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How many times has Harry woken up Louis, cleared his throat all serious, gotten down on one knee saying "I have something important to say, love". And when Louis is awake enough to think this might be yet another proposal (he hopes it isn't bc it's too damn early and he doesn't want to start his day crying not matter how happy the occasion) Harry goes "roses are red, violets are blue, your turn to make breakfast, don't burn the pancakes, Lou". Louis wishes it had been another proposal.


MBTI “I have a crush on you...”

ENFJ: Awww really?! Let me go tell my sister!

ESFJ: So I… make you happy? *starts crying*

ESFP: You know what? I like you too. Let’s go make out.

ENFP: I think I might like you too but I’m not sure yet so give me a minute.

INFJ: Are you sure you know what that means? Do you really know what it means to have a crush?

ISFJ: Aw yay now I can care for you and we can make cute little family traditions and name our firstborn child Margaret <33333

ISFP: *gives him/her a flower*

INTJ: You probably don’t

INFP: *blushes* I hardly know what to say! *exploding on the inside bc it’s exactly how they imagined*

ISTJ: What’s a crush?

ISTP: ain’t nobody got time for that *drives away*

INTP: *didn’t hear you*

ESTJ: Yes. Now let us talk about the future I have intricately planned out for us.

ESTP: *only thinking about him/her naked*

ENTP: You do?… I wonder how grass really, actually grows

ENTJ: Terrific! I like you too! *checks that off the schedule*

Companions React to Dogmeat Having Puppies

Request: Hi! Could i have a Fallout 4 companions react to Dogmeat having puppies?I mean not like,him having puppies i mean like being the father to adorable little poof balls. You know what i mean. Thanks! Love ya!

Love you too, anon😊💗

Cait: “Well, damn. Who wouldn’t want one of these fluffy beasties?” Cait couldn’t resist the fuzzy temptation of hugging on of Dogmeat’s puppies. She’d let them lay on her lap at the end of the day and fall asleep with them, but then Cait would deny it in the morning.

Curie: “What adorable puppies! They look just like their father!” Curie would love them all, but probably bond with a specific puppy. She’d insist that she had to take that one home with her, so Sole and Dogmeat of course agree. Curie would bond with her new pet and be nearly inseparable.

Danse: “I should probably get out of my power armor for this, huh?” He would be so scared of stepping on one of these little fluff balls. Danse would be overly gentle with them because he didn’t want to hurt them, even though he was being way too dramatic.

Deacon: “Nice work, Dogmeat! I’m proud of ya!” Deacon would want to name all of the puppies. He’d give them ridiculous names like Dr. McSnuggles or Mayor Pawington, but Sole couldn’t bare to crush Deacon’s heart by rejecting the terrible names.

Dogmeat: “Boof💗” He’d be such a proud puppy daddy! He’d be super protective of his lil babes, so only close friends were allowed to come see until the puppies got older.

Hancock: “Hey, I may look like a chew toy, but I’m not!” The puppies would be all over Hancock, trying to play with him and jump into him. Hancock would eventually just accept his fate and lay down, letting the puppies rampage over his body.

MacCready: “Heh, this one’s kinda cute…” He’d be super embarrassed to let anyone know he’s got a thing for puppies. MacCready would sneak to the puppies at night to play with them, but he’d get caught and go bright red. MacCready is a big softie for little puppers.

Nick Valentine: “Wait! No- stop chewing on my wires!” Nick would be a little grumpy towards the puppies at first, as they would bite in his exposed wires. One puppy even peed on his coat, which caused Nick to be even more annoyed. However, once he saw how happy it made Dogmeat, Sole, and the others, Nick couldn’t help but smile.

Piper: “These are so freaking adorable! I want them all!!” She’d squeal a lot from the cuteness overload. Piper would try to smuggle the puppies with her in her coat pockets, but Dogmeat would sniff them out the second they left his side. She would beg Dogmeat to let her have just one, but he would refuse to give up his babies.

Preston: “Oh my goodness, General… Can I hold one?!” Preston would die from how cute the puppies are. He might even start crying a little bit because of how soft and loving they were. He’d lay down with Dogmeat and his puppies for hours and just love them.

This request was super fluffing adorable😍 I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

If you have any requests of your own, feel free to leave me an ask! Or if you just wanna say hi!

I’ll Always Be There For You.

Summary: Reader has anxiety, And has been hiding it from Peter for years.

A/n: I changed the request up a bit, Since this is extremely close to another fic i’m working on. Also, I just wanted to say you’re not alone. I among many others have anxiety, And i just wanted to say i’m here for you. :) 

And also, I just noticed how off i was on this request. I’m sorry!!!  

TW: Anxiety, Crying, Cussing, Talks of panic attacks. II Words: 784

Originally posted by fandomediiits

“Y/n? Is that you?” Peter looks in the small room, the last place he had checked in the whole mansion to find you. It was hidden, a place you and Peter discovered when you first because friends. You both had covered it in posters, added a boom box, and filled it with stuff from thrift shops. You wouldn’t be lying if you said it was a mess, But it was your mess. 

“Not now.” You whispered. Your voice shaky and ruff from crying. You didn’t want him to see you like this. With bloodshot eyes, Body huddled in a small chair. You probably looked awful. Not to mention, You would give yourself hell if you let him see the imperfect side of you. That suffered from anxiety and other things. Too many things to list. You wanted to appear as best as you could in front of him. Because, Well.. You’re friends. You wished you were more, But it wasn’t going to happen. Especially if he knew you deep enough. No one could really like you with all that, Right?

