so cute omfg please i literally have hearts in my eyes

important facts & quotes from hidden oracle reread #4 part one

i cited everything from the hardback edition bc im a nerd 

- page one apollo is already making pop culture references (1)

- meg is such a badass oh my g od (14)

- riodan does such a beautiful way of explaining things in this novels. awe-inspiring. mind blowing. example: “Her eyes glinted darkly like a crow’s. (I can make that comparison because I invented crows.)” (14-15) wow. beautiful. 

- so i understand this series is going to be about Apollo’s redemption and ~~~~finding himself~~~~ or w\e but JESUS PLEASE RICK you can’t just say “She [Meg] reminded me of the strays my sister was always adopting: dogs, panthers, homeless maidens, small dragons.” (15) WITHOUT PROVIDING SEVERAL BOOKS AS EXAMPLE FOR SAID SENTENCE all i want is a book focused on artemis and her army of small dragons and lesbians dear gods please 

- omfg can you just imagine sally having to go over to Percy’s room and having to tell him that the greek god of the sun apollo was there to see him omfg. imagine the salt. imagine both of them just groaning. imagine.

-”If I had still been an immortal, I might have flirted with her [Sally Jackson] myself.” (30-31) l o l Sally is a middle aged married woman seven months pregnant and still bringing in the gods you go girl im proud of you

- Sally Jackson is one of the best characters in the entire series. citation: every riodan book ever even the non-pjo it’s a fact 

- i 10000% support the idea that percy gave apollo the led zeppelin shirt as a sneaky joke he’s so smart i love him so much

- “Percy laced his fingers. They were long and nimble.”(35) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- He [Percy] would have made an excellent musician.” (35) f u ck 

- literally all percy wants is to “stay alive” long enough to go to college, meet his baby sister, and see his mom get her book published my heart is broken for this boy (35-36)

- the return of the seven layer dip fuck me up (40)

- jfc that poor Prius it’s been through so much (52-54)

- page 67 and Percy’s already made two comic book references he’s such a canon nerd 

- “Cops love me almost as much as teachers do.” god Percy Jackson what are you doing to me

- apollo tried to order a pizza to CHB and honestly same (73)

- g o d will solace jfc wow

- we’re to assume Will’s a skier (his Okemo Mountain jacket & skiers tan) (82) and now i have to write the inevitable fic that comes out of this fact

- Will’s mom was a alt.-country singer from Austin, Texas (83) which wow and honestly makes the fact will is a horrible singer 1000% better

- yellow daises grow year-round in the Apollo cabin, and it smells like fresh linens and dried sage. (83)

- kayla is aiming for the olympics and honestly im so proud already 

- fact: any and all solangelo interaction have me crying into my book 

- “Will put his hand on Nico’s shoulder, ‘Nico, we need to have another talk about your people skills.’” lol this implies that they’ve had this talk before and im dying to hear it

- the Hermes kids are big fans of Rocky Horror Picture Show (95) and now i have to write a seperate list of headcanons for this fact

- speaking of, Apollo used to cosplay as Rocky bc why not. (95-96)

- listen i know im solangelo trash BUT - “Will and Nico sat shoulder to shoulder, bantering good-naturedly. They were so cute together it made me feel desolate.” im destroyed (110)

- “but if I sit alone at my table, strange things happen.” “it’s a mood disorder” “i cant control it” stfu nico u nerd u just want to sit with your boyfriend im dead (110)

- Will nodded serenely. “It’s the strangest thing. Not that Nico would ever misuse his powers to get what he wants.” death to goody-two-shoes will solace 2k17

- off topic but CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE CHIRON THO. like. this happens and will and nico are just standing there. in front of him. telling him they have to sit together OR NICO WILL JUST HAPPEN TO PUT CRACKS INTO HIS CAMP. just imagine. him staring at them. sighing. deciding not to fight this one. agreeing & watching them giggle away bc they’re so SNEAKY & now they can EAT TOGETHER WOW 

-   lol when Meg was going to town on the hot dogs and “Julia and Alice watched her with a mixture of fascination and horror.” (111)

- “Will and Nico exchanged a look that might have meant, here we go.” (112) okay im sorry im just sO GONE FOR LITTLE MOMENTS LIKE THIS I JUST WANT NICO TO BE HAPPY AND COMFORTABLE IN HIS RELATIONSHIPS OKAY

- apollo refers to the seven as “the A-list” (112) same tho

- Jason, Piper, Coach Hedge, Mellie and baby Chuck are all in LA with Piper’s father like???? (113) THIS IS SOMETHING I NEED TO SEE? What’s the living arrangement? Is Jason living with Piper? OH GOD IS JASON LIVING WITH HEDGE AND MELLIE? DO THEY ALL LIVE IN SOME BIG PLACE PIPER’S DAD RENTED OUT???? do Piper and Jason babysit? do they have family dinners? how’s baby chuck doing??? how are they all adjusting to domestic life?? I NEED TO KNOW THIS IS ALL VERY IMPORTANT TO ME 

- lol nico’s just as pissed as eveRYONE IN THE FANDOM about Leo’s not-death and im living for it (113)

- also nico carries around Leo’s lil ‘IM ALIVE LOL’ letter\hologram\thing? like i get it was completely for the plot but?????? “i look at it whenever i want to get angry” (114) like ok nico u lil bean whatever u say u little emo shit

- apollo’s little ‘lol when u have a headache in olympus hephaestus just cracks open your skull and removes whatever brain god\dess u just birthed up lol it’s so much easier ugh’ (116) w h a t t h e f u c k 

- fact: harley is adorable no citation needed

- also you’re telling me chiron, basically as old as time itself tbh, doesn’t speak portuguese? k (120)

- “i am merely assessing how well paolo’s arms are functioning after surgery” (120) those are some big words william u nervous or something??

- “hmph” - nico di angelo, 2016 (120) 

- this isn’t really important but there’s a satyr named herbert and he’s my new favorite character sorry i dont make the rules (124)

- ok so there’s an unnamed random camper who mutters in Italian (127) and now i’ve got the BIGGEST headcanon that this random girl and Nico (omg maybe a few others????) meet a few times a month just to rant to each other in Italian so none of them get sloppy with the language and u g h im such a bitch for nico di angelo frienships

- “A boy in the crowd gasped, ‘she’s a communist!’” (127) i fucking hate this book omfg

i’ll do more later in order to mentally prepare myself for the dark prophecy but it’s 3 am and im tired  

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Hey hey ♡ I have a little request for you since I fell in love with your writings. How would the RFA, Searan and V react if fem!MC would call them "master" ? I'd love a NSFW version :)

okay so the context for this is basically MC works at a maid cafe and ‘accidentally’ says that to them 

also NSFW lmao i can try but- y’all know i’m bad at sin xD


  • he walked through the door expecting the more than normal “hello” from MC but
  • instead it was “Good day, Master~”
  • one of those big anime “EHHHH?!” things
  • he can’t even form words like omfg what the heck just happened? 
  • he immediately starts blushing because he’s really turned on and he just covers his mouth in embarrassment 
  • Knees weak and slightly shaking he makes his way over to MC and just literally f a l l s into her arms cuz he’s so. damn. lightheaded from MC’s simple, less than provocative words
  • “M-MC.. please give me a heads up before you do something like that, my heart can’t go from doki doki to heart ATTACK.”
  • MC: ??? did i do something do i need to call ambulance


  • He just came back from a run
  • Nice and sweaty… steamin’ hot, really.
  • Anyway he’s like taking a sip from his water bottle when he opens the door 
  • “Welcome, Master!”
  • he just cHOKES 
  • he’s over there like coughing cuz water almost got into his lungs all the while MC is still pouncing around in her fricken (work) clothes
    • which is hella kawaii btw 
  • and he’s feeling it man
  • it’s now or never 
  • so he promptly recovers from his coughing fit and picks up MC bridal style 
  • “EW you’re getting my costume all sweaty and gross”
  • “How can you say that to your “Master”?“
  • *MC’s face turns flush red when she realizes what her slip up has now caused
  • weoo not complaining for what’s to happen next though ;))


  • I thought we promised to keep it PG 
  • but not today honey, not today
  • Jaehee was working (the usual) 
  • MC brought in some coffee so she could stay alive awake
  • and as she sets down the cup, MC just asks as if it were natural
  • “Master, would you like me to draw a cat on top of your latte?”
  • The only thing Jaehee could see atm was MC in a freaking a kitty lingerie outfit
  • she’d never liked cats more before
  • snapping back into reality she saw MC’s face staring at her dumbfounded
  • cuz she ain’t a perv like u baehee 
  • And she gives Jaehee a peck on the lips before she gets pulled under by Jaehee’s naughty, naughty thoughts


  • it was Sunday morning and he was playing with Elly as usual
  • MC was in the kitchen making some kitty shaped pancakes for the two of them but what Jumin didn’t know was that MC dressed up as a maid for the fun of it (since he never got to see her in it)
  • “Master~ breakfast is served” she announced as she left the kitchen looking SUPER ADORABLE in her outfit 
  • Jumin just stares at her and a sly smile begins to form on his lips
  • “Did you wear that for me?”
  • MC gives him a little wink and
  • He snickers a little and leaves Elly to play alone
  • *kabedon MC against the wall*
  • you can choose a pose (but tbh i think pose #4 is just perfect)
  • “would i get in trouble for ripping this?” he says has he tugs roughly at her skirt


  • so he was just playing on his computer and suddenly MC just spins his chair around
  • his eyes widen at the sight of her in a maid outfit
  • “How do I look, Master?”
  • then he starts getting r e a l e x c i t e d
  • to MC’s dismay, he decides to hold a maid outfit challenge
  • and they literally have to Skype call all of the RFA to get votes
  • also did i mention Zen voted for Seven lmfao
  • sorry MC, no sexy time for you - Seven’s just… being Seven


  • He was just tryna get some new socks okay
  • little cinnamon bun innocent as hell but
  • he accidentally walked in on MC changing out of her work clothes
  • “M-MC?”
  • unconsciously she answers “Yes, master?”
  • whoop 
  • there he goes, red as a tomato
  • “M-master?”
  • MC looks at him kinda confused like why is he so red-
  • ohhhh
  • so she decides to play with this cute bby a little more
  • she leans in real close man so close he can feel her hot breath on his neck
  • “Or should I say… my saviour?”


