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boyfriend namjoon

omg gUYS i had this moment of inspiration when i was cuddling my pillow!! and obviously it’s this post. 

  • he would be so fluffy and cute sometimes that you’d literally had to ask him to stop

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  • he’d also be really caring and protective. after every call or facetime session because he’s on tour, he’d end it off with, “i love you baby, take care and rest well!” and a smile before sending you a flying kiss.
  • oh! oh! oh! and when he’s finally home from tour and united with you once again, you won’t have a single moment alone. (not that you want time alone anyway) he’ll be all over you.
  • and when ya’ll have to separate, he’d always hug you, engulfing you into his strong, warm, comfortable and big arms. he’d always kiss your head as you bury your head into his chest. 
  • then he’ll probably pick you up and finally kiss you.
  • not the normal, chaste kiss, no way.
  • he’d go all out.
  • tongue, teeth hitting teeth (since he’s such a careless guy), lip biting, passion, lust and love.
  • you name it, its there.
  • after such an intense make-out session, he would let you go and wave innocently while smiling, like all that hot shit never happened.

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  • and don’t get me started when he’s horny my friend.
  • he will show zERO shame and will not hide his raging erection. 
  • he would give you that look
  • that, “i’m suffering” look

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  • he’ll start by sitting next to you, knees touching slightly and talk to you casually.
  • as he talks, he’ll rub circles around your thighs and slowly run his hands up and down them.
  • which will lead to him slowly dipping his hands into your shorts.
  • if he hasn’t gotten your attention by then, he’ll backhug you
  • he’ll make sure you feel his dick, his painfully hard dick press against that ass.
  • of course you couldn’t say no to sex. it was a very pleasurable thing to have with namjoon.
  • he has you wrapped around his finger. 
  • he’ll never get tired of you moaning “daddy” over and over again oh so deliciously. 
  • he’ll sit you on his lap, your clothed core pressing against his member.

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  • he calls you princess 24/7
  • treats you like one too
  • namjoon’s very dominant. he gives off that vibe
  • so he’ll show no mercy.
  • “do you think its very fun to tease daddy like that by wearing such a tight short?”
  • “daddy’s going to punish his little princess for teasing.”

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  • he’ll kiss your neck
  • he’ll kiss your nipples, he’ll swirl his tongue around it, like he’s eating a lollipop.
  • he’ll kiss your stomach
  • he’ll kiss everywhere but where you want him to
  • “its only fair that daddy gets to tease his princess until he’s done.”
  • after ages of teasing and rubbing his clothed member on yours, he’ll rip your panties off without warning.
  • its only a matter of time before all your clothes are off, leaving you vulnerable.
  • i swear he could fuck you doggy style all day long.
  • but like we all know, he’s a careless guy.
  • at one point, his dick would slide all the way out of you 
  • he’d get so embarrassed omg
  • a giggle would come out, followed by a shy smile.

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  • sometimes, he’d want those pretty pink lips of yours to suck him off
  • “on your knees princess.”

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  • but at the end of the day, both of you would be tired after the activities.
  • he would always still be the caring boyfriend that he is. though.
  • he’ll probably ask if you’re okay, that if what he did was too rough.
  • he’ll massage you, run a bath for you, treat you like a real princess.

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  • if you were dead tired by then, he’d always cuddle you to sleep. always. 
  • never would you want to lose him.
  • whispers of “i love you so much.” would send you off to sleep.
  • you can always be yourself around him.
  • he’ll never judge you.
  • nor would you judge him.
Hot Chocolate - Mark

Requested: Can I have a Mark fluff please??
Requested: Ermm how about a kiss/make out (not too much u know) one with mark?

A/N: This is Mark Lee not Mark Tuan- but enjoy^^
Very first Mark scenario^^

Word Count: 388

Frantically, Mark brought your hands to his lips.

“You’re too cold” he fretted, his warm breath making your frozen fingertips tingle.

You giggled childishly, poking his nose gently.
He wore a frown, pressing his lips to the smooth plane of your hand.

“I told you to bring gloves” he began, scolding you softly.

You ignored him, withdrawing your hands. You trembled as you made your way to the exit of the rink. A holler sounding before Mark tugged you aside, making way for the eccentric skater. Clumsily, you stumbled into Mark, gripping his soft coat ineptly. He smiled gently, glancing down at you.

“Let’s get hot chocolate” he suggested, intertwining his fingers with your own.

“My feet hurt” you whined.

He sat down in the booth, sliding a steaming cup of hot chocolate before you. He quickly removed the lid of his own before snatching the other, instead pushing the one with small marshmallows before you. You smiled at his thoughtfulness, scooting closer.

“I’ll give you a massage later then” he grinned.

Gingerly, he took a sip of the scalding drink, immediately hissing.

“It’s too hot, don’t drink it yet” he advised, frowning deeply.

“I love you.”

A light blush dusted his cheeks as his flustered expression morphed into a smile.

“I love you too.”

You leant in, melding your lips with his own, a sudden warmth flowing through your cold figure from the intimate contact. Your mind fluttered as his lips followed your own, a flurry of butterflies unleashed within your throbbing heart.

“No one can see us back here” he mused, glancing over his shoulder.

You suddenly became aware of the Christmas music, the chatter of the employees, the gentle clicks of the espresso machine.

You grew shy, shrinking away.

“Let’s go home” you murmured, tugging on his sleeve gently.

A muffled gasp left you as he leant in, capturing your lips. His agile hands drew you closer, his slender fingers threading through your hair. You whined quietly, unable to resist his spontaneous yet affectionate behavior.
His lips tasted of sweet chocolate, their enticing warmth making you melt.