“Where have you been all day? I’ve been worried fucking sick about you. You’ve missed all your classes, And meals, And training sessions. Somethings wrong. I’m not stupid.” 

“Why would you worry about me? I’m not worth the pain,” You huffed, Curling up and hiding yourself from his gaze, “And i never said you were stupid, Peter.”

“Then why do you think i wouldn’t notice? You leaving in the middle of schools hours, Tear stains on your cheeks. I’m your friend. I can tell when you’re upset.” It stung a bit. You didn’t think he’d actually pay that much attention. He Was so laid back, You never passed him as a guy who would see through you. You looked at him, Seeing that he looked like he might start to cry. It saddened you. You didn’t want it to come to this point. But you’d just have to let it out. It would be for the better.

“I have anxiety.” You swallowed. It was hard to admit. It was nice to say, But it only lasted a few seconds. Confusion was plastered on his face. It was a little cute, But you really didn’t want to explain it all. It was too much to take. All of this happening so suddenly. When you thought it might never happen.

“What?” Peter asked, His voice was soft. And very quiet. Almost soothing. 

“I get panic attacks, I get overwhelmed, I could go on forever. I’m not perfect. Fuck i’m far from that. I tried so damn hard to keep this from you. I never wanted you to see this. I hate myself when i breakdown, How could someone else?”

“No ones perfect, Y/n.” He simply said. “You are.” You muttered. Eyes planted on the floor. He didn’t say anything, Just went over and sat with you. Wrapping an arm around your waist, Bringing you as close to him as possible.  It was as close to cuddling as you’d probably ever get. 

He must’ve not heard you, Thank god. 

“People are flawed. You just have to accept that. I did a long time ago.” Peter ran his spare hand through his hair, Letting out a sigh. His eyes scanned the whole room. Like he was debating to say something. 

“Out of all the people i know, You’re the least flawed. Do you really think your anxiety would keep me from you? Never. Nothing could ever take me away from you.” You were going to reply, But he kept going. You could tell he was extremely passionate about you. Knowing he cared, Felt like magic. Even in a hard time like this. After a fucking breakdown, After admitting something you had hid for years. It felt silly to be thinking more about how close you two were, And his maybe feelings for you. 

“You’re normal and beautiful and smart. I’ll always be there for you. Now, Next time you feel bad, Can you at least call me? I want to help. As much as i can. I hate to see you hurting. It’s the most painful thing to see. I love you too much to stand by and watch.” He nuzzled his head in your neck, Planting on kiss on your neck, That you were sure you’d feel forever. It made your breath stop, And your body freeze. And it wasn’t even what he was focused on. His words felt even better. 

So many emotions were running through your body. Sorry, Flustered, Comforted, You were sure that this was way too many than a normal person should feel. “I’m sorry. God. I really fucked up..” 

“You could never ‘fuck up’.” Peter laughed, Which lightened up the mood by far. You loved his laugh. It was warming to the soul. One of those laughs that could make anyone laugh. You might’ve been falling for this boy. Which scared the fuck out of you. But if it had to be anyone to fall for, You’d choose him. 

You  leaned your head into his chest, Getting as comfortable as you could, As he started to talk about the weird stuff he saw while trying to find you. You smiled to yourself, Listening to every single word he said like it might be the last words he would ever say. Basking in the joy. The thing you needed the most after everything.

Yep, You were in love.

And so was he.


In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)

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Kasamatsu, Hanamiya, Kiyoshi, Hayama, and Himuro overhearing their S/O telling their best friend how much they love them.

Thanks for the request! Enjoy~!



‘..and I think I love him. I really do. I have never thought I would say that, but yeah. He is amazing. I want to spend the rest of my life with him.’ You said looking at your friend straight in the eyes, before grinning so widely it hurt. It was great to finally say how you felt. 

‘Maybe you should tell him?’ Your friend proposed kindly. She was honestly glad that you found someone worth fighting for. 

‘WHAT? No! At least not now! I’m not ready!’ And it was true too. You were dating for like a year now, but you still were not sure how to handle the whole romance thing. 

‘Kasamatsu-senpai? Why are you hiding here?’ You head turned to owner of the voice. It was Kise, who was apparently, violated by your very aggressive boyfriend. 

‘KASAMATSU? WERE YOU LISTENING?’ You screamed, not quite angry, but rather shocked at the new revelation. 

‘Yhm…yeah?’ He said, nodding carefully. ‘B-but yeah, I love y-you, too? I d-d-do. So yeah.’ Your bright red boyfriend hurriedly left classroom. 

 You only smiled to yourself feeling more than blessed, because your feeling was requited. 


Today was probably one of the worst days you’ve ever had. Not only did you realise your strong feelings towards Makoto, but also he decided to openly avoid you without any reason you could comprehend. And you weren’t okay with that. Not at all.

Your last lesson was slowly coming to an long-awaited end, but no matter how much you wanted, you weren’t able to be happy about it. Fear about Makoto’s future actions was eating you alive.

Let’s be honest, it would honestly suck if he dumb you the same day you understood you love him, right? Your very disturbing thoughts were interrupted by loud ringing of the school bell. Sighing heavily, you stood up focusing your whole attention on gathering books and cleaning all your mess.

You tried to leave school as invisible as possible and when it worked, you almost did your victory dance. However, when you were skipping happily someone, or you could say the person you wished you wouldn’t met punched you with his bag which ended with you losing balance.

The groan which left your mouth seconds later sounded more like awakening of hungry dinosaurs, but you could care less about that. Looking up, you saw your own and oh so precious boyfriend glaring down at you like there’s no tomorrow. You would lie if you say that it did not make you mentally piss yourself.