  • MC just came back from work and he can’t see her outfit because he’s freaking blind ok
  • but he can smell her perfume
  • “MC, you’re home!”
  • he walks over to give her a hug
  • “Yes, Master~”
  • he kinda stiffens like 
  • what did she just say?
  • MC goes in for a tight hug and he can feel all the frilly fabric 
  • and his breath hitches a bit because she smells like cotton candy and 
  • he’s suddenly a little choked man he’s gotta loosen the non-existent tie around his neck to calm the f down
  • and he like clears his throat a little
  • BUT THEN MC goes in for a kiss and he just cannot anymore 
  • “MC let’s go to the room to finish this”

LOL i wanted to add pics cuz it’s more fun lmao 

also sorry this is very SFW

~Cherry L.

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I'm so glad Kirishima is getting so much spotlight, he really deserves it!!!! And it looks like hes gonna get more, since hes in the main group along with Deku, Uraraka and Tsuyu. I;m so hyped!!!

Honestly!!!!!!!!!!! That’s one interesting group tbh, Kirishima and Tsuyu’s interactions are always incredibly adorable to watch and seeing Kirishima interact for so long with pure and good people is gonna be hard on my heart (I mean, you know I’m 100% a bakusquad fan but they’re all at least in part assholes and Kiri fits with them just right, he can be just like Sero and Kaminari and I love it, but then his interactions with Amajiki have been so pure can you imagine an arc filled with that I’m already crying)

I just hope my other faves won’t completely disappear through this arc haha sigh

Anon said: So which Kacchan quote do you like best “Die your bacteria fucks, dieee!” or “BRING YOUR DAMN TRASH TO ME”?



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so i’ve read a LOT of matsuhana recently in preparation for this, but @youkaihime asked for matsuhana fic recs! 

here is my first list list of good mastuhanas, as this is my second.

(in order of when i read them… mostly)

Wet Your Whistle by darkmagicalgirl

Hanamaki gets a job as a bartender. Matsukawa likes his uniform. (Alternatively: Matsukawa tries to ignore his huge crush on his friend-with-benefits. He fails.)

the whole friends with benefits thing.. you know how this goes *wiggles eyebrows* plus makki’s vulnerability just fuck me up

stranger things by laubear/ @pizzawitch

In 2012, the men’s national volleyball team took home the bronze at the Asian Cup. Tokyo Skytree opened to the public. Also, the dashing Hanamaki Takahiro and painfully cool Matsukawa Issei started a radio show out of Aoba Johsai’s abandoned A/V room and accidentally became the two most popular guys in school.

they got a radio show and its cool as Heck. that mutual pining tho. this fic feeds my soul, and it’s got that feeling of nostalgia hanging over it

yeah, this is Long

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MysMe Headcons “Pets”

My very first headcons guys♥ Requests and critic are very welcome

Saeran (Chinchilla)

  • He is literally a nervous (but also curious) mess
  • He would ask you so many questions (What’s a chinchilla? What do they eat? Since when have you had them? etc etc)
  • He’s fidgeting a lot when he enters your flat
  • When Saeran sees the big cage his eyes will get soooooooooooooo big (adorable!!!!)
  • Saeran will sneak to the cage like a cat (Imagine him with cat ears- DO IT)
  • Names?What?” What are their names?
  • “Oh… The dark one is Lucy and the light grey is Maze”
  • He would be so quiet observing them
  • When you open the cage to get one out he literally scoots backwards
  • “Wanna hold her?”
  • OOOOH shit what have you done
  • He shakes his head so violently and presses his back to the wall
  • Poor baby is too afraid he would hurt the tiny creature
  • It takes at least 3 more days until you can coax him to hold one
  • But only if you hold her with me! “How???Just don’t let go!!!! “Alright alright….
  • He would sit on the floor with a blanket over his lap (I am too bony, she should at least have it nice)
  • He mutters tiny prayers under his breath when you approach him with one of your girls
  • As you kneel beside him, you place the animal in his lap
  • “No hunny, I won’t let go”
  • Saeran is still so afraid
  • You end up guiding his shaking hand
  • When he touches the chinchilla, his jaw drops
  • S-soft, you had almost missed that whisper
  • He is literally melting, OK???
  • From this point petting and holding the chinchillas are his favorite coping skill
  • like, Anxiety? Chinchillas!
  • Lonely? Chinchillas!

707 (Rats)

  • Oh boy he is so excited
  • like, literally, he will jump up and down
  • When you open the door to your flat, he sprints past you and searches for the cage
  • Where are our children???
  • “Uh what?”
  • You guide him to the big ass cage where tiny eyes curiously watch him
  • Seven would squeal and turn into his heart eye emoji
  • You open the cage and the rats would crawl all over you, you would hand him the rats one by one
  • “This is Belle”- She is so beautiful!!!
  • “That is Sushi“- She looks so squishy!
  •  “She is just fat…” Don’t listen to that mean old lady you are perfect “SEVEN??????????”
  • “That is Rikku” Final Fantasy? (Dirty grin…just shut up boy)
  • He sits on the floor with your pets in his jacket pockets
  • Congrats! You made him a daddy! He will never leave your place. Nope. Not gonna happen!

Jumin (Cat)

  • The second he enters your apartment, your cat hides under the sofa
  • oh god please no
  • “Hahaha, I’m sorry, she is just shy” (get back here you lil…)
  • Jumin claims to be a “Catwhisperer”. I’ve got this, don’t worry MC
  • He kneels down and clicks his tongue
  • (OMG HOW CUTE????)
  • You hand him several treats (You bet he brought his own…)
  • Even her favorite toy won’t get her out from down there
  • When you are about to drag the damn kitty from under the couch, she finally comes out
  • to run away and jump on the closet…..
  • Did she just hiss at me?
  • “Oh my, I’m so sorry Jumin, she has never done that before, I swear…”
  • She is quite stubborn, just like her owner, he smiles
  • (Your cat would totally come jump on his lap when you two watch a movie or something like this…)

Jaehee (Poodle)

  • The little bean won her heart at first try
  • It has such good manners, MC
  • (You trained your dog to give his paw when meeting ppl)
  • She would be all over it
  • brushing and styling it
  • You bet your ass that she buys new stuff for him
  • Proud Mommy Jaehee walks through the park
  • she would always have a photo of the little bean with her (maybe even in her office along with yours<3)

Zen (Rabbit/Ferret…sorry I couldn’t decide)

  • Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic Please don’t be allergic
  • Right now you really WISH you had something without fur
  • Like a gecko or a chameleon
  • So MC, what do you wanted to show me?
  • You get quite red and fidget around a lot
  • “Well, uhm. I want you to meet my…best friend?”
  • Zen tilts his head in question as you open the living room door, and he witnesses a big cage
  • How would you explain the name of your animal?
  • “Co-Come over, it won’t bite“ (at least I hope so…)
  • You open the cage and a white fur ball jumps on your lap
  • but…nothing happens
  • When he takes a closer look, he sees a white tiny rabbit/ferret with bright red eyes
  • Wow, haha. We have the same eye color. What is it’s name?
  • “W-what?”
  • I want to know the name of this little cutie
  • You get bright red
  • Zen sits down beside you and reach out to pet the little bean
  • “Zen…”
  • Yeah?
  • “No I mean…his name. It’s Zen.”
  • His jaw drops through the ground omfg
  • “I CAN EXPLAIN!!!! IT JUST LOOKS LIKE YOU!!! i got it shortly after I watched your first performance…”
  • He would laugh and hug you so tight <3
  • AWW. My little Fan.
  • He would tease you so much
  • but srsly he is proud
  • and secretly couldn’t be happier

Yoosung (Parrot)

  • He would be like =OOOOOOOOOOOO
  • He would totally rant about it
  • Oh god MC. It looks so beautiful and exotic. How old is it? What’s it name? Can it speak? Would it bite me? I want to pet it soooooooo bad!!!
  • You would need a looooot of time to get him calm
  • “Baby, you will scare him like this”
  • Turns out, Your lil Birdie loves Yoosung
  • As soon as you open the cage, the bird would fly on Yoosungs shoulder and nibble at his ear
  • you go from “AAAAW he likes you” to “It’s been three hours….”
  • Just imagine your adorable boyfriend with a tiny bird on his shoulder. IMAGINE IT! They would be so lovey dovey to each other ;-;
  • Don’t even think about putting the bird back in the cage, he won’t leave Yoosung
  • U end up packing everything and let your pet move in with him
  • :T well at least the new couple is happy
  • And you bet your ass, when Yoosung is raging while gaming, the bird will hear eeeeeeverything
  • he soon will greet you with some….amazing vocabulary
Be careful what you order

Jikook, 1k, 100% crack but also 70% based on real life

In which Jungkook misunderstands a lot of things as usual.

