so cute and random omg

why I'm attracted to pennywise
  • really big and tall
  • I mean he could completely wrap himself around you
  • obviously very cooky, there would never be a dull moment with him
  • yeah he’s creepy and potentially dangerous which I know not everyone likes but I’m super into
  • and that fact would make it even more special when he’s gentle and tender with you
  • there’s something about knowing that it would be wrong to be with him that just feels so scandalous and exciting
  • the sex would be kinky as fuck
  • he’d be super rough if you wanted, really dominant
  • you could completely submit and he would take good care of you
  • secret relationships are kinky
  • big hands to hold yours, and they’d also be really warm and it would generally just feel really nice
  • soft plush lips and kisses all the time
  • his CUTE AS FUCK toothy smile aw
  • ability to change his genitalia which would be really fucking interesting and also very hot
  • can be very childlike
  • gets really excited over random things omg it’s so cute
  • temper tantrums and lots of pouting when he wants something which is hecking adorable
  • the voice changes
  • I mean THE VOICE CHANGES like damn
  • probably a whole lot of other stuff that I don’t consciously realize
  • what about you?

hmm… i guess this is called ‘we wake up four in the afternoon and explore random cafes to try their pastries and americanos (or so we planned to)🍰☕️’

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I’ll take anything


Rewatching 2nd season and… 

Kageyama who never reacts to Shimizu or to any other girl blushed for Saeko? Does this mean his type are more wild and mature girls? 

Or was he just himself and he was excited about volleyball (as always) and it had nothing to do with Saeko-neesan?

Whatever case it was - this face is too adorable ♥!


❣ In the previous scene there’s a challenge to do whistle, and all members were failed except ZELO. That’s why, The host keeps teasing them during the show!😄lol
Just so cute, when suddenly the host’s being random.. asking about YONGGUK’s hairstyle. OMG! Same, sir! Sameeeeee!😁💕
[ENG] B.A.P’s at “CULTWO SHOW” 170907
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