“I want to watch a movie” he murmured, drawing back.

“At home.”

He smiled to himself, taking a sip of his drink; the thought of snuggling together on the sofa making him eager to head home.


boyfriend!coups scenario

- protective!!! you gotta be safe and in his arms or next to him
- lowkey babies you ‘cause you’re his wittle baby
- omg if you had young younger siblings, he would be a total dad
- he already is but anyway
- “(y/n) can we have one? they’re so small and squishy and adorable and our kids would be so cute??”
- “babe you can barely take care of your friends”
- “but bABE”
- anyways
- he would call whenever he got a break or was going to be home late or wasn’t going to come home that night and apologise for not being there and telling you how much he loves you
- “jihoon wants to keep me here to record so I don’t know if I’ll be home tonight, and I really just wanted to call and say i’m sorry for not being home, and I love you and goodnight babe, because you’ll probably be asleep by the time I come home”
- and you just melt
- because he’s so perfect and you miss him and he’s used his precious break time to call you to apologise for his job
-which made you kinda sad very sad
- you’d just tell him that it’s okay and that you love him too
- y'all would be that couple that everyone adored because you never fought, kept the pda to a minimum (especially in front of the members) and loved each other with all your heart
- although arguments aren’t common, you two definitely still fight
- mainly about him not being here or not paying attention to you or just stupid bickering
- he’d be quick to resolve it though because he doesn’t like knowing that you’re upset or mad at him
- he’d pick some flowers and come up to you all sheepish and quiet and whisper, “i’m sorry, forgive me”
- and you won’t have to say anything
- just hug him and play with his hair and it’s all good
- but overall he’d be amazing in and out of bed ;)
- so many hugs and kisses
- he’d be the best hugger
- and would cuddle you at every chance possible
- probs asks you to marry him after like two years of dating and you say yes
- wowowow couple goals
- he probably ends up being an amazing dad well he has twelve other kids
- but that’s another story

Mbti Types as Gift Givers

DISCLAIMER: I lub all the types.  Stereotypes used.  Spelling has been compromised.   ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ISFJ - makes you a super sentimental gift from scratch (if level 10 grandma, then didn’t need to pull an all nighter to finish your beloved gift) - laced with love, unicorn tears, and mermaid dreams

INFJ - *pinterests* *tumblrs* *scours the whole internet for the perfect gift for you*  Ends up with an incredibly thoughtful DIY gift that fills in a void you never knew you had

ISFP - 10/10 will make something for you.  1/10 will forget to give it to you. 8/10 of you will not have any idea where to hang it/what to do with it.  1/10 of you will be surprised by the gift bc you forgot your own bday.  1/10 of all isfp gifts is a flower crown

INFP - will make you cry with their gift because it is something you briefly mentioned 0.3 times offhandedly that one time.  Just kidding! They’ll prolly make themselves cry when they tell you the deep emotional backstory behind their gift and it’s secret heart-wrenching significance that has nothing to do with you

INTJ - practical gift giver #1! If they run out of ideas, they might skip the gift altogether and plot world domination instead.  It’s thoughtful because as a gift to you, they won’t make you a minion/slave worker in their new world order

ISTJ - practical gift giver #2! gift card giver! might give you a textbook/rulebook/agenda/notebook-to-write-more-rules/anything-to-organize-your-mess-of-a-life 

ISTP - gets you something to do - i.e. sports equipment, gym membership, woodworking lessons, fix-your-car-yourself lessons, lazer tag, paintball, trampoline dodgeball (this shit is fur real, son) (be prepared to get your ass whooped)

INTP - ERRRORRRR cannot process giftgiving.exe. The following file is missing or corrupted: C:\Windows\socialnorms.exe.  Press any key to continue.

ESFJ - buys you something for your kitchen.  Esfj has really gotten into home decorating recently so you get some nice candles, potpourri, a spice rack … basically anything that smells so nice that you’ll never want to leave your house

ENFJ - buys you a super cute fluffy animal !!! !!! !!! omg look at its cute little nose! its cute little ears! I’ll take care of you forever! I’ll feed you until your belly becomes a balloon!  *whispers* Never leave me. *snaps to reality* Oh what? Oh …. ya … I meant you enfj, never leave me ^^ … …. … wait wut? *enfj moves in*

ESFP - gets you tickets TO THE EXCLUSIVE DANCEPARTY YOU’VE BEEN WANTING TO GOOOOO.  Esfp knows you’ve been putting in all those hours at work so you need a well deserved break with some hotass dancers—No? Well, fuck you too Mary Lynn.  Just trying to spice up your life a little so you’ll stop complaining about how Aaron was a regrettable fckboy.  Gosh.

ENFP - wasn’t sure what to get you for the longest time.  Too many ideas and wallet too skinny. Asks you what you wanted. Diligently asks your friends about what you really want.  Does not end up getting anything for you.  Makes it up with a spontaneous ski trip.

ESTJ - sets you up with a mutual fund at the bank with a diverse portfolio. Takes you to a surprise party (actually a networking party) organized by estj’s long-term monogamous significant other at their amazingly affordable home where they live together.  Estj leaves with 5 competitive job offers.

ENTJ - treats you to a lovely steak dinner prepared by a highly paid professional in-home chef in their mansion atop of a hill belooking the peasants and commonfolk below who are building a statue of entj at minimum wage.  

ESTP - isn’t around during your birthday because they’re climbing up Mt. Everest/naked fishing/shark diving - but they take time out of their busy day to skype with you until the reception cuts off.  When you do meet up, estp blesses you with stories from their trip as you live vicariously through them and promises to take you with them next time.  Estp txts you from Australia the next day. 