A/N: Because date nights with @jikook-love tend to inspire things (also bc I’m just as embarrassing as Jeon omfg and she got to finally witness that then proceeded to respond “you’re so awkward” THANKS)

“Hi, welcome to Tea Palace! What can I get for you?” Jungkook tried not to sound too nervous. It was his first official day at work and although he’d been training for a week, he’d never had the chance to be at the cash register taking orders. His face was angled downward, ready to type in the order on the small screen beneath his fingers.

But what could possibly be difficult about taking orders anyway, right? He should be glad that all he had to do was listen to the order and type it in the machine. Oh and do some mental math occasionally, when the customer was paying by cash and needed change. But it still seemed much easier than the multitasking behind the counter, when he was trying to shove all the ingredients of the bubble teas together without something exploding.

“Can I get a hot three guys?”

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Taehyung as a dad [PT.1]

- So I can totally see you guys having 3 children; 2 boys & 1 girl


- This lil fluff ball would go with you to all the antenatal classes (more like force you to take him with you LOL because it’s VERY ‘NECESSARY’ that he’s there to know what his role as a father and to make sure you’re okay because he doesn’t wanna leave you alone ;-; 

- Honestly throughout your pregnancy I can really see him always putting you first (not that he already didn’t) but ESPECIALLY because he’s so excited and doesn’t want anything to happen to you

- All the mom’s will be looking at you like judging so hard but he wouldn’t care

 - Secretly wishing they were all you ;-; don’t we all 

- SO PROTECTIVE OF YOU AND HIS CHILD - ‘Taehyung…it’s just stairs…really, it’s okay babe I can do this myself' 

-'NOPEEEEE. No. Not today’ *holds you hand and guides you with his other hand on your lower back or the baby bump 

- The type of husband to go ‘Yes, yes we’re pregnant and expecting in a about a few months.’

- Honestly Taehyung would deffo be the excited dad to make sure you’re eating all the right things and taking in whats good for you and his baby

- Would ALWAYYYYS sing to your baby


- And you’re not having any of it LOL. Someone need to go earn the money otherwise HOW ARE YOU GOING TO RAISE THE EXPENSES OF YOUR FIRST CHILD?!?!

- And then you’d offer to go back to work because you know that will work once you say it to him

- AND YOU’RE RIGHT!!! He’s like NO.NO.NOOOO you stay RIGHTTTT here. Don’t move.

- Like he’d come back from work and you’d be lazing around on the couch 

- He’d walk into the room and straight to you asking how you’d been and you guys would cuddle a little sharing a few kisses before he moves to down you baby bump and starts to talk to it 

- This would be an everyday Kim Taehyung thing btw~ so be prepared EMG IM CRYING RN I WANT A KIM TAEHYUNG

 - I’m actually being real when I say this but he’d SERIOUUUUSLY take care of you so well

- Remember that time when he almost burnt the whole kitchen trying to make cereal for you on your anniversary?

- yEP WELL HE CLEARLY DOES. So he wants to try again and actually learn to cook for you

- So this determined bby takes cooking lessons from Jin 

- Eventually Jin gave up, LITERALLY face-palming at how he could someone always mix up the salt and the sugar and getting sick of how he would keep taking it as a joke to the point where he actually considered telling you to come pick his ass up from there and N.E.V.E.R to even let him walk into the kitchen let alone touch an oven LOOOL


- But boi was so determined HE LEARNT HOW TO COOK RAMEN FOR YOU!!!! :))))

- Like one morning he’d get up supeeer early like i mean super, at 4 or somethin and master trying to make this shit for you 

- After he had finished making it, WAIT 2 MINUTES….GIRL HOW DID YOU NOT WAKE UP FROM ALL THE CLANGING AND BURNING SMELLS FROM DOWNSTAIRS?!?! Damnnnn girl you dead to the World

- Anyway so he’d wake you up excitedly but at the same time get impatient with you so he’d start off gently stroking your face and whispering in you ears I FCUKING HATE MYSELF instead he’d be peppering (EHEHEHEHE SEE WHAT I DID THERE. EH? EH? ok i get it im a flop don’t need to be so mean about it geez;-;) you with kisses 

- You’d flutter your eyes open slowly and he’d just stare at you in awe, thinking how he’d ever got so lucky to have you ‘Good morning jagi’ ‘…mhmmm’ then he’d passionately kiss you because once again this kids gets random impulses with you 

- He’d smile gently at you and the lean down to kiss your belly too and whisper ‘Good morning babyyyy’

- So he’d help you to the bathroom and brush your teeth for you, tbh he’d even wipe your butt for you like ngl he’s so whipped for you he doesn’t even care if it’s gross to you or anyone LMAOOOO

- And you’re the type on couple to not be uncomfortable by eachother in any sort of way whatsoever. You legit lost your personal space the minute you started tae tbh lol

- So he brings you downstairs and because he’s cheesy af ❤ he’ll close your eyes and start to do a drumroll making sure you don;t fall anywhere lol becaue knowing you you’d fall over your own two feet

- ‘Taeeeee can I please look now?’

‘HMMMMM maybe i’ll consider doing it if you do some cute aegyo for me *giggles*’

‘tae istg’

- He just laughs and moves his hands to rest just on the hem of you waist, hugging you whilst nuzling into your neck


- He’d worry for a second cradling your smol face in his hands because this smol lil bun would think you’re crying because he curt you something’



‘Only for you…*pulls out a red rose and kneels down for you’

- Oh right. So i forgot to explain why you were crying ehehehe oops

- So tae had basically made a whole food-date on your hotel balcony, with roses, and candles (even though it was the morning, WHAT A CUTIEEE) and the table would layed out waaaaay too fancy for anything with 2 bowls of ramen sitting there, ready to be eaten IM FUCKING CRYING WHAT KIND OF SCENARIOS HAVE I JUST MADE UP OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN

- He’d lace your fingers together and kiss you sweetly before the both of you make your way to eat 

- He wouldn’t eat though because he’d want to feed you first and made sure you had twice as much to eat, you were stuffed to the point where you’d think you’d throw up

- So finally he wanted to taste his own ramen because he was STARVINNNNG and so finally you fed him

- As soon as it went into his mouth he stopped all of a sudden and spit out his ramen, almost gagging


- ….Hehe :3 so i missed the MOST.CUTEST.SWEETEST part out.

- /Flashback to 15 minutes ago/ The minute you tasted his ramen you JUST knew something was off- he had made it WAAAAY TOO OVERBEARINGLY SWEET and it hit you when you realised he had mixed up the sugar and salt. He looked at you with such excited eyes, so happy that he finally made something for you and you couldn’t watch his heart break. You quickly swallowed and gave him a thumbs saying how tasty it was :D ERMAGERRRRD HE GOT SO EXCITED HE STOOD UP THERE AND THEN AND DANCED CRAZILY WATCHING YOU TEAR UP AS YOU LAUGHED SO HARD

- Little did he know, you were especially tearing up because the sugar was too much for you but you couldn’t watch the smile on his face fall so you had to eat the rest of the bowl too /i cri…..ANNNNND the 2nd bowl he insisted you eat too because you liked it so much even though you shook your head politely and offered it to him /i cri everytiem/

- /Present time/ He looked at you wide eyed as you gave a meek smile and he started to cry because this was the most sweetest thing anyone had E.V.E.R done for him and it meant SOOOO much to him considering you were even pregnant so he pulled you to him and started to scold you about how you should’ve told him!!! and how you shouldn’t have even cared about what he felt and he began to feel such regret because he only wanted to something right for you ;-; In the end you both started to cry pregnancy got your hormones making you feel all sorts of shit ya’ know

- You held his face in your hands and kissed his nose saying how much you loved him, that even if he fed you something that wasn’t tasty it meant soooooo much to you because you know HOW HARD HE MUST’VE TRIED!! 

