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バイバイ YESTERDAYAnsatsu Kyoushitsu S2 OP2


TY’s hands can’t resist touching Jaehyunnie 🤗🤗🤗


seungseong picking each other as their No.1 treasure

Here’s my gift to @frukmerunning for the 2016 FrUK Valentines’ Exchange! <3

I hope you’ll like your gift~ <3 I used the first prompt because I’m also a big fan of Pottertalia and I’ve always wanted to draw FrUk in this AU, so I was very happy to see it in your requests :D also, Arthur as a Slytherin and Francis as a Ravenclaw like you asked~

These two haven’t even met in canon but I’m starting to ship them already WTF

“Those sunglasses are ridiculous.”

“Ridiculously cute, you mean.”

“No, just ridiculous.”

Callie just rolled her eyes, her lips curving up into a slight smile as she reached out to grab the lapels of Arizona’s blazer, tugging the grey fabric playfully.

“They are bright pink.”

“I know. I love them.”

Arizona raised an eyebrow behind the mirrored finish of the pink glasses, and she gave Callie a challenging look – to which Callie was absolutely helpless to resist, as always.

“You’re lucky you’re so hot.”

She smoothed her hands down the open sides of the blazer, eyes dipping to the collar of Arizona’s white shirt where she had just the right amount of buttons undone.

“You should wear this more often…" 

She pressed a kiss to light pink lips, hands coming to rest at Arizona’s waist as the blonde immediately deepened things, and she could only let out a blissful sigh when they pulled apart moments later, aware of the fact that they were standing in the middle of the sidewalk.

Reaching up pointedly to adjust her new pink sunglasses – loving the fact that Callie kind of hated them – Arizona just licked her lips and grinned, reaching down to grasp the brunette’s hand as they waited for the light to change.

"The sunglasses? Oh I’m gonna wear them all the time.”