so cute i just came in my pants

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lmao what about the MC reacting to the RFA members pooping? (i'm crying from laughing at your other one)

MC pooping post

◉ Yoosung

  • He was just sitting there reading his LOLOL game guide
    • “Hmm, so that’s where I can get that armor. Heh the guild members are going to be so jelly.”
  • Then the door opened and you walked in
  • Hits that high note so fast omg
  • All the dogs within a file mile radius have perked up their ears
  • Somewhere, a crystal glass is shattering
  • Yoosung falls off of the toilet
  • His pants are at his ankles
  • He’s sobbing in embarrassment
    • “I’ll….just…come back laaaterrr……” you slowly back out of the room and close the door.

◉ Jumin

  • You didn’t know which bathroom to use??????
  • And you picked the wrong one
  • Jumin was just sitting there on the toilet
    • “MC? It’s cute that you’re so eager to see me that you came here. But a schedule is a schedule. You know that 4:15-4:45 is my private time. I’ll see you promptly for dinner, my sweet.”
  • You grumbled back out and down the hall
    • “I just wanted to wash my friggin’ hands…”

◉ Zen

  • He had a heart attack when you walked in on him!!!
  • He’s grabbing everything within reach to cover himself
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand towels
  • Regular towels
  • The freaking shower curtain
  • You’re just laughing so hard omg
  • Whip out your phone at lightning speed and take a pic
    • “Jaehee HAS to see this omg!!!!”
  • You run out and leave him in the bathroom
  • All you hear is screaming and things falling on the floor

◉ Jaehee

  • You wanted to join her in brushing her teeth before bed
  • But when you walked in you found her on the toilet
    • “Oh! I’m sorry Jaehee I thought you were—Hey? What are you reading?”
    • “This? It’s the manuscript for Zens new role.”
    • “What?! You finally got it?! How is it?!”
    • “MARVELOUS, MC! I can picture him so perfectly saying these lines. Come here and I’ll read it to you from the beginning!”
  • She clears her throat as you sit on the tub
    • “Ahem…’In this city full of filthy scum criminals, I was the dirty cop who didn’t play by anyone’s rules…”

◉ Saeyoung

  • You were in the kitchen finishing up dinner
  • But Saeyoung kept screaming your name and distracting you from the stove
  • You almost burnt yourself once
  • Thats it
  • You threw off your oven mitts, stomped down the hall and kicked the bathroom door open
    • “WHAT!”
  • He was just sitting on the toilet smiling
    • “I love you.”
  • You threw the toothpaste tube at him
    • “You’re not getting dessert tonight. And I.Made.Pie.” you stomped back out
    • “Noooooooooooooooooo!”

◉ V

  • You had to pee pretty bad
  • You just came home from work and you didn’t expect V to be back yet
  • But the bathroom door was open and he was on the toilet
  • He didn’t even know you were there
  • And he was humming
  • It was so cute
  • His hum sounded so beautiful
  • Slowly you sat down in the doorway, facing away from him
  • And just listened
  • When he finished washing his hands you stood up
    • “Hey sweet-”
  • U scared him whoops

◉ Saeran

  • You wanted to shower and he was taking forever
  • You walked in
    • “Hurry UP!”
  • Wait a second
  • You doubled back
    • “Are you…painting your nails while on the toilet?????”
    • “It’s called multi-tasking. You should try it some time. Get out weirdo, stop watching me take a shit.”
    • “You’re painting your nails on the toilet and I’m the weirdo…Okay, babe.”
  • You both stuck your tongues out at each other for a minute
  • You flicked off the lights and closed the door
    • “I’m gunna get you for that, MC!!!”

On Saturday we had the Grand Opening for my Work. Marvel and Pants came along as my trick dogs for a demo. Events didn’t really go as planned and I ended up bringing Marvel out to the training info booth to lure people in with his cuteness and good manners. As you can see above , the chaos really stressed him out . I am just amazed by how bombproof this guy is.

During the day we encountered a woman and her “service dog” who hung around the entire event. This event was dog friendly so really there was no need to fake a SD. The dog was a 3 year old Border Collie mix. He spent the day rudely greeting every dog that walked by , ripping off people’s bait bags, and jumping up on people. All the while his handler raved about him being a rescue and being so amazingly trained and a SD. The dog was hanging by the training booth and had a bizarre obsession with Marvel, continuously trying to mount him , even though Marvel has no issue (politely) telling him off. Handler did nothing about it. At one point Marvel was sitting on my bosses lap after being invited up for snuggles and the dog began to jump Marvel and my bosses leg. I had to remove the dog , it was ridiculous . And very frustrating , why fake a SD at a store that welcomes dogs ?

Anyway, one last story about how amazing my dog is. So before he was laying under my bosses chair he was just hanging out behind the booth. A family walks in mom, baby, and toddler- and they bring a fucking bird in on a leash. IMO not a good idea when the store is filled with strange Dogs (and even some cats). Originally the bird was sitting on the moms shoulders but she started passing the bird around and it ended up sitting on the toddler- not very high off the ground. It was also squawking up a storm which was getting some Dogs (fake SD included) all riled up. Made me incredibly nervous , I’m truly shocked the bird survived this event. So they approach the training booth and the bird is screeching away, I wasn’t holding Marvels leash at this point , but I was close by to step in if he got excited by the bird. Now Marvel has only seen outside birds which he happily chases every morning . He was tilting his head whenever the bird squawked and finally the toddler comes around the corner and bends right down to pet Marv, putting the little bird at eye level. And it squawks . Marvel sees it , looks at me, and doesn’t break his down stay. He just laid there being petted and glancing at the bird when it made noise . I didn’t have to remind him to stay. I didn’t have to pick up my leash. He takes everything in stride and just does with the flow. It truly amazes me . And I wanted to point at my dog and yell to fake SD girl “you see this ? This is how a sd acts , even when he’s off duty.” But I refrained and just appreciated my awesome dog.

Yes , I am bragging a bit . But this boy deserves it. He is the best 💕



This shit has been sitting ¾ of the way done for like a month and I’m so glad to get it out. UGH.

Also, this is dedicated to someone that I’m no longer friends with, but I got the idea from her and I hope she sees it. :)

Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut, Teacher!au

Word Count: 2,374

“I had planned to get your tests back to you by today, but I had a lot going on this week and my assistant couldn’t help last night”, Mr. Kim sighed and rubbed his forehead. Ah, poor man… He’s been really stressed over his divorce lately and it’s showing in class. I’m his “assistant”, but I’m just a student who helps grade tests and stuff. Last night, I had to study for my final in another class so I wasn’t able to come help him. He said it was fine, but the bags under his eyes say otherwise. “I’m honestly too tired for class today so you are all dismissed”, he stood from leaning on his desk and waved everyone off, walking to the other side and sitting down, “have a great weekend, I will see you all on Tuesday”.

The room emptied out so I walked to his desk, watching him pull a bunch of papers out of his briefcase. He’s so…hot and yet so gentle and fragile. “Do you mind grading all of them? There are a little over 300”, he sighed and looked up at me, “I’m not sure how long that would take”. I nodded and took them from him, grabbing a pen and smiling, “I’m free all night, you just do what you need to do”. He thanked me with another sigh so I turned on my heel and went to a desk, sitting down and getting started. He was in and out of the room making copies and scanning things for the first hour and a half and then he came over to me. I looked up and he yawned, apologizing softly after, “do you want to order some food? I’m starving”. “Sure, what did you have in mind?” He shrugged, “pizza? Chinese? Sandwiches?”

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For god’s sake this is the best Boruto episode so far. But...

Sakura is just so perfect and cute… Pure goddess, for sure.

But can we just talk about something… So, as we can see, while Sasuke WAS NOT at home Sakura wore pants. 

After time… And after Sasuke CAME home, she wears dresses… Any hint???

Okay, i just fucking hope she is pregnant.

Forever--Imagine #6

Anonymous asked: Do you think you could do a crush imagine where you’re really ill and he takes care of you? Like, you two are best friends and you two are at school when you get sick, he takes you home and just really cute, fluffy things happen? ❤️

A/N: So, this imagine is probably my favorite that I’ve written so far. Thank you so much for the request! I enjoyed writing this so much. Keep dreaming!~Logan

“This class is extremely important for everyone’s grades so I would listen up if I were you,” my teacher bellowed from the front, trying to quiet the obnoxious class down. 

