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Could u do a fluff one (blurb I guess) about being Dylans short girlfriend? ☺💕 (I'm 5'3 and he would be 6'3 😂)

being dylan’s short girlfriend would be sO cute omg like u two would basically be known for the height difference lmao but everyone thought it was so adorable and would always tease u about it lmaobut like you’d love having a long boyfriend and dylan would love having a short girlfriend, you’d love standing on your toes and tug on shirt to make him meet y halfway when u wanted a kiss and he’d love teasing u about being too short to reach things and u would ask him if he could take it down for u aw i love dylan :(


There’s so much life living here. That’s what I’m doing.

I’m living here! 

Peridot and Lapis being fascinated about Earth makes me grin like a big dork. I want these two to share exciting new discoveries together about their new home while Lapis makes a tiny water Earth! 

a little comic about this high school au i made up (a while back) were Evan, Marcel and Tyler are all in the same basketball team. Marcel has a crush on the adorably cute nerdy mini and the captain of the basketball team (a.k.a Tyler) is a jealous dumbbutt that doesn’t know how to talk abt feelings. While mini still is oblivious to the whole thing, even to him agreeing on a kinda-ish date.

idk might continue, might not who knows :/  (jfc srry abt the shit handwriting)

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It's 4:40 A.M. here and I should be asleep, but I'm always up for some Klance, so... Lance knows when something's off with Keith, but instead of making things awkward with a talk he'd just make him a cup of tea and leave it in his room with a cute note attached. It'd be something like "Chillax, emo tea :)", "To grumpy Keef :P" or whatever could put a smile on his face. *^*//

its 4am here too bub rip us aha,, aww this is rlly pure n cute, lance would defo be the type to write cute notes and do thoughtful things for people, thank u for sending this~

  • yuri on ice animator 1: dude thats really gay
  • yuri on ice animator 2: i know dude
  • yuri on ice animator 1: but do u know what we can do
  • yuri on ice animator 2: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
kuroken hcs

omg i was falling asleep while doing homework so here are some kuroken headcanons

  • because kenma’s parents are always out working, kuroo often has to walk kenma home to make sure that he got home safely (kenma’s mom loves kuroo so much, but not solely because of this reason) 
  • of course kenma complains but kuroo keeps doing it 
  • there are times when kuroo does stay over at kenma’s place and there was this one time where kuroo noticed that kenma eats cup noodle on a weekly basis
    • so right before kenma could get another cup noodle, kuroo slaps it out of his hand and says, “here i’ll do the cooking for tonight. you need actual food kenma.” 
    • “no i don’t.” kenma sighs. “yes you do.” kuroo replies. some pause. “no i don’t.” “yes you do.” (HAHA DO U GET THE REF HERE??) 
  • kuroo’s cooking is delicious btw 
  • kuroo always calls kenma in the morning to see if he’s awake and they walk together to school 
  • along the way yaku joins them because his house is next to the path they always take 

having hwiyoung as your boyfriend:

  • neediest boy to ever live
  • whining for love all the time
  • practically glued to u at all times
  • will just hold u bc he wants to be closer to u n shit
  • holding ur hand and dragging u places
  • v v v cocky around the other members when u are there
  • also very possessive (but only in a joking manner)
  • “hey! chani! are you looking at my girl?”
  • will sit on ur lap and cuddle u with everyone else around wanting to throw up bc u two are just so cute
  • backhugs!!!!!!!
  • him pouting until u go to give him a kiss on the cheek and he turns his head so u kiss his lips instead
  • CALLING U “baby”
  • pet names galore but “baby” will always be his go-to
  • would be super duper cheeky all the time with winking, lip-biting, etc.
  • would touch ur booty and act like it was a complete accident when it ceratinly was not (like tf boi u aren’t slick)
  • even though he’d always be up for a little booty-touchin, i feel like hwi is a boob guy
  • like you’d catch him staring at ur chest on the daily
  • he’d smile and blush so hard while quickly turning his gaze to the floor (he’s so cute i’m in pain)
  • he would mostly be the big spoon but would prefer to be face-to-face with u so he could nuzzle himself into ur chest
  • total boob pillow fan
  • would hold onto u and drape his legs over u like u were a body pillow
  • would absoulutely love when u stroked his back
  • would fall asleep super quickly bc he’d be so tired from his day (whoops)