ENTP -  Category 1 (acquaintances): bath soap or gag gifts // Category 2 (friends): a book your entp thought you’d benefit from reading (educate yourself mtherfker … with the kama sutra ;)) // Category 3 (family): relatives do not subscribe to the satanic rituals of gift giving

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How many kids would the captains and vice captains want? ( you don't have to do them all if you don't want to) xxx

I only did the characters that I write for anon-chan! I hope you like this even tho theyre pretty short hehehe


Oikawa Tooru: 2 kids

- he would want twins and omg that would be so cute imagine them both on his back and oooooo

Iwaizumi Hajime: 1 kid and a dog

- he would love and cherish his baby boy/girl and he always wanted a dog so why not take the chance now?

Ushijima Wakatoshi: 2 or 4 kids

- he wants to give his kids someone to stick with bc he was pretty lonely as a child and yeah

Daishou Suguru: 1 kid

- I feel like he would want his kid to be really close to him and his s/o

Kuroo Tetsuro: 3 kids

- the more kids he has, the longer their kids would stay in their home cause I imagine him wanting to be surrounded by family

Terushima Yuuji: 4-5 kids


Bokuto Koutarou: 3 kids

- he would love triplets omg he would always play with them like omg imagine him racing them to the house and letting them win awh

Akaashi Keiji: 2 kids

- he wants his kids to have each other bc he knows there will be a time where he wont be around anymore 

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I saw that you did boyfriend!bts and was wondering if you could do a girlfriend!jennie (blackpink)?? thank you<333

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  • ok so she’s all tough on stage right
  • off stage she isn’t at all (maybe if mad) 
  • such a lil marshmallow who likes kissing u 
  • teaches you to rap so you two can have rap battles
  • her singing in the shower and waking you up at the ass crack of dawn 
  • bringing you to the yg building to eat and hang out with the rest of blackpink 
  • cute dates all the time 
  • like she’ll suddenly be like “bABE we should go out” 
  • her cooking once a week, maybe twice 
  • ordering out or you cooking the rest of those days 
  • never being bored because jennie will constantly have something for you two to do 
  • takin cute pics of each other 
  • she likes when you model for her 
  • she’s like “waIT you know that cute pair of shorts you got for your birthday??? go put them on”
  • loves hugging 
  • LOVES it 
  • hugs u while yall layin down, while ur cooking, while youre standing at the bus stop 
  • if she can’t hug you she wants to be holding hands or somethin
  • getting matching bracelets bc they’re so cute and jennie loved them so you were like “okay!!!”
  • her taking you to award shows and you can’t sit with them so when they win 
  • jennie is like “big thanks to my partner y/n they’re right over there” and points to you 
  • “they helped me get through so much please love them with me”
  • going home that night and she’s like “babe i need you” 
  • you don’t unnderstand at first until she pulls you into your room and starts stripping for you 
  • and then ur like “lemme give you a present since you won an award” and u eat her out yep
  • her wearing your jackets when she goes out to practice or do things with blackpink since you can’t come yourself and your jacket smells like you 
  • likes talking about music with you 
  • jamming for like 3 hours 
  • idk if ur older or younger sooooo 
  • if you’re younger she’ll probably call you babe/baby 
  • if you’re older she’ll be super cute and call u oppa or noona and like whine omg that would be so cute can u imagine 
  • she wants piggy backs all the time if that’s possible 
  • you’d get to kiss her i think that’s the best thing 
  • her lips look so kissable u know
  • she wants to take u home to her parents  but you’re shy because what if they dont like you 
  • but she assures you they wont but is okay with waiting longer
  • she’d be the most understanding i feel 
  • if you’re upset about anything she’s like “BABBBBBBY come here” 
  • listens to you intently and lets you finish before giving input and helping you work on a solution 
  • or if you just need to rant she’ll listen and play with your hands while you talk 
  • distracts you with kisses afterwards becausse she doesn’t like seeing you upset 
  • loves kissing all the time even in public
  • like she’ll randomly give you a kiss wherever you are
  • the cutest trust me
NCT 127 Reaction to You Bringing 5 Puppies Home

My Love @huntingfire2001 requested: NCT 127 reaction to you bringing home 5 puppies aksksjs that sounds like iNsaNIty BUT ALSO FUN

A/N: Ok This is so friggin cute! Also it’s totally something I would do (my neighbor has 16 cats and I tend to watch them and I want to take all of them home). Hope you liked it lovely!

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So… it’s too late to say “happy birtday!” sooo… happy normal day! yay!

I hope you like this, its not much, but i try my best (ºuº)7

At first, i was drawing Decans too but the program didn’t save Decans for some reason ;-; Im glad it at least saved Crane.

Happy Normal Day, Noko!

OMG this is just so cute ! He look so peacefull and chubby I want to hug him !!!

And omg, I’m so sorry that your program crashed ! It still a wonderful birthday gift ! Thank you really much !

Drunk Love M.C

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Anon: Omg so I was listening to the song after the party by the menzingers and then I was thinking about how Michael would be so tired of girls only wanting to date him for his fame then he meets you and tries to take you to a big party but you convince him to stay home and get drunk in his basement and he’d realize he loved you while you were drunkenly dancing in circles around his basement just omg Michael feels
Omg same them Michael feels hitting me hard as fUCK right now, damn girl. But this sounded so cute and I just couldn’t help myself from wanting to write something like this!! (Also Michael’s P.O.V)

Word Count: 1.5k +

Warnings: Profanity



I walked by myself into the mall with my sunglasses covering my face and a baseball cap on my head. Obviously, not my best disguise, but I honestly couldn’t be bothered to put something a little bit better on. When I walked in, I instantly noticed two girls looking at me and whispering. I winked at them and continued through the mall. I got a few fans who recognized me, and took some photos with them.

