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the abc’s of bangtanf is for friendship/family

“Teamwork and friendship. The love and friendship between our members. Our bromance or brothership is strong. The fans probably like the way how we are attached to each other. This is our strength.” -BTS Secret to global popularity (cr)

Monsta X (Shownu, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Kihyun) reaction if they knew/found out that you knew that they have a crush on you.

Request: “To the anon who requested the crush reaction, that was really great idea *heart heart*. Is it possible for you to post reaction for the rest of the members? Author -nim you’re so amazing. Please don’t forget that you really are” -anon

I hope you guys enjoy reading this! Thank you anon for requesting this :) If you want to read the reaction of Wonho, Jooheon and I.M, click here!

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Shownu; Shownu barely slept as his mind kept on repeating what happened a while ago. The boys had been showing him screenshots of their conversation with you, telling them how you found out Shownu’s feelings for you. He was very obvious, to be honest. Shownu was really flustered upon hearing the news. Finally, the next day came and you visited the boys in their dorm. Shownu, on the other hands, was still fast asleep when you came, which was something unusual for Shownu as he wakes up early. As soon as he was awoken by you shaking him lightly, the first thing that came out from his mouth was,

I like you– I mean good morning.”

He would run out of the room real fast with his cheeks flushed red. The whole time you were in their dorm, he couldn’t even look at you straight in the eyes as he was really embarrassed and shy at the thought of you knowing how he feels about you. papa bear is so cute huhu ;y;

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Hyungwon; The boys had been practicing their new dance the whole night. Laughing at how everyone savagely teased each other, Minhyuk pulled out his phone and called you. Hyungwon froze, his smile gone in a snap, as Minhyuk asked you if you knew that Hyungwon was crushing on you. 

Yeah, I know that he likes me… Why?”

“How did you find out?”

“He drunk called me a week ago.”

After Minhyuk ended the call, Hyungwon would be quiet the whole night as he couldn’t believe what he just heard a while ago. His shaking eyes would make everyone laugh. He would burst out, asking everyone why they didn’t stop him from making that call to which he earned a “We were also drunk that time.” from the boys. 

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Minhyuk; Minhyuk just got out from the shower when he overheard you answer the boy’s question. His eyes widened, he was totally shook by what he just heard. Pressing his ear on the door that was separating his bedroom and the living room, he listened quietly.

How did you know Minhyuk likes you?”

“Well, I heard him tell you guys about it…”

“But he was whispering it to us.”

“But it was loud enough for me to hear it.”

He would hold on to his dear towel and heart as he just realized how he’s going to face you after getting changed. Suddenly, Changkyun came in, making Minhyuk tumble, his hand tightly holding onto his towel. He was still shook by what he just heard.

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Kihyun; It was just another day for you and Kihyun to buy groceries. Walking down the aisle of the shampoo section, Kihyun suddenly remembered what Jooheon told him the night before. “I accidentally told her about you liking her… hehe sorry.” The exact same words kept on repeating and repeating in his mind, making him make a face which made you ask him if something’s wrong.

U-uh no. But what did Jooheon tell you the other day?”

“Oh, he told me that you like me–”

“Okay, enough.”

Kihyun would be blushing madly as he fastened his pace, quickly placing their usual shampoo bottles and shower gel on the cart. His heart would be beating really fast as he starts thinking of ways to clear things up with you. Should he confess or should he just tell you that Jooheon was only joking? But he’ll be awkward around you the whole grocery shopping.