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“Aria, Darling One… what are you doing?”

Aria cracked one eye open and grinned up at them, “Shhh, I’m ‘defeated’.”

Both men just stared for a moment, Drack shaking his head and Jaal feeling distinctly wistful.

Aria lay on the ground in the middle of the office with three baby Krogan on top of her; one half on her chest, one over her right arm, and the last laying across her legs. All three were making happy rumbling noises, clearly not noticing that their ‘defeated prey’ was actually quite comfortable.

“Found yerself a clutch-sitter, Kesh?” Drack laughed, setting his load down and skirting the scene to approach his granddaughter.

“Hey, Ryder offered,” Kesh clearly had a grin on her face, even as she typed away at her console, “Natural caretaker, that one; kids went straight for her.”

Jaal couldn’t help it; he deposited his own armful on the ground and then carefully crouched beside the redhead, smirking as the Krogan nearest him made a curious sort of sound, “Having fun, Darling One?”

“I am.” Aria grinned.

Eheheheeee got a lovely little lineart commission from miss @lynngo-art to with Log#29 of The Misadventures of Aria Ryder. I honestly told her to pick her favourite part of the chapter and go for it, and I am very very happy with the result ♥ ♥

Kesh’s clutch is adorable and I need to name them crap. Oops. >>;

Thank you so much Lynn it’s so freaking cute ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ X3


@lulady030 submitted:

Your post about Sonya being like a mother for Nino made me draw this… I’m not sure Genny will let Nino steal her favorite mom ;-)

Sonya is still best mom though.

OH MY GOD I’M CRYING I LOVE IT?????? kiddos plz. but i’m sure eventually genny and nino will decide MAYBE they can share sonyamom after all and end up the best of sisters :’)

Oikawa Rarepair Week; Day Two

Prompt: captaincy // energy // post-canon
Pairing: Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime, Hanamaki Takahiro & Matsukawa Issei

Keeping together with the @oikawararepairweek streak- Although there’s not much time for me to get together a full drabble/fic, here are some headcanons where Oikawa takes much advantage of his position to gain what he needs most…

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to message or send through an ask. Constructive criticism is always welcome and gladly received. Thank you to all who have taken time to read this through!

Pre-Match Headcanons

  • In which Oikawa takes advantage of his position and demands affection
  • ‘As Captain I demand that we cuddle together-’ ~ Oikawa
  • ‘I fully support this idea.’ ~ Hanamaki, who is clearly not helping the situation and does end up getting glared at by a certain short boyfriend
  • Team cuddles are Oikawa’s favourites and it helps him to connect to everyone physically before going onto the match where he will have to set to people
  • Is also content with sticking to someone’s side, especially when it is Iwaizumi as he rarely offers affection
  • Generally just needs affection otherwise ends up whining and sulking mid match
  • One time when Iwaizumi was mad and got the whole team to ignore him, Oikawa ended up playing badly before pulling out his top moves at the end- // They won but Oikawa also won a lecture
  • Iwaizumi ends up managing Oikawa’s duties of checking everyone’s there, speaking with managers and coach
  • MatsuHana stealing Oikawa from Iwa’s side to cuddle with him- Oikawa protests, but in the end does not mind and instead is very smug about it
  • Cuddles + Kisses with the two gets Iwa annoyed and results in him playing harder so they can finish the match and go home to make a cuddle pile with all four of them

Post-Match Headcanons

  • Where the four can be found celebrating or being upset together
  • IwaOi becomes more of a thing when Oikawa is especially upset after a loss and ends up blaming himself
  • ‘I-Iwa-chan, I could have done better, I-’
  • Iwaizumi reassures him with hugs and the two often hide in the assigned room that their team is given 
  • MatsuHana join after a while and they all cuddle together before heading home to someone’s house
  • The four can also be found out eating post-match, sometimes with the team, sometimes just the four of them
  • Oikawa tends to start watching the recorded version of the lost match obsessively and needs to get dragged away for cuddles
  • Hanamaki throws out jokes to try lighten the situation when losing and is often the one to suggest good places to eat to gain back their energy
  • Matsukawa is often silent, but knows when to speak up to cheer up/comfort/encourage the conversation to keep going
  • Iwaizumi mothers all of them and makes sure that they are all eating well, gaining back their energy and prepared for the next match (aka not sulking at loss or being too arrogant over their win)
  • Somehow always ends up crashing at someone’s place and when they do, it is a squeeze to fit in the bed, but they do-
  • Cuddles + Reassurance + Kisses + All the affection + Chatting = All four of them being happy and content in the end when they fall asleep