I yawned, but breathing in scratched the back of my throat and I coughed. Wincing, I opened my notebook, preparing for note-taking. The class started and I felt my mind was getting fuzzy. I shook my head, trying hard to focus but this motion only brought a pain in my temples that made me softly groan. Regardless, I kept taking notes. This was an important lesson and I was determined to get a good grade in this class. But with each minute that passed, my stomach seemed to swirl uncomfortably and the fuzziness in my head turned into a thick fog, making my thoughts muddled and making taking notes much harder. Just need to get to the end of this class, I thought. I gritted my teeth as I felt the nausea in my stomach intensify. 

I felt a light, warm hand on my back, and a surge of warmth rushed through me, a welcome feeling among all the unpleasant ill feelings consuming my body right now. Only one person could have that effect on me, without having to speak first. 

“You ok, y/n?” C/n whispered, his voice thick with concern. 

“Feeling just peachy,” I answered without my normal sass. The words were sarcastic but the grimace in my voice was obvious. 

As if on cue, I started coughing, sputtering as I tried to catch my breath, the pain of my sore throat making my eyes water. 

“Ok, no. Mrs. T/n, y/n is feeling very ill and I’m gonna take her to the nurse,” c/n said, grabbing the hall pass, and without missing a beat he pulled me up from my seat and wrapped his arm around my waist protectively. 

I wanted to argue, but didn’t have the energy.


After puking in the bathroom at school, I had fallen asleep in the nurse’s office and the last thing I remember was c/n’s concerned e/c eyes staring down into mine as the nurse checked me out.

Now, my eyes opened slowly and I felt my body sway with movement. But I wasn’t walking. That’s when I felt the steady pressure of arms circling me and a steady chest rise and fall against my dangling body. For a second, I panicked realizing I was being carried by someone but my fears disappeared when I smelt that familiar, calming scent that clung to c/n at all times. My eyes focused on an opening door that he pushed open, and I registered that we were in my house, entering my bedroom. I clung to his shirt, whimpering into his chest as I thought how he’d probably let me go and drive back to school. 

“Shh, it’s okay, darling,” he whispered, his tone so tender and soft I thought I was going to melt right then and there. 

He called me darling. We were supposed to be best friends. Did best friends call each other that? With that tone? I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t process anything clearly, my mind a muddled mess. 

My body slowly melted into my cold bed, and I made a face at the feeling, missing c/n’s body heat already. Through my half opened eyes, I saw him reaching for the blanket to tuck me in. As the blanket covered me halfway, reaching my stomach, I stopped his hand gently with my hand. 

“Something wrong?” He asked with so much worry in his voice I wanted to cry. 

“I’m not in my pajamas.” In any other case I would have smirked, but I was so desperate for sleep all I really cared about was getting into comfortable clothes and warming up in my blankets to sleep off the nausea. 

A shaky breath left c/n’s mouth as he pulled the comforter back down, baring my jean and t-shirt clad body to him. 

“Y-you-you want me to get yo-your pajamas for you?”

“No, I want you to undress me and put them on for me,” I clarified and even through the hoarseness of my throat I could hear the mischief of my tone.

“Y-you sure, y/n?” C/n asked timidly, still hovering over me. 

“Fuck’s sake, if you won’t I’ll do it myself,” I grumbled, throwing my jeans off. Apparently, sick me was also a sexually frustrated, grumpy me. I groaned as the movement made the nauseousness in my stomach and pain in my head flare.

C/n’s blush was unmistakable as he gawked at my brave move, but instead of being rude and sitting and staring he pulled me gently to him.

“Arms up,” he breathed, his trembling fingers grazing my hot skin as he pulled the hem of my shirt up and over my head. 

I rested back on my pillow, sighing from the effort. His breathing was unsteady and I smiled weakly at the fact that I was having such an effect on him even when I was sick. 

Coming to his senses, he scrambled through my drawers searching for my pajamas. I enjoyed the great view of his ass. He returned, carrying the pair of my favorite, fluffiest pair of sleeping pants. 

Moving to the bottom of the bed, he lifted my legs one by one, putting them through the leg holes of the pants. 

“You have cute little toesies,” he said, tickling my toes. This drew a giggle from me. He chuckled and shimmied the pants up my legs.

I lifted my hips up so he could fit them on completely. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy how his gaze darkened just the slightest at the sight and he slipped the waistband of the pants securely on me.

“I have no shirt,” I grinned. 

His voice came out shaky and hoarse, as if he was the one who was sick, only he sounded hot unlike me. “I can fix that.” Flinging his hoodie off, leaving him in a black shirt, he pulled me up like before and he fit the hoodie over my head. 

A laugh burst from his lips as my hair covered my face in an unruly mess.

“Don’t ever work at a funeral home. You’re horrible at dressing people,” I grumbled, though I was fully enjoying the warmth of his hoodie snuggling into it as I layed back down.

“What about undressing. Am I good at that?” He whispered, his hand brushing away the crazy strands of hair obstructing my view. 

“Well, it could be perfected a little. You’re welcome to practice with me anytime,” I grinned seeing his face turn red as a tomato.

He sat there staring down at me, his hands found mine, fidgeting with my fingers. Finally something seemed to draw him back, and he pulled the covers up over my still figure. I was falling back to sleep, but my fingers missed the warmth of his fingertips immediately. I reached out to where I thought he was as my eyes were closed. 

“What are you reaching over there for?” His voice came out a sexy whisper in my ear, a smile in his tone.

My head whipped to the side and he slipped himself under the covers, immediately pulling me to him and I nestled my head into the crook of his neck. The goosebumps on his skin spread from the point from where my breath hit his soft skin.

“I thought you were leaving,” I almost whimpered, the thought making me more nauseous than my own sickness.

“I’m not going anywhere unless you want me to,” He reassured in hushed tones, kissing the side of my head and brushing my hair with his fingertips.

“You’re in luck. You’re my favorite person, so it looks like you’ll be staying around for forever,” I smiled sleepily, as his throaty chuckle filled my ear that echoed into my dreams as I rested safe and warm in his arms.

TIGER & BUNNY Appreciation Week
DAY 7:
Free Day (Last Day)

Okay, I have a huge urge to confess that Tiger & Bunny fandom is the only fandom so far that I enjoy watching some good quality MMD videos of.

I came across this video a few weeks ago and it inspired me to draw Ryan from that one cute pose he does in one split second. (Also I want to make it clear that I don’t want in his pants, I want his pants.)

My other fav T&B MMD videos under the cut!

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trying to get back into drawing. here are some xillia 2 boys as ladies. sorry rowen isn’t here, i tried and failed. imagine her channeling clarisse renaldi (aka classy as heck).

some comments that you’re free to delete: i wanted to draw girl jude in red tights so i put her some shorts. she wears heels because she wants to be taller. also toned legs aaayyy. alvin’s more or less the same, with a scarf that i think looks nice. gaius i had a hard time with, especially that coat. gave her a cropped jacket in the end because cropped jackets are my thing. she has an hourglass figure. julius is pretty much the same too, with cropped pants instead. still has an undercut. i wanted to draw her somewhat big-boned but it was hard. just pretend she is. ivar didn’t change much either. matches jude in height and the exposed legs area. more cropped jackets. i think she came out really cute. i had no idea what to do with ludger’s hair and by the time i figured it out, i didn’t feel like thinking too hard about her clothes. so it’s also mostly unchanged, except the pants. she’s skinny compared to her sis.

The Premier 2 (smut)

Civil war spoilers.

Prompt: part two of the premier.

Warning: smut

Note: Feel free to request anything. I don’t judge trust me. I will do anyone from the marvel cinematic universe. Also you can request an interracial imagine for those who are not white.

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I had been very quiet after dinner.

Mainly because I was thinking about Tom’s tongue on my-

“Are you okay?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine just excited to see how your powers look on the big screen,” I replied.

“Yeah, its kinda hard playing Wanda sometimes,” She said.