‘I REALLY love you Y/N…I hope you know that.i-I..’ poor little kiwi couldn’t even comprehend how much you loved him so he’d just end up kissing you REEEEEAAALLLLYYYYY hard and NEVER LETTING GO OF YOU for the rest of your life day :))))

- So a life with pregnant you and soon to-be-daddy tae would be THE MOST CUTEST THING EVER!!! HE’D LITERALLY PAMPER YOU WITH SO MUCH LOVE!!!! ❤

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Okay so there’s gonna be looooooaaaaads of parts to this because i have a lot to write and this is literally just one kind of scenario thing of it because it would be waaaaay too long~ Okay thanks for reading :D 

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do u have a frerard reclist? or lyk, can u direct me to ur fav reclist or smth? thnxxx

i’ve been wanting to make an official page but omg i’m so lazy AND DISTRACTED BUT OMG OKAY


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Could I please request an Isaac x Reader one shot? (If that's okay?) They're close, and one night they're having one of those 3am convo's about anything/everything and they somehow get on to the topic of first kisses and y/n keeps on trying to change the subject (cause she's never kissed anyone before) but Isaac notices and finally gets her to admit it. He finds it funny and cute and she's all like 'omfg shut up I hate you' etc. and then it's all fluffy and they maybe end up kissing? (1)

(2) It’d probably be Isaac’s idea, y'know pfft “just for practice purposes” (😂) so she knows what it’s like or what she’s supposed to do or whatever and she’s all nervous about it but it’s all fluffy and they like each other?

A/N: First of all, I’m so sorry that you had to ask for this twice because it takes me so long to write things. I loved the idea and I hope I did it justice. Not edited. (It’s 5 am, I’m ready for bed now.)

Word count: approx.1.6k

Musical Inspiration: “Close” - Nick Jonas (ft. Tove Lo)


“First… taste?” You ask, tilting your head back from where you lay opposite your best friend.

The clock’s just ticked over to 3am and you and Isaac are spread out on your floor, head to head. It’s been one of those lazy Saturdays where you didn’t really do anything other than hang around your living room. Sometime in the afternoon, Isaac had joined you and it’s just been a blur of sappy movies and easy conversation ever since.

Right now, you’re playing one of your favorite games together as rain taps lightly at your window.

“Wait… do you just mean the first thing I remember tasting in general or something specific?” He asks, twisting his head so that he can look at you too.

“Let’s go general,” you decide. “We can get more specific later.”

“Okay, um…,” he captures some air in his mouth, puffing out his cheeks before releasing it in a heavy breath. “This one’s hard. I don’t really remember. Probably milk?” He says.

You can feel your forehead scrunch, your eyes narrowing as you try to remember the first thing you ever tasted. It’s difficult. You can barely remember tasting lunch let alone something from years ago. “Okay, we’ll go specific. First… ice cream flavor you remember.”

Isaac scoffs. “That one’s easy. Remember the first day of summer after third grade?”

You do remember and a laugh falls from your lips. “Yeah. You remember that?”

“Of course I do. You tricked me into trying Pistachio ice cream. You said it was the greatest thing you’d ever tasted.”

“Is it really a trick if I was being serious?” You ask, reaching up to teasingly tug at his hair.

“If I had realized at the time that meant you had horrible taste in literally everything, I probably would have stopped being your friend right then and there,” he says, playfully.

“Totally. I have such horrible taste. Especially in friends, have you noticed that?” You joke wryly.

“Oh, yeah? First person to save your ass from a werewolf?” Isaac asks with a smug grin, knowing full well whose name will be announced.

“To be fair, if you weren’t actually a werewolf yourself, I probably wouldn’t have been in the woods in the middle of the night anyway,” you deny him his answer.

“Answer the question,” he goads.

“Are you sure? Because this seems like a waste of a question to me.”

Isaac only glares at you, waiting.

You sigh heavily and give in. “Fine. It was you.”

“Thank you,” he grins, showing his teeth.

“First lie you ever told your Alpha?” You jump right back into your game before Isaac can get too full of himself.

“Derek or Scott?”

“Hmm,” you hum thoughtfully. “Scott.”

“I think it was something like, ‘No, don’t worry, Scott. (Y/n)’s perfectly capable of staying out of trouble’.”

You can hear the smile in Isaac’s voice and decide immediately that he must pay for picking on you. You sit up and crawl over to his side. “Like I said,” you say trying to fight a smile as you start poking him in the side with your finger, knowing it tickles, “it was probably your fault to begin with.”

“Hey,” he cries, laughing as he tries to fight you off. “Knock it off.” His gasps for breath mixing with more laughter as your finger digs in again until he captures your wrist to hold you off. You move to use the other hand but he traps that one too and his hold is too strong to break away from. It seems you’re at a stalemate.

“Truce?” You offer when it seems your only option.

Isaac studies you with suspicion but finally seems to decide that maybe you can be trusted. He lets go of your wrists and you flop down on the floor beside of him, squirming to try and get comfortable because the floor is anything but. He puts his arm out for you to lay your head on and you accept with a pleased ‘thanks’.

“So, your turn,” you remind him.

“Oh, uh. First kiss?”

“You know what, I think we should postpone the game for later. Who wants snacks?,” you say suddenly, abruptly trying to get up again but Isaac rolls over so he’s hovering over you, your head falling to the floor when his arm moves.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” he teases, staring down at you. “You seem to forget my enhanced hearing capabilities. Why did your heart go crazy when I asked that?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you tell him, staring back with as straight a face as you can muster. “I just get really excited about snacks.”

Isaac chuckles. “Liar. Was your first kiss really embarrassing or something?”

You stare up at him and say nothing.

“What? Was it gross, really sloppy and wet?”

You huff in irritation, wishing that he’d just drop it. “No, wtsembersngsthtivnvrhdwn” you mumble, speaking really quickly.

“What?” He asks, confusion clouding his eyes because you’d spoken way too fast for his sensitive little ears.

You sigh in defeat. “What’s embarrassing is that I’ve never had one, okay?” You say through a grimace, pushing him off of you. “Are you happy now?”

“What?” He repeats, sitting up at your side.

“You heard me, you dick. I’m not saying it again,” you cover your face with your hands so that maybe he won’t see the blush you can feel burning across you cheeks.

“No, I just mean… never?” He asks, seeming dumbfounded.

“Yes, never,” you answer losing patience. You sit up too, feeling too vulnerable laying down all spread out on the floor before him like that.

“Do you…” Isaac pauses, licking his lip. “Is there someone you want to kiss?”

“What difference does it make?” you shrug. “There’s no one who wants to kiss me.”

“You don’t know that,” he immediately disagrees, scooting closer in a way that he probably thinks is inconspicuous. “Maybe we should… I mean, I could help you prepare. Like practice, for when it happens.”

You raise a brow at him. “So, what? Practice kisses don’t count?”

Isaac just stares at you and gives you a minute little shoulder shrug. You laugh, suddenly nervous and throw yourself forward to press you lips against his just for a second before you’re sitting back again but he reaches out before you’re too far away, cupping his hand around your neck to pull you in once more. He moves slow in case you don’t want to do this and firmly presses his lips to yours but it’s softer, more intimate this time. Your lips part and Isaac tilts his head a little to the left, making your lips interlock with his rather than simply pressing against his own. His tongue swipes across your bottom lip and you open wider, allowing him inside, his tongue grazing yours as butterflies erupt in your belly.

You don’t even remember doing it but the next thing you know, you’re in Isaac’s lap, fingers laced in his curls, licking deeply into his mouth. His hands are on your lower back, holding you close.

When you break apart for air, you look down at his kiss swollen lips and can’t deny anymore how much or how long you’ve wanted them on yours. “I think I’m ready for the real deal, what do you think?” you joke, not expecting it when his face falls at your words.


How is it possible he can be so utterly oblivious?

“Isaac,” you bat your eyelashes, playfully because you’re pretty sure the two of you were never really ‘practicing’. “Will you be my first kiss?”

He breathes a sigh of relief. “Don’t scare me like that.”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

The Hate’s Mutual- Pt.4

A/N-  Alright guys we made it to part 4! Let’s fucking do this shit and I’m honestly so grateful for those of you who are still following this fic, makes me so happy!


Warning- FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF MATE, It’s literally just straight up fluff

Pairing- Calum/Reader

Summary- Y/N is forced to finally confront her feeling’s towards Calum, well she is kind of sleeping in the same bed as him.

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3

Word Count- 2.1K

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this gif isn’t mine!!!

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Episode 14 Goblin Review: Please, someone save me from this curse...

Damn… episode 14 made me so hopeful only to crush all of my hopes and dreams for Goblin with those previews T.T Sorry for the late review… I just got off work Dx 

Like we needed to be reminded of our sadness from last episode… Shin’s death occurred right before Eun-Tak’s eyes as she watched him disappear into ashes. At that moment, lightning appeared which most likely symbolized the calamity of Shin’s death… as well as God erasing everyone’s memories of him. Upon this realization that Shin was slowly disappearing from her memory, Eun-Tak hurriedly rushed to write down her memories of Shin, “His name is Kim Shin. He is tall and has a sad smile. He will come with the rain. He will come with the first snowfall of the season. He’ll keep his promise to me. You have to remember. You’re that man’s bride.” Realize that what Eun-Tak wrote down was more for her to remember their promise/contract they made; it was impossible for her to write down every memory of Shin. Therefore, she had to at least remember to summon him on the first snowfall because she is his bride. Just as I speculated, Shin appeared in a desert of snow (ex. Gobi Desert) which deserts symbolize death but also rebirth/revelation; you could say deserts represent the world between life and death. For Shin’s case, his death made him realize his choice: to continue on living even if it meant him being alone forever as a goblin in that place, despite God truly releasing him of his punishment and being able to rest in peace. However, Shin could not return right away because 1) he was trapped in between the two worlds for he was no longer considered “living” or “dead,” and 2) he could only return once Eun-Tak summoned him as the conditions of the contract and his promise to her. The reason why God could not bring him back is because even God did not have power over the domain where Shin was trapped between in. 

