so cute yet funny

The Sides as Conversations I’ve Heard in Theatre

Roman: Am I not clever, well-mannered, considerate, passionate, charming, as kind as I’m handsome-
Virgil: No. You’re not.

Patton: I’m already so emotional, why on earth are you doing this to me?
Logan: All I’m doing is playing music from Les Mis.
Patton: *sobs* I know!

Virgil: How many bones do you think I would break if I fell off stage?
Logan: Well, it’s hard to say. Depends on whether you’re falling forwards or backwards, what part of your body you land on, there’s a lot factors with those kinds of things.
Virgil: Well, only one way to find out. *Hurls self off stage* Ow.

Logan: *Sliding across the stage in fuzzy socks* FOR SCIENCE!
Patton and Virgil: STOP! You’re going to hurt yourself!
Logan: *Stops sliding, falls on butt* Worth it for SCIENCE!

Roman: *Swinging prop sword all around* HI-YA! I will vanquish ALL THE FOES! *Accidentally hits Virgil hard enough to leave a mark* Oops.
Virgil: Dude, that’s kinky.
Patton: *From across the room* You guys are so CUTE! And GAY!

i cant believe the lego batman movie cured my depression

P.S. Watching Boondocks Saints II again and yeah may need to insert some Murphy smut soon. The man is pure deliciousness… So hardened and serious, yet can be so funny and cute…Not to mention the sass. Murphy, Murphy… Learning the character, stay tuned..

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Okay so like
Last night I got a copy of sonic and the black kight from game stop becuase I always wanted to play it when i was younger
The only thing is the box didn’t come with a cover sleeve, it Was the generic game stop box with the title and the game stop logo right?
So I took it upon myself to make a better cover

Aaaand as you probably noticed in my video earlier my fanmade goods shelf is pretty crowded. So I tried to solve this by making a small itabag just for display, but I’m already running out of space on that one as well orz

uh ok but the fact that jungkook really hid behind jimin is so sus lmao, like why couldn’t he just be in the picture with him? i guess it was a solo picture but the boy is literally hiding and clinging to the couch and to jimin lmao, like he’s on the edge i just don’t know what he was thinking like did he actually think we wouldn’t notice come on us jikook shippers are detectives! i mean at least he tried right 😂 i’m still laughing at this it’s so funny yet cute af, wonder where his other hand is placed tho 😏 on the jibooty? on jimins side? hmmmm we will never know