He quickly kneeled next to you, his expression confused you to no end. He looked somehow flustered? He took his bag from your lap, looking at you so intensively that it hurt.

‘Um, Mako? Is some—’

And then he showed his bag into your face, holding tightly.


‘DON’T SPEAK! AND DON’T LOOK AT ME, STUPID!’ He shouted, but not in the rude way. It was more like he wanted to really say something important. ’I heard how you feel about me.’ You gasped. ‘Yeah, yeah. I eavesdropped or same shit, I love you too. We can leave now.’




Hyuuga had enough. And when Hyuuga have enough then…situation is completely normal, but it didn’t matter at that moment. His friends, Kiyoshi, was crying loudly for five hours now and it didn’t seem that he would end soon. 

What love does with people. 

‘Teppei, can you stop please?’ Hyuuga patted his own head, which was empty after so many now working ideas how to help his friend. ‘Tell me, what exactly did she say?’ It made him sob even louder. ‘Okay, that’s it. I’m calling Riko, she will deal with your shit.’ 

‘NO! I will tell you.’ Kiyoshi exclaimed, shaking slightly at the thought of Riko cooking something to make him feel better. ‘Sh-she told me that she…LOVED ME. AND THAT’S SO CUTE, SO PURE. I DON’T DESERVE IT. OH GOD. SHE WAS SO ADORABLE ALL BLUSHING AND THEN SHE SAID THOSE WORDS I THOUGHT I MIGHT DIE. GOD LET ME JUST DIE.’  And he started crying again. 

‘Wait, so you are crying because she loves you?’ Well, shit. Hyuuga should have know that Kiyoshi was just a drama queen. 

‘Yeah, basically.’ 

‘Teppei, you are retarded and I’m not friends with you anymore.’ 



Hayama couldn’t control his movements anymore, he was running from class to class, shouting that you loved him and he couldn’t be luckier. At some point he started hugging people too. 

His last destination was the gym, where his teammates were practicing. Well, he should be there to, hehe. 

‘GUYS, GUYS. I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.’ All pairs of eyes laid upon his, some were interested, some bored and some used to his stupidy. ‘S/O-CHAN SAID SHE LOVES ME! NOW WE CAN GET MARRIED, HAVE KIDS AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Don’t look so bitter Akashi-chan, someone will love you too, someday…’ That statement earned him a glare.

‘Maybe you wanna hug?’

‘Don’t touch me. Never.’

‘It such a beautiful day. I’m gon–’

‘HAYAMA, YOU STUPID CREATURE. I WILL KILL YOU!’ Hayama paled and turned his face towards door, seeing you red from anger and shaking in pure rage.

‘Well, I don’t think she loves you anymore, Hayama-chan.’ Whispered Akashi, smiling evilly as he watched you beating his friend to pulp.


‘You know what? I’m planning to tell Tatsuya how I feel.’ Your friend looked at your face after your very serious statement, clearly looking at any sight of fear.

‘Today? You have a date, right?’ She asked, feeling genuinely happy for you.

‘Yes. I will tell him I love him, but I’m kinda stressed that he will laugh at me. He is a great gut, like my one and only. I’m scared that he won’t feel the same way about me.’ You said truthfully, biting you lip.

‘Don’t worry, I see how he behaves sometimes. He is as wasted as you.’ She chuckled, making you relaxed.

‘I hope you are right.’ 

‘I always am.’

Little did you know that dark-haired man whose name was Himuro Tatsuya, closely listened to your conversation blushing like crazy even though it was unlike him.

‘Eh, Muro-chin? Why is your face so red?’ His younger teammate stated, watching him. 

‘I need to prepare myself for a special confession today, Atsushi.’

‘I don’t understand.’

‘No one can understand love.’

AN: Okay so miscarriages are something pretty serious and depressing, I lost an older brother to a miscarriage. These got really long but I ran out of ideas so this one has no Jungkook.

WARNING: Miscarriages, suicidal thoughts!! Please click the readmore at your own discretion!

You both had plenty of fun trying to make a baby and when you were revealed to be pregnant he couldn’t have been happier. You set up a nursery, called all your friends to help and were eagerly awaiting your due date. It all went up in flames because one selfish, selfish man wanted to run a red light. His car slammed right into your side, sending you reeling. That same day at the hospital you were told you wouldn’t have any long lasting injuries. But your child… the doctor couldn’t stop your agonized screaming.

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TMC Just Before Drinking, Soraru and Mafumafu Talks 02/25/2015 Namahousou ft. Soraru and Mafumafu

The audio’s pretty weird  haha, but i’ll try ^_^ Thank you to kazuian for recording it! I’m sorry I posted this late, this week was such a weeeird and crisis-filled week for me personally haha.

But i’m not gonna bore you anymore, here have a shitton of Soramafu bickering and flirting like lovers~  remember, ninniku is garlic and garlic is life. 

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Daddy Dylan

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Dylan X Reader

Warnings: Major Dylan cuteness and fluff

Word Count: 1,205

Requested:  “ Hey! Can you do an imagines where the reader and Dylan have a baby and Dylan is so protective and cute with the baby?? Please”

A/N; I hope this is okay, I thought Dylan was super cute in this and totally wish this was real. On the other hand I have never had a baby or experienced the birth of a sibling. I have no idea what goes on right after pregnancy so there might be some unrealistic things in here. 

From the moment you told Dylan you were pregnant he had made sure you got the best stuff and the best care. He went to every sonogram and appointment, got the most adorablest furniture for its new room and made sure you were alway safe and okay. The moment Dylan found out it was a girl he started crying tears of joy. Everything was perfect. He was with the love of his life and he was going to be having a baby girl.