She turned around and went to sit with Scarlett.

I took my seat and I felt someone else come and sit very close to me.

It was Tom.

The lights dimmed and he grabbed my hand.

I felt may panties getting wetter.

We watched the movie in a comfortable silence and then our part came up.

Me and Tom had a sex scene.

I played his best friend and after cleaning him up after the fight things got really heated.

I cross my legs as Tom’s character slams mine against the wall. They make out intensely then Tom’s character starts kissing up my neck.

I start squirming in my seat as I watch us get into it on screen.

And here it comes, I hear my character softly moan as Tom’s character wraps her legs around his torso.

Soon they start undressing each other.

I don’t know how much more I can take of this.

Tom looks at me and see’s how horny our scene made me.

“Follow me, let me take real good care of you,” He said in a low husky voice.

We get up and I follow him to the doorway and into the hallway.

“Where are we going?” I ask, we can’t just abandoned the movie.

He turns back and looks at me.

“Do you want to sit on my face or not?” He asks.

My eyes widen as big as saucers and I flush in embarrassment.

“Your so cute when your embarrassed,” He says grabbing my hand.

Our premier just so happened to be in a hotel.

We head up to his room.

I barely stepped a foot in and Tom had already ripped one of my straps off.

Just like the movie, he had slammed me against the wall and hosted me up gripping my thighs.

He slipped his suit jacket off then his button down down came off.

I slid my hands down his muscular chest.

Tom’s hands worked there way to my back unzipping my dress and it cascaded down my body.

He unzipped his pants and picked me back up against the wall

“You have no idea how long i’ve wanted this,” He said.

His eyes trailed down to my black lace bra and pantie set.

His lips met mine and he kissed me hard with so much lust.

He kissed down my neck and hosted me up further till his mouth could reach my wetness.

“Already nice and wet for me, huh?” He teased.

“Shut up and eat me o-fuck!” I screamed as he darted his tongue inside me.

“Fuck!” I moaned as he licked and sucked my wetness.

His tongue circle my clit and gently sucked it.

I felt tightness in my lower abdomen.

“I-I’m gonna cum,” I said.

Then he stuck his tongue further in hitting my g-pot as I released onto his tongue.

He slid me back down to eye level.

“Your so fucking delicious,” He said licking his lips.

He unhooked my bra and placed his hand breast groping it.

I moaned in satisfied.

He slipped off his briefs and his manhood sprung out.

Shit. That’s not gonna fit.

“Your absolutely gorgeous, you know that?” He said looking down at my fully naked body.

He saw the worried look I had.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), it’ll fit,” He said.

“But what if it doesn’t?” I ask.

“We can take it slow then,” He replied.

He rested the tip in the slowly slid inside.

“Shit, (Y/N)” He moaned.

He fit in very tightly. He filled in me all the way slowly pounding back and forth.

“Faster!” I cried.

He picked up the pace slamming me up against the wall.

“Y-Your so tight, Fuck (Y/N)!” He screamed in pleasure.

He pounded into me in a steady rhythm causing the feeling of pure ecstasy.

“Tom, yes” I moaned.

“Say my name,” He breathed.

“Tom! Tom! Yes,” I continued.

He continued pounding into my gripping my thighs and attacking my neck.

“I'am close,” I said.

“M-Me too,” He replied.

I released onto him and soon after he filled me up with his seed.

After our breathing had calmed down I tried to talk to Tom.

“I wanted to tell you that I linda had a crush on you,” I said.

“I kinda got that when you where screaming my name, but I’ve liked you since the first day you came on set,” He replied smiling.

“You did?” I asked.

“Yeah, everyone knew but you,” He replied.

I bent down to grab my dress.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Putting my dress back on, Aren’t we done,” I said.

Tom picked me up and thew me on the bed.

“I'am not nearly done with you,” He said climbing on top of me.


frostpudding: As you probably know the play starts with Tom singing at the piano, dark room and just a divine spotlight on him. I can tell you that Tom still knows how to sing and his voice just breaks under the weight of his sadness. Then he leaves the stage and Claudius, his uncle, is in front of us, really president of USA like, on live on tv. When Tom comes back, my heart starts to ache : he cried, his eyes red and full of tears and full of rage.
To be a bit short:

The scenes with his “ghost father” were very intense, scary and Tom had a very particular energy during those scenes. And the moment when he crawls under the carpet was funny !

The painted face and Danish flag moment was hilarious, black and white paint… And when he is sitting with Polonius on the couch too… He comes closer and closer of Polonius and does everything he does.

When Rozencrantz and Guilderstern come and start dancing it was hilarious !!! Snake hips, fists in the air, glimpse of his tummy …(the song was : Kendrick Lamar - i)
When he meets the actors to set his trap, the way he shushes Polonius was hilarious…the glance and the “I'am going to slap you if you don’t shut up” were very funny!
Tom goes totally mad when he kills Polonius and then it’s brilliant…he is horrified …

The scene with Yorik’s skull was … Unexpected ! The gravedigger plays drums on the skulls and then Tom picking up Yorik’s one and makes it talk with a funny accent and doing his “ehehehe”!
Ophelia’s burial got me…Tom was right in front of us… I was on the verge of my seat for the duel… It looks so real… It was thrilling!!!
Tom’s pants were really tight… And his shirt too, we could see him breathe with this tummy I’m still mesmerised!!! It’s so cute !
At the end of the play they carried him just like in Kenneth’s Hamlet movie, so I think it was done on purpose.

His energy was incredible, I felt it all the way through, sometimes jumping, or trying to protect myself from his anger or very worried, I wanted to go on stage and took him in my arms because he looked so sad it was heartbreaking.
They came 3 times at the end of the play and B.Cumby was there too!
#TomHiddleston #hamlet #radahamlet


Too Pretty *Hector Bellerin imagine*


“Wait, wait ,wait Y/N say that one more time” Alex said

I looked at him and chuckled, “Say what?” 

Alex groaned, “C’mon you just said it” 

I laughed a little bit, before repeating what I’d said earlier, “Soccer” I said

Alex smiled, “That’s just so cute, Yo Hector!” He called out

Hector turned around raising an eyebrow, “What?” He asked when he came closer 

Alex smiled and pointed towards me, “Have you heard her say soccer yet? It’s literally the cutest thing” He said

Hector gave him a blank stare and rolled his eyes, “I do live with her and she is my girlfriend, Alex” 

He chuckled, “Alright sorry mister grumpy pants” Alex said, “Hey Y/N I’ll see you later I’ve gotta go before Olivier chops off my head” He said

I smiled giving him a wave, “See you later Alex” I said 

Hector only groaned before walking over to the pitch, confused I jogged in order to reach him and when I did he didn’t pay attention to me. “Hector” I said 

Nothing, “Hector what’s wrong” I asked

“Nothings wrong Y/N” He said as we’d reached the pitch

I sighed going over to the bench, and watching practice. “Hey Y/N, what’s up with Hector? “ Alexis asked

I looked over to him and shrugged, “I have no idea he just got grumpy all of a sudden” 

He nodded, “He’ll get over it soon” 

I sighed, “Hopefully” 

As practice went on Hector didn’t look my way, and he kept sending death glares to the guys whenever they’d come over to say ‘hello’. At the end of practice Hector didn’t leave until all the guys were gone, and when he’d come over to get his stuff he was silent. “Hector” I said

“What Y/N” 

I sighed, “What’s wrong?” 

“Nothing wrong Y/N” 

“Obviously something is wrong, I mean you’re all grumpy now” 

Hector chuckled but stopped abruptly, “I’m not grumpy” 

“Hey Hector what’s up man?” Alex asked Olivier next to him

Hector looked over and just nodded his head, “Okay?” Alex says

I sighed when the two looked over to me, “He says he’s not grumpy” I told them

“He looks grumpy, so I’m just gonna ask you Y/N”

I looked over to him, “What’s up?”

