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 You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first? That’s bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you? Oh, Gods above. I loved you. I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like. 

Why Ochako is Actually a Complex Character


 So leggo.

 Now I won’t go into overall details about her because I already did that in this post that you can read right here, which I essentially discussed how she’s actually an amazing WSJ heroine and whoever voted her the worst should put their heads in sand because they don’t deserve to see the rest of the world (I kid I kid, promise!).

 Rather, I wanted to challenge the viewpoints people have of her and really argue on the fact that Ochako Uraraka is actually more of a complex character than we give her credit for. Most often than not, the fandom looks towards Katsuki or Izuku or even Todoroki and they build them up and go on and on about their complexity in the series. Hell, those three are my friend’s favorite characters and they are fan favorites for a multitude of reasons that they deserve. I myself have made numerous posts about Katsuki since we are given such complex views of him as well as the others in the series. They are the main focus in the story and their growth has been some of the best we’ve ever seen in a series.

 However, characters iike Ochako, who actually does have a lot of complexity and dimensionality, get lost in their wake and I really want to talk about that.

 Most often than not, when we see Ochako, we see this bubbly smiling girl who has such a wonderful and positive attitude that sometimes comes off ditzy. One glance at her and the words that come to mind are cute, adorable, fluffy, etc because that is the type of character that she mostly is. She is the female support of Izuku and the way she contributes to the story is with her adorable attitude that lightens up the mood in certain situations like the Ground Zero fight and even the room competition (did you see how cute she was with Iida’s glasses!?).

 Yet, what bothers me and possibly other really hardcore fans of her is that she isn’t just this bubbly character that smiles on the side but she does have complex issues that really makes her character more interesting in comparison to other characters.

 I mean for starters, this girl is the QUEEN of keeping her emotions from people and really suppressing them in most situations and not letting them get in the way of what she wants to get done.

 For example, the first real example of this is when she lost to her fight with Katsuki.

Now let’s remember situational factors going into this: we just found out her true goals into going to heroics (which was said in a much more serious tone than we had ever seen from her before)

we found out she was incredibly nervous to be facing Katsuki (and again WAS SUPPRESSING HER EMOTIONS)

we saw her rejecting Izuku’s help (as well as her little speech about feeling ashamed)


 So seeing her crying when she’s speaking to her family isn’t just some small defeated thing but it really gives us so much insight in her character and who she is as a person. We finally see how truly hard she is on herself and the perfectionist personality that she usually keeps hidden from others. You can even see by her facial expression when Izuku left that she put on a face for him to not let him get more worried then he already was. 

 And then don’t even get me started with her attitude during the Hero License Exam because oh my gosh, that was so powerful from her.

 From that, we first see her being so strategic af:

Then we get this amazing speech from Izuku about her and how he could have told the difference between her and Kemi (notice the plan part!)

Of course her being a BA here cuz eh why not, she’s really grown from her training


I just

There are so many moments of Ochako that I missed that would have proved my point even further than this but these moments here showcase how complex and really interesting Ochako is as a character.

 The bubbly personality that we see from her is only a piece of the whole picture and you could even argue that she’s so good at suppressing her emotions that it’s the personality she chooses to portray to others to keep her other emotions away from people because she doesn’t want to burden others. I personally don’t know if that’s true at all and maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but the fact is that she isn’t just some character that sits on the side and looks cute and adorable. There are so elements about her that makes her different and the fight she had with Katsuki really changed her as well as her inspiration from Izuku. She took both of those interactions with those characters and used them to better herself and it’s just SO POWERFUL. Not many shounen female heroines do that so it’s so refreshing to have Ochako be the way she is.

 Overall, as obvious as it must be, Ochako is one of my favorite characters and I’m so excited to see the growth she’s going to have more in the series. Her feelings for Izuku got cut off during the exam so that’s an arc we need to get from her and I know I want to see Ochako kicking Katsuki’s ass and actually winning to show how much she’s grown from the beginning. I have so much hope that Horikoshi has so many plans for her character and I’m so excited to see what he has in store for her and how he will continue to build upon her.

 Regardless, Happy Birthday Ochako!

 TLDR: Ochako is a very complex character and I wish more people celebrated that.

Every YEAH in Blurryface

This is every YEAH! in twenty one pilot’s album “Blurryface.” DISCLAIMER: I know someone has done this before but for the life of me I can’t find it so I went ahead and made it again.  All audio belongs to Twenty One Pilots, I just stitched it together cause I was bored.  Credit for the idea to whoever did it first that I can’t find anymore.