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i got my mri done today. i was supposed to get the dye with it but i panicked and started crying so the pros did it without it. but now i might have to go back and get the dye portion done ~sticky


Don’t cry

You’re too cute to cry

A need for cuddling part 1

Summary: Reader is really insecure about her/himself (can be both for part 1), and Dean cathes him/her crying and tries to comfort her.

Word count: 1724

Warnings: Horrible confidence, the reader feels overweight, no smut in this part (though there will be plenty in part two!) and some serious fluff. Like, serious.

Characters: Dean WInchester X Reader

Author’s note: So, it has been really long since I posted last! I’m so sorry, but I have been everywhere trying to do everything, and managing nothing, so this was just a little something that I needed right now. Hope you like! As aways, I am open to requests and asks! I thought about doing a shipping round, so let me know what you think!


Today had sucked so bad, you just wanted to lay down and cry. Actually, that was exactly what you planned to do once you got back inside. Tears were blurring your vision as you pulled into the parking at the Bunker. Everything had gone to hell. Shopping had been terrible. The bar had been even worse. You hated your body so, so much. You couldn’t understand what you had done to deserve a body like this. You were a hunter – you were supposed to have the benefit of a hot body without having to work that hard. You mom certainly had that benefit. So did your sister. Your entire family was tall, slim and hot. You were the only one left with fat on your stomach, flabby arms and huge thighs. You hated it.

You wanted to slam the door as you entered, but you didn’t want to raise any attention, so you carefully tiptoed your way to your room, avoiding both of the Winchester brothers. They had taken you in when you hadn’t been able to handle more of your mother’s constant body shaming. You had never told Sam or Dean this, of course, just that you and your mother didn’t get along. They had taken you in immediately and had been nothing but kind to you. Dean even flirted a little, but you knew that was just who he was – he flirted with everything that had a brain. That hadn’t stopped you from falling for him, though. You had known the boys all your life, and you had seen Dean grow from insecure teenager that slept with everyone to insecure adult that slept with everyone to the man he was today. You had started to crush on him when you were fourteen and he was nearly twenty. Of course, you never did anything about it. When you turned eighteen, Sam and Dean had taken you out to a club for the first time and had pampered you with gifts and laughter. When you had gotten home, Sam had gone to bed, but you and Dean had stayed up to watch a movie. You could remember him holding you tightly, so tightly that you could feel his chest shake when something funny happened on the screen.

You had been big back then, and you still were. You had changed slightly, with more muscle than fat, but you still despised yourself. As you checked yourself in the mirror, you sighed as you pinched your side. The tears you had tried to avoid betrayed you and started to fall with heavy sobs. You grabbed the biggest hoodie you could find and pulled it over your head. It was old and tired, and not nearly as big as you would have liked. Sobbing, you went to bed and pulled the covers up around your body. You shook violently as you tried to keep quiet. You had never talked to anyone about your body issues, and you planned on keeping it that way. Still, now would be a good time to cuddle with Dean. You and he had fallen into a habit of always cuddling on the couch whenever you had the time, but it had been ages since the last time. You suspected that you had gained weight and that was the reason.

A particularly big sob escaped your throat when you heard a soft knock on your door.
“Y/N?” Dean’s voice was laced with concern, and you only cowered further down under your covers. “Y/N, please, can I come in?” He apparently took the silence as a yes. He peeked through the door with sad eyes. When he saw your body shaking under the covers, he hurried over and sat down on the bed. “Honey, what’s wrong?” You just shook your head, trying to stabilize your breathing and failing miserably. Dean tried to pry the covers away so that he could see your face, but you refused. “Y/N, come on, just tell me what’s wrong. I need to be able to help you.” You sobbed again, but you pulled the covers back and sat up slightly. Dean gave you a weak smile as his finger wiped away some of your tears. “There you go,” he said and sat further back so that he was sitting against the headboard. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you to his chest, but you resisted. You didn’t want his hands to feel the way your body bulged out at places where it wasn’t supposed to. Dean furrowed his brows, but he removed his arms. “Y/N, baby, have I done something wrong?”

You looked at him, dumbstruck. He? Of course, he hadn’t done anything wrong. Well, he hadn’t cuddled with you, but that was your fault.

“Of course not, Dean. What made you think that?” Your voice is shaky from the crying and it cracks several times, but you get through it. Dean looks down at his hands, but he seems lightly relieved.

“Well, you haven’t really wanted to cuddle like we used to, and every single flirtatious remark is gone. I don’t know, you just seem to have, uhm, gotten tired of me.” You couldn’t help the bitter laugh that escaped you. So Dean had noticed the change as well.

“I haven’t tried to pull away, Dean, I’ve just felt like you didn’t want to, well, touch me anymore. I know I’m gross.” You had never meant for him to hear that last part, but the stiffening in his posture told you that he had.

“Y/N, what makes you think that you are gross?” His voice was careful, but stern, as his hand tipped your chin to face him. You looked down, but he just forced your eyes back up again. With a sigh, you decided to let it all fly.

“I’m fat, Dean. I know I am. Mom sure made sure to tell me over and over again. So did the teenagers at the mall today. And those guys at the bar I popped by. Oh, and my sister still calls me Chubbs. I know I look horrible, and I’m sorry that you have to be seen with me. I’m sorry that I scare away the pretty girls.” You pulled a shaky breath and Dean let you look down.

It was quiet for a long while before you again could feel Dean’s arms around you. This time you didn’t resist. He pulled you so that you were sitting between his legs, resting your back on his chest and your head in the crook of his neck.