There was also the insane amount of girls that wanted to hook up, but I wasn’t feeling like taking a girl home from the mall, unless she was really hot. I walked into journey, and started looking around for something new to buy. I had just come in to look, I didn’t really think I’d find anything I wanted to bring home tonight.

That is, until I saw her. She had the most beautiful blonde hair, it didn’t seem bleached, it was more of a dark blonde, but it was all natural. At least, that’s how it looked. When she turned around and diverted her eyes from the shelf she was looking at, her eyes met mine and I couldn’t help but gape. She had the most amazing eyes I had ever seen.

They looked grey, but with a hint of blue in them. In the light, they seemed to shine and sparkle. I heard her giggle and walk towards me. I instantly smirked, she was coming over. When she reached me, she smiled. It was a genuine smile that made my smirk change into one as well.

“Hi, I’m Y/n.” She said as she took in my face with a smile. I smiled back, “I’m Michael, Michael Clifford.” I started smirking as she nodded. “I know, and it’s nice to meet you Michael.”

“I’m sorry for staring at you earlier, I had just never seen someone with such beauty before, it amazed me.” I smirked as a blush over took her features. I noticed her look down with I small smile as she fiddled with her bracelet. “Thank you Michael,” She said as she looked back up, “It was nice when I noticed and cute guy checking me out from afar.” She smirked back as mine fell off my face.

I shook my head with a smile as she started laughing, “Ok, maybe I was checking you out, but how could I not? You’re absolutely stunning.” I smiled when she stopped laughing and just smiled at me.

“My, my Michael, what a flirty boy you are.” She giggled, and holy fuck, a dimpled popped out. I laughed, “You’ve got dimples.” I pointed out with a small smile. She blushed with a nod, but didn’t look down like she normally would.

“Yeah, I’ve had them ever since I was a baby.” I laughed, “I would assume so.” I was about to continue to speak, but was cut off from her phone ringing. She looked down, and me being the nosy guy I am, also looked at her phone.

“It’s my sister, she needed me to get something for her boyfriend, it’s his birthday next week, and he wont let her get him anything so I had to pick it up.” I said with a smile and a roll of her eyes.

I nodded, “Um, wait, do you think you’d like to go tot a party with me? Maybe so we could hang out or something?” I asked as she shook her head, “Sorry, parties aren’t really my thing, but I do want to hang out.” She said with a smile.

I nodded again, “Ok, then maybe you’d like to come over? We could just hang out at my house and get drunk or something.” I offered with a laugh. She laughed, and lightly pushed my shoulder.

“Alright, sure, just let me get your phone number, and you can arrange a time to meet? And ill need your address too.” She chuckled as we swapped phones. I put my number in her contacts, and saved myself as Michael❤️

She took back her phone and looked at my contact, she giggled, “Well now I don’t feel bad for putting a heart next to my name too.” She smiled. I smiled, and noticed she had done the exact same thing I had.

“It was nice meeting you Michael, I’ll text you, and then text me back so I don’t look like a loser.” She said with a slight laugh. I laughed back and nodded, “I’ll let you know later when I can get my band mates out of the house.” She nodded and smiled, “I’ll see you later Michael.” She said with a slight wave of her hand.

Michael: Y/nnnnn

Y/n: Michaaaaeeeelll

Michael: Are you free tomorrow? My band wont be here :)

Y/n: Yeah, I’m free, I just need to know your address.

Michael: Here you go, but I could have always picked you up if it’s easier?

Y/n: No, i’s fine, don’t worry about me :-)

Michael: Ok, I’ll see you at say 7? Or 8?

Y/n: 7 sounds good, I’ll see you then xx

Michael: I can’t wait, see you then :) xx

“You losers need to get out now! She’ll be here any minute.” I complained as I tried to shoo the boys out of the house, she didn’t need to see them, or else they’d want to stay and hang out.

“Ok, ok, gosh Mike, we’re leaving.” Calum laughed as he walked outside and into the car. Ashton followed behind, and so did Luke, but he stopped at the door and turned around, “Why can’t we just stay?” He whined as I growled. His eyes widened and he laughed. “Ok, I get it, I’m leaving. Bye Mike.” I grumbled out a bye back to him and set up the food in the basement.

I heard the doorbell ring, and my eyes went wide. I ran up the stairs, and dashed to the door, I almost slipped on the floor with my socks on, but I didn’t fall, thankfully. I opened the door and saw her standing there. She had on leggings and a black shirt.

“Hey Michael, thanks for inviting me over.” She said as she placed her bag down on the bar stool near the kitchen island. “Where are we going?” She asked as she looked around in amazement. I chuckled, and her eyes instantly went to mine.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve got beer, alcohol, and video games in the  basement. I thought we could go down there, and if you don’t want to play video games, we could just like, watch a movie and get to know each other.” I suggested as I lead her to the basement.

“I like video games, let’s play.” She said as I looked at them games we had. She gasped and I looked over at her to see her eyes lit up. “I haven’t played Mario kart in ages! Can we please play?” She asked as she reached for it with a smile on her face.

I chuckled and nodded. She smiled and looked at me, “How about, whoever wins each round, between the two of us, gets to ask the loser three questions.” I smirked and nodded, “Game on, but the loser has to drink while they answer the questions, makes it more interesting.” I smirked as I grabbed a bottle of beer and gulped some of it down.

She smirked, “Oh, you’re on.”

She lost.

Every single round.

And she was drunk, that’s what happens when you drink every time you lose, while losing every single time. I laughed when she was trying her best to tell a story about when she was younger, and tripping all over her words.