Credit to whoever posted this originally (sorry, i’m not sure who did). But this is so true, love doesn’t have to be shown through a kiss or through words. It can be shown through actions. The action of caring for someone and risking your life to protect theirs. John and Sherlock are literally raising a child together and because of each other Sherlock is more human than ever before and John is living a life he loves and if that doesn’t prove to you their love for each other then i don’t know what to say to you.

Picture Series: Hot Stuff

Marauders x Reader Imagine

Authors Note: 

I was editing some pictures and an idea popped into my head, so I put this together. I will do a picture series. For every polaroid in the image below, there will be a short back story. The stories will all be related, but will be posted individually just because it’ll be really long and incoherent if I did it all at once. The pictures in this edit obviously aren’t mine, I got them online. I give credit to whoever owns the original picture.


 All through the first term of sixth year The Marauders took turns taking Y/N’s muggle camera, taking pictures of just about anything.

     It was the beginning of sixth year at Hogwarts and Y/N had brought to school one of her most priced possessions from home. It was a camera she had received as a gift from her aunt at the beginning of the summer. Since Y/N had first laid her hands on the muggle artifact she barely let it out of her sight. Had it dangling form her neck wherever she went, taking pictures of almost everything. 

     "So you snap the picture and it comes right out the bottom? That’s brilliant, Y/N!“ exclaimed Sirius, who was now snapping a picture at the nearest object. Sirius and James had taken a liking to Y/N’s camera. They took it from her as soon as she showed it to them in the common room.

     "Easy, guys! Your wasting precious film on a carpet and some chairs.” said Y/N annoyed that the boys had taken over her camera. She sat, glaring at the boys on one of the soft couches near the fireplace. Remus, right next to her, arm draped around her neck. Y/N was closest to him out of the four and she may or may not fancy him a bit. 

     "Our friends are children" whispered Remus in Y/N’s ear. “I have a feeling you won’t be getting your camera back, love” “I don’t know why I didn’t expect this, should’ve know” responded Y/N causing Remus to chuckle. Sirius had already taken a picture of the fireplace, the windows and the cluttered table in front of them. 

     "Oh c'mon give me that!“ James said prying the camera form Sirius grasp. "Go on, stand right there in front of the wall” James said gesturing toward a place on the wall for Sirius to stand. “Let’s see if we can take one like that magazine Y/N had” Sirius stood in front of the wall, staring directly at the camera lens with a dangerous look in his eyes and smirking slightly. Y/N didn’t want to admit to the boys but the photograph did come out nice. 

     "Man, I look good. Don’t you think Y/N?“ Sirius said wiggling his eyebrows showing her the pic. "Yeah, yeah. Give it here” Y/N took the photograph from Sirius and grabbed a quill and some ink. She thought for a second, then scribbled “Hot Stuff, 1976” on the bottom of it, the current month and day at the back. 

      Accepting finally that she wasn’t going to have her camera back until the boy’s excitement died down, she gave them some advice. “Whenever you take a picture, you’ll caption it with anything you’d like and the date. Got it?” Y/N asked James and Sirius, settling back into Remus’ embrace. 

     They quickly gathered the photographs scattered on the table and began scribbling things at the bottom of them. “Godric, I feel like we’re babysitting two toddlers!” exclaimed Y/N, earning glares from James and Sirius. That small gesture right there confirmed that they were, in fact, two children trapped in teenage bodies.

Request - Harley Quinn. Part 2

Word count - 964 

Warnings - mention of abuse, yelling, drunk people, mentions of death

Requests are open.

Part 1

Summary - Imagine being batmans daughter and you’re dating harley. And one day he catches you together. Anonymous

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever did it.

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I hope you get the chance to meditate/relax before the hustle and bustle begins again and remember:

“I am larger, better than I thought; I did not know I held so much goodness.

All seems beautiful to me.

Whoever denies me, it shall not trouble me;
Whoever accepts me, he or she shall be blessed, and shall bless me.”
― Walt Whitman

©April Rhodes/RhodesPhotoArt



write your wishes on bay leaves and burn the living shit out of them (I put out the cinders by crushing them with my smudge stick).

I did this neat little trick the other day for luck&prosperity and today I was able to negotiate a HUGE pay deduction for my brand new car’s down and monthly payments. Me, a first time lease holder with no credit. Me, a single, baby faced fake-adult lady.

i’m so happy i could cry ty whoever came up with this wonderful magick my bank account and soul thanks you

Stay With Me - Part 13

Word count - 2243

Warnings - none.

Requests are open.

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Okay, I can’t take the credit towards writing this part, meialex did  it and I just want to thank her so much for writing this, I didn’t have the time and she practically did this so shout out to her! 

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever made it.

