so cute i wanna pinch their cheeks

Straight ahead till morning light (Jason ToddxReader)

Note: Yeah, I don’t really know how to summarize this one lol. Oh well.





“You’re finally up. You’ve slept longer than usual, Jay.” (y/n) closes the book that she was reading, placing it down on the side table next to the couch.

“What time is it?”

“Ten in the morning,” She says, staring at the bright screen of her phone before shutting it off and placing it back on top of the side table.

“Last I remember, I just took a short nap. You weren’t-wait, when did you get here?”

“Bombarding me with questions the moment you wake up? Really Jason…” (y/n) chuckles lightly, playfully pinching his nose. “I came back from work hours ago and saw you dozing off on the couch, you looked like you were going to fall so…”

“You should’ve woke me up.” A yawn escapes him again, as he stretches his arms.

“Didn’t want to. You looked so peaceful.” She smiles down at Jason, running a hand through his unkempt hair.

“That’s so sweet of you, (y/n)!” Jason mocks the other in a high-pitched tone.

“We both know that I’m the man in this relationship,” She rolls her eyes, Jason only scoffs at her sarcasm.


“Jason, I need to tell you something…”

“What is it…?” Jason looks up, realizing how uncomfortable (y/n) looked. He furrowed his brows, noticing the tension in the air.

“I really love you,”


“But my legs feel really numb. Get off.” (y/n) noticed the dumbfounded look on his face and chuckled. The look of realization from Jason was clear as the day as he hurried to sit up from the couch.

“Sorry! I was too comfortable to realize.”

“My, my, have I finally reached the qualifications as your pillow?” She smirks at him, stretching her legs to get rid of the numbing pain. “I’m so happy!”

“I’d rather have you than a pillow any day.”

“That’s a horrible pick-up line.” (y/n) clicks her tongue at him. Jason suddenly gets caught off guard as she lays her head on his lap. “This day has been rather unproductive so far…” She sighs, her eyes looking straight up at the white ceiling of the room.

“Wanna go out somewhere?”

“It’s too hot outside. I might die from the heat.”

“You’re exaggerated as always.”

“We can always visit your-”


“I haven’t even said anything though.”

“The answer is no before you even say it. I don’t wanna waste away in that manor.”

“How dramatic of you.”

“I learn from the best,” (y/n) chuckles, reaching up to pinch his cheeks. Jason doesn’t stop her as he reaches for her phone on the table. Clicking the home button, the screen lights up and Jason furrows his brows at the lock screen.

“You were so cute, I couldn’t resist taking a photo or two.” (y/n) laughs and watches as his face flushes red. She takes her phone from Jason, looking at the picture that she took of him sleeping awhile ago.

“If you show this to anyone…”

“I won’t.”

“(y/n), I swear to you-”

“Hey, Jason?”

“What-” Jason is caught off guard yet again as (y/n) reaches behind his neck, pulling him down for a kiss. His eyes shut close as he reciprocates the kiss, the way her lips felt against his was enough to distract him from the stolen picture. Although slightly chapped, her lips were really soft. They both pull away for a breath of air. (y/n) looks up at him with a content look on her face.

“I love you, I really do.”


“So let’s visit the others.”



“So…why the sudden visit?” Dick asks, biting into the apple that he rummaged from the fridge.

“You tell me, (y/n) kept on insisting to see you guys.” Jason runs a hand through his hair, observing (y/n) chatting away with Tim.

“She must’ve gotten bored of you.” Dick suddenly says nonchalantly.


“Catch!” On reflex, Jason swiftly catches whatever Dick decided to throw his way.

“An apple…? Really?” Raising a brow, Jason glances at the other in confusion.

“Well, Alfred isn’t here so that’s all you’re gonna get.“ Dick shrugs his shoulders, taking a seat next to the other.

“How nice of you.” Jason sarcastically replies, rubbing the apple on his shirt before taking a bite.

“On another note, what’s up?”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, you know, you’ve had this goofy-ass grin on your face when the two of you arrived.” Dick chuckles at the other. “Just curious.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” A small smirk formed on Jason’s lips, as he takes another bite from the apple.

“On second thought…never mind…”

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quick! rant about baek!!


