so cute i can't even ;a;

:D Working on warm up doodles before I jump into my inbox to get at least one prompt done before the evening. I don’t draw enough girls and oh my goodness~ Finally getting to draw my cute female manager for my OC Wolves team and she’s SO cute~ I can already see the boys being VERY protective of her. This also gives me the opportunity to get a concept down for Okamikaze Academy’s official school uniform. I’ve been dragging my feet on that lol ANYWAY. I’m excited about it! I hope you’ll like my new daughter hahah lol


Inspired by Thomas Sanders’ ( @thatsthat24 ) Sanders Sides, meet the two-year-old girl version of the sides! Anxiety might just be my favorite because baby girl is just so so so cute. (Also, bowtie instead of a necktie because it looks so much cuter on her, even if it is too big, and because BOWTIES ARE COOL)


haechan’s winks (?)

Jimin wrapped in a towel and shouting that he’s hungry is the cutest thing ever OK


Katherine and Domonique find out WayHaught won Pure Fandom’s Best Ship

Katherine Barrell and Domonique Provost-Chalkley of Wynonna Earp learn that WayHaught won Best Ship in the 2017 Pure Fandom Awards, live from San Diego Comic Con.