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You wake up 5 am, in your bedroom, alone in your apartment, still not used to not having Harley next to you but you know it was for the best. You get up and walk over to your dresser where you pick out work out clothes. Since you and Harley split, you’ve been working out more to calm your mind. You put on your clothes and head out to the kitchen where you pour yourself a glass of water. You sigh after finishing the glass. You really miss her, you shook your head and put on your running shoes and head out for your morning run.You get back to your apartment building after running 2 miles and head to the gym in your building. You do a few stretches before starting your workout routine. Today you had a lot of frustration to work out because today marks a full month of your split. You did multiple sets of squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees, pull-ups, and weights. You decided to cool down on the punching bag in the corner of the gym. You think of all of the stupid things you’ve done to cause you two to break up, helping the Joker after promising her you would cut all ties with him, your punches land harder. You think of that night you went to go see her at her apartment and you ran into Ivy. You think of Ivy consoling Harley and what usually lead after, kissing and sex. You think of how lucky you were to have her with you, next to you when you slept, holding you, kissing you, just knowing she’s yours. Your punches stop and the bag sways, and you start to feel soreness in your hands. Breathing heavily you stop the bag and hug it because you miss being able to hug her.  You shook your head and walked away from the bag, “It’s better that she’s not with you…” you sighed under your breath and walked upstairs to your apartment. To go in and stretch your neck as you walk over to the sink to get some water. You carry your cup into your room, and finish it before changing out of your clothes and stepping into the shower. Washing your hair and your body you get caught TL in your thoughts. Room for another? You heard Harley say, and shook your head “She’s not here, and she’s not coming back.” you tried to convince yourself. Come on puddin’, I can help you get to those hard to reach areas. Her mischievous smile…you felt a smirk creep onto your face and then immediately dropped “No, you need to move on” you finish up your shower, step out, put on a robe and grabbed a towel to wrap up your hair. You put on some slippers and walked into your kitchen where you made yourself a bowl of cereal. You went to your freezer where you grabbed two bags of frozen peas and then headed to your couch. You sighed when your body hit the couch, turned on the TV and put your frozen peas on your sore hands between bites of your cereal.“Listen Harls, she’s no good for you. How do you know she’s not gonna go behind your back again?” a soothing voice whispered. “Yeah but I miss her Ivy…” the voice sadly trailed off as she looked down at her lap. “Oh princess,” Ivy sighed while fixing Harley’s hair behind her ear. “I hate seeing you mope around about her” she lifted up her head and stared into her eyes “you’re with me now, and you know I will never hurt you in any way…unless you hurt my babies” She added and smiled and got one in return from Harley. “come here” Ivy shifted her body so that Harley could lay down on her chest with her on the couch, and kissed her head. “I won’t let her hurt you ever again” Ivy whispered into Harley’s hair as she held her.You looked at the time 8:15am, and got up to go change for work. You recently got a job at a clothing store just to keep you busy and to pay your bills obviously. The job was boring but it had its moments where it made you forget about her. Every once and awhile a customer would hit on you as you rung up their clothes. Today a  tall brunette woman, maybe a year or so younger than you came up to your register even though there was another one open and set down their clothes. “Hey…uhh…” she searched for a name tag, “what’s your name?” “Y/N…” you smiled politely and made eye contact for a brief moment before continuing to take off security tags on their clothes. “Y/N…I’m Gia, you have very good eyes.” they awkwardly shifted and knitted their brows knowing that they didn’t say it correctly. “Thanks, I credit eating a lot of carrots as a child.” you smiled playfully at them just trying to make it less awkward for them. They chuckled as you rung up their last item. “So, can I pay for this and for a dinner with you sometime?” She smiled raising an eyebrow as she payed and signed for her clothes. You thought about it quickly while printing out their receipt. They seem nice, why not try to make friends. Come on, Harley moved on. “Uh sure, why not” You shrugged and smiled, “let me write my number on your receipt here.” You quickly wrote down your number. It’ll be fun, you need to try and move on. And put the receipt in the bag with their clothes. “Have a great day”, you smiled and handed them the bag. They beamed, took their bag. “I’ll text you details so we can plan it out.” and turned to walk away. Your day went by quickly after that. You sighed when you got into your car and rested your hands and forehead on your steering wheel. I shouldn’t have encouraged that and given them my number. You looked down at your phone and saw a text: “Gia here, thanks for checking me out today ;)” You groaned and threw your head back. I’m so fucking stupid, I know I’m not over Harley. I’m going to end up hurting this girl too because I’m just using her as a distraction. You sighed and turned on your car to head home.  Whatever.