Nine years later, Eun-Tak has achieved her dreams and is the PD of a radio broadcast station; however, it seems that she was not doing well despite the success of the show. It also looked like her so called “family” is back in contact with her… but she seemed to not take any shit from them (you go girl). We learn more about the grown up Eun-Tak as she always looks lost such as staring endlessly into the rain with unexplainable tears and sadness. It was revealed that she doesn’t remember who GR is as they “run” into each other at the restaurant, but she speculated whether he could be the “ahjussi” that she is trying to find. She also doesn’t remember who gave her the necklace despite still wearing it, wondering if it was her mother’s, as well as the reason for the burnt words in her notebook. What was interesting was how Shin and Eun-Tak were thinking the same thing - the poem of loneliness in the desert - and perhaps this shows that both are equally lonely in their own worlds as they try to hold onto their memories to move forwards (walking backwards in order to see the footsteps in front). On the bright side, Eun-Tak has two loyal and trustable friends to share her worries with and to drink with: Sunny and the class rep. But despite the rain and it being a “nice day,” Eun-Tak returned home grieving in pain due to the incomprehensible deep sadness in her heart.  

Shin continued to walk in the desert holding onto the only thing that was keeping him alive: their contract. At the last brink of his energy, the contract was swept away by the wind though he desperately tried to retrieve it back. At the same moment, the first snowfall occurred and Eun-Tak decided to make a wish, “What is it that I’ve forgotten? Or, who is it that I’ve forgotten? What kind of face is the one that I’ve forgotten? What kind of promise did I forget? Why is it that the only thing that remains is this deep-seated sadness? Please, someone save me from this curse that is plaguing me.” OMFG!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I THEORIZED IT – IT WAS SO EPIC! With this wish, Shin was finally summoned and we see that the contract was stuck at a dandelion which symbolizes communication, overcoming challenges, and the fulfillment of wishes

Shin immediately hugged Eun-Tak in overwhelming happiness, while Eun-Tak was overtaken by tears but she didn’t understand why. But this time, it was Eun-Tak asking the questions while all Shin could tell her was that he was the “contractor,” he was happy to see her successful, and that he was summoned. Afterwards, Shin went to visit Deok-Hwa but he didn’t remember Shin; however, Shin’s appearance aroused CEO Kim’s attention as he questioned DH if his uncle’s name is “Kim Shin.” Shin also visited Sunny, but what’s curious to me is how she reacted… Sunny didn’t look confused but rather more shocked? But perhaps she also doesn’t remember Shin too. And lastly, Shin went to visit GR the same way they first met… however when Shin thought no one remembered him… GR, with tears in his eyes, said something that he would know if he retained his memories, “I guess you weren’t scattered by the dust or winds. And you didn’t turn into a radish (nothingness), either.” This scene killed me guys. T.T Bros for life. 

It was clarified as to why only GR’s memories were left in tack: the heaven’s were by his side (just as Shin had told GR back at Grandpa’s grave) and that Samshin told God to spare Yeo’s memories so that someone else will remember Shin and Eun-Tak’s love. However, what shocked me the most was when God said, “Why does it feel like I’ve discovered the door that will re-open that closed-off world? Maybe I didn’t shut that door well enough?” This suggests that God never intended for Shin to die, but it was up to Shin to come up with the answer himself… thus God throws the question “fate” and it’s up to us to find the answer!! It was touching to have the two reunite and how GR was quick to express his enthusiasm for Shin’s return. He also finally apologizes to Shin and asks for his forgiveness after 900 years - of course Shin forgave him. We learn that GR has been avoiding Sunny for 9 years and that it is his punishment of loneliness, as well as, he listens to Eun-Tak’s radio show (how cute!). What was also refreshing was the reunification of the three boys and DH’s very legitimate questions (Why do I call you “uncle” tenant? lol this was too good)… I loved how Shin hid behind the sofa and GR said he likes to drink double-fisting, lmao (guys… I’ll admit it… it was an indirect kiss >.<). But what was even more hilarious was when GR said goodbye to Shin (payback’s a b*tch lol) and Shin walked out the door to Eun-Tak’s room while GR erased poor DH’s memory. However… it’s so touching how GR didn’t move Eun-Tak’s stuff out but covered them with cloth T.T 

Eun-Tak made a mistake and wrote the temperature as 22 degrees… but of course our one and only Goblin came to her rescue by warming up the temperature and blooming flowers in the middle of winter! They continue to bump into each other’s paths… well more like Eun-Tak unknowingly summoning him, lmao. Notice how every time Eun-Tak and Shin meet, she immediately talks about her medicine… she’s literally trying to give an excuse or cover up her true emotions but Shin just breaks down that barrier and she doesn’t understand why. Shin continues to drop hints about how he’s waiting for her to remember him, but he is already happy with being able to see her, hear her, and be with her. But of course… he ruined the moment by not having any money, lmao, and Eun-Tak paid for his drink (gosh… that white fluffy sweater and turtle neck looks so good on him!). And who does Shin turn to for help? GR! And finally, the secret behind Grandpa’s will was finally revealed, indeed Shin appeared before CEO Kim through the rain and with a blue spark and calling himself “Kim Shin.” I AM FUCKIN AMAZED AT HOW LITERAL GRANDPA’S LETTER WAS!! BUT MOSTLY, HOW DID HE KNOW SHIN WAS COMING BACK?! The world may never know. Shin continued to “purposely” bump into Eun-Tak’s path and even helped her to get the contract with his company - shocking Eun-Tak that he was the President of iloom. For once, we see a glimpse of a smile on Eun-Tak’s face as she was waiting for Shin’s call! 

AND FINALLY!!! The mystery of the Canada letter was finally revealed. Shin entrusted the task to GR by giving him an excuse to finally meet Sunny after 9 years. However, despite his admirable determination, he couldn’t personally hand the letter to her. In the end though, they finally met again after he realized that it was the real “Sunny.” But what caught my attention was the look Sunny gave GR… I couldn’t tell if it was a look of confusion or anger? Did Sunny really lose her memories? Anyways, Sunny gave the letter to Eun-Tak and we learn that even Eun-Tak forgot about working at Sunny’s old restaurant. Most of all, the receiver of the letter was to her mother (OMG I KNEW IT… I JUST FELT THAT THE LETTER WAS WRITTEN FOR HER MOTHER ALL ALONG Dx this is so sad… ugh). What’s important to note is the change in Eun-Tak’s voice: her younger self was filled with positivity, determination, cheerfulness, and liveliness though she was living a hard life… but now her voice is quiet, empty, sad, and dead despite having achieved success. The difference is Shin… she doesn’t remember him and that she is his bride. And what better timing than for Shin to finally call her… and then she fuckin summons him xD (gosh… grown up Eun-Tak just loves to blow out candles without a second thought compared to when she was younger lol). Shin asked her if she was waiting for him and we see Eun-Tak giggle in happiness that he finally called her (how precious). AND OMG!! Shin asked her out on a date and she said YES!! AHH MY BABIES T.T Notice how ever since Shin returned, Eun-Tak has not cried in pain as often and is smiling more… it’s as if Shin has breathed life into her

What’s touching is that Eun-Tak has the perfume that he gave to her and compliments her; this made Eun-Tak a little jealous and Shin immediately eased her worries, “You’re the only woman who knows my phone number, though.” But what broke both mine and Shin’s heart was when Eun-Tak took her pills for depression, “A medication that cures an ailment of the heart?” However, note how this is the first time Eun-Tak was genuinely honest with Shin and Shin accepts her for who she is no matter how different she is from her younger self. We learn that she is taking vacation to go to Canada and this shows how she is taking a step forward to regain her lost memories; it was nice how Sunny was very supportive of her. Most importantly, they were eating mandarin oranges which symbolize wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Since both of them are eating this fruit, this may foreshadow that happiness is within their reach. Also, Sunny told Eun-Tak that she has “sick building syndrome” and I think it’s because this place has fond memories for her such as when 1) she and GR first kissed and 2) GR waiting for her outside her home. I kinda think Sunny’s memories were not erased, but I may be looking into it too deep. 

