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 Yuri on Ice! Ep6

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- I don’t know about y’all but I NEED A MINUTE TO COOL DOWN FROM ALL THAT BOOTY ON ICE. *fans self*

- They just pass out next to each other so casual and couple-like *bless their tired little hearts*

- Look at my salty prince…Yurio doesn’t look happy with his silver at all *I wonder why*

- Yuuri’s gotten somewhat comfortable giving interviews now. Meanwhile, Victor gives zero fucks and would rather have hot pot *priorities*

- OH MY GOD Yakov you little bitch. Also, I love the children?? Guang Hong and Leo are too cute??




- Phichit-kun you precious angel. Let the whole fandom sing your name to eternity for gifting us with that fabulous instagram upload *kneels in prayer*

- I love each and every one of their performances. Everyone brings something new to the table. There’s heartbreak and love and personal meaning. It’s wonderful.


- Can you feel his intensity? He’s greedy. He’s finally beginning to learn to want. He accepts others’ feelings of resentment. He’s selfish because he wants Victor. All of Victor for himself. He doesn’t want to share. And that makes his performance that much more potent.

- And Victor figures it out. He knows there’s been a shift inside Yuuri and that’s why he’s acting weird. When he throws his hands up in celebration there’s pure, unabashed joy for Yuuri’s success. *rainbows shooting out his ass I s2g*

- “That was perfect.” Victor’s fallen in love. He’s fallen so hard he can’t stand to be away from him draping himself all over Yuuri and casually lining up his entire front against Yuuri’s back *can you hear the entire fandom screaming*

- Yurio is so petty. I LOVE HIM. He’s so FOCUSED on Yuuri’s performance he forgets to put the straw in his juicebox.

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- Christophe Giacometti is sex on legs. He looks like true competition for Yuuri because everyone acknowledges he’s not performing at peak. Also, since his theme is so similar to Yuuri’s I expect something spectacular *like his bare ass* from his Grand Prix performance.

this is what happens when you try to get a nice pic of  them.

gom+ kagami + kuroko

Quick thing based on this pic on twitter, look at those piyos, so so incredible cute… I couldn’t help my self, im sorry. 

…I have no excuse I just wanted Jonas (Phone Guy) sandwiched between these two, these two being William and Danny by Blasticheart. Doesn’t look grand but after 5 redraws and an entire day of working on it im so done xD so here have it tumblr

to anybody who doesn’t know! the one with the tie in his mouth, Danny the Violet guy, is NOT a rehash or redesign of the Purple guy (there are not 2 versions of Purps here) he is just another employee who is really kind and friendly :3 just wanted to clear that up

Drawing by me

DS: blasticheart

Can we just talk about this picture for a second?

What the hell is happening here? Is he drunk? Is he just tired of standing up straight? Why do his pants look like maybe he just came out of the restroom and didn’t quite get his zipper up entirely? Is that his glass on the counter next to him? I want to bite that bow tie off with my teeth. So many things are going on here. I can’t even begin to process this photo.

He looks so cute.

“The one comment on what I’m wearing is that I was wearing khaki pants and you couldn’t see my yellow undershirt while I was working.

Today at work this old man came over saying he was “lost.” He had just walked into the store so I thought he needed help finding a place, which has happened many times before so it doesn’t really phase me. But then when he came to the counter so I could “help” him he started acting weird and said “Well you’re cute, aren’t you.” I was completely caught off guard and his tone was much more pedophile than it was sweet old man. He was looking me up and down and I didn’t know what to say. Three seconds of interaction and I was already the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been with a customer. He commented on my “Go BSU!” conversation starter on my nametag asking if I was just a fan or a student. I said student and then he asked if I liked it and I began to think that the first comment just came out with a weird tone. 

Then he said something about how beautiful he thinks I am and started asking if I have a boyfriend. I was totally shocked and my facial expression felt like a mix of “about to cry” and “about to projectile vomit.” I didn’t know what to say and he started to answer *for me.* I just nodded and muttered something to the effect of “yes I have a boyfriend,” I didn’t want to hear any “well how can someone like YOU not have one” comments. 
"Lucky you,” he said. “Or rather, *lucky him*." 
I really wish I could convey his tone through this post.

If another customer hadn’t started putting her stuff on the counter he probably wouldn’t have left. As it is he stared at me for at least a solid 3 seconds before walking away. 

I spent the next few hours nervous that he would come back and I’d have to deal with him. If he ever tries this on me again, I AM going to set him straight. I really don’t care if I’m working or not. I do not deserve to be made that uncomfortable." 

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"But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street harassment really looks like. Submit your own through tumblr or

Yesterday on the train I had just read a post on tumblr about men sitting super broadly in public transport, taking up at least two seats, when a guy came and sat opposite me and did exactly that. He also wore bright red pants and red sneakers, and his iphone case was red too. So I was silently judging him but more people were entering the train so I got my bag off the seat next to me so someone might sit there. And immediately a cute girl sat next to me. Lol the guy looked like ‘oh’ and I was staring at him like ‘hmm?’ so he did the same and made room for someone next to him and sure enough, a girl came to sit next to him. And the funnest part was that she wore a red jacket and had red/black hair. The two of them got off on the same station so who knows they might meet again :D