“LET GO OF HER!” Harley screamed in her sleep on the couch. Ivy walked over to her from the kitchen and put her hand on Harley’s shoulder and squatted down to her level. “Harley, hey you have to wake up. It’s just a dream, hun” Ivy lightly shook the rapid breathing body. “Come on princess, wake up.” Harley sat up violently sobbing and yelling “HE TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME!” and turned over to Ivy. “He took her away from me…” she wrapped her arms around Ivy’s neck and cried into her shoulder. “No, no, no. She willingly did that Harls. He is fucked up but he didn’t drive her away from you. She left because she betrayed you and went against your word.” Ivy consoled the crying blonde and slowly stroked her hair. “It’s her fault she left, not his. I mean he’s still a bag of dicks but he didn’t cause this.” “If he didn’t call her then she would still be here.” she sniffed. “she didn’t have to go to him.” she hushed Harley and lifted her up so they’re face to face. “You’re with me now, you don’t have to worry about her anymore.” She pressed her lips against Harley’s and leaned back. “Now let’s go splash some cool water on your face.”meialexYou were going home and as the light turned green you noticed a car coming up quickly from behind. Gonna kill someone going that fast, dumbass. The car speeds by you and turns so it’s blocking your way. “SHIT” You slammed the brakes skidding to a stop and breathed heavily staring into nothing for a moment until you snapped back and grabbed your gun in your glove box just in case something happens and stepped out your car barking at the person blocking your way “What the fuck was that for dumbass?!” The person steps out in all black, Batman. “Fuck…” You furrowed your brows and shot at him before he ultimately knocked you out. You woke up in a dark room on a metal bed disoriented. “where…” looking down noticing you were in different clothes, remembering Batman you yelled into the darkness, “HEY B-MAN, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?” you groaned and held onto your head as it pounded and you look around the room trying to get an idea where you are. The lights in your room,that SURPRISE is actually a cell, turned on, and a group of men walk in, shoved you into a wheelchair strapping you down, and escort you as you wriggled around to get free not sparing any hits from every attempt at escaping. They led you into a room with a table bolted down in the middle of it. They lifted you of of the chair, cuffed your hands and ankles to the table, you spat at a guard and for good measure he punched you one last time but before he walked off you snapped at him “HEY WHY DONT YOU TAKE THESE CUFFS OFF AND WE’LL SEE WHO THE REAL TOUGH GUY OR GIRL IS HUH?” he laughed at you and walked out the door. “Pussy… “ you said under your breath as you looked up to see a figure emerging from the shadows of the room. “Batsy, Batsy, Batsy…” you teased “what do you want from me? I’ve been a good girl recently” you pouted and smiled.“where’s the Joker?” he attempted to scare you. “Why would I know?” you rolled your eyes looking around the room and scoffed. “I know you and the Joker work together.” he took a step closer showing me a picture of the news when he kissed me. Your stomach knotted. Great, even Batman thinks I’m with J. You furrowed your brows and shook your head. “We don’t, and I’ve been trying to live a normal life recently just so you know, I got a job at a clothing store.” you leaned into his direction squinting and then leaning back into your chair. “Where am I anyway?” you asked pointing and looking around. “Arkham Asylum” You choked on a laugh, “Seriously? Me? Well I’m honored that you think of me as such a threat but I don’t plan on causing havoc anymore.” You shrugged your shoulders. You can tell he was thrown off by that last bit you said. “What, surprised I don’t want to cause chaos?” you snorted and shuffled your handcuffs around as you leaned into the table. “I’m done with that B-man.” “Why,” he said in a demanding voice stepping closer to the table. “Because I don’t have time for it” you rolled your eyes. “Is it because of Harley?” Your heart sank and your face dropped when you heard him say her name, you blinked hard and knitted your brows, “Why would you think that?” “I’ve been keeping an eye on her since she left the Joker. I wanted to make sure she cut off any connections with him. And then I noticed you were with her often, and I never saw her by his side anymore.”  he stared hard at you.“Look,“ you awkwardly laughed, “Her and I aren’t together anymore man. I’m doing this for me.” You tried to force a convincing smile to try. He sat down in the chair opposite of you putting his hands on the table causing you to lean farther back into your chair. “I know you care for her, even still and whatever thing happened between the joker and you that night caused you to fall apart. But you need to help me find him.” You were caught off guard and your face obviously showed it. “You must be fuckin’ crazy, you should be sitting in handcuffs and prison clothes not me.” You said raising your hands that were still in cuffs attached to the table. He smiled, which was unsettling because he’s not really a happy guy. “If you agree to help me, you don’t have to stay here,  and you will be placed into a better job and place to stay with someone I trust.” He finished and got up. “I’ll be back in 2 days to hear your decision.” he started walking towards the door. “Wait…” You stuttered which caused him to stop in his tracks. You thought about Harley and hesitated knowing she hates both Mr. J and Batman but you know that you will never get her back. “I’ll help…i don’t know if he’ll fall for whatever you’re planning but I’ll do it” you sighed knowing that this is the only way out of here besides death. He left the room without saying a word. “hey!” you tried to yell at him, “I SAID ILL DO IT!” you tried getting up to follow him but your cuffs held you down. A group of men came in, held you down in your chair and held out your arm. “GET OFF ME YOU FUCKING ASSHAT!” You struggled to fight them off of you but before you know it they injected something in your arm and seconds later you passed out.Harley always thought of you. She often wore your sweater you left behind so she could just feel your comfort and smell you. She sighed because she knew was being stupid and that she should focus more on Ivy since she’s with her now. Hugging herself, she remembered the night she last saw you when she missed the opportunity to kiss you and get you back. Her eyes started to tear up. “Get it together Harls, “ she whispered to herself as she walked over to her bed. “She’s lost your trust, she’ll do it again.” yeah, but maybe she won’t, you know she loves you, come on Harley go find her, you still love her, she obviously had a good reason. The voices in her head kept going but she agreed. “Yeah, I should go find her.” she smiled, “she probably misses me.” Harley threw herself into the shower and then threw on her “sexy” dress and heels. “Even if she doesn’t miss me, she will.” she smiled at herself in the mirror as she put on makeup and did her hair.

