so cute reminds me of bone

i like making lists so here’s one containing the things i love about this gif:

- jin is doing aegyo and he’s cute af but still manages to look like a prince which is amazing

- you can practically hear his windshield wiper laugh that’s here to light up the world

- rapmon laughs adorably and seeing him happy makes me happy too

- it’s not like i ever stopped believing in namjin but i love getting reminded how real they are

- hobis cheek bones. and his laugh. and him looking like an angel. with sharp cheek bones.

as you can see there’s nothing not to love about them, spread the message 

Haikyuu!! Coffee Shop Headcannons

So I was lurking on @haiykuties blog the other day when someone mentioned COFFEE SHOP AU AND MAN I LOVE COFFEE AND KUROO HAIKYUU SO WHY NOT here ya go folks sit back relax enjoy your wednesday hcs

I am open for requests and chat :D tell me which you prefer, coffee or tea!

Disclaimer: not an actual AU where I go and assign everyone roles, but more how each respective character might interact at a coffee shop or cafe. 

Sugawara Koushi

- goes to a small cafe that is well lit so he can study

- is friends with some of the wait staff since he visits so often

- sometimes takes Daichi and Asahi and they have study dates sessions

- drinks spiced chai lattes 

- he always visits at the same time during the week, and the manager has noticed how it’s a bit busier whenever Suga’s around 

Kuroo Tetsurou

- goes to a cat cafe jk actually goes to whatever tea place is nearest

- always drags Kenma with him “You need to get out more”

- prefers some ambient noise, so likes cafes with some background music

- after he graduates high school, will still meet Kenma and some of the other team members to grab tea

- prefers black tea but will also drink mochas augggh shoot me I just want him to like the same coffee as me aurfgweikl;g

Akaashi Keiji

- finds a tiny quiet cafe near school at the end of his first year

- stopped there a lot after practice since it was open late, and Bokuto worked him to the bone practicing his straights

- he doesn’t usually linger, but has become a regular and the two female cashiers are always eyeing him

- Akaashi sometimes brings Bokuto, or rather, Bokuto follows him all the way there

- he has to remind him to be quiet, because Bokuto always raves about the place “Ohhh, everyone is soooo nice here! Your cups are so cute! Hey hey hey, check out that painting, Akaashi!” Akaashi still thinks Bo is adorable but wishes he could be quieter

Ushijima Wakatoshi

- likes to study at his school’s cafe near the library

- will drink his coffee black, but likes a little bit of creamer or milk

- Tendou and Semi sometimes find him and drag him out of the library to go to the movies or hang out it took them a couple of years to figure out where he disappeared to all the time

- Reon knew the whole time, and studies with Ushi sometimes

- the cafe workers know exactly who Ushijima is and often get started on his drink before he even orders (since he comes in like clockwork every weekend)

Futakuchi Kenji

- likes fruit teas and super sugary coffee

- escapes from club activities at a cafe near his house but far from school

- hopes Koganegawa won’t find him but occasionally brings a date to the cafe

- his date is interrupted once when Aone and Koganegawa show up

- he tries to hide, but turns out his date knows Aone and waves them over

RIP Futakuchi

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Weiss and Ruby spent a nice relaxing day at the movie at the end Ruby reminds Weiss that Blake and Yang went to drink now Weiss has to deal with a clingy cat while Ruby has to deal with Yang trying to smother her

Ruby: That was AWWWWWWESOME! What a great way to end such a wonderful day. *Ruby Smiled happily as she leaned her head down on Weiss’s shoulder as she held her arm.*

Weiss: Yes. It was. And I’m glad you picked that comic-book movie instead of that alien one.

Ruby: Yeah. I figured you’d want to sleep tonight. *Ruby chuckled as she kissed her girlfriend’s cheek as the walked up to their house.* I just hope Blake and Yang come home soon since its already so late.

Weiss: Yes. Speaking of which, Where they those two go again? *Weiss asked as she unlocked the door.*

Ruby: Oh they went to this new Faunus bar clue with Coco, Velvet, and Sun. *Ruby replied as she opened the door and entered the house only to hear Weiss drop her keys. She turned back to her girlfriend to find the look of dread on her girlfriends face.* Huh? Weiss? You okay?

