so cute ;;;;;


So I made reference sheets. Instead of sleeping. Go me.  Sorry for the weird color scheme. I wanted to do a thing with the grey background since thats all they see and the red text because the only color they can see is that red Heartstring. It was good in my head, no so much in the final product, but Ive made my mistakes and I’m going to live with them.

I don’t really have much to say on these, if you have any questions just send me an ask or something and I will try to answer them :D (I’m working on little one shot stories for this btw ;3c )

Blue dragon: Not my best sckech but have this as a prezent. :3

This art is by @undertalefan012

(I call this cutie Blue dragon)

Starry-p: oh my gosh :‘3 this is so adorable, i really like how you drew Zuura as a dragon and an animal! Did you know that Zuura can turn into a big shadow wolf? Isn’t that cool?

The drawing with Zuura and Slushie smooching is so precious!

I really love the one with Alfred and Zuura too! Is Alfred a full on goat XD ? That’s so cute!

Oh my gosh you even drew me as a dragon! WOW I look so cool! XD that’s totally me/ I’m always falling asleep drawing and talking to you and my other friends!

Thank you so much for your art and support Blue Dragon! You are so sweet💙💙💙💙


(arty look how cute :3c we getting fan art! )

I am absolutely in love with @therealjacksepticeye ‘s slime rancher series.


This drawing took me forever because i had to draw each of the individual slimes but eh.

I also really like the way the shading turned out, for once i feel like im actually proud of my own art haha.