“Would you guys like to come over and hangout “

I smiled, “Sure as long as there’s no scary movies involved” I said

Alex chuckled, “You can always hold onto me if you’re scared” 

I didn’t get to respond because, Hector had thrown his bottle on the floor and grabbed my face placing a kiss on my lips. And what started off as a kiss then obviously turned into a making out, when I pulled apart for air Hector turned to the two very weirded out men and spoke, “We can’t make it maybe next time” 

I didn’t even get a chance to say anything once again, as Hector grabbed my hand this time and escorted the two of us out of the training grounds and to the car. “Hec-”

“If I hear another man call you cute I’m going to go insane” He said 

I looked at him chuckling, “You’re jealous of Alex?”

He shook his head, “Not jealous Y/N”

I smiled, “You’re jealous”

“I’m not jealous of a man who’s shorter than I am” 

I laughed, “Hector that’s mean” 

He shrugged, “Not mean just the truth” 

I chuckled placing  a kiss on his cheek, “You’re jealous”

  • oh so i just remembered this interaction from my trip to a&e over the weekend and It's Cute
  • me: *shuffling out of the radiology room, wearing a hospital gown and yoga pants*
  • my girlfriend: how was that
  • me: i bled all over the x-ray table
  • my girlfriend: oh honey. do you want your blankie?
  • my girlfriend: ...sorry that came out real patronising
  • my girlfriend: but here's your blankie anyway
  • some guy in the waiting room, very quietly: ...*I* want a blankie

jhrampage17  asked:

Okay so I had money in my pocket and forgot and I put my pants in the washer and then the pizza delivery girl came and she was cute and that made me nervous so I'm looking everywhere for my money and I remembered its in my pocket so I had to give her a sopping wet 20 and I asked if that was okay and she's like I'll just hang It up to dry. I've seen this one before too and now she thinks I'm this weirdo who has wet money.


this is what happens when you try to get a nice pic of  them.

gom+ kagami + kuroko

Quick thing based on this pic on twitter, look at those piyos, so so incredible cute… I couldn’t help my self, im sorry. 

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Okay so I just had a dream that tom Felton came to my place of work dressed in this emerald green felt dinner jacket & black pants & he was standing at the door & everyone was like "shit that's tom let him in" &he was like "I'm here to convert u" & I was like ??? & he was like "u don't like Draco, I'm here to show u why u should like him" & I was like ???? "I still have a grudge he was mean" & tom said"yeh he was wasn't he?" then we talked about how much of a bully he was lmao 😂

okay, did tom just step out of the 70s with that damn emerald green felt jacket like omg what even is this 😂😂😂 i love your brain, cute nonnie <3

I felt sad I wasn’t giving my block b babies the attention they deserve and I was so excited watching them on the mcountdown comeback stage and the first song I LOVE honestly so soft and pastel lmao I just love it they act so cute and jaehyo is my man fight me , but then shall we dance came on…. WHYYYY I WANNA KNOW WHYYY they keep choosing that hair and those clothes someone tell me I needs to know who did that to Kyung ? A mullet a freaking mullet it is so ugly lmaooo but at least it is funny but ukwon baby why? That’s ugly and not even funny, p.o is my husband and I’m not mad about the leather pants lol, like obviously they’re songs are my jam but their looks…they deserve better but they love it???they always do that???someone who can explain to me? Help



If I thought I was going to stay up waiting for him I was wrong. Instead I woke up to one tattooed covered arm resting across my stomach while the other was laying under my shirt his hand just chilling on my left breast; his hold literally preventing me from going anywhere.

I chuckled faintly fluttering my eyes opened noticing how the sun was peeking through the closed curtains creating a light glow in the dark room.

August slept peacefully behind me his heavy breathing greeting my ears. I’m not sure how he was comfortable laying like this but whatever. Prying his arm from my stomach he moved around in his sleep letting me go. I sighed climbing out of the bed and going to the bathroom.

Closing the door behind me I did my business flushing the toilet and washing my hands. I ran my wet hands down my face trying to wake myself up but it wasn’t working.

Grabbing my toothbrush I sleepily started the process of brushing my teeth and washing my face.

My thoughts drifted back to a couple hours ago and I couldn’t help but be curious as to where Aug went and exactly what time did he get back. Most importantly what did he do? With and exasperated sigh I dropped the wet wash cloth on the sink walking out of the bathroom and into the living room.

I was still upset and as of now had nothing to say to him. He did the one thing I asked him not to do, which was leave me. I was so tired and the thought of sleeping all day sounded like heaven as of now, but I promised Mama Sheila that we’ll go out to lunch today and maybe shop. I needed retail therapy. Anything to get my mind off my reoccurring drama.

Curling up on the couch I yawned closing my eyes. I was exhausted but for the life of me I couldn’t go back to sleep and I knew exactly why but the way my attitude is set up I’m just going to have to be sleepy.

Instead of trying to go back to sleep I thought about Augs sister. I wasn’t really sure what she had against me and honestly I didn’t care. No disrespect to her at all because Aug is her brother but her opinion of me isn’t anything I’m going to be pressed about.

I’ll still be nice to her because I have no problem with her but I’ll never try and become friends with her, unless she approaches me like a grown woman instead of a child. I also noticed how half if not all the females who weren’t family were looking at me or better yet glaring at me. I’m not a clueless female and I knew why and I still never gave them a reason to really be mad. I could’ve but I’m not a petty person.

On a brighter note I absolutely adored Augs family they were so cute. Especially his grandma. I was serious when I said I was taking her home with me.

Like her grandson she has no chill and I see where Aug gets it from. It happened when Aug and I were eating and Chay Chay had came and sat next to me. I’m not sure what we were talking about but she somehow got me to agree to her and I just spending a day together before I left. I had no problem with it because she’s my baby but I knew that I was going to show the same treatment to my other two babies.

Anyway, in the midst of us talking Augs grandma ran her fragile fingers through my curls and shook her head staring at my hair in astonishment. “All dis hair. Chile I pray ya n’ Aug have a boy ‘cause grams refuse ta do hair betta ask Kay Kay.” I chuckled, “but how you know Aug and I gone have kids?” She grinned patting my head, “ma po’ babeh. I’m jus’ surprised it ain’ happened yet.” Can you believe she hit me with the Kermit and sipped her drink. I almost spit out my juice but I held it in.

Since it was only the four of us in the kitchen Chay Chay giggled quietly but continued to take selfies on my phone. Aug on the other hand entertained her and I really just wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. “Dats wha’ we got Cha Cha fa. Ain’ dat right babeh?” He responded before rubbing my stomach. I sucked my teeth moving his hand, “you play entirely too much.” He was forever doing that stupid stuff in front of people. I smiled at the memory hearing Augs footsteps.

I ignored him feeling the couch shift before my feet where placed in his lap. I still didn’t look at him, I didn’t want to because if I did I knew without a doubt I’d find myself forgetting why I was upset in the first place.

“I’m sorry a’ight.” I shrugged, playing with my nails. I was in desperate need of a polish change and fill in. Maybe that’s what I and mama Sheila will also do today. “Gi, babeh ya got’a undastand whea’ I’m comin’ from.” Sighing I finally sat up against the couch and looked at him.

“What happened to you?!” I screamed unintentionally going the short distance over towards him. With my knees pressed against the couch I sat on the side of him grabbing his face softly.

The cuts and scratches along his face was nothing compared to the bruise along his jaw line. “Au-” “I got into a fight.” He cut me off saying it like it wasn’t the most obvious thing in the world.

Touching the bruise he winced moving away from me and I shook my head. “With?” While he prolonged with answering me I grabbed the hotel phone dialing room service so they could bring me a first aide kit.

I change my major and I still can’t get away from it.

“Who ya think?” That’s all I needed to know before I shook my head. “Where is he?” A question I don’t think I really wanted an answer to.

Thankfully the hotel concierge sent the housekeeper up with a first aide kit which I thanked her for before shutting the door and treading into the bathroom. August followed behind me before I pointed for him to sit down.

Pulling off his shirt which I took note of the blood stains that I already came to the conclusion weren’t his I kicked it to the side.

Standing in between his legs his hands went straight to my ass palming it in his hands. “It’on matta whea he at jus’ kno ya ain’ gott’a worry ‘bout dat nigga no mo.”

“This is going to hurt.” Disregarding everything he said I dabbed the alcohol pad on the opened cut as he flexed his jaw but never made a sound. When a person makes a statement like that all I can think is murder.