Weiss: Yang and Blake… Went to a bar… With Sun… And Coco.

Ruby: Yeaaaah So What’s the big Oooooooooh I remind now…

Ruby/Weiss: Fuck.


Weiss: Blake. Blake please stop and get off me. *Weiss pleaded as Blake continued to climb on top of Weiss.*

Blake: N-burp-No. The Floor is-gark- Lava. *Blake burped.*




You pulled your hair up in a bun as per usual, throwing on a t-shirt and hoodie, pulling on a pair of your ripped skinny jeans before you stepped out of your dorm, locking it behind you as you stepped onto the street. You glanced down at your phone, reading the message Alexander had sent you.

Meet us at the park at 10

You rolled your eyes at his lack of description before heading off the campus, veering right and ending up at the park you and the Hamil-squad (as Alexander had dubbed the group of you before being excessively noogied by Hercules) usually hung out at. 

Spotting your friends laughing near the fountain, you laughed and strolled over, quickly tapping Hercules on the shoulder. He spun the opposite way as you sidestepped to join the group on his other side while Lafayette, Alexander and John roared with laughter with Herc blushed.

“C’mon, that joke is so old!” He crossed his arms and pouted, whilst you leaned up and tugged his beanie down his face and over his eyes.

“And yet you fall for it so easily.” He grunted in surprise and batted your hand away, fixing his beanie carefully as you smirked and the others laughed.

“So, Alex, tell Y/N your news!” John cried, throwing his arm around his friend while Alexander beamed.

“I got chosen to be Washington’s intern!” He exclaimed excitedly and you laughed, bumping his arm with your own.

“Was there any ever doubt though? The man loves you, and your writing, and your handwriting, and your work, and your hair, and your attitude, and-”

“Alright, we get it!” Alex stuck his tongue out at you as you shot him a wink, before slinging your arms around Hercules and Lafayette’s shoulders. The two laughed, Lafayette messing up your hair. You quickly recoiled, slapping his hand away. 

“Careful of the bun-ack!” You cursed as suddenly he four men shared a look before John pounced on you, Hercules grabbing your hands while John removed your hair tie. Your hair tumbled down around your shoulders as you narrowed your eyes at your “friends”. 

“Woah.” John stepped back, eyes wide as he stared at you for a moment. You glared, moving your hands up, lifting your hair up by the nape of your neck, moving your hair back behind your face. As your friends gaped, you crossed your arms as you wriggled them free from Herc’s grip. 

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” About a second after your grumble, Alex pulled out his phone and quickly snapped a shot of you as you rolled your eyes. “C’mon, it’s not that impressive!”

“It is though!” John stared at you open mouthed, before he ran a hand through your hair slowly. As you shot him a weirded out look, he shrugged before thumbing your hair again. “It’s so soft. I bet shampoo commercial model’s wished they had your hair.” You blushed, knocking his hand away from your locks in amusement. 

“C’mon guys, get over it, it’s hair. You all have, well, not Herc. But you’ve all seen some in your lifetime, there isn’t anything particularly impressive about my hair!”

“I have hair!”

“You should wear your hair down more, Y/N, it makes you look, how do you say…lovely.” You rolled your eyes at Lafayette’s comment as you blushed. “Truly.”

“Stop it you guys!” You whined, pouting as you leaned against Hercules, gasping dramatically. “My head’s gonna explode if you keep doing this, I won’t be able to fit through my door with all the ego stoking you’ve been giving me!”

Hercules laughed, ruffling you hair as you pouted. “But you look so cute!” You groaned and he pulled you into a bone crushing hug. “Your the ones who’s friends with us.”

“Remind me why?”

“Because you love us.” Alex winked at you, while you stuck your tongue out at him. But he was right. You did love these guys.


