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Where Harlos was an actual beautiful relationship with no abuse like Harry treated Carlos with the same kind of respect he gives Uma except you know more romantic... but it ended badly when Carlos got sent to Auradon and then Jaylos. and when they all go back to the Isle to get Mal, Harry wants Carlos back (even though Harry is the reason they ended) and Jay just being the overprotective and possessive boyfriend he is

Sure! Harlos is a weird ship for me because I love writing about it, but I don’t see it being healthy and respectful. I write it more as a dark ship. But everything new is a challenge and experience to grow, enjoy!

They had talked about it before leaving, what Carlos would do if they saw Harry. He had kissed Jay’s cheek, grabbed his hand and promised, “you’re the one I want. If we see him, it might be awkward, but I’m coming back home with you.”

Jay believes him. He has full faith that Carlos is honest with him and dedicated to their relationship.

It’s Harry Hook that Jay has a problem with.

He saw the way Harry looked at Carlos - too long, too intensely. It made his skin crawl.

But Carlos is a big boy now. Kind of. He’s still shorter than Jay by an inch and only met the weight requirement for tourney if he was decked out in every piece of equipment. 

He’s older, more mature. Carlos is stronger, both physically and mentally. He can fight his own battles, Jay doesn’t need to rush to his aid every time someone looks at Carlos.

No. He just hides around the corner and waits to see if he’s needed.

“I don’t even understand you! You broke up with me, Harry! Because I was offered something better than the Isle!”

“But I’ve missed ya, runt. Ya were so sweet and pretty compared to everything here.”

Even from twenty feet away, Jay can hear Carlos’ annoyed huff. “Well I’m going back to Auradon. With Jay. So stop what you’re doing and just tell me if you’ve seen Mal.”

“What do I get in exchange?”

“Maybe some of the respect I once had for you back.”

As soon as Harry’s hands are on Carlos, Jay is bolting toward them. He reaches the two of them at the same time Harry pins Carlos to the wall. “Back off, Hook,” he snarls, grabs Harry’s shoulder and shoves him roughly.

“Jay!” Carlos grabs his jacket and prevents him from moving toward Harry, “what are you doi-?”

“He’s come to make sure I haven’t stolen his little runt back,” Harry laughs, twirls his hook. “We were only talking, Jay. About how much we miss each other.”

“That’s not tr-.”

Harry cuts Carlos off. “He asked me to take him back. Begged for me.”

“No I di-!”

“Said he’d stay here on the Isle just for me.”

“Stop it Harry!”

The pirate steps closer, ignores Jay and stares at Carlos. “Ya were oh so cute on yar knees, pleading with me to give ya another chance. I’d love to see ya like that again.”

Before he can think, Jay is grabbing Harry’s shirt and hitting him. It works in his favor to be shorter than Harry, Jay’s a perfect height to punch his jaw and send the asshole reeling backwards. “You son of a bi-!”

“Jay stop!”

He turns to Carlos quickly, sees the annoyance and disappointment in his face. “I’m not just going to let him get away with talking to you like that!”

“Yes you are!” Carlos snaps back. “Because Harry doesn’t matter! Finding Mal matters! Not getting into fights matters. Getting the hell off this island matters.”

“But he said-.”

“I heard what Harry said Jay. You’re smart enough to know that it was all lies.”

“I said nothing but the honest truth!”

“Shut up Harry.” Carlos doesn’t bother looking at his ex, just at his boyfriend. “Jay, all I want to do is find Mal and leave. Go back to Auradon in time to catch the new Rick and Morty and cuddle for a bit,” he cups Jay’s face in his hands, smiles sweetly at him. “Can’t we do that?”

“Of course, C, but-.”

Ignore Harry.” Carlos grips his face tighter. “And let’s go find our girl and leave all of this behind us, okay?” He grins, but is yanked away before he can move at all

“Oh no, ya’re not getting away again.” Harry growls, wraps his fingers around Carlos’ wrist, “ya’re staying right-.”

He’s cut off by a second punch, but not from Jay. Harry clutches his face, glaring at them through his fingers as Carlos shakes off his sore knuckles.

“C’mon babe,” he pulls Jay behind him quickly, “let’s go.”

I’m trying to get Carlos to stick up for himself more in my fics, he’s a cutie with a backbone!

Sorry this is so short, I hope you still enjoy it!

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in an alternate future, captain tasha yar and first officer deanna troi are married and live together onboard their ship in married bliss. together with their crew, and their cats, who deanna insisted naming data and geordi, they set out in search of adventure into uncharted terrain, mapping galaxies and nebulas and having fun all the same. they return to earth sometimes for shore leave just to catch up with beverly.

ahhh wonderful! I wonder how geordi and data feel about having cats named after them but that’s so cute!