so cute :')

Doodle of the cute dorks…
Hmm, i’m wondering about what they are whispering in eachother’s ears…
Ps: Astrid playing with Hiccup’s hair is the cutest thing ever amirite?

b ut imagine
michael and jeremy on the last level of apocalypse of the damned
and theyre yelling and in the heat of the moment
michael just leans over and fucking kISSES JEREMY
and they pull apart after a moment and it’s awkward
and jeremy’s like “u-um, that was, p-pretty awesome,”
and michael’s like “okay dork i’ll do it again”

Subtle Destiel moment

I just realized this scene in “All Along the Watchtower SPN 12X23” when The Winchesters are talking about the Nephilim at the bunker, and how they were planning to get him away from Lucifer. In this exact moment, they sort start to narrate all that Cas will do till the moment he discovered for the first time “The golden crack”

The dialog come in response to the question Mary asked:
“You think Castiel is gonna go along with that?”

The expression that Cas does right directly to the camera, as soon as Dean finished to saying this words. Is like him responding to Dean:

“Watch me”

First like unconsciously responding to Dean whom is sure that he will do his will, and also is like he’s been challenged to proof how good is he in the exercise of free will and this new faith on the Nephilim.

But mostly is him getting back at his husband.