Inktober Day 28 (belated)~ For the prompt “burn”: Zuko, from Avatar: the Last Airbender.

But ignore this and go look at @candiirabbitart ‘s version, seriously, it’s so much better; I was way too tired to do Zuko credit. xD I’ll try again some other time.

(Pro tip, for Whoever Cares: Take the time to find the right colours for his scar instead of grabbing the closest markers like I did. -.-)

Sailor Moon theme song, I didn’t make it myself. I used someone else town tune and used it as a base I only made a small adjustment to it so I take no credit for it. Sadly I can’t remember who was the person who originally made this town tune since I did this a very long while ago. Feel free to use it. Keep in mind I’m not the one who originally made it and I’m so sorry to whoever originally made it.

Stay With Me - Part 8

Word count - 3311

Warnings - Killings, blood, guns, abuse, smut.

Requests are open. 

Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4      Part 5      Part 6      Part 7 

Hey! Hope you like the new part and so sorry for updating late, real life is getting a little bit busy but I will upload the requests and thanks for being patient with me. Thank you so much for reading! 

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever did it.

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Harley fell to the ground from the impact of the bullet, you tried to go towards her but his men stopped you. “Oh calm down, she’s dead and there ain’t much you can do about it.” Joker said, starting to laugh. “NO!” You said, bursting in to tears, hearing Joker laugh and you looked at him, seeing in red, you grabbed the guards wrists and turned them, yelling in pain, you put them down at your height and knocked both of their heads together, you grabbed one of their guns and shot them both dead, you laughed at the blood that was pouring on the ground, from their skulls. “Your turn.” You said, pointing the gun at both of the guards that held Harley and you dropped the gun at seeing her, you ran towards her as fast as you could and you realized that the bullet went to her shoulder, not to her head, making you sigh in relief, you lifted Haley’s head a little bit and kissed her forehead but you saw Harley whimper and you looked at her wound, blood was pouring out, you put your hands and added pressure, seeing Harley start to have tears in her eyes. “Puddin’-“ Harley said, and you shook your head, crying but still putting pressure on her wound. “Don’t you dare say goodbye, you aren’t going to leave me, not today baby, not today. Just stay with me.” You said and she giggled. “I love you puddin’ you know that right?” She said and you nodded, crying in her shoulder. “I know, but no, don’t give up on me.” You said, and she smiled, you caressed her cheek, accidentally and staining her white, pale face with blood. “Call Ivy, get me a private doctor, do not call an ambulance, or they are going to send me to jail.” Harley said and you nodded, grabbing her phone and trying to dial. “Hurry up Y/N!” Harley said and you managed to get Ivy. But then you realized Ivy? “What do you need her for?” You said raising an eyebrow. She rolled her eyes and grabbed the phone. “Hello?” You heard Ivy from the other line, you grabbed Harley’s phone and called Drake, your private doctor. “Done.” You said, hanging up and looking at Harley. “Y/N” Harley said, looking at your eyes, as you saw her, tears brimmed at your eyes, you were so afraid of losing her. “Don’t worry, he’ll pay.” You said, kissing her lips, being afraid that it would be one of the last times that you could taste her sweet lips. “Don’t.” She said, you looked at her and she smiled. “Don’t do it, he’ll kill you, if you do it and I survive I’ll leave you.” She said, you looked at her blankly and she swallowed, hissing in pain. “But, he did this to you.” You signaled at her, laying in your arms. She shook her head. “But you aren’t a monster, you saved me from him, you are my savior and that’s why I love you, that’s why you are the one for me.” She said, crying and becoming paler. “But, I don’t know what I would do without you.” You said, as you felt more tears dripple down your cheek. She smiled and you kissed her again. “You are so strong, I’ll fight, but you don’t need me.” She said and you heard cars, your doctor and Ivy went running, grabbing her neck and putting her in a bed. (A/N I forgot how they are called, so sorry.) You looked at her and she giggled weakly as she saw Ivy. “Red! Are you gonna enjoy the show?” She said, laughing but crying at the same time. “My little maniac, you’ll never change.” Ivy smiled at her and Harley grabbed her hand, pulling her closer and whispering something, Ivy nodded and you saw a few tears escape her eyes. You were on the ground, sitting down, Harley’s blood starting to dry up and you sobbed, you have never cried like this before, you felt a pair of arms starting to soothe you and you saw Ivy, smiling weakly at you. “She’ll be alright, she is a fighter.” Ivy said, looking at the doctor hurry as Harley passed out, losing blood every second. “I don’t know what I would do without her.” You managed to choke out, Ivy started to cry too and you hugged each other. “Me neither.” Ivy said, sobbing in your shoulder.