“He has two daughters and a sister August.” It’s like I said the wrong thing because he glared at me making me freeze in my movements.

“Do ya think I give a fuck ‘bout wha’ he got? Dats ya problem B.” Sucking ma teeth I purposely placed the new alcohol pad on a different cut not warning him.

His grip on my waist tightened making me bite my lip. “You always claim how something is my problem. I’m sorry that I care about the sake of your life. My bad.”

“Fuck outta hea’ wit dat sarcastic shit B fa’real I ain’ een in tha mood.”

“And I’m not trying to deal with your attitude so here.” Dropping the bandages on his lap I walked out the bathroom and into the bedroom. My phone was now on the bed.

Annoyed and aggravated with him I dialed Cha asking her to come and get me. I wasn’t staying here with him. “Brook babeh!” I smiled genuinely, she’s so cute. “Hi baby, where are you?” “At the store what’s up buttercup?” I chuckled at her bubbly personality.

“Can you come get me please?” I dragged out. “Sure pumpkin. Where’s Aug?” I licked my lips grabbing my bag from off the floor and sitting it on my lap. “He’s here.” Cha sighed sadly, “I need y’all to get it right. Why y’all can’t never be great?” I chuckled even though everything she said was the truth. “I ask myself this everyday.”

“Mhmm and yet here ya go running away. I’ll be there in a hour ok?” “Ok, thanks Cha Cha.” She laughed cutely, “welcome babe.” Hanging up I pulled out my favorite black maxi dress.

Throwing it on the bed along with my duffle bag I let out a groan standing up. Aug came out the bathroom with a attitude his phone glued to his ear. I didn’t care to hear his conversation so I went to take a shower.

I didn’t want to know the details of what happened between August and Benny I just wanted to know was he alive. That’s all, I didn’t care if he was hurt; I cared about August, paranoid because it could get traced back to him.

I was also mad at the twins because I knew they weren’t going to let Aug do anything alone. I was mad at every last one of them. Corey and Tory are something like my big brothers and like Aug I’ll be upset if something happened to them as well.

I didn’t take as long as I wanted in the shower and since I had already brushed my teeth and washed my face a couple minutes ago I was good. Drying my body off with the towel I came out the steamy bathroom shivering from the coolness.

Aug was laid across the bed his hat covering his face one hand resting in his sweat pants and the other over his chest. He looked so cute.

Letting the towel drop it created a pool around my feet and ankles. Grabbing the lotion from out the bag I let out a frustrated noise when my phone vibrated loudly.

Picking it up I answered it seeing how it was my mother calling. Just the person I needed when I’m already stressing.

“Mom.” Holding the phone between my ear and cheek I sat on the edge of the bed beginning to lotion my body. “Why is that I always have to call you?” Spreading the Jasmine scented body cream on my leg I held it up rubbing it in. “I know I’m a horrible daughter but I’ll do better.”

“You said that last time. When am I and your father going to meet this friend of yours?”

Licking my lips out of habit I shrugged my shoulders. “Next month I promise. Well maybe sooner. Kai has her engagement party in two weeks so yeah.” I wasn’t sure about the status of my mom and Kai’s relationship but I don’t think she wouldn’t not come to her engagement party. Especially if it’s a big deal for Kai and Jay.

“I won’t be in attendance.” She uttered stubbornly making me want to scream. “Mommy that’s not right and you know it.” She sucked her teeth childishly.

Knowing that I was on the phone with my mom Aug still chose to annoy me and decided to pull me closer to him his face in the crook of my neck. I didn’t even hear him move around in the bed. “I don’t care. She said I was no longer invited and didn’t want me around her anyway.” I was only half way listening to her as Aug kissed the inside of my neck. Moving away from him I quickly grabbed the pink lace boy shorts slipping them over me.

“Mommy have you ever thought that maybe just maybe all Kai wants is a sincere apology? And not the one you gave her when you all went to dinner.” I asked hesitantly snatching my bra out of Augs hand.

“Can you stop?” I mumbled which he only responded with laughing. And he calls me bipolar.

“She owes me an apology Brooklyn I’m the mother.” Why am I always the one playing Dr. Phil when it comes to Kai and my mother? I don’t see why they won’t get therapy, honestly our whole family needs it but I’m not big on letting people I don’t know in so maybe just Kai, my daddy, and mom will go.

Throwing the bottle of lotion to Aug who glared at me even though he caught it. I sat in front of him motioning for him to put it on my back. I momentarily forgot exactly who my boyfriend was and seeing as though we haven’t had sex in close to two days I literally just set myself up.

“Mom really? Daddy and Kai told me what happened. It wasn’t right to call her out her name.” Calling your child a bitch to me is the most disrespectful thing you could ever do. Especially saying it to your daughter.

August placed his hands flat against my back the lotion making me shiver from it being so cold. “Why are you always taking sides?” Moving his hands up to where he reached my shoulders he massaged it in and I let out a content sigh relaxing my tense body completely. “I’m not having this conversation with you. You and I both know I never take sides. I just know right from wrong. And you’re wrong.”

“B stop talkin’ ta ya mama like dat.” I rolled my eyes ignoring him. “Fine Brooklyn I’ll talk to you later.” Here she goes making me feel guilty. Nibbling on my bottom lip I twisted the gold rings on my fingers staring down at my bare thighs. “Mommy.”

Aug stopped the movements of his hands and I was thankful he didn’t try anything. “Yeah.” “I’m sorry ok I just wish you and my sister would get over whatever it is and go back to how it was when I was little.” Kai and my mom use to have a bond like ours but after she left home her and my mom haven’t been right ever since.

“I know baby. I’ll see ok?” Smiling because we were making progress I agreed. “I loves you mommy.” She laughed genuinely almost making me want to cry because I haven’t heard her laugh like this in a while. “I love you too Princess.” After hanging up with my mommy and placing my phone on the charger because it was on sixty percent I finally focused my attention on my very quiet boyfriend.

While his attention was on his phone mine was on his face. Even with the cuts and bruises he still looked good to me. He wasn’t going to tell me the details of last night so me trying to pry it out of him was a lost cause. “Quit starin’ at me.”

Instead of responding to him I grabbed the dress stepping into it and shimmied my way into the tight fitted dress. Frowning because I just bought this and it fit perfectly when I tried it on.

“I’on kno whea ya think ya goin’ wit’cha titties out.” Ignoring him and facing the mirror I placed my curly hair on top of my head styling it into a loose bun. Fixing it to my liking I turned my necklace around so the ‘A’ was facing correctly. Fingering the gold chain I smiled remembering the day he gave it to me.

It feels like we’ve been together for so long but in all actuality we haven’t even hit three months. My bipolar boyfriend stood up from the bed his 6’1 stance towering over my 5’1 frame.

Snaking his arms around my slim waist he rested his chin on my shoulder. “I’ll kill any nigga fa ya Gi.” See what I mean. His innuendos has got to stop.

Placing my hands on top of his arms I stared at him through the mirror raising my right eyebrow. “I know you will Anthony.” Turning in his arms I stood on my tippy toes locking my arms around his neck. Pecking the ‘A’ on his neck only to pull away and kiss his bottom lip I looked up at him seeing him already looking down at me. “I won’t bring up Benny anymore but please just promise me whatever it is that happened won’t come up in the future.”

Squeezing my waist he kissed my forehead and I closed my eyes smiling. “I promise Gi a’ight.” Lifting my chin with his index finger he kissed my nose making me giggle. “A’ight babeh? Ya ain’ got’a worry ‘bout him or any of dat shit. I knew who tha nigga was ta begin wit.” Shocked I opened my mouth only to close it back before doing it again.

I couldn’t find the words, I was struggling to get a complete sentence out. “Bu-” he placed his long finger against my lips sshhing me. I smacked his hand away, he knew I hated when he did that. “Tha less ya kno tha betta. Na chill.” “Fine.” Stubbornly I replied only to roll my eyes when his phone vibrated. “Really August? Yo shit been going off since last night.” It couldn’t be the twins or any of his other friends that were blowing him up so I was curious as to who it was.

