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i cant believe the lego batman movie cured my depression

P.S. Watching Boondocks Saints II again and yeah may need to insert some Murphy smut soon. The man is pure deliciousness… So hardened and serious, yet can be so funny and cute…Not to mention the sass. Murphy, Murphy… Learning the character, stay tuned..

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uh ok but the fact that jungkook really hid behind jimin is so sus lmao, like why couldn’t he just be in the picture with him? i guess it was a solo picture but the boy is literally hiding and clinging to the couch and to jimin lmao, like he’s on the edge i just don’t know what he was thinking like did he actually think we wouldn’t notice come on us jikook shippers are detectives! i mean at least he tried right 😂 i’m still laughing at this it’s so funny yet cute af, wonder where his other hand is placed tho 😏 on the jibooty? on jimins side? hmmmm we will never know

NCT's reaction when they hear you speaking your mother language.

Request: Nope, lol.

A/N: Hey, hehe. Let me explain what this mess is. So, today I was really bored and I tried to do for the first time one of this NCT’s reactions. So, yeah, if this sucks you know the reason, lmao. But, tbh I’m really proud of this and I really enjoyed writing it, so, yeah, I’ll be accepting request of this. Just, remember that I don’t do smut and that I’m probably terrible at all the kinky stuff, lmao.

Also, lately I’m having lots of homework and tests so.. yeah, shit happens. But thank you very much for understanding!


It would surprise him at first, but end up getting used to it and loving hearing you taking in your mother language. He would tell you to do it more often, sometimes asking you to translate for him when he sees comments of international fans and wanting for you to teach him a bit too.

“What did you just say, jagi?”
“Oh? Ah, nothing important, I was just mumbling something to myself.”
“Ah~ It sounded pretty.”

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You were reading out loud some phrases that you wrote in an old notebook of you. After reading, you would translate for him and make him repeat after you, trying to teach him. Both of you giggle when he makes mistakes but you give him little kisses on his face when he gets it right, making him more flustered and motivated every time.

“Did I said it right, jagiya?”
“Ah~ yes! Good job, baby.”

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This guy loves learning new languages, so he would always make you like a thousand of questions about your country and culture and would also try his best to learn this language for you, asking you to buy him books that can help him and making you study with him.

“How’s possible that your pronunciation so good, Johnny? I’m impress.”
“Is a natural talent, baby.”

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He would love hearing you talking in your mother language, whenever you do he starts looking at you with heart eyes and extreme attention.

“It was your mom the one who just called you, jagiya?”
“Yes, she told me that she misses you a lot.”
“We should travel over there and visit her, then! I’ve been practicing, and I think that now I’ll be able to have a conversation with her without you help!”

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It would be super interesting for him listening to you talk those beautiful and differents words. He would try to “speak” with you, copying your accent and trying to repeat what you said and, obviously, pronuncing wrong, making you laugh. But in the end learning the most common and unnecesary phrases you can think of.

“I did well, right? I said it just like you.”
“You wish, Yuta.”

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You make him fall in love even more everytime you talk in your mother language, but just can’t take it when you sing in it. His heart races and he can’t help but smile widely, losing himself in your voice. 

“Why are you looking at me so much, Doyoung?”
“You’re just so beautiful, y/n.”

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Just like Taeyong, he would love hearing you talk. Once, you tried to teach him but he gave up in less than ten minutes because it was too hard for him, but he would love hearing your voice and seeing you so comfortable and excited when you talk with your family.

“It sound so nice, I wish we could talk with each other in other language more.”
“Ah, really? You should teach me Chinese someday then.”
“Really? Let’s do it right now, baobei! It’s really easy!”

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He would ask you to talk for him all the time, while cuddling, eating or just asking you how to say random words. He finds your language really beautiful and he would love hearing your pretty voice saying unknown words.

“Wow, y/n! The word you just said sounded super pretty, what does it mean?”
“I love you.”
“Aw~ babyyyyy~”

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Other cutie who would love to hear your voice, he would try to learn at list the most common phrases to be able to create a small conversation with your family.

“I keep forgetting how to pronounce that word! Do you think your mom is going to understand what I’m saying?”
“Of course she’s going to undertand! Also, you sound really cute.”
“Then, I guess I won’t worry too much about it.”

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This cutie would get frustrated when he can’t get the words right, and you laugh at his cuteness. He gets his revenge later, when he tries to teach you Chinese and he keeps giggling the whole time at your pronunciation. You guys make each other so happy with so little.

“You’re so cute, Sicheng. Did you know that?”
“Hehe, you’re cuter baobei.”

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Here’s other baby who’s good at languages, but like Winwin he would get frustrated everytime he doesn’t get the pronunciations perfectly, even if it’s the littlest mistake. But he loves spending time with you, learning things about your culture and your country.

“The pronunciation is alright, Mark! Don’t be too hard on yourself on something so silly.”
“Is not silly, is the language that my significant other speaks… and their family, it’s really import to me!”
“You’re an angel.”

