so crisis or no crisis


okay friends, tis the season to be giving, and i’ve got a project that i hope you all will join me in giving to several local new york institutions that would really appreciate a donation, especially in the incoming months.

so you need to buy a gift for your friend but you also want to give to an organization this holiday season. well, i’ve made these 6 fun tee shirts, each linked to a specific local charity that i feel relates to the character. buy a tee shirt, and whatever money doesn’t go to redbubble will go to the associated charity. christmas donations MUST be placed by the 15th, as that is when the artist “pay day” is. the charity is still in place after december 15th- however, know that purchases made after that date will not be able to be donated until after January 15th, when the cycle begins anew.***

***APPARENTLY red bubble will allow you to take the money early, so hopefully if i pay a small fee on December 24th, I will be able to also make donations on Christmas Eve! However, if this doesn’t work, January 15th will be the next donation date (and then Feb 15, and so on.) And also, you will still get the tee shirt in time, but that’s on Redbubble more than anything.

so how does this work? after all, i’m just one person and as such none of these tee shirts are officially affiliated with the charity. i understand full well why you’d be skeptical. here’s a couple fun steps that are going to be taken:

1. when you order an item, i get your name and email- I will personally email you with the item you ordered, when you ordered it, what charity it goes to, and when that money will be donated.

2. when payment is received on the 15th, i will be moving the funds into a specific account made for donation money- i can’t touch that fund for everyday purchases, and so don’t worry that your money will be spent whenever i use my debit card. also, the intent is for this account to have $0 dollars in it at the end of the donation period, or $10 of my own money if that’s needed to keep the separate account open.

3. when the donation is made in YOUR NAME*, i will send you a screenshot of the charity page having received your donation. I will also send you a confirmation email from the site, or forward it to your account from my personal email, depending on your preference.

and you may be saying to yourself, rachel, i’d really just prefer to give to charity, and to that i say, have at it! here are the links to donate to each respective organization.

• kendra’s tee shirt goes to the lower east side girls’ club. donate here.

• laurel’s tee shirt goes to the child center of new york. donate here.

• cisco’s tee shirt goes to the ali forney center for homeless lgbt youth. donate here.

• len’s tee shirt goes to big brothers big sisters nyc. donate here.

• the flash rogues tee shirt goes to the bowery mission. donate here.

• iris’ tee shirt goes to literacy partners. donate here.

* don’t want the donation in your name? shoot me an email or add a note with the order. 

** Have an idea for a character and a charity in your area that could really use some help? DM me by december 9th and i will add it to the roster. keep in mind that it will be a last minute addition in time for the holidays, but will hopefully have gained traction by the january pay date! 


happy birthday, Harry


the way that oppression is framed in overwatch is so fucking shitty but all of you people just accept it as it is without questioning.

fans consider “omniphobia” to be a negative character trait of torb/zarya/junkrat/whoever and think that characters like genji or tracer or whoever else are more socially progressive because they dont hate omnics. which, if you follow overwatch’s portrayal of current omnic/human relations, makes sense. but like omnics still fucking like……committed genocide like twenty years ago. barely one generation ago they specifically targeted humans and killed them. and in present overwatch time, just twenty years later, it’s somehow bigoted to hate omnics? when people fucking died en masse directly bc of them??

this isnt how oppression works in real life and it is EXTREMELY irresponsible of blizzard to portray it as such. real life racism didnt happen because of something that black people and other poc did to white people, racism exists because of WHITE PEOPLE being systematic oppressors. racism is 100% WHITE PEOPLE’S fault and portraying oppression as the result of the oppressed group’s actions is horrible.

also i hate hate hate hate it when fiction portrays oppression between two completely different species. zootopia did this shit and it sucked. it’s like saying that white people and people of color are inherently and unchangeably different and unity was never possible. newsflash, RACE IS AN ARBITRARY SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. THE LINES BETWEEN RACES ARE NEVER AS DEFINITIVE AS YOU PORTRAY THEM TO BE. YOUR FICTIONAL OPPRESSION IS NOT PROFOUND NOR INSIGHTFUL AND YOU DONT UNDERSTAND RACISM.

the human/omnic conflict is nothing more than lateral aggression. neither humans nor omnics are oppressed by the other. characters who hate omnics arent bigots and their hatred is understandable. i see a lot of social justice bloggers here who treat “omniphobia” like they treat racism and it is worrying. please consume media critically.


The saddest word in the whole wide world is the word almost.