“It ain’ nobody but D stop always complainin’. N’ I tol’ya bout dat cursin’ shit B.” My smart reply was cut short by the ringing of my phone. I figured it was Cha when I glanced at the time on my watch.

Stepping away from Aug and over to my phone I answered before she could hang up. “I’m here babycakes!” This bubbly personality she has right now. I just can’t.

“K here I come.” With my bag in hand I made sure I had everything before slipping my feet into my black and gold Tory Burch sandals.

“Bye baby. Love you.” He was on the phone I guess talking to his manager. Not really wanting to bother him I kissed the corner of his mouth before walking towards the door.

“Gi hol’up.”

“Huh?” Turning around to see him behind me, he caught me way off guard when he pulled me into him making me stumble into his chest. His plump lips captured mine sending chills down my body and my heart to beat rapidly out of my chest.

His tongue grazed against the roof of my mouth. Placing my small hands on both his cheeks careful of the bruise that he now sported on his jawline I brought his face closer to my level his strong arms wrapping securely around my body.

I promise I could kiss August all day and never get tired. Needing air I pulled away gently biting his bottom lip before releasing it watching it pop back into place. “N’ dats ha ya tell ya man bye.” Blushing and laughing I shook my head pecking his lips quickly.

“Luh ya Giselle.”


“What about this mommy?” Holding up the multi colored dress with a plunging neckline she stared at it before a bright smile adorned her face. “I’ll take it.” Snatching it out my hand I grinned before looking through the rack of clothes.

After Cha picked me up we went to mama Sheila’s house to which she stayed all of two minutes before she left.

“So Brooklyn?” Grabbing the the BCBG sweater from off the hanger I held it up to my body mumbling a low hmm. “I didn’t get to ask ya this yestaday but has Aug met your parents.” I shook my head no holding the sweater in my arms.

Being that I’ve met everyone Aug was close to and he has yet to meet my parents looks really bad but on the contrary it’s never a good time or our schedules just never conflict to where we can fly to Miami so he could meet them.

“No but he will. My sister Kai has an engagement party in two weeks so he’ll meet them then.” She nodded but didn’t say much.

“Can I ask ya sum’n babeh?”

“Sure.” Pushing a loose strand behind my ear we walked towards the shoe section of Saks. “Wha’ is it about ma son that has ya so in love with him?” She didn’t say it in a bad way at all but more so curious. A question any caring mother would ask to be honest.

Smiling I absentmindedly played with my necklace thinking about Aug. Hearing her chuckle quietly next to me I blushed looking at her. “I think I kno’ tha answer but I wanna hea’ it from you.” Biting my glossy lips I chuckled.

“Honestly he’s everything to me. I’m in love with my best friend and someone who I can see a future with. And it feels good to know he loves me just the same. I’ve never felt like this before mommy truthfully it sometimes gets scary because I find myself thinking the worst.” She smiled knowingly taking a seat in one of the chairs in the shoe section.

I sat next to her waiting for her to drop some knowledge. “Well im’a tell ya like dis. Neva let past relationship issues transpire inta a new one. It’s a different person wit different issues. Don’t let wha’ happened wit ya last relationship make ya feel like ya’on deserve tha best babeh. Ya hea’ me?” I nodded even though I’ve never told her about my past it’s amazing how everything she said I could relate to.

“I’m learning, I think.” She grinned patting my thigh. “I can tell, nah when we’re done hea’ ya gon’ go back ta wheaeva y’all stayin’ n’ y’all gon’ talk.” I frowned making her smirk. “Chandra can’t hol’ water chile.” Shaking my head I found myself laughing. “I should’ve known.” Both laughing we stood up from the chairs before we continued with shopping.

Mama Sheila just became my second mommy in a matter of a day. Not only was she understanding but she was so easy to talk to. Don’t get me wrong I love my mommy but it’s not easy to talk to her when she’s always judging my choices or making me feel like I’m making the wrong decision.

After shopping we had went and got our nails done where we talked about Netia. I was honestly tired of bringing her up or even thinking about it. But, mama Sheila explained that she just isn’t fond of new people which is perfectly fine because I’m not either but still don’t disrespect me. Anyway, after getting that out the way the rest of the afternoon was spent with us just getting to know each other.

I’m not telling Aug but I even played matchmaker. “Brooklyn I’m not goin’ out wit him.” I pouted giving her the same face Aug always falls for. “But he fine he even looks like a mini Idris Elba minus that London accent. He a preacher and he not married. Please mommy?” She chuckled staring at me blankly. “Well he is fine and he was checkin fa sum’a mama Sheila.” I sighed eyed her drinking from the pop I got from when we went to Popeyes.

“He was doing what?” She grinned fixing the sunglasses she wore. “Checkin’ fa me.” Laughing I shook my head, she was so cute. I’m taking her home with me too.

“Auntie B I have a question?” This was the second half of my day. Me and my little pumpkin Chay Chay back at the mall. Courtesy of Augs car since he was out with his brother and them. “What’s your question?”

“So there’s this boy.” My eyes widened and I smiled looking down at her. “Really?” She nodded before blushing. “Yes and he’s really cute and he asked me to be his friend.” I chuckled making a detour towards the purses. I was in need of a new wallet. “And what did you say?” Holding my hand she swung our hands back and forth her eyes falling on a cute over the shoulder Michael Kors bag. It was pink with the gold MK symbol in the front. “I told him no.”

Yup this my niece. Blood or not. “How come?” I grabbed the purse for her since her eyes never left it figuring I’ll get it for her. Her eyes lit up when I handed it to her. “Really?” I chuckled and nodded, “yup, we have to take it to the register first.” She squealed excitedly before hugging me tightly. “Thank you auntie. You the best.”

“You’re welcome babycakes now finish telling me about this boy.” I didn’t leave my other babies out either getting Kay Kay a Disney Princess diamond charm bracelet which wasn’t cheap and I got Maya the cutest pair of kids Burberry boots. Only because I knew she loved shoes, like me. Now maybe I went overboard but I couldn’t help it. I really couldn’t.

“Well I told him no because I don’t want to be his friend right now.” This was so amusing to me. She’s only eight going on nine and talks likes she’s twice her age. “Why don’t you want to be his friend right now?” She shrugged swinging the shopping bag in her hand. “Because he play too much auntie. He’s always bothering me and taking my crayons.” Smirking I knew Aug would have a heart attack at a young age if he heard this conversation.

“Well pumpkin he just thinks you’re pretty and he likes you.” She shrugged, “boys are confusing.” Sighing dramatically I almost fell out. “Chay you say it like you know.” Giggling she pushed her hair out her face. “I do.” Lord, bless this child. “Just a secret between you and I. When boys don’t know how to talk to a pretty girl they get shy and they start acting weird. Your uncle did it.” She laughed and nodded, “he did?” “Yup, I thought he was confusing too. Well he still is but you get it.” She nodded like she really understood me which I was almost a hundred percent sure she probably did.

“I still don’t want to be his friend he’s just cute.” Sounding just like a mini Kiana and I. “It’s nothing wrong with that babe. Just no boyfriends right now ok?” She nodded her head rapidly. “Yes my mommy said school is more important.” I knew Cha already had the boy talk with Chay, she was at a age where it was something that she needed to hear. Nowadays these little girls start hoing young and I knew Cha wasn’t having that.

“And your mommy is right. It’s ok to be friends though only if you want.” She nodded her head and unexpectedly hugged me. “Thank you auntie B. I love you.” Oh my God my heart. “I love you too Chaylin.” Hugging her back I kissed her cheek before I stood up to my full height.

Chay grinned, “can we eat now?” I nodded even though I ate literally a couple of hours ago I was still hungry. “Sure babe then we’re going to get your sisters that’s cool.”

“Coo’ babeh.” She made her voice like Aug making me grin before laughing. “Well at least one of my babies got’a chill.” Kay Kay had none, I realized her chill was nonexistent when she called her uncle immigrant. Chay Chay lacked it so that left my baby Maya.

“I got chill.”

“Sure you do babe.”

That was basically how the rest of my day was spent up until later that night. I wasn’t sure how long Aug planned on us staying here but it couldn’t be that long. I still had Kai’s wedding to plan and being that it was a destination wedding it meant twice as much work.