So a couple years ago I made some video game fighter-esque characters, and a friend brought them and reminded me of them the other day, so I decided to redraw them! The first two were the ones I made ages ago, but the rest are some that I’ve added over the last few days! Feel free to ask about them if you’d like–I’m still developing them all, but I’ve got some bare-bones basics for them all, including things like general origins and fighting abilities! More designs are to come within time!
Characters © StarStainStuff

Things I remind myself sometimes

wait… am I calling a skeleton cute? More importantly, two skeletons…

Man I feel so bad, my brother has to deal with me squealing at a bag of bones”

RFA+V+Unknown+Vanderwood MC with ADHD

Okay so growing up a had severe ADHD, spinning on the fucken floor, running into walls. it was pretty bad, now im more mello and only have ADD, but wouldn’t it be funny dealing with a hyper adhd MC?! Oh boy i can’t wait +_+


  • “You remind me of my favorite character!”
  • “Thanks?
  • He was 100% okay with it.
  • He understood about somethings
  • You two would help each other with school
  • although you two would both get distracted
  • it was still fun
  • but he could never keep up with your energy
  • he’s a lazy bones


  • Sooo cute!
  • Looking at you jumping around all happy
  • Piggyback rides were a must
  • you just warm his heart
  • you were his muse for some of his roles too
  • although you turned your dangerous stunts down a bit when you fell and sprained your ankle
  • “Babe you can’t heal like me, how about less sliding on the floor?”


  • Did you have too much coffee?
  • “Naw coffee makes me tired”
  • wHAt?
  • once you told her you have ADHD
  • she looked up everything
  • she already knew about the stereotypes 
  • but digging deeper into it it explains a lot of the stuff you do
  • She thought you were doing all this to be goofy
  • but you literally can’t help yourself
  • your mind and body makes you do it.
  • She doesn’t treat you any different but she does help you if you need it


  • Are you okay? 
  • Is it healthy to be this energetic?
  • He thought you just enjoyed exercising
  • But then when you started hanging from the chandeliers
  • Should i call a doctor?
  • “No, this is just who i am”
  • “Oh okay”
  • once he knew that this is a part of who you are and not some sort of disease
  •  he was chill about it
  • but he made a custom room for you so you wouldn’t hang from the chandeliers again


  • Seven has just energy as you do
  • Seriously Vanderwood hates it when you two are in the same room
  • You both will jump off the couch
  • spin on the ground
  • Everything
  • And he would help you with school or work when you can’t figure things out
  • or just need help sitting still
  • despite that he can’t stand sitting down and doing work for a long time
  • He’ll sit down with you, you two can work together


  • He loves that you have so much energy!
  • He loves taking video’s of you smiling and laughing
  • how you found everything interesting
  • and then able to like something else a minute later
  • He knew that you had a hard time with any type of work because you can’t sit still
  • or figure things out as quick as others
  • so he helps you all the time
  • he loves helping you


  • what? how do you have this much energy??
  • Growing up he didn’t know people like this
  • You were running around a lot
  • you couldn’t stay doing one thing for too long
  • You were just all over the place.
  • He did get annoyed from time to time but he didn’t hate it
  • He kinda likes that you have all that energy
  • it makes up for all that energy he doesn’t have
  • plus watching you run into walls always makes him laugh


  • I’m going home
  • He already has to deal with seven
  • he really doesn’t wanna deal with a second one
  • But because he loves you he tolerates it
  • When you can’t pay attention to anything 
  • He gets pretty annoyed but
  • then he sees how happy you look
  • He can’t stay mad
  • But you’re not allowed to spend time with seven
  • seven will only make things worse

2011 Château Suduiraut Lions de Suduiraut Sauternes

Oh boy - Sauternes with some yummy chocolate cake! Fresh and dried apricots on the nose with white and yellow peaches, honey, sage, candied lemon peel, and apples. Loads of dried apricots, peaches in white wine, honeysuckle, and apples on the palate. Reminds me a lot of Noval Black in that it is a price-conscious way to explore the category to see if you like it! Sauternes can get extremely expensive so this is a nice way to test the region on your palate or to enjoy on a weeknight!

3/5 bones

$ (375 mL)

13.5% abv

Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle

Sauternes (Bordeaux), FRANCE

Oh. My. God.

I have been killed by cute.  Okay….because everything reminds me of McKirk… My new head canon? Chris P. Bacon was Jim’s pet on the farm in Iowa–Jim’’s the one that created the wheelchair for him. When he goes to the Academy, Jim can’t leave Chris P. behind, so he smuggles him along and keeps him in his dorm room (save for late night excursions to the park). One day, Bones lets himself into Jim’s room, only to stop short when he spots a piglet with a wheelchair traipsing across the floor, while Jim lounges casually on the bed, like nothing about the situation is at all strange. “Only you, Jim. Only you.”