“Y/N, I need you to listen to me.” His arms pulled you close and you snuggled closer to him. “You are not ugly. You are not fat. You matter, and you are so, so beautiful! Babe, I don’t think you realize what you do to me.” His lips pressed to the top of your head, and you could feel tears falling again. It felt like petty talk, as if he just wanted to say the right things. Still, you let him. “Sweetheart,” he continued. “I don’t know if you remember this, but Sammy and I took you out on your eighteenth birthday.” You laughed and nodded. Yeah, you remembered. “That night, we watched some movie. Jeez, I can’t even remember what movie it was; I was so busy watching you.” Something fluttered in your stomach at his words; surely, you must have misunderstood him. “Y/N, I fell for you that night, with the way you would smile at the cute parts of the movie, and twist in my arms when you laughed. I fell for you face, for your laughter and for your body. Y/N, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever met. Both inside and out. I treasure every time we cuddle up on the couch and worship those times you flirt with me. You make me feel so good, baby.” As he talked, you started to cry again. Only, this time, it was happy tears. Even though you had trouble grasping everything, you still realized that Dean might just feel some of the same things that you did. You turned around to see his face, tears falling quietly down his face as well. “I love you, Y/N. I always have, I think.” Your heart fluttered, and carefully, you tipped your head up towards his mouth. Dean realized what you were hinting at and bent towards you.

“I love you, too,” you whispered, just as your lips met. You had dreamt of this moment since you were a kid, and now it was finally here. Dean’s arms were already around you, but he enveloped you as tight as he could. You felt so safe there, surrounded by Dean’s arms and legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck and bit his lower lip. He moaned.

“Baby, let me show you how beautiful you are,” Dean whispered, but you shook your head.

“I … I don’t think I’m quite ready yet, Dean.” You regretted the words immediately. What if it would make him leave you? What if he didn’t really want you, just sex? “No, wait, I — I’m sorry Dean, forget that, shoot…” You started to fumble, but Dean just laughed from where he was sitting.

“Y/N, babe, calm down. We’ll do this slow. I’m not going to farce you into anything. I’ve waited for you for ten years, I can wait for a little longer. At least I have your heart. The body can come later.” He winked at you, and you calmed down.

As Dean got up from the bed to start a movie, you realized how you looked. The hoodie had been pulled tight around your stomach and the jeans had left red marks. You were just about to adjust them so that Dean wouldn’t see you like this, but he stopped you before you could do anything.

“Y/N, you are going to have to trust me when I say you are beautiful, okay? No more hiding your body. You’re freaking hot, and you should show it.” Then he kissed you again, and you cuddled up on the bed to watch Captain America for the tenth time that month. You were cuddled up in Dean’s arms. As the movie dragged along, though, you lost track of time between kisses and happy smalltalk with Dean.

If you were married to Woozi...

someone requested husband jihoon and i’ve literally been waiting to do this for so long im screaming !! if i wasn’t so in love w hoshi i’d probs say i’d marry jihoon, but i’m hoshi trash as we all know so,,,,,, what’re you gonna do? also, i almost started crying at one point in making this cause it was so damn cute so you might want to get some tissues. anyways please enjoy.

  • literally the best husband ever
  • he does whatever you ask him to
  • “jihoon could you do the laundry for me?”
  • “anything for you, jagiya.”
  • also wants to have thirty kids
  • “when are we going to have a baby?”
  • “eventually, jihoon.”
  • until then he’s obsessing over everyone else’s kids
  • he’s always wanting to babysit seungcheol’s soccer team of children
  • and when they come over it’s a chorus of “uncle woozi can we play with your guitar again?”
  • and jihoon can’t say no so the kids end up breaking a string on his precious guitar
  • he pretends not to be upset, but after the kids left you could hear him crying a little in his workroom
  • “are you crying?”
  • “n-no! my eyes are just sweating!”
  • when he’s not playing with the other members’ children, he’s picking out names and making plans for his future kids. 
  • “do you like this name? or how about this one? what about this color for their bedroom?”
  • and when you finally have our first baby he holds it in his arms and just stares at it like it’s  the most beautiful and precious jewel in the world
  • and he’s got tears in his eyes and he’s smiling so big that his face hurts
  • “hey, jagiya, look at what we made.”
  • and then you start crying even harder because you’re so in love and you married the best man ever and you and him made the greatest thing to ever grace the earth and it lOOKS JUST LIKE IT’S FATHER
  • he’s literally so helpful with the baby like if it starts crying at three a.m he’ll tell you to stay in bed and go take care of it until it falls back asleep.
  • and whenever he leaves he’ll always say, “i love you, my angel.” HHSJSJ
  • and when you have more kids and they get older he wants to do everything to support them
  • he goes t every soccer game and chaperones every field trip
  • all the other moms are jealous and talk about how sweet and handsome he is
  • and you’re just sittin there being all smug because he’s all yours
  • and don’t forget that he sings your children to sleep every single night
  • and when he comes to lay down with you he’ll sing to you as well because he has the voice of an angel.
  • he’s  also the really overprotective dad
  • like when his daughters start dating he makes sure that her boyfriend has good grades and has never been in trouble 
  • because he wants the best for your little girls
  • always has his guitar with him in case he needs to chase someone with it
  • especially when your daughter starts dating one of mingyu’s sons
  • “i swear mingyu, if he hurts her, i’m chasing you with this guitar.”
  • basically a rlly cute dad and husband