Not to forget school was two and half months away and Kiana’s birthday was next month along with my parents anniversary party.

I wasn’t planning Kia’s party because she didn’t want that. She just wanted to go out with her friends and demanded for me to buy her a case of snickers and a Chanel bag. If she wasn’t my best friend I would’ve looked at her like she lost her entire mind but since she’s the bestie I don’t mind.

“Brook hea cut dese up.” I pouted, I hated cutting up onions. “But im’a cry.” She chuckled and shrugged throwing me a clean dish towel. “Use that’s ya be fine.”

“But im’a guest.” She turned around so fast I was surprised she ain’t get whip lash. With her hand on her hip she tapped her acrylic nail against the marbled counter top.

“Says tha girl dat walked up in hea’ goin’ straight ta ma refrigerator like ya lived hea’. Ya ain’ no guest na cut dem onions up.” Of course it was only her, I and Chandra in the kitchen. I didn’t know where August was and I was low key missing him. I haven’t spoken to him since this afternoon when he dropped the car off for me and that was only for a second.

I pouted unintentionally; I was missing my baby. Of course Cha decided to call me out on it and I rolled my eyes playfully. She’s like the annoying older sister that never let’s you be great. “Cha you better leave me alone before I t-” placing her hand over my mouth mama Sheila looked at us amusement in her dark brown eyes as she shook her head.

“Shuddup fa we fight.” I stuck my tongue out licking her hand to which she jerked her hand back frowning her face up. “You nasty i’on kno whea’ ya mouth been…"she trailed off before looking at me and smirking. "I take dat back I do and eww.” She mumbled lowly enough so mama Sheila wouldn’t hear her.

“Bye Chandra!” Giggling she placed her attention on her phone waving me off. “Oh yeah, the next time you splurge on the girls don’t forget about me nigga. I need a auntie like you.” I laughed, “me too.” Both Cha and mama Sheila laughed at me but I was being serious.

“Anyway I see you Brook baby hairs poppin’, eyebrows on fleek, dress huggin’ tha curves…mhmm I’m tellin’ Aug.” I shook my head I hated that damn word.

Kiana says it all the time and it annoy me to the fullest. Like what is a fleek? I don’t understand. Nevertheless, it sounded funny coming from Cha because of her already strong accent.

“Tell him. He ain’t nobody daddy.” Cha blinked twice but kept quiet.

“Here mommy take yo onions.” Sliding the chopped onions her way I stood up going towards the bathroom. I passed the girls along with Augs nephew and their friends chuckling as Kay Kay bossed them around.

“Hello.” I mumbled into the phone when I seen that it was Kiana calling me. I’ve been talking to her throughout the day occasionally checking on her. “Say something to make me laugh.” It sounded like she was crying so I quickly went into best friend mode. “Remember the time I dared you to twerk in McDonalds.” On key she laughed in my ear. “And a bitch got us free food.”

Leaning against the bathroom door I laughed along with her wiping away my tears. When our laughing died down it became quiet and I picked at my freshly done nails. “When you coming back?”

“Where?” “New York, we haven’t been home in what seems like forever.” Which was true. I forgot what the inside of my apartment looks like and not to mention I was missing the busyness of New York.

“I’m not sure. After we leave here I have to fly back out to LA for last minute changes for the engagement party. Then I have to fly out to Miami for my parents anniversary party and I might stay out there for a few. Aug leaves in August for his tour.”

I wasn’t as sad as I thought I would be because he was still going to be in the states and if I missed him I’ll just go see him.

“Well as long as you’re in New York..” “July 19..yes I know it’s my bae’s birthday.”

“As long as you know. Don’t forget about my case of snickers or my purse.” My demanding best friend, what would I go without her?

“Sure, you in Atlanta?”

“Yeah, the umm thing was today so I’m just going to stay out here for a while.” She got chocked up and I pouted. “I’ll get you two cases of snickers and sunglasses to match the bag.”

I hated seeing anyone I loved sad and I didn’t really know how to deal with emotions that well. I just rather make you smile than to dwell in sadness with you. “You’re not allowed to be anyone else’s best friend but mine.” I chuckled, “you have to share me sometimes.”

“Nah, if it’s not Alsina they can’t have you.” She muttered stubbornly. “Bye Kiana.” She giggled before telling me bye and hanging up.

Finally I was able to go to the bathroom. The smell of onions was making me sick and I had to wash the stench off my hands.

After washing my hands I dried them coming out the bathroom. A smile graced my face and my stomach swarmed with butterflies when I heard my boyfriends voice.

Going into the kitchen, the smell of crawfish and some other food was heaven sent. Grinning because Aug and Kayden where in here being the cutest. Pulling out my phone I took a picture of them before sitting down and uploading it to Instagram after thinking of a caption.

@brooklyn_ my babies throwing down in the kitchen or whatever.

Posting the picture I scrolled through my timeline liking and commenting on the picture Kiana had just posted.

@ItsKi_ baby it’s yours #yoniggawcw #yagirlwcwtoo #everybodyluhKia #eyebrowsonfleek #whatsawaist #photocredtobae #ibeendrankinwatermelon

I chuckled at her tags, she lacks sense and wonders why her ass always getting blocked and reported.

August wrapped his arms around my neck hovering over me. “I missed you.” His lips brushed against my ear making me smile. “I missed you too.” Kissing my cheek he let me go and I pouted slightly. “C’mere fa a minute.”

Helping me up from the bar stool I grabbed his awaiting hand following him out of the kitchen. He led us outside where he sat on the porch pulling me down on his lap.

“What you do today?” “I jus’ kicked it wit ma’ niggas dat was it.”

His vague answer meant he did something he didn’t want me to know but I’ll go along with it and act clueless. I didn’t really have anything else to say so we sat in a comfortable silence. “Jay asked me ta be one a his groomsmen.” I smiled, Jay so cute. “Aww really?” Feeling him nod against my shoulder he pressed his lips against my skin. “Yea, he called me ta’day when I was wit Trav n’ em.”

“So are you gone do it?” “I mean yea, I tol’ him if I ain’ busy but een’ if D try n’ book me dat day im’a jus’ tell em I can’t.”

“Aww you’re so cute.” Turning around some I kissed the corner of his mouth. “That’s really sweet of you.” A arrogant smirked parted his lips and I rolled my eyes knowing he was about to ruin the moment. “Sweet enough ta let me fuck? It’s been a minute.”

“It’s only been two days if that.” He shook his head, “dats too long tho.” “It’s not but yes.”

“Dis why ya wifey ‘cause you’on be on dat bullshit.” Rolling my eyes I sucked my teeth. “No I’m wifey cause I’m not here for yo bullshit.” He laughed surprisingly it was a cute laugh this time.

“Nah ya wifey cause the p-” “why you always got’a ruin it?” He shrugged smiling at me. “Ya still luh me so it’on een matta.”


“Brooklyn.” “What?” I mumbled staring down at my feet. The white polish was done so perfectly I couldn’t help but admire my toes.

“Close ya eyes?” Sitting up my back now against his chest I licked over my glossy lips. I really needed to stop doing that. “Why?” “Jus’ do it.”

“Fine.” Closing my eyes I rolled my eyes when he covered them with his big hand. I mean his entire hand covered my face. “Ha many fingers I got up?”

“I don’t know ten.” Kicking his leg when he pinched my thigh he really bit me. “Ouch. I hate you.”

“No ya don’t, na sit still.” Smacking my lips I sat still feeling him grab my left wrist. I scrunched up my face wondering what he was doing before I felt something cold go across my wrist and I heard a quiet snap.

“A’ight open em.” Looking down at my left wrist my eyes widened and I legit let out a inhuman scream making Aug suck his teeth and cover my mouth. Him and Cha better stop before I bite them.

“Relax lil homie.” Waving him off I stared at my bracelet dangling my arm in front of me. “Baby I love it. Thank you!” He grinned looking like some accomplished boyfriend.

“Ya welcome, I got tha key so ya can’t take dat shit off.” I chuckled, “where my speech at about how much you love me and how you can’t live without me?” I asked staring at the Cartier Love Bracelet.

