so cute and 4d

VIXX reaction - when  you’re busy and they try to drag your attention

Aye~ I went with kinda more funny reactions I hope it’s fine!


- Babe…babe…BAABE

- *no reaction*

“Ok what if I do that?” ;))))

Leo: He takes your hands off anything your doing or holding and holds them, kiss them, anything, because he knows that after few minutes you’ll give up and focus on him~

Ken: He’d be so dorky and cute and 4D to the point it’s almost annoying(I said almost!). 

*acts like a crybaby* “YOU DON’T LOVE ME ANYMOREEE”

Ravi: He’d be 10000% annoyed (and cute) that you are just studying and wooorking but he’d start to distract you…

…with his body ;))

Hongbin: He’d sit next to you, and put his head on your arm or even on your desk and starts asking about stuff you’re doing and suddenly he becomes also flirty, eheheh c;

Hyuk: He’d be all whining and complaining you’d give up after five minutes.