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Talk about Luke, say the reasons why you love him 🌟🌟

i dont think i’ll ever be able to fully grasp why i love luke in just a simple paragraph, but because i can’t give a chapter book for an answer, i’ll try my best to condense it. luke hemmings is by far one of the most radiantly beautiful people i have ever seen in my life. his eyes remind me of the sky after a storm in the summer, pure blue interrupted only by streaks of gold from the sun’s rays. all of his features are strikingly attractive, so much so that i’m sure even the moon falls victim to his beauty. there must be flowers growing in his lungs, and roots stemming through his bones, because someone that beautiful on the outside is sure to be a masterpiece on the inside. his hopeful and cute demeanor somehow manages to make me feel as though the cavities growing in my bones have turned to galaxies, and the words he speaks are so lovely that they can make even the most hideous of things seem beautiful. i have no doubt that his mind is incredibly intricate, and i would love to live in a world designed by luke hemmings. he is a light amongst the darkest of things, and i hope more people begin to realize how breathtaking he is.

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do you have any shallura fic recommendations??

oh anon, do i! let me just give a few of my faves, my faves that are “i downloaded to read this on the plane home from sdcc” good

  1. title: electric indigo by @phollie ( tumblr | ao3 )
    rating: t
    summary:  Shiro’s mind takes him to the bottom of the ocean.
    i love it because: this one’s got a strong emphasis on shiro and his ptsd and how relationships (pidge and allura in particular) interplay with that
  2. title: accustomed by @ahumanintraining ( tumblr | ao3 )
    rating: k
    summary: She never knows what to do with her hands.
    i love it because: i love hand imagery in general, and also it’s done flawlessly to show the bridging of cultures, worlds, two people together
  3. title: truth and dare by @ahumanintraining ( tumblr | ao3 )
    rating: k
    summary: She asks many questions, and he answers them all.
    i love it because: they wrote it for me :) and because it’s so freaking cute, just read it
  4. title: She Stops My Bones From Wondering by @materassassino ( tumblr | ao3 )
    rating: t
    summary: Some nights, Shiro can’t sleep. On those nights, Allura reminds him he isn’t alone. 
    i love it because: tenderness between two people who can kick ass is one of my ultimate weaknesses, plus i love moments where shiro and allura trade their strength with one another to lift each other up as best they can
  5. title: Locked onto My Soul by @materassassino ( tumblr | ao3 )
    rating: e
    summary: Shiro makes it back alive. They’re both relieved.
    i love it because: smuuuuuut, and emotional exploration to boot. heed the rating folks, i didn’t make you read stuff.

Hey Taylor remember when we met I told you 3 of our squad members haven’t met you yet? Just wanted to introduce you to them!

jbdswifty (Jasmine) she is the most caring and wonderful friend anyone could ask for. There is not an evil bone in her body!

fearlesslyjulii (Julie) is my little sister. She reminds me so much of myself and she has a huge heart. She’s so cute and funny.

swifting247 (Ashley) is so incredibly wonderful. She was born in 1989 too! I love her because she cares so much about everyone around her.

My friends are balls of sunshine and I thank you for them everyday!

We will all be at the shows in Toronto in October! Both of them of course!

Cannot wait to hang out with you again!!!


no (it's nothing wrong with me)
  • sugamon archangel AU, 1.5k words
  • the AU belongs to vkook , I hope I didn’t mess it up ;;

There are 206 bones in the average human body. In a pair of bird wings, there are approximately 18. 13 year old Min Yoongi had 206. In the middle of winter, 14 year old Min Yoongi had 224

And near the end of spring, 20 year old Yoongi buries his face in his pillow and curses his wings more than anything. He thinks Azrael-kin, and Angels with darker ancestors in general, really don’t get enough credit for just existing without killing someone. After dealing with countless death visions and walking spirits to their morbid afterlife, he’s really considering putting it on a business card.

Min Yoongi, aspiring producer. Very well versed in dealing with Azrael’s bullshit. Rarely homicidal.

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