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So Cute Yet So Evil [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Can you do a Barry imagine wher he’s the villain and the reader is the hero (she has powers like hawk girl but people call her the eagle) and they have a cat woman and batman type of relationship

a/n: i’ll be honest my knowledge of Batman is vague…sooooo here goes nothing

Landing on the ground, you peer from side to side, making sure any civilians are far away. Rolling your eyes, you shift your speckled brown wings downward, your pearl white boots crunching glass while you walk inside the museum. Crossing the room, you frown, seeing the tall man scrutinizing a necklace.

His back is to you but you know those black skinny jeans and that ass anywhere. “Stealing again, are we, Flash?” you grumble, flying towards him. The muscles in his back flex through his black shirt; his eyes focused on the item in front of him. “A necklace? Never pegged you as a jewelery type of guy.” you smirk, keeping an eye on the door.

He cracks a smile, plucking the golden necklace out of the glass box by phasing through it. He stands triumphantly, fixing his dark beanie on his head, so just a tuff of his light brown locks show. “Figured it be a nice present for you, darling. It’d look good on you, don’t you think?” he holds it up by his fingers for a moment. “Well, I gotta flash, Eagle.” he smirks smugly, throwing the necklace in the air before catching it in his gloved hand.

You put his hand on his chest, giving him a pointed stare. He rolls his eyes, leaning in to kiss you; you push him slightly. “Not so fast. B-Flash, hand over the necklace.” you order, holding your palm out. He ponders for a second before shaking his head. You sigh in annoyance, “You know I can’t hurt you-”

“Because you love me? Yes.” he grins, those green eyes lighting up with mischief. “So, you should just let me go…” he trails off, beginning to walk past you, only to get shoved backwards a tad. He sighs, pouting at you, “You’re no fun, honey.” he tsks, shaking his head and slumping his shoulders. It’s not fair that a criminal can be so cute yet so evil at the same time.

Taking the artifact from his hand, you flutter your wings behind you. “It’s kinda my job.” you shrug, hearing the sounds of police sirens echo through the city’s streets. Curling a hand in his shirt, you pull him close to you, placing a tender kiss to his lips. “Now get out of here before you get caught. I won’t be able to bail you out again. I may be a hero but there’s things I just can’t do.” you whisper, taking a step back.

Barry licks his lips, smiling coyly, strutting around you like a predator eyeing its prey. A shiver runs down your body when his mouth gets close to your ear. “I was trying to be romantic.“ he whispers, punctuating each syllable. “You know, guy meets girl, guy falls in love with girl, guy steals necklace for girl? That kinda thing.” he offers, pouting with his head tilted.

A snort comes out of you and you push him away. “Just go. We’ll talk about this later.“ you sigh, fingering through your hair.

Yellow lightning appears around his irises and he kisses you one last time before the police show up. “Bye baby!” he screams, voice echoing off the walls while he speeds away. You shake your head. This relationship is definitely not the normal hero/villain type.