WARNING: RATED M! I was on my way home from work walking with Jinpachi that picked me up when I stop in front of a small shop for babies. “They’re so cute. I wish I had one…” I said as a look at the scenery in the window. I cover my mouth realizing I said that out loud and looked at Jinpachi’s back. He must have noticed I wasn’t walking with him because he suddenly stopped and turned towards me. “Why so red?” he asked, messing up my hair. “We can have one eventually.” Eventually. I don’t think I can wait. I start ahead and he walks behind me. Later that night, I was talking to Byron about show I’ve been feeling emotional lately, like about wanting a baby, feeling like I might cry if someone tells at me, out wanting to yell at people for simply being slow at train station. “Where’s that guy anyways?” he asked. I smile sadly. “He’s been working late. Supposed to be helping out with a shot for a movie, but I’ve never heard of it.” Byron grabbed me by the wrists, “AND YOU’RE OKAY WITH THAT?!” I step back, startled by his sudden movements. “What do you mean?” he looked straight into my eyes “He’s a good looking man, and you are giving him a free pass to break your heart! Alexyss, you should find out what he’s really doing!” And I took Byron’s advice. But without asking Jinpachi. The next day I told him I’d be work over time and instead, followed him to an apartment building. I stopped in my tracks when I saw a little boy reaching up to grab an ice cream from the ice cream man and hand it to a little girl. “What are you doing, Alexyss? He doesn’t want kids yet. Just pay attention to the task at hand.” I spoke to myself and looked up towards the apartment building and saw him in the window of the 3rd floor. When I got onto the 3rd floor, I walked to the door that I saw his bag sitting by. “But it’s embarrassing, Jinpachi!” I heard a girl through the door. “Don’t worry, I won’t let her find out.” Jinpachi’s voice rung in my ears and I leaned against the wall, mistakenly ringing a doorbell. The door opened and Jinpachi was standing in front of me with one of my coworkers behind him. I couldn’t say anything. I suddenly felt light headed. “Alexyss? Alexyss!” I open my eyes to see my ceiling. I sit up and look around, seeing Jinpachi asleep on the couch with untouched curry and pictures on the table. I picked up the pictures to see the coworker in a bunny suit next to a famous actor. I let my eyes wander through the picture when I saw a folder saying “Behind the Scenes of Girl in the Bunny Suit.” “Lexy?” I look towards him as he stares at me with sleepy eyes. “You weren’t cheating?” I ask. He shook his heard tiredly. “Come here.” he smiled and pulled me by the arm onto the couch with him. “I’ll prove that you’re the only one for me.” RATED M PART KEEP READING AT OWN RISK Jinpachi lead kisses up my neck to my left ear and started nibbling on the lobe. “J.. Jinpachi… It’s too early…” he chuckled as he picked me up in his arms. “I’m not stopping unless you beg for mercy.” he whispered to me as he lay me down on my bed and straddle over me, unbuttoning my top one by one. “I hate you sometimes…” I smile. He leaned in towards me took my lips, biting at the one to make me open my mouth, allowing his tongue to enter. “I know.” he mumbles as he slides his hands under my bra, teasing my breasts. His hands felt my skin as his fingers searched for the bra clasp, undoing it with experience. The only moment he stopped was to let me take my shirt and bra all the way off and to let him take of his own shirt that was already open. Before he started touch my body again, he took my hair band out of my hair and grabbed my wrists, tying them to the bed post. I was hesitant but didn’t day anything, knowing I’m in his care. He leaned back down to me and lined kissed down my stomach, getting dramatically close to my lower lips, but didn’t touch them because even with my bottoms moved a bit out of the way, we’d have to take them off to get access. So he slid my pajama pants off of me and brought his head back near the top of my legs. Jinpachi would move my panties over and slide a finger or two in usually, but instead he started with three. He fingered me so existing that is be scared to ask how he learned. I bit my lip trying to hold back moans when he suddenly slid his tongue into me whilst thrusting his fingers. “J…in.. Jinpachi… I need you… now….” I ended up moaning and begging for him when I suddenly came. He pulled out His fingers and stood up, taking off his pants and kicking them across the room. I looked away, embarrased as always, but he turned my head towards him. “You’ll have to look at it at some point.” he said quietly ask I tugged at my wrists. I always avoided at looking and when I finally saw it, I was surprised. His cock was huge and made me wonder how I was able to take that all this time. He got back over me on the bed and put the tip at my clit. “Ready?” he asked although he won’t give me an exact warning. Instead of Being gentle he thrust deep inside of me hardly. We both moaned desperately e hen he entered me. He started thrusting into me faster and a bit deeper than usual. He thruster harder, our moans getting louder. “I’m going all the way in…” he warned me. “Y… You’re not already?!” he pulled out almost all the way But slammed hard into me, stretching the parts he never touched, my walls tightening around him. He did it again, slamming his large cock into me but a bit harder abd I swore he was planing on breaking me because it hurt a little but it felt so good that I didn’t mind the pain. His cock was throbbing and my walls were tightening and we soon came together, his hot seed filling inside of me. “I love you….” A few weeks later I’m sitting on the bathroom floor when I hear a knock on the door. “Lexy are you alright?” he opened the door slightly. I looked at him with watery eyes. “Oh….” is all he said. I’LL MAKE A JINPAVHI DADDY STORY LATER

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've gotten this question before or not but what kind of boyfriend would jimin,jhope,jungkook and namjoon be ? Thanks love your blog^3^

   J-Hope would be the type to smother you in attention. He’d definitely make sure that you never feel alone, constantly sticking to your side!  Hobi would want to make sure that you know how much he loves you and would be one to express it with lots of skin ship and little compliments here and there. He would be one of the sweetest and most caring ones, constantly asking if you were okay and how you felt, always concerned about your well being.If you weren’t okay, it would crush him. He might even start crying himself if its bad enough. All he would want was for you to be happy. He’d do literally anything just to make you smile. For a date, J-Hope would be the one to suggest doing simple things such as cuddling up and watching a cute movie or going out to a little cafe for cookies a tea! So, overall, Hoseok would be a sweet, cuddly boyfriend who smothers you in endless attention! 