You both went towards the hospital, Ivy driving, of course. You hugged your knees looking at the road, when you got to Drake’s house, you stayed in his living room, waiting for them to stabilize Harley.

“Drake said that you can take a shower, I’ll go towards your flat and get some clothes. What do you want?” Ivy asked, looking at you painfully. “A black top, black and red sweater and what ever pants.” You said, looking at the ground, looking up you saw Ivy nod and go. As you looked at the floor you thought about Harley, looking at the floor, you remembered the first time that you told her that you loved her.


You heard screams from J’s apartment, smiling about one of his other victims. You entered his apartment, smiling at frost as you looked for Harley.

“Y/N! What a nice surprise, what brings you here?” Joker said, entering the room, taking off his purple gloves with blood, you smiled. “I’m looking for Harley.” You said, confident that he didn’t know about both of you. He growled, smashing a pot on the wall. “Harley’s busy, she’s getting her punishment right now.” He said, pacing in the hall. “Why?” You asked, worried by the inside but trying not to show any emotion on the exterior. “One of my men told me that he heard her moaning in the woman’s bathroom, she’s been cheating on me while I leave the city. Can you believe that! The nerve on that little slut.” He said, growling and looking angry, you heard screams, now recognizing that they were Harley’s. “Can I see her? I mean, who else is punishing her?” You asked, nervous, playing with your fingers. “Well just me, I mean, she’s mine. You can join if you want, you are straight right?” He said smiling and opening the door, you entered and saw Harley, lying down, her body exposed and full of recent cuts. Joker grabbed a whip and hit her, she screamed, looking tired and as you got closer you saw blood coming down her sides, she was sobbing. Joker hit her again but frost called him and he excused himself.

“Baby.” You said, rushing towards her, untying her and putting her on her feet. She threw her arms against your neck, trying to support herself. “Puddin’.” She said, sobbing and trying to walk. “Let’s go.” You said, trying to take her towards the door. Before Joker stepped in, smiling and applauding.

“I knew it! Harley always talked about you Y/N, it was obvious, now let’s get things going.” He said, grabbing Harley and she screamed, crying and being held by Jokers men, as same as you. “You shouldn’t have done that pumpkin.” He said, slapping her hard against her mouth, she cried as Joker went towards you. “And you, little bitch.” He said, grabbing the same whip as he used on Harley. He hit you uncountable times, you hissed in pain, starting to feel the tears well up in your eyes. “No please Mr J, I’ll stop talking to her!” Harley screamed, trying to get herself free, Joker started to hit her again and you sobbed looking at Harley. “Listen, I’m gonna give you a chance to leave.” He said, shooting the men that had apprehended you. “I won’t leave, not without her.” You said, standing up. And grabbing the mens guns. “What? Something wrong?” Joker said and you looked at him in disgust. He grabbed his whip and started to hit her, she was screaming in pain, crying and looking at you, pleading you to go home. You saw that blood was starting to stain the whip and you shot his men. “Stop it.” You said, pointing your gun at him and he smiled. “Go Y/N, stay away from him.” Harley said, tears streaming down her beautiful face. “No, I can’t-“ You said, Joker looked at you, cutting you off and you gave in, you outstretched your hands at him. “Take me, leave her alone.” You said, looking at him with tears in your eyes, he smiled and looked at Harley. “Don’t do anything! I promise that you can take me!” Harley said, trying to go with you. “I’ll be good, I’ll be yours Mr. J, just please don’t hurt her.” Harley said, she went towards you and hugged you as hard as she could, Joker looked at both of you and smiled. “I need one of you, who will it be?” He said and looked at both of you. “I can’t lose another person that I love, please Harley, live.” You whispered and she let out a sob. “I love you Harley, remember that.” You said, burying your face in to the crook of her neck, smelling her for the last times. “You love me?” Harley said, and pulled away, looking at Joker.

