probably smile and confess to you. 


Youngjae is in disbelief. He’d gawk at you for a minute or two, his expression frozen, before shaking his head to get out of it and trying to get you to stop by changing the subject. When that didn’t work, he’d probably be so flustered by the situation that he tries his hardest to not listen to what you’re saying by focusing on that one chair in the back of the room that was blue but not quite blue at the same time. He may even start humming a song to himself to distract himself, the poor baby. It’s not that he dislikes what you’re saying, necessarily, he just wished it’d happened when you were sober so that he’d know you meant it and weren’t spilling things you didn’t want to from alcohol. He’d make sure you got home safe, but probably wouldn’t work up the nerve to ask you about what you’d said for a week or two, when the curiosity would overcome him. 


BamBam would feel his stomach do the thing- you know, the butterfly thing- and would smile sheepishly for a bit before he realized that in a way, this is the funniest shit ever. From there, he’d have a blast laughing at your slurred words and the way you couldn’t seem to stand entirely straight. Would most definitely whip out his phone and videotape your antics, but wouldn’t post it or show it to anyone else. After making sure your friends would get you home okay, he’d watch the video by himself before he went to sleep and have a mini freak-out because omg do they like me do they like me do they like me?? He’d be at your door a few days later, a big smile on his face as he played the video for you and laughed his ass off again admitted he liked you, too, so why not go out for dinner? Be warned- he’ll tease you mercilessly about this for the rest of your life


Yugyeom would be caught off guard by your flirting. He’s usually too shy to do much around you, so he thought there was a slim-to-none chance that you liked him, too. Now that he sees you fawning over him, he’s flustered and isn’t really sure what to do. He’d smile shyly at you and decide that hey, while you were like this, maybe he can figure out just how much you like him. He’d ask you question after question of what you liked about him, smiling the whole time. He’d be at your house the next day with newfound confidence and a teasing smirk on his face as he explained how you had basically confessed to him the night before. But don’t worry, he’d admit to liking you, too, before teasing you about the whole situation 

I drew @commanderholly in a cute/witchy outfit. I was planning on drawing her in one of her Looks™ but that just…didn’t happen?

Things have been blowing up recently with YouTube and it’s genuinely upsetting. But Commander Holly is honestly such a role model. She marches, she uses her platform to speak on real issues, and she’s just an all around incredible woman. So I highly recommend watching her content, because she’s a genuinely good person with a lotta’ heart.


2 beautiful cuties ♡ ♡ ♡ close-up perfection

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