   Jungkook would be the most awkward compared to the others. Hes still pretty young and I would think he doesn’t have much experience (considering he became a trainee when he was just 14) so it would all be very new to him. When the relationships first starts, it would still be kind of like a friendship. Not much skin ship, nothing too lovey dovey. Slowly but surely, he will begin to warm up. Unlike Hobi, I don’t see him as one to be into skin ship overall. He would be one to do more ‘natural’ things such as hand holding, resting his chin on your head from behind, or letting his arm rest around your shoulders. Communication wise, it would be a bit more difficult to talk to him about things.I feel if you were to be sad or down, he wouldn’t know what to say and just sit there, hugging you. And if you were to be mad, he wouldn’t think to talk about it and just try to keep his distance from you until its over. He would want you to be okay, but just wouldn’t know how to make that happen. Kookie would be more shy when it comes to showing his love for you. He might not be very good at showing it, but you’ll just have to know that he really does. With dates, he would be one to spend weeks trying to plan a perfect, extravagant date for your anniversary opposed to little small cute ones. Maybe renting a cabin in the mountains for a week, or traveling to another country and learning about their culture. Definitely something out of the box! Overall, Kookie would a bit shy at first, but after a while, it’d be a cute, simple relationship with a few great surprises here and there.

   Namjoon would be a more “chill” kinda boyfriend. Everything would be seem really natural and cool with him. I feel like he has more experience in dating then most of the other guys so nothing would be really awkward. He would be one to do natural skin ship, (more than our maknae) nothing too much. He doesn’t strike me as one to be really into that, but if you asked him to do more, he would. Namjoon would be more open to PDA compared to the others. In bed, I personally think he would be the best with this but I wont go into any detail. When it comes to how you feel and communication, he would be more mature about this. Joonie would be able to tell if something was wrong and wouldn’t hesitate to ask if you were okay and would like to listen and help in anyway possible. With expressing his feelings towards, he’d be more casual about this. Rapmon would be the kind to casually drop an “I love you” or smother you in kisses out of no where. Just all really cute! With dates, I feel as he would like to take you out occasionally to maybe a fancy restaurant or a theme park just to have some cute little fun with you! Overall, Rapmon would be a very chilled and relaxed boyfriend. Everything will feel natural but fun with him!

Jimin would be… I’m not sure of a word that could describe him. Him as a boyfriend would definitely be a wild ride. I imagine him as a more touchy-feely jealous boyfriend. Whats his is his and nobody else can have it! He would make sure everyone knew you were his and if anyone even looked at you the wrong way, they wouldn’t live to see another day. Jimin would always have his arm around you or have his fingers intertwined with yours, anything to show the world you belong to him. He would be a very loyal boyfriend and would expect you to be too. Jimin would never intentionally hurt you but he might be a little aggressive and get a little too jealous too easily, so that could cause some problems. He’d want to be the one that could make you happy, and nobody else. If this were to bother you, it’d be hard to talk to him about it. He might deny it and get upset at you for making accusations like that.  When it comes to your feelings with other things, expect him to be there for you no matter what. He would sit there for hours, listening and holding you, making sure you’re okay. Just seeing the love of his life in such a state would make him feel like absolute crap. He might even blame himself and beat himself up for allowing you to feel that bad. As for dates, he’d be like Namjoon in the sense of something fun yet simple. Anything to just be alone with you really. 

-Admin N 

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Hey, this might be weird or idk, but how do admins think Hoseok, Tae and Yoongi will take care of a baby (xD) how will them calm down the baby? And things like that idk

Haha, it’s not weird at all~

Hoseok would probably have fun taking care of a baby until it started crying or he needed to change its diaper. As soon as it cries, Hopey would do what he does best; lots of weird dancing and aegyo.  He’d make silly faces and disgustingly cute noises at the baby until it finally stopped crying. Feeling accomplished, Hoseok would pick the baby up in his arms only to realize why the baby was actually crying (Eww). Not being too ecstatic about the more challenging parts of taking care of a baby he’d do his best of course, but eventually ask for help. 

Taehyung would be, in my opinion, the best at taking care of a child out of the three. (Before you completely disagree, lemme explain >-<) Since he’s practically a child at heart he would know how to have lots of fun and make the baby laugh. I also think he’d be good at the harder parts of raising a child like feeding, burping, changing a diaper, etc. because he’s already made it clear he wants lots of kids, so he probably has more knowledge about how to raise them than the other two have. If the baby ever started crying he’d start imitating the baby and make pouting faces at it causing it to forget why it was crying and start laughing at Tae’s hysterical face.

might be shy and keep a small distance between the baby at first, but I could see him letting out his inner sweetness as he grew more comfortable around it. He’d keep pinching its cheeks and would beam every time the baby did something cute. Yoongi would do his best to take care of the child, so he could feel a sense of pride and accomplishment by doing it without help. If it started crying he might panic at first, not knowing what to do, but he’d be smart about it and find out what was making the baby cry, so he could stop it.