Eun-Tak is so gorgeous! She finally arrived in Canada and asks for help about the letter. We learn that the letter was caught inside the mail chute and Eun-Tak was shocked to find out it was from 10 years ago. The most shocking thing was when Eun-Tak started quoting herself, but she doesn’t remember that those were her own words, “Someone once told me that there’s a reason for everything God does… Hmm, I wonder who told me that?” Notice how Eun-Tak didn’t get “overly” excited upon seeing the grandeur of the hotel room… if it was her younger self… she would have been jumping all over that bed in excitement. While Eun-Tak is trying to discover her missing past, both GR and Sunny are gloomily looking out into the night sky… perhaps they are both thinking of each other? And last but not least, Eun-Tak noticed the red door that she once travelled through to Canada and who pops out at the right time? Shin! I just realized this, but everything that has connected Shin and Eun-Tak together is red! The red scarf, the red door, and the red Maple leaf. The symbolism of red with these objects represent fated love. And look how this red door leads to what will happen next… Eun-Tak and Shin having dinner! The very future that Shin saw 9 years ago!!! :O

So in conclusion, I still have hope that this will have a happy ending! Why? Despite the previews were really sad… those only make up 20% of the entire 3 hours of the finale. Also, episode 14 served to tie up loose ends and primarily lay a very strong foundation of overcoming challenges, as well as, the concept of fated love. I believe in the finale episode, the biggest challenges for our two couples will finally be introduced and will ultimately decide the ending of this drama. I personally think Sunny did not forget about GR, Shin, and Eun-Tak… if it didn’t work the first time… why would it work the second time either? If anything… I don’t think Sunny has forgotten about GR and she will finally call out to him after seeing him appear before her like that. Not only that, I also think Eun-Tak’s radio project of finding the faces and memories that you’ve forgotten will be used in the next episode to bring Sunny and GR together (Sunny will tell about their story to reach out to GR); this may also happen for Shin and Eun-Tak, but I think this project will be used somehow since it was importantly discussed in this episode. As for Eun-Tak, she will remember Shin and it might be due to the Maple leaf because it’s the first object that represents their “fated love” besides her red scarf (which I think will also make an appearance). AND THAT WILL LEAD UP TO HER AND SHIN’S SEXY KISS (or even more :O)?!! OML!! I don’t want to raise my expectations in case I’m disappointed lmao. 

But… what I’m questioning the most (and dreading of) is if someone will die?? Idk… at the moment… it’s pointing towards Sunny with her monologue, “I hope that, in our next lifetime, our wait will be short, and our time together will be long.” After all, Samshin did say they will have to pay a huge price! … but Shin was crying and Eun-Tak let go of Shin’s hand… NOOOOO IT BETTER NOT BE ANY OF THEM AND THAT IT WAS JUST A FLUKE! Dx PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO US!!! Perhaps… the only way to save Eun-Tak and Sunny is for GR and Shin to give up their immortal life?? IDK!! Why would they only show sad scenes in the preview??? So I’m thinking there’s more to it than meets the eye. When God said that he didn’t close the door well… perhaps he means they will get a chance for a happy ending?! I’m just honestly trying to make any sense for a happy ending… AND THE MANDARINS!! PLEASE JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY!! 

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Important Anon Question regarding Pedophilia

anonymous asked:

Hi darling ~ Can I request one shot with Jimin. His GF broke up with him telling him she hate him. Later Rapmon tell him the truth that his GF only broke up with him because of their manger. Something as cute as you ~

So not very cute at all then XD Jk this is really cute omg ♥ Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy ^^

“What do you mean?!” Jimin shouted. Whist his words were loud he was obviously more hurt, tears building in his eyes. You tried to fend yours off, keeping to this as best you could.
“I mean… I mean I hate you! I mean I can’t do this anymore! I mean I’m fucking sick of this!” You screamed, your voice wobbling just a little bit. Your breath was unsteady and you had to hold your hands together behind your back to hide the fact you were shaking. You stalked towards the door, exhaling softly. “I’m done.” You opened the door, ready to leave, when Jimin grabbed your wrist. “Let go.” You said through gritted teeth, not looking at him. The tears were building up and you couldn’t bear to break down in front of him.
“Fine. But tell me what brought this on.” His voice was as shaky as yours felt, and you could tell he was crying already.
“I told you! I hate you!” You shook your wrist free and blindly ran to your car as the first tears fell, warm on your cheeks. You got into your car, sitting and letting the tears fall for a little before wiping them away and turning the key. You set off for the BigHit building.

“Why did I have to do that?” You asked BTS’ manager, tears still falling.
“I have already told you!” You remembered earlier saying the exact same to Jimin, and how upset he’d sounded. You sighed, wiping them away with your sleeve. “He’s too young to be dating. BTS haven’t been active for very long. I just think it’s a bit early.” He finished, showing little sympathy. You glared at him as he opened the door, gesturing for you to leave. “Look, I’m sorry Y/N but it’s best for Jimin. I’m busy. Please leave.” He said softly as you left. The tears were still falling silently as you made your way to the BTS dorm, and you felt as if your heart had literally broken.

“Why did I have to do that?” You cried, Namjoon nodding his head silently as you told him everything.
“Jimin is going to be a wreck tomorrow in practice…” Namjoon mumbled after hearing everything. You brushed your hair from your eyes in frustration.
“Yeah? WHAT ABOUT ME? I didn’t want to have to do that.” You sighed, looking out the window. You gasped, seeing Jimin trudging up to the dorm with his head down and his hands in his pockets. “Shit…” you breathed, running for Jimin’s room.
“Don’t you think you should face him about this?” Namjoon yelled after you. You stopped halfway down the hall.
“Tell him or don’t tell him. I’m not facing him right now.” You said quietly, running he rest of the way and slamming the door behind you. You collapsed onto Jimin’s bed, tears rolling down your face again and staining his pillow with tears. You sniffed and stood up again, walking to the door and pressing your ear to it. You couldn’t hear anything and so decided to open it a crack, listening to Namjoon and Jimin. The rest of the boys were elsewhere, so it was pretty easy to hear. You heard crying, and only then did you realise that Jimin was hurting just as much, if not more, than you. Whilst you had tried to hold your tears back, Jimin was audibly crying loudly. You choked slightly on your tears, your heart still in pieces.
“She said she hated me, hyung. I mean, was I so blind that I couldn’t see how unhappy she was?” Jimin’s voice was desperate and shaky as he spoke.
“She said that?” Namjoon sighed.
“I am so stupid. I wanted her to be happy.” He paused and sniffled, choking on his words and still crying loudly. “Can I not even make my girlfriend happy!?” He yelled, sounding angry and frustrated. “Why?! Why am I so stupid?!” He started screaming, blaming himself. You felt guilty, upset, angry - you wanted to go back to his manager and scream, scratch, hit - your thoughts were filled with crazy thigs you knew you would never do.
“Jimin, calm down,” Namjoon soothed in a soft voice. “She doesn’t hate you.” He sounded assuring, but Jimin couldn’t believe him, screaming out in frustration. He still blamed himself, and you felt guiltier than ever.
“She wouldn’t say she hated me if she didn’t hate me!” He half shouted, half sobbed. You walked completely out of his room, walking into the doorway but making sure you were unseen.
“She doesn’t. She’s hurting as much as you are right now.” Namjoon continued, as calm as ever. He sat back in his seat with a sigh.
“I doubt that’s even possible.”
“The manager hyung told her to do that.” Jimin’s eyes went wide, his tear stained face growing contorted as he frowned at the leader.
“What?” He growled, sounding extremely angry. You wiped tears away from your red face and entered the room.
“I don’t hate you, you dumbass,” you sobbed, tears forming for what seemed like the millionth time that day as Jimin looked up at you, shocked. “I don’t care if your manager says it’s too early for you to have a girlfriend. I don’t care, Jimin. Because I love you.” You said quietly, taking a seat next to him. Jimin took your hand in his shaky ones, searching your face in desperation.
“No… my manager hyung wouldn’t do that.” He said, looking over at Namjoon. Namjoon nodded, looking solemn. “The bastard! I thought you actually hated me…” Jimin’s tears were pouring out again, silently this time.
“I could never hate you,” you whispered, rubbing small circles on his hands with your thumbs. “You were making me happy. I am happier with you than any other time. Jimin… I really love you.” You said sincerely, leaning forward and pressing a small but sweet kiss on his lips. As you pulled away, his hand grabbed your cheek and he pulled you back in, his lips crashing against yours again. You melted into the kiss, rough at first but softening as your lips moved against his. Namjoon stood up and quietly walked out, smiling a little. You pulled away, tears still rolling down your face.
“Then we haven’t broken up?” He asked hopefully, his thumb now rubbing circles on your cheek and wiping the tears away. You smiled slightly, sniffing and rubbing his leg with your hand.
“Of course not!” He pecked your lips again, smiling softly with you.
“We need to speak to my manager. Now.” He grabbed your hand, lacing his fingers with yours. You both stood up and he pulled you close, wrapping his arm around your waist amd kissing the side of your head. “Oh… and Y/N?”
“Yeah?” He looked down at you with a huge eye smile.
“I love you too.”