“And then-then, guess what she did?” She started giggling and she swayed back and forth on the couch. I laughed along, “What?” She giggled even more now, “She-she tripped, and then-then,” She started giggling even more.

Suddenly, the song changed to another one. The Drug In Me Is You by Falling In Reverse came on and she instantly stopped what she was saying and jumped off the couch to stand up. Before I could ask what she was doing, she started dancing in the weirdest ways.

She would spin around with her arms up in the air, she would head bang, and she would jump around the room, all while screaming out the lyrics drunkenly. “C'mon Michael!” She slurred as she tried to pull me up to dance with her.

I shrugged with a smile, “I don’t know, I’m not really the dancing type.” I told her, she had a sassy look on her face as she placed one hand on her jutted out hip.

“Yeah? Well I can’t dance, but I’m still doing it.” She sassed as she grabbed my hand and started swaying our interlocked hands together. She started jumping around and spinning in circles, while she giggled the whole time.

The only thing running through my mind was her. And I had a feeling she wouldn’t be leaving it for a while.

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I think all of your hcs are so cute^^ can I request one of what the RFA might do if they take MC out on the first nice day of spring? You can add Saeran and V if you want but you don't have to. Thank you!

thank you so much! this is such a cute request awww

First Day of Spring


  • This lil bean was so excited for the days to warm up so he could take you places
  • So when it did he toOK YOU EVERYWHERE
  • The park, the movies, the city, you name it
  • Your date started off with brunch at a cute cafe that Jaehee recommended to him followed by a stroll in the park
  • He’s so enthusiastic about everything tbh
  • “MC, look at the squirrel over there!” “That couple over there is having a picnic! We should do that next time, okay?” 
  • he’s so precious omg i can’t
  • You’re just giggling watching your precious dork of a boyfriend
  • When you guys go downtown, you’re looking at all the cute little shops and everything
  • When you guys see the candy shop though
  • Oh man
  • You both go ALL OUT
  • The shop was nearly empty by the time you were done lol
  • Later on after hours of walking and coming down from a sugar high, you were getting tired and decide to go home
  • “Today was so much fun, MC! I can’t wait to take you again!” Yoosung says as he kisses you on the cheek


  • This man wanted to take you on the most romantic date ever
  • He had the entire day planned out
  • He cooked lunch for you and as much as he wanted you to enjoy it, he made you hurry so you could start your date
  • Zen was trying so hard to not show how excited and giddy he was but you still saw the big smile on his face as he drove you to a lake
  • There was a single boat at the dock and he told you that your date was going to be on the lake
  • He went all out with this
  • There were rose petals and candles everywhere omg
  • It was honestly so romantic
  • You two spent the day relaxing on the lake it was so peaceful
  • Lol you ended up falling asleep
  • But when Zen woke you up, it was already nighttime
  • You started to apologize for wasting the day but he just shushes you
  • At that second, fireworks start shooting up in the sky
  • He smiles at you and you both end the day watching fireworks while wrapped up in each other’s arms


  • You wanted to take advantage of the nice weather so you suggested to Jaehee to go on a picnic 
  • It was the first day of spring and the weather was so warm and sunny out so of course she agreed
  • After getting ready, you waited by the front door but she was taking a long time for some reason
  • When she came out, she had bags upon bags of food in her arms
  • “Jaehee, we don’t need this what”
  • “I didn’t know what you wanted so I brought everything
  • When you arrived at the park, you found a really pretty spot under a big tree for shade
  • “MC, put on sunscreen”
  • “Jaehee, please it’s not even that hot out”
  • She still put sunscreen on you lol
  • You both ate pastries and cakes she brought as you observed the others in the park
  • The entire time, you two were just cuddled up with each other and talking about nothing and everything
  • It was honestly one of the happiest days she’s ever had
  • So when she looked over at you with your head in her lap, she couldn’t resist leaning down and kissing you
  • You looked up at her and smiled fondly, never wanting the day to end


  • Jumin was ever the busy man
  • You wanted to spend the day outside
  • He had a business deal to take care of with a winery
  • So he decided to kill two birds with one stone by taking you along the trip to one of his favorite vineyards while still dealing with business
  • As he had a short meeting with the owner, you decided to talk a walk around the area
  • Since Jumin worked so deep in the city, being out by the countryside and in the fresh air felt so good
  • Eventually, he joined you on your walk after his meeting
  • He was in good spirits as it went well 
  • He held your hand as he led you around the vineyard, showing all the really pretty spots
  • There was one part with a garden that he showed you and you ended up spending the majority of your time there
  • The poor giraffe tried to take photos of you but of course they were blurry af
  • You teased him a little bit when you saw the photos
  • But Jumin was really happy that you were enjoying yourself and even more happier that you were there with him


  • He decides to take you on a drive for the day
  • “Just name a place and we’ll go there.”
  • “Hell.”
  • “MC, no.”
  • Lol but really though he takes you anywhere you feel like going for the day whether it’s shopping or to the movies or to a restaurant
  • But after a while you run out of ideas and now he gets the chance to take you some places he wants to go to
  • At first you think it’s gonna be some weird cat convention or something idk but he starts driving up a mountain
  • When you ask him where he’s taking you he just smiles without answering
  • It’s nearly nighttime but heventually he stops at the top of a cliff and tell you that you’ve arrived
  • You’re confused at first but he leads you to the edge of the cliff and you look at the bright lights of the city in awe
  • But then he stops you to tell you to look up
  • Bam
  • You can see pretty much the galaxy since you were in such a secluded area
  • You can feel him wrap his arms around your waist from behind as he kisses the top of your head
  • “Let’s married up there. Okay, MC?”