Kid! Chanbaek feat Chanyeol’s ferret.
*cuteness overloaded*

Image credit: to the owner:)


ʜᴇʏ, ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴏᴋ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴛɪᴍᴇ? ɪᴛ’s ᴛɪᴍᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴏᴜʀ ᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴏᴜs sᴇᴜɴɢᴋᴡᴀɴ ᴛᴏ sʜɪɴᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʜɪs ᴘʀᴇᴅᴇʙᴜᴛ ᴘɪᴄᴛᴜʀᴇs!

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Tbh I love Bakugou! He looks really cute when he's not scrunching his face

he does!! he’s actually a rather handsome lil’ fella when he’s not being an angry rage machine

tho personally i also find him adorable when he’s angry too, haha

like here, when he’s less “I’M GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU AND DANCE ON YOUR FUCKING GRAVE YOU FUCKMUNCH PIECE OF SHIT” angry, and more of a “stubborn little kid throwing a temper tantrum” angry, haha

it makes me wanna pinch his cheeks and go “awwwww”

(tbh, panels like this are the reasons why i love Bakugou so much, b/c they present him in a less harsh light, haha. he is just a kid, after all. a really angry, stubborn kid, haha)


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Are there certain things that you like about each member of vixx????? Personality and/or physical traits

Ooo, this is an interesting question! There are a lot of things I like about each of them, but I’ll narrow it down, hmm…

Hakyeon: My absolute favourite thing about Hakyeon physically is the constellation of moles on/around his ear! I also love the sound of his laugh. I love that the longer he’s laughing, the higher pitched it gets. It’s so so cute(*’∀’人)♥

Taekwoon: I don’t know if there’s one thing specifically, his whole personality is attractive to me (don’t @ me, thanks)… I love when he full on smiles because his teeth are cute?? Also his fluffy cheeks, I really wanna pinch them

Jaehwan: When he gets embarrassed at himself and does that shy smile/giggle, ahh ~ He’s also got really pretty hands, I cry

Wonshik: When he giggles and his whole face scrunches up!! I wanna d*e. Also that puffed out cheeks face he pulls when he’s thinking 

Hongbin: That little thing he does where he kinda shakes his hair (?) is so endearing. Throwing himself everywhere and clapping like a seal when he laughs? Good concept, I love. O.O face? Another great concept, I also love. Nose scrunch? I love. o3o face? I love. Curly hair? I love. Shark teeth? I love. Soft chin? I love. 

Hyuk: A better question is what don’t I like about Hyuk? I love the little noises/songs he does like ‘hoit hoit’ and ‘bum ba bum ba bum’. Also his voice in general? It’s such an aurally pleasing sound. And of course, his boopable nose, ahh. Also that thing he mostly does in v-lives where he just blinks at the camera, for some reason it’s ridiculously cute?? “leo, leo. no? okay” I really admire how smart he is too (I’ll shut up now ajkhlg)


