so cute ;~;

Everyone likes to be complimented and complimenting people will also make you happier so with that in mind, here are some…

Nice non-physical compliments:

  • I’m so happy I met you
  • I hope we’re friends forever
  • You’re such a strong person
  • You’re one of the kindest people I know
  • You’re really intelligent
  • I really want to hear more about your ideas
  • Chatting to you is always refreshing
  • You have such a warm heart
  • Animals must love you
  • You have great taste in (music, art, movies)

Nice physical compliments: 

  • Your eyes are really gorgeous
  • Your skin is so clear and beautiful
  • Your hair is always so silky and soft
  • That colour really suits you 
  • Your hairstyle looks so cute
  • You have such beautiful hands
  • Your smile is so radiant 
  • Your voice is lovely
  • Your have a great laugh
  • I love your outfit

okay luke is precious he didn’t want to take pictures but i asked for a hug and he said of course and bent down and hugged me sO toght and he smelled SO!! GOOD!! and i told him he smelled good and he laughed and said thanks and he’s so awkward omg and we told him we’re on a roadtrip to see them a ton of times and he was like “wow thank you so much!” and asked how we liked the show last night and then my friends left and i stayed and asked him if it was okay if i could take a video for him for ellie and he said “no sorry i’m waiting for someone” and i was like “omg no it’s fine!” and he was like “sorry i don’t want to be mean!” AND I LAUGHED AND WAS LIKE “YOU’RE SO CUTE” and he laughed again and then i was like “okay have a good night luke! AND NOW I’M FUCKING DYING

anonymous asked:

Stop putting flowers in your hair because you are so unbelievably cute it makes me upset. How are you so cute? I wish I was that cute. Congratulations on being really pretty

Lol thank you, I have other accomplishments too haha