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The Blacklist: A New Fan’s Journey

Oh, I think I’ll check out this show on NBC.  “The Blacklist”?  

*watches Pilot, falls instantly in love*

Wow, this show is amazing! Red and Liz, YES! I think I’ll follow the writer’s room account on Twitter.

*Searches for Blacklist writer’s room*

Oh. But I already follow so many other writer’s room accounts, so why don’t they…?  Ah, never mind. Surely they talk to fans, though.

*goes to IMDB, searches through writing credits list, goes back to twitter, searches for individual people.  Hours later cobbles together a rough idea of who on Twitter might be writing for The Blacklist*

Oh, Daniel Knauf. I remember him from that show on HBO.

*follows.  Reads tweets*

O.O. Did he just… I mean does that mean…? What is his problem?!!! OMG this is so offensive. *throws laptop against wall* 


Ok, well maybe I’ll try the official twitter. *laughs at self* Of course, that was the first thing I should’ve done.  That Daniel Knauf person doesn’t represent the show. Not really. I mean he does, but…anyway…*tweets nbcblacklist*  *hears absolutely nothing* *scrolls through official twitter feed for any sign of fan interaction*

Sooo, not much there. Well. I’ll go straight to the creator. That’s it!

*tweets Bokenkamp*

*somewhere Bokenkamp dusts the cobwebs off his twitter account and sneers at tweet*

Huh. Well, you know, he’s a busy man. Maybe I should’ve been more polite. Like, excuse me, Mr. Blacklist Creator, sir…I mean, he’s working after all. I shouldn’t disturb him.  *starts to self doubt*  

I’ll just sit here and wait for news. Oh, here’s something. 

*reads article containing newest Eisendrath interview*

Oh. My. God.

*detoxes with other fandoms…comes back after a few weeks*

Well, maybe I can participate in Fanart Friday, at least. I love to make graphics!

*searches through non-existent Fanart Friday tag*

Um. :/. Oh kaaay. *rings hands nervously* *feeling starved and isolated, turns to Google. Discovers Lizzington. Feels completely at home* *burns through S1 like a maniac*

Guess I’ll move on to S2.  *cues up Netflix* I mean, S1 was so good, what could go wrong, right?  



And that, ladies and gentleman, is the story of a new fan’s journey of discovery in The Blacklist Fandom, the only fandom that is actually better than the show itself.