  • As soon as it’s nice out, he takes you to the city to go sightseeing
  • He shows you all the cool landmarks and areas with pretty views
  • Tbh this is a photoshoot as much as it’s a date
  • Of course V’s gonna take advantage of the perfect weather with the pretty sights and an even prettier girlfriend
  • Basically the whole day is you both walking around like the amazing couple you are while taking super artsy photos
  • Honestly goals
  • There’s this one spot he’s been dying to show you the entire day and he tells you it’s his favorite place in the entire city
  • It’s a little far but you two make it before sundown
  • He leads you to a small private park with a large fountain in the middle of it
  • He tells you to wait because the best part is about to happen
  • Just as the sun sets and it gets dark, all of the lanterns in the area light up at the same time
  • You gasp because the view is honestly so breathtaking and really grateful that he was able to share this spot with you
  • V snaps a photo of your reaction and it’s automatically his most favorite picture he’s ever taken


  • It took a little convincing to get Saeran out of the house
  • Don’t get him wrong, he liked being outside he just didn’t like the idea of being around so many people
  • But he caved eventually as long as he got ice cream out of it 
  • In reality he just wanted to make you happy but he wouldn’t let you know that
  • You guys walked around town for a little bit to window shop
  • You were so excited that he was struggling to hide his smile
  • After he got tired of walking, you finally took him to the ice cream shop
  • When you got your ice cream cones, you went outside to sit on the bench and just enjoy the treat and the weather
  • You decided to mess with him a little bit as you smeared a little ice cream on his nose
  • He immediately gets so flustered and you start laughing at him
  • Saeran looked so cute being all blushy and trying to wipe the ice cream off his nose
  • bless him i would like 12 of him pls
  • Your heart was so overwhelmed with emotion that you kinda just blurted out “I love you so much, Saeran”
  • The boy FREEZES
  • What did she just say?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
  • He stared at you in surprise and becomes even more red
  • “I… I love you, too, MC.”

I’m such a hermit lmao. So I have two of my close friends sleeping over my house for the second night in a row right? Like I’ve seen them throughout this entire week and even though I love them to death, I’m the type of person that needs space bc I’m introverted– So I get REALLY drained after hanging with people too much (unless it’s my bf). So for the past two weeks I’ve been surrounded by someone and I haven’t had any solid alone time in a while. Because it’s a Saturday night, one of my friends said she’s going to go out with her bf and then the other friend said she going to hang out with another friend. Instead of joining them, I just gave one of my friends my house keys and told the other one to text me when she comes back LMAO. I wanted to stay home to finish homework and take a nap instead haha.

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Omg I saw a funny video where this guy is trying to take off his drink girlfriends makeup off with a makeup wipe and she's all drunk and it's so funny google it if you want lols. But can you pls do a blurb based on it with either E or gray?

AN: I saw the video you’re talking about and it’s so funny/cute!

So I feel like something like this would happen after a party of some sorts. Where you got drunk and Gray wouldn’t. One, to be the designated driver. Two, to make sure you are okay. Once, y’all got home he’d make sure you had plentyyy of water and he would help you into pajamas. When he saw your makeup was smeared he’d grab the makeup wipes off your vanity he’s seen you use so many times and would being to wipe off your makeup. I feel like a conversation somewhat like this would take place:

“Grayyyy you’re taking off my skin!”

    “No YN it’s your makeup baby calm down.”

    “Would you still love me if I didn’t have skin?”

    “Baby don’t think you’d be living if you didn’t have skin.”

“Then why are you removing my skin?”

    “Again, it’s just your makeup.”

Overall, I feel like Gray would just be laughing at how you were acting the whole time & be super caring and make sure you were taken care of.

Rowers vs non-rowers

Non-rowers: “omg look at this cute dress!!”
Rowers: “omg SPANDEX!!!!”

Non-rowers: im so tired. “I had to wake up at 7am”
Rowers : “I had such a good sleep, I got to sleep in until 7am”

Non-rowers : “I can just do this at home tonight, then go to a party”
Rowers : “I need to do this all at school because rowing. What is a social life?”

Non-rowers : “I need to watch my what I eat because I want to get healthy” OR. “Last night I ate like am entire bag of chips, and a chocolate bar.”


Something fast and stupid, work was crazy and I could only manage to sneak in a little doodle. Archie would love all water pokemon, uwu, even the useless ones.

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May I ask what characteristics Yuri P. looks for in an s/o? What types of things would catch his attention first? Thanks, LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Omg, thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoy my work. It feels good to know that my efforts make others happy. Thank you for the request, love!

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • since Yuri is so friggin emo
  • He probably likes someone with a lot of patience and tolerance
  • I bet he would like you to be a little more quiet and reserved and respectful
  • So you can correct him and teach him to be a better person
  • he wants you to make up for everything he lacks and to fill the holes that are missing omg so cute
  • Someone that can put up with his angry mood and boyish attitude
  • I think he secretly wants someone who will stand up to him and put him in his place during his outbursts
  • idk I think he’d find your controlling side hot
  • You gotta be a fan of cats or animals in general or else he is OUT
  • He wants you to be adventurous and a traveler
  • With his skating career taking off, he needs you to be willing to travel the world with him
  • he would feel too guilty if he left you home alone for months during skating season tbh
  • As far as physical characteristics, I don’t really think he has a super specific type or preference
  • I can see him liking really long hair on you
  • i mean cmon look at his hair he looks like he’s straight out of a shampoo commercial
  • HE!! LIKES!!!! PEOPLE!!! TALLER!!! THAN!!! HIM!!!!!
  • I personally don’t think he’s much of a hugger or anything tbh
  • but when he’s tired or angry or just needing attention he likes being held and your height would help a lot
  • He would probably notice your clothing first
  • Yuri obviously is into fashion things so when he sees your really good outfit he’s like damn gotta get me some of that action
  • If he started talking with you I think he would be the guy that’s really affected by laughing
  • He loves a beautiful laugh omg he will blush in an instant
  • He could fall in love with you just from hearing your laugh i s2g no lie
  • Honestly, I think he just wants someone to protect him, and in return he will protect them back

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Hey, do you know any clexa fics where they have kids? I really like the family dynamics, it's always so fun to read! thanks you are the best!!!