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He would be similar to Jaehyun, only learning basic stuff, he just doesn’t want to confuse himself more than he already is because of the languages he already knows. But he loves how happy and comfortable you seem with your friends and family. Whenever he is in a bad mood he asks you to read or sing for him in your mother language, losing himself in the sound of your voice.

“Where are you going? We didn’t finish the lesson yet, Jun.”
“But you promised to go to the Moomin cafe with me! Also, I already know the important things, you teach me then the other day, baobei.”
“Renjun, you only can say your name and count to three.”

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He would make you teach him, but in this case you’re the one giving up. He’s so distracted by your soft voice and all your beauty that he can’t remember nothing at all.

“Can you say that again?”
“Jeno, is my third time saying it!”
“I’m sorry! But you’re so pretty.. It’s distracting.”

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This baby would love to learn your mother language, you guys probably even have a determined day and hour to have lessons and everything. Apart of the basic stuff he would also want to learn cute pick up lines and compliments so he can say them to you when you’re sad or in a bad mood. And maybe some insults that he can say to the other members, of course.

“I’m saying it even better than you, did you notice that babe?”
“Do you really think so? Ah~~ I was internally thinking that our lessons weren’t giving any results.”
“Hehe, you’re so cute, Hyuck.”

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He would be pretty much like Taeyong, enjoying your voice and loving seeing how happy you look while talking with other people in your mother language. Falling in love with you a bit more. Maybe he would learn some easy pick up lines or compliments to say to you or to his fans when he has the opportunity.

“Your voice while talking in your mother language is so beautiful.”
“It’s the same voice that you heard when I talk in Korean.”
“No, no. Your accent is adorable, did you realize that?”
“Shut up, Jaemin.”

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He would be like Haechan, having a determined day and hour in the week to have lessons. Once, he practiced for weeks and weeks a cute message wich was awfully translated telling you how thankful he’s for having you by his side and how much he loves you, he made you felt so happy after saying so that he won a whole day cuddling and watching movies with you. You can’t even imagine how happy he was that day!

“Thanks for teaching me all of this, baobei. I love you a lot.”
“I love you too, Chenle.”

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This baby would think that having a foreign significant other is the coolest thing and he always brags about how intelligent you are to his hyungs. He loves hearing your accent when you talk in your mother language but would get shy when you ask him to repeat after you while you try to teach him, and he gets so nervous that pronounce everything in a funny yet very cute way.

“But I don’t understand, we were literally making out an hour ago, why would you get so shy for something like this?”
“Y/N, don’t say that~”

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Body Positivity; Hansol

Request: Heyyy, could I request a body positivity post with my babe Hansol? He is so underrated and deserves more love!

  • this is for all my hansol-deprived stans
  • sm needs to make an announcement on him istg
  • i miss him so much!!!!
  • god he needs more love so please dont sleep on him guys
  • okay let’s go

  • knowing hansol he doesn’t really express himself that much,

  • be it through emotions or words
  • because most of the time he has his blank face on
  • but after he found out you were suffering with being confident of your body he got super affected
  • and he told himself to shower you with more love
  • which is why he gives you more hugs and kisses now
  • and he talks much more than before!!
  • he didn’t do this earlier but you’d catch him smiling to himself from time to time
  • and it isn’t just a small smile
  • his teeth are all showing!!
  • so when you ask him
  • “babe why are you smiling to yourself like that”
  • “uh… just thinking about some things”
  • “like what?”
  • “er.. you”
  • “me?”
  • “yeah how beautiful you are and how blessed i am to have you in my life- it just makes me happy”
  • and it makes you heart flutter because this man can talk so well??
  • always has his hands on your body
  • especially your waist and back!!
  • he caresses them a lot and always tells you how gorgeous you are,
  • and how much he loves you just the way you are
  • when he cant find the words to express himself though, he’d give you kisses
  • and they range from small pecks to long and passionate ones
  • and they often happen because you’d be telling him how insecure you feel
  • and he’d just shut you up by pressing his lips on yours
  • every single time that happens he says the most sincere “i love you” ever and it just makes you feel sjkdndbdj
  • because he’s usually really quiet, when he compliments you,
  • you know he truly means it
  • “wow… you look great today”
  • “you make me want to love you more”
  • “this dress fits you perfectly, how pretty”
  • and they always leave you with a blush on your cheek
  • i feel like he’d also buy you roses and gifts with small little notes to cheer you on
  • “reminder that you’re beautiful the way you are and that you shouldn’t think otherwise”
  • “ji hansol loves you!!”
  • “i can never say this enough but you’re all i need”
  • he also tries his best to make you feel better by saying funny jokes
  • which always does because he says it with that blank expression of his
  • it’s so cute yet funny at the same time??
  • at the end of the day hansol just wants you to be happy
  • and he’d glad that he can be of some help to it
  • he’s always supporting you!!
  • and even though he doesnt show it often, he really loves you

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