Tattoo Artist!Hoseok

And now it is time for our hope, our angel, a real life puppy who is so fucking pretty like I need a solid minute to talk about it, he’s stunning, he’s got those beautiful eyes and that bright ass smile that you just gotta smile along with and those cute lil cheeks you just wanna pinch even his forehead is nice like just process that, a forehead is nicE how does he make that a thing idek, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • So for this series, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin and Jungkook’s parts have all been done so I’ll just be finishing the series off with the remaining hyung line and Tae, I did Jin’s post yesterday so now we’re onto hobi
  • This is gonna feature father!hobi (all of the father related posts are here) bc I don’t feel like I’ve done father!hobi enough for my taste so for everyone that hasn’t read the post, he’s got three children, two sons and a daughter (the daughter is the youngest)
  • I’ll be doing the visuals first bc I love visuals they’re so aesthetic to me like it’s just so nice to think about that shit
  • I gotta do the brownish reddish hair with the forehead!hobi I just gotta it’s probably my favorite look on him it was in one of the Ceci photoshoots (I think it was for their 20th anniversary or something like that) and it was such a good look oh my god wow
  • I love it when he has messy hair like messy hair on pretty much anyone is almost always my favorite but hobi makes it look s o fucking good sign me the fuck uP 
  • Onto the tattoos bc he’s definitely got a few, he’s got a half sleeve on his right arm that is slowly but surely going higher and higher up his arm as time goes by but he’s obviously pretty busy running his own tattoo shop so he doesn’t have much time to chill out and get a tattoo done
  • He’s got a lil eyebrow piercing and some on his ears
  • He’s got a few on his fingers, some on his sides, one on his calf, some on his left arm, he’s got them all over his body but they’re still pretty spaced out (that may change in the future but he’s content with it for a while)
  • Also it’s time for some head canon but head canon that hobi has a reference tattoo to each of the bbys and you, he’s got the first letters of all the names on the inner parts of his fingers
  • OkaY so I was minding my own business and I looked up hobi’s airport fashion bc that’s typically how I get inspiration for the clothes bc I want it to be something they’d actually wear off stage and there was this one picture of all black!hobi I scream
  • He had black hair and then sunglasses and then a black t-shirt and black jeans and his thighs are doing the thinG and it’s just wow oh wow what a great day this is the sun is out birds have begun to sing
  • I think tattoo artist!hobi would be a lot like hobi in the fashion sense, I feel like hobi wears a lot of comfy clothes, baggy shirts, warm jackets, some cute ass hats
  • Ight but another head canon that one day before work, bby girl gives hobi two lil pigtails and he totally forgets about it so he’s sitting there designing a tattoo and the boys are all losing their shit Jimin just about falls over laughing
  • I feel like hobi’s tattooing style would involve a lot of colors, hobi is so bright and cheerful and I feel like his tattoos would have a whimsical feel to them, there’s character to it it’s not just a drawing on someone’s skin
  • I also feel like hobi’s tattoos would be more of the larger side like a lot of back tattoos or sleeves and he has zero problem dedicating countless hours to one person if it means they walk away with a tattoo they love
  • Similar to Jin, he’s really really patient with customers like they can change their mind a hundred times, they can leave, they can switch the location of the tattoo, he doesn’t mind bc he really wants them to love that tattoo, that’s gonna be on their bodies for a long ass time so he wants to do every thing he can to make sure it’s perfect for them he’ll redesign a tattoo as many times as it takes as long as they walk out happy 
  • He doesn’t start the tattoo until they’re completely ready, it’s normal to be nervous especially for beginners so he kinda just gets this soft smile when he sees them trying to “shake the nerves off” or “do a lil dance” or play some music to calm them down bc he remembers with his first tattoo he screamed for like a solid minute before he was ready to go
  • His tattoo shop would be s o fucking cute, you walk in and you just smile bc it has hobi written all over it like the chairs are actually really comfy and there’s a couch where you can just chill out and there’s always snacks and candy and the walls are red with lil gold accents everywhere and it’s just really cozy
  • All of the workers are really really friendly too like all of the boys have their own shops but it’s not rare for one or two of them to drop by hobi’s shop so everyone’s friends it feels like one huge family and the customers can feel that
  • Everyday at lunch, you bring the bbys over to the shop bc they all lo ve hobi so much and not being able to see him for a while is upsetting to them so you two work out a plan for it so when the shop closes down for lunch, the bbys come have lunch with hobi and the workers and then after lunch and some cuddles, everyone goes back to their day and the bbys go back home
  • It’s actually pretty cute seeing hobi try to eat with three kids crawling over him bc one of them’s hanging off of his arm, the other’s trying to get him to give them a piggyback ride and one of them’s been hugging his leg for the past forty minutes but hobi’s like beyond used to it and tries to eat as quickly as he can so he can play with them
  • He also knows that whatever he eats for lunch the bbys are gonna eat too bc eating with kids around, especially the Jungs, means sharing so he always makes sure he gets extra food so he can split it up between four people
  • Hobi’s super super protective of them 25/8 but he gets extra protective when they’re in the shop bc there are obviously some not so kid friendly tools there and even though everything is put away for sanitary reasons, the last thing he needs is one of them finding ink or a piercing needle or anything sharp and pointy (also it’s important to keep that shit clean and bby hands are not approved for touching the tools)
  • Before they leave he gives all of them huge hugs and kisses and he makes sure to kiss you goodbye as well and he’s super dramatic about you four leaving and pretends to cry into Tae’s shoulder to make the bbys laugh (which of course works bc it never gets old to them they laugh every time)
  • “You’ll see us in an hour silly!”
  • “That’s 60 minutes!!!! That is t o o loNG” 
  • “What if we give you the biggest hug in the entire world”
  • “…that’ll help”