Oh kids. Always so… loud. Gotta love momma bears Clarke and Lexa though :p

Emergency Room — Lexa is a single mom, Clarke is paediatrician and it’s the cutest thing ever ^-^

we all have baggage (but let’s rewrite our futures) — Lexa and Clarke are both single moms (Lexa lost Costia, Finn and Clarke are divorced) and this is so emotional and sweet

make this leap (say geronimo) — this is the best thing in the whole wide world and may the sky fall on your head if you don’t read it.

Fight Me — duuuuuude you have to read this, it’s so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so amazing :O

Strangers Don’t Write (Love) Letters — it has kids in like the last chapter but the whole story is totally worth the read, so run joey run and read it!

The World Has No Right To My Heart — okay so this is post Mt Weather and um I don’t really want to spoil it, but Lexa has a daughter of sorts and Clarke gets along with her and she’s the cutest thing and it’s so heartbreaking and beautiful

It Takes One (but two wouldn’t be so bad) —this story is amazing! Raven is single mom Lexa’s (non biological) daughter and Clarke the daughter that stitches her up after a nasty fall and omg the feels

A Family to Come Home To — they don’t really have a kid but they find one in a forest and take care of her. It's cute :3

Coconut Icing — ok the kids are all grown up now but it’s still a beautiful, beautiful story — and this is the prequel

Ophelia of the Woods and the Sky — this one is hard to describe, but it starts with the premise that Clarke didn’t want a child. But fate sometimes knocks on our door and there is nothing we can do except embrace it fully. It’s a beautiful one-shot :)

AND there’s some I haven’t read yet too:

It’s Christmas! — Clexa’s first Christmas with all of their children together

this side of paradise — misunderstandings seems to be the key word and this looks amazing and I can’t wait to read it, so neither should you

The happiest place on Earth — Lexa surprises her daughter Anya with a trip to Disneyland. "The happiest place on Earth" will change their lives forever

Snow on Snow — Clarke has spent most of her post-pubescent years caring after her son, John but when the mysterious Lexa with ‘pretty hair’ walks into her life and refuses to leave, things get complicated

With Child — takes place in canonverse, a one-shot in which Clarke is pregnant with her and Lexa’s child

Commander Princess — it’s set in canonverse: Clarke secretly watches Lexa teach their daughter things (walking, talking,) then (making a spear, hunting) and eventually (warpaint)… set over a couple of years

Kids — a big Clexa family thing where Clarke and Lexa have like, maybe more kids than they can handle but that’s okay because they make the older ones help out with the youngins

i had a thought dear (however scary) —Two years ago, Lexa lost her wife, Costia, leaving her a single mother of two small children. Now, with Gustus entering kindergarten and Anya starting the fourth grade, their lives are almost normal. Then, Lexa meets Clarke Griffin, Gustus’s new teacher

Before Sunrise. — Lexa and Clarke lay together in their bed, blonde and brunette hair tangled like their legs under the sheets. Together they slept deep and peacefully, chests rising and falling almost synchronised… Until a shuffling noise comes from the monitor

Hope the list is big enough! :)

wgm with dino

tbh why is he even here he’s like fetus idk if i can even be serious with this. just imagine this is years from now but his personality is still pretty much the same.

