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A bit of fluff post-trespasser. From my Dragon Age: Inquisition longfic Acts of Reclamation. (mostly canon). Cullen x Essa. They may love the home they’ve built, and their families and friends, but sometimes they still need a bit of adventure. :)

“We are not going,” Cullen said, pressing finger and thumb to the bridge of his nose. The gesture was more habit than necessity these days, but after a solid week of hosting relatives, he was starting to feel old tensions creeping back in.

“I don’t know,” Essa countered quietly. She was staring down at an old letter, the linen paper so worn it was fraying to ghosts on the edges. “It would get us out of the house. Both of us.”

She smiled, reached up to rub at the tight muscles on the back of his neck. Cullen stifled a groan, head dropping beneath the pressure of strong clever fingers. He braced his hands on the edge of his desk, bent so that she could reach him more easily.

“Alone,” Essa continued, stepping closer, warming him with her nearness. “Just the two of us, on a quest for some Teryn’s lost family heirloom.”

“That map,” he sighed, not quite able to hide a smile, “is mostly likely a fake. And this whole thing is probably a prank of Sera’s.”

She didn’t argue with him. Cullen wasn’t sure if that made him feel better or more suspicious.

“It would get us out of the house,” Essa repeated, reminding him that he wasn’t the only one less and less well-suited to being invaded without warning. “And I love them. I’m glad they came, but if I have to sit through one more civilized dinner, Alma is going to lose whatever credit she earned betting against me on Satinalia.”

Cullen chuckled. “Alright.” Her hands were making their way lower, kneading taut muscles along his spine. “Where does this quest start?”

She leaned in, placed a kiss between his shoulderblades. “Redcliffe.”


Essa tapped the letter with one finger, pointing to a faded sketch of a wolf’s face. “I’ve seen that before, haven’t you?”

She grinned. “In a particular suite, in a particular inn…”



She blinked at him, such wide eyed innocence that he knew she knew he had finally caught on. Cullen caught her in his arms, kissed her soundly even as she whooped with glee.

“Saddle the horses.”