Twisting his hat around he leaned back his elbows resting on the steps. Since I was now standing up I stood between his legs waiting for him to answer. “Ya kno ha I feel about ya so ya’on need a speech.”

Even though I still wanted a speech I let him prosper admiring my bracelet. Twisting it around I grinned feeling my eyes water. No wonder why I didn’t get a speech.

Engraved on the gold bracelet was my first initials and Augs with an angel wing on either side the A and B. “One fa Mel n’ one fa ya babeh.” On que the waterworks started up and Aug pulled me into him. “B stop cryin, I wasn’t tryna make ya cry babeh.” I nodded hiding my face in his neck.

Sniffling he pulled my face away from the comfort of his neck and wiped my tears. “What made you do that?” He licked his lips taking off his sunglasses and staring into my eyes. “Cause we both lost a person dat impacted our lives n’ a major way so I jus’ thought it was only right ta rememba em like dis. Ma’ way a sayin’ ya stuck wit a nigga.” Teary eyed and all I kissed him not really caring that my mascara was more than likely running down my cheeks.

“Promise?” I asked once we pulled away. He nodded his minty breath invading my sense of smell. “Hell yea.” All I could do was smile. “Love you Auggie pumpkin.” Frontin’ he sucked his teeth but a hint of a smile played on his face. “Luh ya too GiGi.”

We eventually went back in since Travis girlfriend who was just the cutest thing pregnant called us antisocial. Sitting on the couch I listened to Mama Sheila tell us about Mel, Aug and Travis when they were kids. With Aug arms wrapped securely around me I felt a sense of peace come over me. It was a weird feeling but it was welcomed.

Listening to the conversations that were taking place I opened my Instagram taking a picture of my bracelet.

@brooklyn_ because no one will ever understand the love and the bond we share. I thank God for you every morning and every night. You mean the world to me. My best friend and better half I truly do love you. Thanks for my bracelet baby. #nothatsnotaweddingring

Dropping my phone in my lap I snuggled against Aug feeling him kiss my hair. Mama Sheila and I made eye contact and she grinned before mumbling a thank you. A simple conversation we had earlier came to mind and all I mouthed a you’re welcome.

To keep her son happy was all I wanted to do as long as Aug played his part in this relationship I’ll play mine and continue to be the supporting and loving girlfriend that I knew Aug loved. Because, unlike last time this love feels real.

Sway Adventure, Pt. 1: The Parts of the Show that Weren't Maksyl

First off, let my start of by saying that Sway was a m a z i n g.  When they do it again, anyone who has the chance to go should go, definitely.

My friend and I had seats a little more than halfway back on the right side on the floor, center aisle.  We had a really good view, and they turned out to be the best seats ever for reasons we will get to later.

But right now, this:

  • Tony is so adorable.  Like I basically just want to hug him all day.  Like Charlie almost, he’s like a puppy.  SO cute.  He had this little part during Val’s section where he came out and did this like awkward hip-hop thing.  I wanted to cry he was so adorable.  Like I want him to be my friend or neighbor or something.  His beginning part was so lovely and soothing, and he and Sharna were stunning together.
  • Sharna is SO BEAUTIFUL.  Really.  This was the main thing I got out of Tony’s section, tbh, oop @ me.  
  • VALLLLLLL.  So talented.  So attractive. He came out in these black pants and sweatshirt with the hood up and started going and I was like babeeeee. He rapped.  I am obsessed with his legs and the way he can move them around.  HOW, Valentin? 
  • Jenna is so fierce and she can DANCE.  Also, I would die to have her legs.
  • VALENNA.  They took me surprise.  At first, Val came out with Nicole, which I was expecting, and it was like, “yayyyyy, so cute!”  Bu then for his next dance, JENNA came out and I was like, “OMG VALENNA.”  They did a couple of fast hip-hop routines, and a gorgeous contemporary with two other couples. (I hope someone records it because I really want to see it again.)  Val and Jenna were awesome together, and to me, it looked like they were having tons of fun dancing together.  They were playing off each other in really awesome ways, with little expressions and touches here and there.  I know most people think things aren’t going too well with the two of them, but there’s definitely a connection there, and I have hope.  Mostly because I still want Maksyl and Valenna double dates.  Also, I think I ship Valenna.  I tried not to, but I do.  (But I also tend to ship Val with anyone who stands within five feet of him, so…)
  • Alex saluted the audience and for some reason this made me really happy.
  • Everyone is pretty much a lot more attractive in person.  But Henry stood out to me.  Like, holy crap, he’s really hot.
  • Someone PLEASE tell me there’s a shot of Henry somewhere in his tiny gold shorts.
  • Henry led our side of the theater in doing the YMCA and it was awesome.
  • Serge is adorable.  In my mind, there are super hot men, and super cuddly men, and then those rare men that are a perfect combination of hot and cuddly.  Serge is cuddly to me.


  1. I think I liked Val’s section the best, but I’m excluding the third section, because it’s not fair to compare Maksyl to things and I was still in a Maks-induced coma haze during the third section tbh.
  2. Watching beautiful people dance really well is quite enjoyable.

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DARA - 140526~31 Twitter Updates!

“KBS Cool FM Yoo In Na’s Volume Up. Its Special DJ Sandara Park who will be with everyone the whole week starting today! Please send your support messages, fun stories, and song requests~ See you later!!! 89.1MHz #TurnUpTheVolume #SandaraPark”

“New DJ Dara DJ. Had a really fun time today!!! To Volume Up family and UD unnie who gave support, thank you so much Let’s meet tomorrow with a more comfortable me! ^.^ #볼VolumeUp #DarD(Dara DJ)”

“DJ Dara, extremely cute!!! >.< #TurnUpTheVolume #DarD”

“Everyone worked really hard today~^_^ Having a conversation with Volume Up family for two hours is so fun! I used to be shy when talking to someone for a minute.. so I cant talk for a minute more..But if i’ll finish being a Special DJ safely for the whole week, i think i’ll like talking to people in the future !!! +.+”

“I dont know if i’m talkative!!! ㅋㅋㅋ But i’ll work hard^.^ Ah! And tomorrow, cool models will come out as guests… Should I be cool when I go too?! Im worried how should I look like when i go! Dara~ Please choose what should i wear tomorrow!!!ㅋㅋ”

“Oh my.. I went to the volume up homepage and saw that wednesday corner is ‘It’s Pink when you describe it as color’ where I need to listen to stories on dating?! Ttirori~ dalD who lacks of dating experience.. will she be able to give good suggestions?! I can do it! Fighting!”

“Wow!! It’s so cute!!! This is me today~ DJDara who came to work to the radio station w/ a little bit excessive make up ㅋㅋㅋ How can u draw me this fast! Expert!!^.^ Ah.. btw time flies so fast ㅠ.ㅠ It’s already passed 3 days.. it’s such a sad thing”

“Oh~ You also drew DalD wearing her hat!!! You’ll draw me tomorrow too, right? ^0^ Tomorrow, I’ll just be wearing sweat pants.. Ah! By the way, I’m not a triple A blood type ㅠ I’m just simple A type!  My timidness is somewhat a character, but I’m really a cool person originally!^_^”

“Today’s DalD’s appearance^^ I wore cute yellow to match with the Cute fruit corner~ Today’s one hour..why did it flow so fast.. now I think I’ve started really enjoying. But tomorrow it’s the last watching radio.”

“In the weekends, we can only meet through voices.. I was concentrating so much on the show that I couldn’t do any pretty actions infront of the cameraㅠㅠ would I be able to greet nicely tomorrow? For our last watching radio..! Oh! But aren’t you going to draw a pic of the tuesday’s DalD?”

“Ah, so cute>.< #쌍박#DoublePark#볼륨을높여요#VolumeUp”

“Surprise guest who came to support DalD’s last broadcast! Our leader Ms. CL and DalD ^_^ We made another special memory~ Goodbye DalD~ sob #RaisetheVolume #DalD #LD”

“Volume… Volume family trained me!!! I think I’m going to have withdrawal effects for some time.. I’ll miss you~! Ah a radio during the weekend!!! It’s not a visible radio but I’ll meet everyone through your ears while listening to the radio~ Let’s be together for another 2 more days ^.^ Goodnight~”