Also, here’s a super cute video of Tae, Hoseok, Kookie, Jimin, and Suga interacting with a little kid at a fansign. (x)

Demon!Luke pt.16


Demon!Luke pt.15

Demon!Luke pt.17


Luke carried you up to the room you two shared, shutting the door behind you before walking over to the bed. He lightly placed you down on the mattress and hovered over you, making sure not to place all of his body weight on you.

Luke began grinding his body against yours, making your lower region feel euphoric. Soft, muffled moans against lips and the sound of your mouths moving together filled the silence of the house.

You pulled away breathlessly and tugged at the end of Luke’s shirt, signaling for him to remove it. He practically yanked his shirt off and glanced down at yours quickly after.

With a nod from you, he pulled your top off and chucked it to the side where his shirt lie as well. You felt like covering yourself up but Luke didn’t let you, trapping your arms with his hands to make sure they didn’t move.

“Princess, you are absolutely beautiful. I want you to know that, okay? And I promise you I am not lying.” His voice came out huskily and his deep blue eyes stared at you. You nod in return.

This time, you began kissing him. You removed your arms from his grip and wrapped your hands around his neck and tugged down carefully, using just enough force that his lips came crashing back down to yours.

“Fuck,” Luke harshly said against your lips before he continues on kissing you. You breathed heavily through your nose as the two of you continued heavily kissing.

Eventually, he inched his tongue into your mouth after you granted him permission.

After a few more moments of helpless grinding and sloppy kisses, Luke pulled away again. He quickly moved off the bed and you were confused up until the moment where he shed his pants and kicked it to the side. That’s when you started to get a nervous.

Luke moved back to the bed and hovered over you once again. His lips began to slow down their pace against yours, making the scene more sensual and loving. But you seemed to be a bit frozen in place and in a desperate attempt to hide it.

You didn’t want to make it too obvious that you were having second thoughts, but it made a not so very subtle appearance in your actions when you just stopped kissing him.

“Are you okay?” Luke asked after he pulled away from you. He then began to study your features, which he noticed how shaken up you looked. Your eyes were wide and he could sense how frightened you were.

“Y-yeah.” You said unconvincingly.

“Do you want me to stop?” Luke asked again. He knew you and he knew what you were thinking, but he asked anyway.

“No, y-you’re fine.” It came out flimsily and very weak, causing him to frown at you.

“Are you sure?”

“… No,” You nervously mumbled out. Luke then moved away from you, sitting in between your legs. You immediately sat upward too.

“I’m sorry! I-I’m sorry.” You stammered out worriedly, reaching out to touch his arm. Luke moved your hand only to begin holding it instead.

“It’s okay.” Luke replied sincerely, looking at you. “I don’t want you to feel rushed. I want you to feel safe and not like you’re being forced to do this for me.”

You searched his eyes helplessly, hoping he wasn’t upset with you, “I just feel bad… ”

“You shouldn’t. It’s fine, I promise.”

It was silent as Luke rubbed the skin where your thumb met your index finger, hoping to calm you down. Your chest was still heaving and you felt remorse towards yourself for not just letting him take it, but you were still glad he didn’t.

“Hey, it’s okay. Really. I am ready whenever you are.”

“Are you mad at me?” You murmured and he quickly shook his head.

“No! Why would I be mad at you? You’re not ready and that’s totally fine by me.” You still looked very upset as you looked up at him.

“Come here.” Luke then motioned for you to go hug him which you did thankfully. You never liked disappointing people, even if they were or not. You just felt like whenever you didn’t do something someone didn’t like, you automatically disappointed them. That’s just the way you thought.

“I’m sorry.” A single tear strayed down your face and Luke felt it hit the skin of his stomach.

“Why’re you crying? Hey, you don’t have to cry. I promise you that I’m not mad at you and you didn’t disappoint me. I’m really happy you found a boundary and told me no. I don’t know what I would’ve done with myself if I just kept going and you regretted it once it was over. I don’t want you going through that.” He assured, wiping under your eyes once a few more tears escaped them.

“I’m sorry.” You repeated, cuddling into him once Luke pulled you back into his chest. Luke repositioned the two of you where he was lying on his back with his head against the pillows and you lying against his chest.

“Do you wanna watch a movie or something?”

“I don’t want to move right now.” You felt Luke’s chest vibrate.

“Who said we had to move?” He asked. Luke reached for the top of the head board and when he brought his arm back down, there was a remote right in his grip.

He pressed the button and you turned your head when you heard moving.

“That’s fake.” You immediately say when you saw a TV submerge from the table that you thought held some of Luke’s clothes inside of it. You were obviously wrong.

“How is it fake?” Luke pressed another button and then the TV flicked on, playing some random news channel. He quickly began to skip through the channels, hoping to find something that would soothe your unease.

“What do you want to watch?” Luke asked. You were still incredibly enticed with the fact that not only did a TV come out of what you assumed to be clothes drawers, but it was a really nice looking TV at that.

“Oooh, stop there! Go back!” You say excitedly as you saw the beginning to the movie Elf play on the screen. He smiles.

“I haven’t watched this in forever.” You say as the movie starts. It wasn’t your all time favorite but it was enough to help you not be so uneasy.


At one point during the movie, you happened to fall asleep. It wasn’t your intentions, but the crying might have taken role in that.

As you slept, Luke watched you restlessly. You seemed most calm when you were in his arms, fast asleep. Your face was solemn but still held the cute charm that Luke was more than obsessed with and the shallow breaths that escaped your mouth seemed to entice him further.

You weren’t his. Not yet. But he hoped he could change that soon.


For that wonderful anon that told me to give up on writing this. All the love sent out to them 💕

(I warned you when I said it was literal shit.)


Demon!Luke pt.15

Demon!Luke pt.17