Right this was cute but terrible I’m sorry XD I said tears way too much omfg -_- I tried but I have never actually had a relationship… sad reality XD Hope you liked anyway! ♥

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-Admin Belle

EXO: A Summary
  • XIUMIN: abs. omfg his motherfucking abs good god. have u seen them so fucking gorgeous i literally cant. also his smile. acc his whole entire face. ACC HIS WHOLE ENTIRE EXISTENCE JUST SLAYS ME IM DONE HES SO HOT IM TRASH BYE
  • LUHAN: no please dont im gonna start crying (but the most beautiful piece of shit ever omfg just. i hate him)
  • KRIS: NO NOPE NO gonna start crying even more (my galaxy king why)
  • SUHO: the leader and hes like really rich i guess. tbh im still tearing up over kris and luhan
  • LAY: dimple. fucking perf. angel. ummm yea. unicorn. ok basically hes lowkey perfect and it makes u wanna punch him. moving on.
  • BAEKHYUN: ok this little shit. where tf do i even start. hes that frat boy that knows hes fucking sexy and funny and perfect AND RUBS IT IN UR FACE IM DONE FIGHT ME BACON
  • CHEN: ok he would be frat boy #2 except hes so fucking sweet and kind. even tho hes cute af and funny and CAN SING LIKE A FUCKING ANGEL hes just still such a genuinely nice person. i cant. fight me too.
  • CHANYEOL: ok.... u know what.... i cant. his smile is like literally happiness and he fucking knows it and he FUCKING KNOWS HOW HOT HE IS and hes practically frat boy #2 except hes a sneaky little shit who knows how to be just sweet enough to make him seem like a good boy. no. hes fucking not. ive got u figured out yoda ears.
  • D.O.: omg.... so basically he really did creep me out in the beginning with his big ass eyes and his blank expressions XD but lol he chill and he knows how to keep the frat boys in the group in check and im grateful for tht <3 also hes acc a good actor like damn satan where u been hiding
  • TAO: THIS BITVH OMFG WHERE DO I START. i love him so much. and i hate him so much too. omg. so hes a panda. he can like kick ur ass and be all sexy af and all but then HE WILL DO A TRIPLE FUCKING BACK FLIP KICK SHIT AND MAKE UR HEART FUCKING POUND LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS BECAUSE HES FANGIRLING OVER A STUFFED ANIMAL LIKE EXCUSE ME?!?!?!! WHO GAVE U PERMISSION!?!!?!?! and lets please for the sake of my sanity not delve into more detail bc just no. although it should be noted that he cant be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels reach heights beyond this world and just i cant deal with it and i want to fucking fight him so hard.
  • KAI: ahhh kai someone normal to talk about. well kinda. hes got that whole jekyll and hyde thing going on. because when hes performing and shit (dance beast btw) hes like the sexist piece of shit ever like omfg his face everything is just sex. like im sorry but its true. BUT THEN when he gets off stage hes this cute little piece of shit like ???? BITCH WHAT ????? NO U WERE JUST MAKING ME FEEL ALL TYPES OF WAYS AND NOW U ACTING LIKE THE VIRGIN MARY ALL PURE AND SHIT LIKE U DIDNT JUST DO THE STRIPPER DANCE OF UR LIFE. bitch.
  • SEHUN: oh good god. i just. where do i even start omg. um hes rude, hes cocky. but hes fucking gorgeous and HE FUCKING KNOWS IT. im srsly so done with the frat boys in this group knowing how fucking hot they are and basking in it LIKE PLZ BE LIKE CHEN. PLZ STOP THRUSTING UR DICK IN MY MOUTH LIKE U KNOW IM GONNA SUCK IT. (bc i would omg i hate myself) he also cannot be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels also reach extraterrestrial heights. but not as high as Tao's bc Tao is so shameless about himself. but back to sehun. check out his butt, its hot.
  • ~{wow this turned out so long im sorry}~

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hey beauty, your writing is fucking amazing omfg i cant. I was wondering if you could do something along the lines of One of the boys (preferably Mikey or Ash but idc) being like really really dominant and it's like too much for you to handle and you get overwhelmed and have to use a safe word and start to freak out?

OMg KK bro

so lets do ashton and let’s imagine that you’ve been dating for ages and you’ve always been really open and both always getting into heaps of kinks, like, it would’ve started one night when you were like just hanging out together and you would’ve been sitting on his lap and with your hands through his hair making out with him. And he would have both his hands on your hips and normally you would’ve gotten really quickly into the heated stuff and be taking off each others clothes, but this day it was slow travelling. And because you’d just been casually making out for so long, Ashton would sort of have forgotten like where he really was and he would’ve completely just gotten lost in the kiss. So then when it did actually get a little bit faster paced, he would subconsciously like dig his fingers into your skin and be like pulling your pelvis into his and you’d think, okay, so he’s being a little bit more aggressive than usual, you can handle that, that’s okay.

But then he’d start mumbling all this crap, with his eyes still closed and still kissing you and now one hand would be snuck around and really squeezing your ass, like, ‘oh baby, you’re such a naughty girl,’ and then you’d like back away in shock because he would’ve never said anything like that before so you’d like full on blush and he’d kinda snap out of his trance and be like, ‘what the fuck did i just say?’ and then you’d both freeze for a second and then you’d bite your lip and laugh and ashton’s face would be bright red and you’d feel bad because he was embarrassed so you’d just quickly cover up like, 'you haven’t even begun to see me be a naughty girl,’ and he’d like inhale really deeply and he’d still be kind of unsure like does this mean you’re all for it or what, and you’d say something else so he would get the hint you’re keen and you’d like whisper in his ear, 'but maybe you should punish me so that I’m not bad again.’

And after that he was just fucking you senseless and holy crap, you had no idea that boy had such a mouth on him. And then after that night, you two had just changed from being the cute little sensual sex couple and all the time you would have to be trying out new scenarios. Like, you would do the teacher/student thing and boss/employee and masseuse/client and omf idk like you’d just both get so heavily into the roles and it would be amazing, and then after each time he would have to be really really lovely to remind you that he loved you. Like, he’d always cuddle you from behind and kiss your head and be super cute like, 'you’re so beautiful, baby, I’m so lucky to have you,’ and all that 

So, like, all this time you kind of knew in the back of your head that eventually ash would want to do like bondage or something along the lines of that, and it’s not that you didn’t want to do it, but you were worried you might accidentally freak out bc there was something about being restrained or in confined areas or anything like that that always made you panic. That’s just the person that you were. 

So then one night, you would’ve already pre-decided that you were gonna do the whole cop thing, and Ashton would walk in the room and be like, 'Stick em up,’ and you’d giggle kind of because he actually looked adorable wearing a fake police outfit and holding a fake gun and he’d yell back super angry like, 'don’t fucking laugh at me, sweet heart, do you know who I am?’ and you’d be like oh shit and he’d walk over and sit on the bed and omg he’d force you to strip in front of him and you being the teasing girl you are kind of made it into a strip show/lap dance thing and he literally would’ve gotten so entranced by it, he would’ve just shoved his hand down his pants and just been like pumping himself while he watching you prance around him and like bend over in front of him in your underwear. And like all of a sudden out of bloody nowhere, he’d switch back into action and start booming his voice like, ‘bend over my legs, now,’ and you’d be blinking your eyelashes and like, 'yes, sir,’ and omG HE’D SPANK the SHIT OUT OF YOU, and then he’d run his fingers over your pussy through your panties while you were still laying out on his lap AND YOU’D BE S O WET LIKEM OMOGMJJREU…..

And idk he’d be a dickhead officer and get all patronising and like, ‘damn, love, you’re so wet, aren’t you? you make me wanna have a taste,’ and he’d pull your panties off and bring his tongue to your clit, but then he’d be like, ‘hmm, I don’t think you deserve this, considering you’re breaking the law with all this indecent exposure,’ and wtffffffffffff you’d be so annoyed and you’d be begging like, 'please, please, please, touch me, ash,’ and he’d be spitting like, 'excuse me? You don’t address me with my first name, get on the fucking bed.’

omg So then he’d whip out his hand cuffs and like tack you to the bed head and you’d be a little concerned and considering saying something because you didn’t really like the idea of being attached and not able to move, but you’d think like, nah it’s okay you can handle it, you’ll be fine. And you’d go along with it, and then ashton would move to get on the other side of you or something but he’d brush his hand over your centre *purposely or accidental; we will never know* and you would DIE AND WHIMPER SO LOUD, and then he’d laugh deeply and be like, 'maybe we need something to shut you up,’ and he’d grab some masking tape and at this point you were so close to speaking up and being like, ‘ashton I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this,’ but then you’d quickly think it over and be like, no no it’s okay, ashton will look after me, it’s okay because he’s here with me. So there you are with your hands cuffed up above your head and masking tape covering your mouth 

And then Ashton sees that you’re so horny and you’re like trying to rub yourself on the bed to get any friction and he loves that you’re squirming so much so he puts his hand on your thigh momentarily and all calm like, 'I’m think I’m just gonna go get something to eat, I’ll be back in a sec,’ AND HE GOES OUT THE ROOM AND THEN SHIT GETS REAL. LIKE, YOU’RE LIKE, HOLY FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK. AND YOU START FREAKING OUT AND normally you’re okay with being completely vulnerable but only when ashton is there because you know he will take care of you and you just felt so like restricted and it was too scary without him there and you’d be freaking out and it was like double as difficult to breathe because you could only get air in and out your nostrils and by the time he came back you’d have tears running down your face and your chest would be rising and falling rapidly and you’d look like a mess 

and as soon as he saw you, he would know immediately that you were not okay and this was not part of the act and he’d rush over and tear off the tape and be saying shit really quickly like, 'fuck, fuck, baby, i’m so sorry, shit, I didn’t mean to make you upset, are you hurt? or are you just scared? fuck, I swear I didn’t intend for this,’ and he’d get you out the cuffs and you’d instantly just wrap your arms around him and turn into a blubbering mess and he’d hold you close and be like, 'i’m so fucking sorry, [y/n], I shouldn’t have tied you up, I’m sorry, and God, I’m so sorry for leaving you, baby, please, I’m so fucking stupid.’