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  • says that he likes it when you take care of him, but in reality is the one always taking care of you 
  • sends you texts to remind you to eat a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if u have time - snacks also 
  • updates you on the rest of the seventeen members because sometimes he feels like he’s the mom even though seungcheol is supposed to be the leader
  • complains a lot about seungcheol but you know they’re actually best buds
  • seungcheol saved your number as “the angel’s angel” in his phone and jeonghan was like “im not jealous, but that’s corny” 
  • hums along to ‘20′ when you two are walking around and you think it’s cute so you start humming too and u two end up doing a little humming duet to ‘20′ and everyone around is just like that couple is v v v cute
  • keeps falling asleep and you always have to wake him up
  • his favorite method for you to use when waking him up is whispering against his ear, that and goodmorning nose kisses
  • his hair sometimes falls into his face when he’s spacing out or concentrating really hard and when you fix it for him he always gives you this little thankful smile that melts your heart
  • dances to shinee’s songs whenever they come on and loves it when you jump in too. hoshi once walked in on you dancing to lucifer and instead of laughing he joined in 
  • has a photo of you holding up 17′s album as his phone background
  • when he has free time he asks you to meet up with him to go get samgyeopsal or samgyetang because he loves eating korean dishes
  • likes it when you run your hands through his hair but only when he’s relaxing with his head in your lap or something
  • once you put his hair into two ponytails and seungcheol took a picture and has never let jeonghan forget that beautiful moment and jeonghan has never forget you know how upset he was at you for that (jokingly ofc)
  • better yet jeonghan is the one who likes to run his fingers through YOUR hair while you two are cuddling and when you fall asleep he gives your forehead a kiss and pulls you tighter into his chest
  • he smells like fresh laundry no matter what and you loVE it
  • likes having dates in the park like sitting under a tree together holding hands and eating snacks and talking about things and catching up on each others lives
  • drapes his cardigan over your shoulders when you get cooled
  • sometimes he will stare at you really deeply and you’ll get embarrassed and be like jeonghan??? um??? what is it??? and he’ll sort of blink a couple of times and casually be like “oh, i was just admiring you. sorry.” like it’s absolutely nothing and guess what? you’ll melt
  • will practice singing in front of you on skype calls when you can’t make it to Pledis to see him do it live, but he’ll sort of be shy about it until you give him encouraging compliments and then he’s just grinning sheepishly 
  • tends to open his mouth slightly when thinking or when he’s about to fall asleep and you jokingly tell him not to do that because a fly might fly in and he laughs so hard you swear he’s going to lose his voice
  • when he’s sleepy, his voice gets deeper and you haTE it (no you love it)
  • his kisses are always slow and romantic but they’re sensual because he knows what he’s doing
  • a fan of lightly treading his fingers over the back of your neck or up your arm because he likes seeing you shiver
  • kisses your neck from time to time and then wanders off like he didn’t just do that and you’re like jEONGHAN come RIGHT back here this instANce 
  • loves holding you around the waist
  • loves resting his head on yours
  • falls asleep when doing that sometimes and then you end up having to drag him to a spot where he can lay down or sit because your boyfriend just passed out on you
  • carries around bandaids because dk and dino are always tripping over things so whenever you get hurt it is ok jeonghan has a first aid kit 
  • likes rainy days where you two can just nap together, especially after a tiring week of schedules 
  • when he’s upset, jeonghan never wants to burden you with his problems. he tends to keep them to himself, but after a while you become one of his most trusted and so he slowly begins to ask you for advice about the problems that arise in his life
  • when you’re upset, jeonghan goes out of his way to make sure you’re comfortable and is there to lend an ear no matter how long you want him to be there for you. he’d literally stay up all night if that’s what you wanted or needed.
  • is insanely good at picking out cute stuffed animals and other souvenirs to bring you back from their overseas concerts 
  • likes when you hang out with the rest of 17 because you dote on them just like he does
  • dino secretly saved jeonghan as ‘dad’ in his phone and you as ‘mom/other dad’ because hey… two love the small maknae…..(seungcheol got demoted to just ‘leader’) 
  • when you two are at the park he’ll pick a flower and put it in your hair and then you’ll do the same until you two have like 50 flowers in each others hair and you’re laughing at how silly that is
  • holds your bag for you while you shop because he knows his manners
  • you once twisted your ankle and he did his best to carry you somewhere safe but then he phoned mingyu like “hey we need your help”
  • likes having couple bracelets with you that you got him for your first anniversary. 
  • saying ‘i love you’ for jeonghan means a lot and he reserves it for moments when you two are alone and he can truly open up about what he’s been feeling because he knows with you, you will always understand 
  • you two tried to bake together but it turned the kitchen into a mess even though you tried to keep it clean, but the burnt cookies still tasted good because you feed them to each other
  • jeonghan found all the photos you have of him saved on your phone and teased you a little by naming the folder ‘my hot amazing cool cute boyfriend folder’
  • he has a very melodic, sweet laugh that makes your heart skip a beat
  • when he’s sitting and you walk over to ask him something, he’ll pull you closer by the waist and look up at you cutely like “yes?”
  • watches movies with you but never gets super emotional about anything and you’re just like jeonghan are you made of ice?? and he’s like yes, the only one who melts my heart is you
  • looks like he wouldn’t be cheesy, but he is just to make you blush
  • dating jeonghan is like dating a flower garden personified. it’s greaT

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