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Gay Ships IRL

So there are these two boys in my school, one of them is a punk dude and the other is a complete nerd. these two dudes are best friends and literally everyone ships them. the nerd one happens to be in all my advanced classes and talks to me about the punk one A LOT. I already know the nerd one is gay, but the punk ones sexuality is still unknown. These two boys are so protective over each other its unbelievable. In gym this one dude was joking around with the nerd dude and i guess it got way to aggressive because he punched him REALLY hard and he left a bruise on his arm, The punk guy sees this and gets really mad at the dude and yells at him for punching him to hard. He then goes over to the nerd, makes sure hes ok, and proceeds to look at the arm to make sure he is in fact ok. soMEONE HELP BECAUSE THESE BOYS WILL BE THE NED OF MEE!!  will keep story updated   

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👬 your otp?? ;;;

um, jikook def??? like, look at this:

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but i also really love yoonseok!!! hoseok is the light of yoongi’s life and i think that’s beautiful??? i can relate to yoongi sm though… ;; and ofc namjin, the power couple <3

thank u for the ask!!!! llyyyy <333

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JS saying ‘please kiss’ to Mark + Mark chasing him to kiss him

❝ I wanted to do something nice for you ❞

Plot: Your boyfriend Jimin tries to cook for you but he ends to destroy everything. 


Words count: 1,4k

Genre: Fluffy 

For this cutie @rajwah12345, I hope you like it! Kiss, M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

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Look at him… How can he be so cute??? Someone help me.

“Nope.. nononono, dammit!”

Jimin’s voice manages to call you back to reality, you were too focused on your laptop to study for the next philosophy’s exam, one of the hardest and you hate it, you really hate it. You didn’t noticed the time go by, but when you finally look at your watch you realize that they’re more than three hours that your boyfriend is in the kitchen, doing something that you can’t still understand.

“Cmon.. Why?!? ”

“Jimin.. are you okay?” You ask, leaving the laptop on the couch and getting up from it begins to walk toward the kitchen. “What are you doing …? Do you want to destroy the house? ”

The closer you get and more you begin to smell in the air a strange burning scent and when, at last, you stop at the threshold of the door you know what kind of disasters were created by him for all that time.

The blond and fluffy Jimin, your boyfriend for over a year and a half, is surrounded by baking trays full of biscuits, completely burned. The cookie dough was able, and you can’t get how, to finish on the highest shelves and you can glimpse a quantity of dirty dishes in the sink and spread on the work top.

But the “best” show is Jimin. Flour has pretty much spread everywhere, especially in his hair that now are no longer as perfect as usual.



“What’s going on?” You ask giggling, folding arms to your chest by watching the show right in front your eyes. “You had a fight with some phantom that has now disappeared? I’ve never seen the kitchen so dirty! ”

“Go away” He screams embarrassed, bowing his head and avoiding your gaze as best he can. You find really adorable as his face turns when he’s shy and you only want to coddle him without ever stopping.

“What were you trying to do?”


“Babe… Burned cookies… Destroyed kitchen.. You cover with flour and chocolate.. ”

“What cookies? You’re hallucinating! ”

Giggling you approach him and let slide your arms on his hips, then going to cast off your hands on his “belly”. You can feel, under your fingertips, his defined muscles and with an effort you can manage to keep your mind “away” from certain types of thoughts. You are lower than him, he continues to appreciate this “particular” of you, so you’re forced to move your head to the side to see what he sees. The kitchen is in even worse conditions than what you thought, but you appreciate the vain attempt of your boyfriend to do something for you.

“You wanted to make cookies or they were a second choice…?”

“I wanted to make a cake. Even before I wanted to cook. But I realized I’m not Jin Hyung ”

“Nobody is Seokjin, Jimin. Do you want to cook together? ” You talkin’; going to place a soft kiss on his shoulder and smiling at seeing his face light up in your proposal. “I promise I won’t help, will you do it all by yourself.. So you can say you’ve cooked for me. ”

“Okay… But if I ask for help? ”

“I’ll help you, jerk. Come on, we should start to try to make these cookies. ”

His shyly smile is something that you’re not used to it, so suddenly you feel the uncontrollable desire to kiss him. With just one smile is able to upset you completely and how much you avoid to show it openly, you’re aware that he knows the effect he has on you.

He kisses softly your forehead, now more combative than ever, starting to move everything useless from the work top. You try to help him, but at every his glance, you got that he wants to do alone and you just have to watch, so you put your hands up in surrender, smiling shyly at him.  

“Why did you want to cook, Jiminnie??”

“I mean.. I wanted to do something nice for you. ” He whisper, even more embarrassed than before and feel your heart melt completely.

“You could dance for me. At least I know you can do it. ”


“Sorry sorry, no more mean things to my poor and sweet boy,” you mumble amused, finally able to get closer to the kitchen counter.

“Then.. You know that for first you have to measure out the ingredients? ”

“Ah.. Really?? ”

His answer leaves you shocked and you lay your gaze, for a moment, on the cookies, innocent and singed, taking one. Just one bite is useful to understand Jimin’s problem with cooking. You start coughing, the taste is something that goes beyond disgusting, while he lightly pats your shoulder to help you in any way.





His expression looks like that of a child that had lost his candy and that doesn’t help you, nay even more distracted by his gaze and you can’t remember what you were going to do and not even your name.


You look at him while taking the scale, unused until then, and rests her on the table with a combative gaze. It’s a war between him and the cookies, you’re more than sure.

“At least you know the recipe?”

“Of.. Right, the recipe.. OBVIOUS, I KNOW IT! ”

Yet more proof that he has no idea what to do, so you take the phone out of the pocket of your jeans and looking for a recipe for cookies, finding the one that seems to be the easiest of all. Always giggling you read aloud, for each ingredient you see him as he runs to the kitchen taking what he needs, biting your bottom lip from time to time because of his perfection, even covered with chocolate and flour everywhere.


“You have to measure out the ingredients, babe..”

“Right.. Then, sugar. "He says in satisfated tone and you at him while he’s biting the tip of his tongue to concentrate, the blond cowlick always falls in his eyes.

"Done! Now…now.. The flour. ”

When he picks up the flour bag, you already know that the disaster is going to happen. In fact, a few seconds later, you look at him stumble and you don’t even have time to record what happened.

You cough, flour came into your mouth and it’s a horrible feeling because it knead your palate with the tongue, while an exhausting sensation of itching starts to tickle your nose.


“Fuck..I…I… ”

“I’m not covered with flour from head to toe, I can’t… ”

“Jagi… ”

You cough again, taking off as best you can the flour from your face, puffing and seeing a small cloud of flour form in front of you. Yes, you’re completely covered with flour and the worst thing is you can’t be mad at him.

“You’re… You know that flour… Has properties… So is good for your skin? ”


“Huh, my beautiful and perfect love?”


You give him no time to take two steps that you’ve already taken the flour bag, at least what’s left of it, and start to run after him. Cookies can wait, your revenge no.

kids. - Yoonkook Week day 3

Bruh I am so late with this and I haven’t even participated as much as I wanted I am sosososo sorry. BUT! Here is a funny little thing I thought of and just HAD to include in the week. It’s been lit, sugakookie babies! “AS OR WITH KIDS”
fluff; 1.5k

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- A trip to the zoo has got Yoongi melting at first, but leave it to him to get lost in an unexpected (possibly scary) new thought. -

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