  • okay so he’s really excited to see you. like REALLY. he’s talking to the camera about how scared he is and how excited he is. 
  • he’s in the car with doogi pd, he’s driving him to meet you in front of an aquarium. you’re already there.
  • he doesn’t know who you’ll be and is constantly hitting doogi pd and saying “hyung, i’m so scared!!! give me some advice!”
  • doogi pd just laughs and he’s like “just don’t make them cry and it should be smooth sailing, people love you.” <3 doogi pd <3</i>
  • when he gets there and sees you. he is so scared to get out of the car that doogi pd had to kick him out. like physically kick him from the driver’s seat.
  • dino stumbles out and he’s like “hahah hello, i’m your husband, seventeen’s maknae, dino.”
  • doogi pd takes a pic of you guys and posts it on the day of the broadcast.
  • it’s super awkward at first so to break the tension, he invites you to go into the aquarium with him and you guys bond over all the fish and sharks and whales. like wow sea life, it’s pretty amazing.
  • he buys you a stuffed dolphin from the gift shop and you guys name it t-rex. oh yeah.
  • after a while, you both treat t-rex like your child and he sometimes places t-rex on a seat at the dining table.
  • you argue over the gender of the dolphin all the time and you guys kinda just interchange whenever you feel like it. “he wants this” “she’s tired!” “they’re gonna be a great dolphin when they grow up!!!”
  • lots of movie marathons. like one day, you guys watched three movies in a row that the pd-nims got annoyed and gave you a mission to go out and buy home furniture.
  • you end up playing house in ikea.
  • likes to play with your hair. but always asks first.
  • he play’s MJ all the time at home.
  • if billie jean plays while he’s cleaning, he drops everything and starts dancing and then pulls you to dance along with him. then grabs t-rex and dances with it.
  • tries to teach you the infamous MJ kick. you fail miserably. he doesn’t laugh though, just pats your head and is like “it’s okay jagi, it takes a lot of practice!”
  • at your wedding photo shoot, he was in awe when he saw you in a wedding dress. and then he started dancing taeyang’s wedding dress.
  • skinship is really hard for him to initiate because he’s so shy. you pretty much always initiate the skinship and he always goes along with it.
  • you hold his hands first and he never lets go. but when you let go to do something, he grabs it again when you’re done doing that thing. :3
  • he likes to watch you cook.
  • he sits on the counter and bothers you while you cook.
  • “what are you cutting now?” “what time is it gonna be done?” “that smells really good! can i try some?” “be careful with the knife!!” “don’t boil the water too much!” “do you need help?” “are you sure you don’t need help?” “i promise i can be really helpful!”
  • you tell him to take the trash out and so he does and then goes straight back to bothering you.
  • when he sees you frustrated, he says you’re cute and you j us t can t. LEE CHAN PLEASE.
  • omg his seventeen members tease him like their life depends on it.
  • when you complain why he hasn’t introduced you to his members, he’s like “they’re terrible! i always get teased when i’m home with them; it never ends! don’t get me wrong, i want to introduce you, but they’re going to kill us if i do!”
  • he still introduces you seventeen and omg he was so right, all they did was tease him to death. literally he died. when they were gone, he was exasperated, just lying on the ground, hugging t-rex, fake sobbing.
  • he takes you to the amusement park for your anniversary and you guys ride a bunch of kiddie rides because he thinks it’s cuter that way. (he’s secretly afraid of roller coasters)
  • towards later that day, he surprises you with this whole show of him dancing and rapping and it’s just so great omg he danced with mickey and minnie!!! TT-TT
  • he plays pranks all the time. mean ones. like he posted a picture of the grudge on the mirror in the bathroom so when you go in, you see it.
  • you nearly cried and he was like “crap i messed up, i’m so sorry i didn’t mean to!”
  • he spent the rest of the day trying to make it up to you with aegyo, cooking you food, offering massages.
  • when you guys have to leave the show, he shows a lot of remorse.
  • he forced himself to not cry because he has to show how manly he is with you.
  • he takes you to the beach and he planned his really complex thing where at every other store you pass by the on the boardwalk, someone gives you a balloon with a note about the special memories you two had together.
  • at the end of the boardwalk, there’s a band playing for you and and a special dinner waiting to be served TT-TT
  • when it’s all over, he was the first to initiate the hug and didn’t let go for a while.
  • he takes out t-rex from under the table but he has his face on the dolphin’s face and he gives it to you. he’s like “it’s so you don’t forget about me.” :-(((((((
  • you leave first in the car and when you leave, you look back and you see dino behind holding a sign that says “I LOVE YOU AND I WILL MISS YOU. <3 GOOD LUCK!″</li>
  • he tells the pd-nims in the end that he was really privileged to have a “married life” with someone like you because you both grew a lot from that experience. he says that he became more of a man and knows now how to treat a person like a person, that they need love and care to grow.
  • he hopes that if and when you guys see each others at broadcast stations, even if you guys aren’t on the show, that you guys should treat each other normally like how you were like on the show and hopes to be your friend forever. *cries*

more wgm scenarios

External image
So this is Boo, she was only a few weeks old when we found her in a barn outside town, and she was laying in some hay and it was mighty cold outside. We decided we’d take her home since there was no mama cat to be found and there was a snowstorm about to come by, and we didn’t see any litter of kittens around. We later found out when we brought her back that the mama kitty wanted nothing to do with her and hissed at her whenever she was around according to the farmer. She was a runt. Baby Boo’s favorite food was pizza, she stole pizza every time we got it, even so much so that she would climb up our legs to knock the box onto the floor, one time she dragged half a pizza out to the back porch and we just let her have it because dammit, that earned it. We had her for a few years before we couldn’t afford to have pets anymore, and we gave her to a soldier friend of ours who was in need of some tender loving care. Baby Boo was spoiled to the nines and she’s still alive today, and very very fat.

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AHH so in the hot, horrible and humid summers, Frank's girl fills the tub with cold water and Max just jumps right in! She takes a video and max is just panting happily, tongue lapping out to the side. Frank comes home and steps in the bathroom and just sees their dog chillin' in their tub, and breaks into a huge smile, and he gives his girl a look and she giggles and is just like, "what? I don't want him to be hot Frank!"

“he needs to cool down!” “maybe we all do,” he laughs, and together they get into swimsuits and plop in the tub, though it’s a tight fit. they run the shower head and spray max down so he can chill, and he’s so happy, doing his little close-eyed smile, and frank kisses his girl’s shoulders, smiling.

“you take good care of him,” he murmurs. “thank you.” 

he might not be talking about just the dog.

iKON reacts to you calling them to tell them you're pregnant

Request: Hi, omg i love your blog so muchhhh. I wanna request how ikon bobby, hanbin, june reaction when he is in japan doing tour with ikon, and you call him. You tell him that you were pregnant, you had married with him about a year ago. Thanks before.


Yey, that’s so cute (´∀`)

-Admin M ✿

He would be very happy and excited and would want to see you asap. It would encourage him to do even better when performing, and he would want to get home and take care of you

Originally posted by junhoenuna

He would be very happy, and have that cute little small smile on his face, almost not believing it. He would be ready to get home to make sure you were okay, but would also probably kind of worry about how it would affect his work.

Originally posted by sansasuke

He would be the one to be very shocked and ask if you were kidding, or messing with him. He would get excited and start bragging that he was going to be a dad when you tell him you aren’t kidding.

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