so cute aaaaaaaa


Akari icons from Boku ga Namae wo Yobu Hi

My new icon is this piece by the incredible @yaboykeiji !!!

They drew me such an adorable KuroKen; I am truly blessed.


askfuturepiratequeenluffyko  asked:

(Mod: What is this? How did I not know of this adorbz little boy before? Haruta is just the cutest! Awesome blog! I hope our charas can interact sometime!)

“Wow, that’s real nice of you! Feel free to drop by any time you’d like! We’re never pun-available!”

( hngHHHHH AAAAAA THanK you!!! that means so much! i’d love for our charas to interact sometimes too! thank you aaaa!!! L(ovo )