“Stop it, J, you ain’t gonna get one of us, you don’t own me now this is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna leave and you will leave us alone got it?” Harley said, grabbing a gun, looking at him, challenging him. “What are you gonna do dollface, kill me? You’ve tried it before and it hasn’t worked.” He said smiling, Harley looked at the ground and smiled. “But I’ve changed puddin’, you can’t hurt me. What, are you the devil?” She said, shooting the Joker in his foot, he yelped in pain and Harley grabbed your arm, pulling you towards the door.

You got out and Harley smiled at you.

“What you said was true puddin’?” She asked and you nodded, she put her hands around your waist and pulled you closer. “Say it again.” She said, almost whispering, her voice husky and low. “I love you Harleen Quinzel, I’ve been in love with you from the first time we met, from the first time that we kissed, I love you and all your insecurities, I love you and all your imperfections, I love you.” You said, she smiled and you grabbed her neck, you were desiring her lips on yours, she smiled and pushed her pink lips on yours, you smiled in to the kiss, you enjoyed the moment and the taste of her lips. “I love you too.” She said and pecked you once more.

End of flashback

You gripped your cup of coffee, feeling one tear come down another, you looked at Ivy and she was with a pack of clothes.

“Here.” She said, handing you your clothes and smiling. “Thanks.” You said, quietly you headed towards the bathroom and started to change, the night was cold and you didn’t have a Jacket so you could only live with it and try not to freeze.

“Harley is okay, you can go in and see her, she is still sedated but she will be alright.” Drake said as you walked out of the bathroom and you went towards Ivy, she smiled and you smiled as well, you didn’t even have to talk to know what was going to happen.

You entered Harley’s room and it broke your heart to see her connected to all the machines, you let out a sob and ran towards her, you hugged her or at least tried to and Ivy sat down. “I think I’ll be going to my place and fresh up.” She said, looking at you and you nodded. She got back up and left the room.

“Oh Harley I’m so sorry.” You said, sobbing in to her one more time. You went to the side of the bed and laid down, next to her, her heat was low but at least you were perceiving it. “I love you.” You said and started to fall asleep.

As you were in a ‘peaceful’ slumber Harley woke up, she was afraid, not knowing where she was. She felt something, someone warm next to her and she turned her head, looking at you asleep, she smiled and kissed the top of your head, she moved her right arm towards you, hugging you. You went closer to her and put your arm against her waist, she smiled but her smile faded as she saw your face, it was stained in tears and she couldn’t help but be sad too. She scratched your head gently, then caressed your cheek, she thought of such a beautiful girlfriend she had and that she didn’t know what she would do without her.

“Good to see that you’re up.” Ivy said, towards Harley and walking towards her. “Did you do what I ask?” Harley said, curiously and gripping your tighter, smelling you and smiling. “Yes, gosh you should’ve seen her waiting for you.” Ivy said, annoyed but Harley smiled, she kissed the top of your head once again and smiled. “Did you give it to  her?” Harley asked, serious but feeling the need to smile because her heart was fluttering of the warmth that you gave her. “No, I left it in her car.” She said, sitting down at Harley’s bed. “Look at her, red.” Harley said, smiling and looking at you, Ivy looked annoyed but Harley ignored it, everything is alright as long as you’re there with her. “Looks like she really loves you.” Ivy sighed and grabbed something. “I know red, gosh I love her so much, she’s my other half, she’s the best girlfriend that someone might ask for. I don’t know what I would do without her.” Harley said, nuzzling next to you and smiling “Here, put it on, everyday, actually let’s start right now, I’ll put it on for you.” Ivy said, removing Harley’s shirt and smiling at her, once she put it on, Harley felt better and Ivy started to look in Harley’s blue eyes. Ivy started to lean in towards Harley, her breath and heart beat accelerated as she got closer to Harley. Harley didn’t know what to do, yes, she had to dodge Ivy but something felt right and Harley just stayed, closing her eyes. Ivy felt Harley’s lips graze hers and she pushed in closer, kissing Harley and savoring her lips, Harley started to move her lips in sync, Ivy started to pull away but Harley didn’t want to, Harley left your embrace and pulled Ivy closer. Once Harley realized what she was doing she pulled away, going back to you.

