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I never in my life could have thought that I could have so many followers. Y'all are too kind and cute and I’m really grateful for all your support. People from all around the globe, thanks a lot! / Muchas gracias! / ありがとうございます❢. Y'all really make my life better, thanks a lot to all my mutuals :3 This picture is for y'all, it’s me wearing my lovely lucky cap ✌🏼

personality ship with BTS for @thebreathbeforethekiss

Thanks!!! I really appreciate ur request, i ship you with Jimin

Jimin’s personality is extremely similar to yours in terms of comfort levels in social situations. His MBTI is ENFJ, meaning he is extroverted, yet he is more of an ambivert seen by most of his interactions being with his own members and select idols. As you too have an ambivert nature, you both understand each other well and therefore will not put each other in uncomfortable social situations. As well as this, your positive nature works well with his as you both always make sure the people around you are happy, always putting other’s first. You would both realise this about each other and always make sure the other is feeling happy as you know you are not likely to look out for yourselves. This will make an extremely constructive relationship, as you both always make sure the other is looking after themselves too. Your care for each other runs deep, and through your shared interest, your relationship would be extremely balanced in all aspects, adding to your very compatible astro charts.

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one of my friends just told me i “look like taylor swift” when i was commenting on her new song and i don’t know how to feel about this