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Imagine Chari losing his hand in order to get the bracelet and Nina would rage. But then Rita revives Charis hand just like she did with Rocky and it would become something like Ninas pet 😂 :'D Rocky and Charis hand play together, become best friends. And next time Nina meets Chari she would be like hey I took good care of your hand let me introduce to *insert funny name* he's like a pet! *hands waves & Chari would surely lose it*(Bonus: Nina cries from missing him and his hand wipes her tears)

OMG THAT’S SO CUTE!!! Rocky needs a friend!!! tbh I hc Kaisar as being Chari’s best only friend so it’s only fitting if their hands become friends too lol. Chris is going to have an aneurysm over that but he’ll get used to it. Nina and him call it Charioce XVIII as a joke but it ends up sticking. 

AND YES TO THAT LAST PART!!! It’s going to follow Nina around everYWHERE and every time she’s sad or hurt it’s going to comfort her in Chari’s place. 

OR CAN YOU IMAGINE if Chari had to leave for a while or something and he just says something like – 

“Watch over Nina for me while I’m gone, alright?”

 And Charioce xviii is just like 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 

I would die. 


kaneki + touka: then & now

ahah ahah