“I’m in love with you Harls.” Ivy said, and Harley shook her head. “No, you can’t be, I’m with my puddin’, I love her and she is the only one in my life, she saved me from that monster, she’s the only person who has loved me properly.” Harley said, shaking her head. “But Harley if it weren’t for her you’d be fine.” Ivy said and Harley shook her head. “If it weren’t for her I’d be with that monster.” Harley said and looked at Ivy. “I’m happy with her, let me be with her.” Harley said and Ivy nodded, she left her and Harley put her shirt back on. “I love you and only you puddin’” Harley said and leaned in for a kiss. That’s how Harley knew that it was you and that it will always be you, when both of you kissed, she felt fireworks in the pit of her stomach, she could feel electricity throughout her whole body and she felt warm.

Her lips were pushing against yours and she smiled, all those feeling coming back.

You started to open your eyes, looking at Harley and you smiled, you were kissing and that’s what made you feel better. You started to get up and you separated from the kiss. “You’re awake.” You smiled, cupping Harley’s cheek in your hand, nothing could be better. “Of course I am silly, you wouldn’t get rid of me that easily.” She said and you smiled, kissing her again. “I love you.” Harley said and you smiled, pulling her closer to you. “I love you too.” You said and you both kissed, nothing was wrong, you had each other and that was enough.

“I was so worried that I wouldn’t kiss you again baby.” You said, grabbing her hands, hugging her again. Harley tilted your head again and kissed you, slow and passionate, she cupped your cheeks and smiled, you smiled at her and caressed her arm. “Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore puddin’.” She said and smiled. Harley grabbed a T.V remote and started to flip through the channels. You started to suck on her neck, leaving kisses and little bites. “Come on Y/N, I don’t think that we can have sex.” Harley said and you smiled at her. “Maybe we can.” You smiled and Harley turned off the T.V, you sat on her long legs and started to kiss her neck again. “Puddin’ please, you’re gonna turn me on.” Harley said and you smiled, your hand travelled towards her pants, that Drake put her in so that it wouldn’t feel such as a hospital. “That’s my goal baby.” You said and stood up, closing the door and the curtains.

You walked towards her and pulled down her pants, smiling at Harley in lust. “Puddin’ no.” Harley said but you didn’t answer, you started to kiss her. She whimpered and bucked her hips, you grabbed her hips with your hand, and you started to suck on her, Harley was moaning slightly. She rolled her hips with your mouth and started to moan a little bit louder. “Baby, don’t make to much noise.” You said, against her and she moaned. You licked her again and she grabbed your hair, starting ty pull you closer, you shoved your tongue inside her, your hand went towards her and you started to rub her. “Fuck Y/N, don’t stop.” She moaned and you sucked on her once more. She moved her hips and you kept them still with your hands. “I’ll stop when you want baby.” You said, sucking this time harder and shoving a finger inside of her, she moaned and clenched, you knew that she wouldn’t last longer so you smiled and bit her, she grabbed your hair, pulling it once more and moaning. “I’m gonna cum.” She said, before panting and moaning out your name until her juices were on your tongue and you cleaned her up.

“Want to cuddle?” You said, smiling and looking at her, climbing her up. “Of course puddin’!”Harley said outstretching her arms, pulling you in to a hug and you lied down, next to her chest. Harley started to scratch your head gently and hugged you even closer. “I love you Y/N.” She said, sighing and kissing the top of your head. “I love you too Harley. Please stay with me.” You said, nuzzling next to her and enjoying the moment, the silence, the peace, the love, everything was perfect. “Where would I go? You’re the only one for me, you’re my other half.” She said and you smiled as she made your heart flutter. “Just don’t replace me for anyone or anybody.” You said and she chuckled. “Are you going bananas? Nobody is better than you, nobody compares to you, you’re the best person that someone can ever ask, now shut up, I want to enjoy this.” Harley said and kissed you, you felt her soft, plump, pink lips against yours and she took your breath. As your lips moved in sync with hers nothing could molest you.


… being pregnant with Jim’s child and when you find out Jim killed himself you go into premature labour and Sebastian (who is like a brother) tries to help ypu give birth 

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with the help of a doctor (you can’t go to a hospital because you’re criminals so the doctor is like a vet) and just before you start pushing Jim arrives, saying “Did you miss me?” 

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He gets a cushion thrown at him so he behaves and helps with the birth. 

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