And it would be a while until you calmed down and you’d just have to explain and be like, 'it’s not your fault, I just, I don’t know, I freak out when I’m like confined or restrained at all,’ and he’d be all hushed like, 'honey, why didn’t you say something earlier then?’ and you’d just shrug and be completely honest like, 'I was going fine until you left.' 

Poor ash would feel terrible and then you’d just cuddle for the rest of the night and he’d probably run a shower or a bath and you’d have some romantic lovey dovey sex instead for the night and he’d promise never to tie you up or leave you again and he’d make you promise that you would speak up whenever you’re even the slightest uncomfortable :) 

Okay ladies, here comes my little story:

I had the early entry passes so my line was in the door where the buses come. The day of the concert, the bus with the band and the dances arrived and we run like crazy to see them. Like you see in some pics, there was a fence so we couldn’t get very close. Anyway, They started getting off the bus and I was literally shaking, I don’t know how I didn’t pass out. People here only know Bibi, Ashley and Kimmie, so I was the only one shouting the rest of the dancers name. Everyone was so nice. Then I saw a pair of Jordans and I swear my heart stopped. It was Lau and, since I could tell the apart perfectly, (and I was the only one that really know them) I shouted his name and he turned around and stuck his tongue out and was all the cute he is. How I didn’t die? I still don’t know! Then I saw Larry and I called out his name too but he didn’t look in our direction, then my sister shouted his name even louder than me and he stopped and looked to us like, what the fuck? Lmao, smh.
I swear yall, I couldn’t believe it, my sister and my friend had to calm me down.

In the show, I was in front row so when they get off the B stage after dancing with that horrible orange suits, they passed in front on me. Lau was walking so fast trying to get off the suit. I called Larry and he kept going so I said “Larry, please” and then he looked up at me, smiled and touching my hand said “Hey..” I freaked out completely, like, I could not control myself, I just touched Larry Bourgeois! And his hand is so hard and soft at the same time, damn. I only could said: omg omg omg OMFG! And my sister was telling me, girl you made it! He said hi to you! And I was likes, yes yes he did, he did, right? I thought, okay Zule that’s all you are going to get, they have to go as soon as the show is over because they have to travel but when the show was over I thought, this is my only chance and I went to the buses area to wait for them. There was only two girls there waiting and I asked here is they have came out and they said no. So I sat in the ground to wait and when I look up, there was Larry coming out the Arena!! I called him, and he look at me, I said again Larry please come here! And he was carrying his bags so he hesitated for a moment and acted like a child, then he motioned me to wait a minute and went to his bus to leave there everything. I was getting more anxious and when he came back he started to get closer to the fence and I couldn’t think straight, really, all the things you have thought you will tell them when you meet them, disappear from your mind. I only said the dumbest thing:  Lahree! I’m your biggest fan here, I’ve been your fan for so many years and he opened his  eyes  in surprise and said, really? And I’m like yeah, I know you and he said: I know, you called me Larry. (I died on the inside and came back to life girls, I thought, he knows I know him well!). People saw them there and started asking him for pics  and he said: Hey, how are you guys? I can’t take anything because we are already gone… so If you turn around we can’t take a pic. He took a pic with someone and then I said, larry with me and he said okay come, so my sister took it and I said thank you but nothing more because people kept calling him for pics. Then I saw Laurent, he was dancing with some man from the crew and I called him. Larry heard me and turned around to see him. Laurent was dancing and leaning back to the song “My nigga” so Larry said yeeeeah my nigga, my nigga! I thought he wasn’t goint to come over so I told Larry, Larry can you tell your bother to come over please? Lmao Lau came and I’m like Hi Lau, and larry said to him, she is a fan and Lau said, yes? I’m all like yes yes I am, and he told me, so what do you want? I can’t do nothing with this, I feel like I’m in jail. (that fucking fence tho…) And I said, yeah, I really want I hug but we can’t… can you take a pic with me please? He said sure, but someone call him and look in other direction so i said gain, Laurent (in French) and he looked at me and said: aaaaaw and made a fucking cute sweeet pout face!
He covered his face with his neckwarmer and my sister took it again and next to me was a girl who said to him I’m going to your workshop, and he said? Where? And she said here in summer,  I’m going because you like Michael Jackson and Lau said: I don’t like Michael Jackson, I don’t, I don’t dance like him, I don’t like him, but he is a brother of all of us. I asked him:
but is that official? And he said: Yes it is. Well, unless my schedule don’t change or whatever…you know. Acting reaally cute with his hand in his pocket like:

So I said: I’d love to go to the workshop but I’m from the south, you should come to the south! And he look at me and said: “the south? So the hood is in the south!” He said that like singing and moving left to right and laughed and said: yeaah exactly the hood is in the south baby! Lmaoo and he laughed and said that he got to go because tomorrow they have things to do, that they have something going on that he couldn’t tell so we touched hands and I said thank you and that I love him and he went back, then he turned around and tell us, see you in the workshop! And he went to dance with a woman from the crew and eat something. So I looked up to Larry, who was turned and letting someone touch his hair because they asked him, and called him to say thank you again and that I love him too, we touched hands he said thank you and said thank you to everybody to came over and that we will see them another time.

Sooo that’s all. It’s not so much but I’m still hyped, they are so cute, tall and fucking flawless, their skin is absolutely perfect. And after two days waiting in the line, with no sleep (all was completely worth it), here are the pics:

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“Please don’t eat me…” The exceptionally fluffy sheep turned quivering amber eyes towards her, and that’s when Umi knew.

Yes, it was the frost season. Yes, she was hungry. Yes, she was a glorious and dignified wolf, famous throughout the land, a legend, really, who was known never to fail in her hunts. 

But this sheep was way too cute to eat.

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So I have this hella cute Percy Jackson headcanon

The seven had fought giants, some, titans, and countless monsters. They’d gone through countless tough ordeals and only gotten out with a few (a lot) scratches. But low and behold, the day finally came when there was a challenge only one of them could face with confidence: kids. 

Hazel, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Leo and Frank stood on the deck of the Argo II, completely dumbfounded at the 5 year old child sitting on the ground surrounded by legos, crying.

When Leo first saw her, he practically blew a fuse. Turning to face the others, he whispered, "What is she doing here!?“ 

"Uhm,” was the intelligent reply he received from Jason. 

Annabeth looked at the girl, as if analyzing her and trying to figure out what was wrong. “She’s obviously lost, she wouldn’t be here otherwise. I’m guessing by the legos, she failed to make a tower or something.”

Hazel sighed. “That’s fine and all, but how do we get her to, um, stop crying? Or get off the ship?”

Frank looked around at the others, and asked, “Is anyone here good with kids?”

A light bulb seemed to go off in Annabeth’s head. “Oh! I know what to do!”

Piper frowned. “Since when have you been good with kids?”

“I’m not,” Annabeth replied, grinning. “Percy! Hey, seaweed brain! Come over here!”

“What are you-” Jason started, only to be cut off by Annabeth, who looked extremely pleased with herself.

“Just wait and see.”

Percy ran up onto the deck, riptide out in pen form, looking worried. “Wh-what’s going on!? Who’s hurt?”

“Nothing’s hurt except for my pride,” Leo muttered darkly. He liked being able to solve things, even if it was crying babies, but this was just something he couldn’t handle. Even Festus had been more comfortable to work with than the child.

“We need your help,” Piper pleaded, catching onto Annabeth’s idea. “That girl won’t stop crying.”

Percy frowned. “That’s the problem? She so small, look at her,” He cooed, his frown turning into a grin at the sight of the girl.

He slowly walked towards the little girl, and knelt down to her height. 

“Hello, my name’s Percy. What’s your name?”

The girl sniffled, looking up at him, her chocolate brown eyes filled with tears. 

“Me-melanie,” she hiccuped.

Percy smiled gently. “Well Melanie, what’s wrong? Why are you sad?”

“M-my legos… They w-won’t stay! They keep falling,” she replied, fresh tears slipping down her cheeks.

Percy tilted his head, looking at the legos. “What do you say we try again, Melanie? I’ll help you build a nice castle! You could be the princess… Or the prince, or maybe even the dragon,” he added thoughtfully.

Melanie giggled through her tears. “Really? You’d help me?”

“Of course, I would, my fair lady,” Percy replied, grinning. “When shall we start?”

Melanie laughed for real this time. “Now!" 

And there the 6 older demigods stood, mouths agape at Percy’s skill with children. They’d expected him plus little crying kids to be a recipe for disaster, but he’d handled her so well, with maturity they didn’t even know he possessed. Percy would definitely be a great father.

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