so crappy photos


Blue Pearl is a very talented artist! With a little help ;D It seems that I will love a character 100% more after making a plush of them, how interesting c:

has this been done?

I finally got my copics and the short story is i got what i paid for; cheap versions of a good thing. Blending is possible if not a little difficult. My main complaint is how relentlessly they bleed, I was even careful to color a bit away from my lines but to no avail, they found a way out!! I’m not going to get too discouraged seeing as this was my first experience with them and they’re an inferior quality version, so more attempts are in the future

anonymous asked:

What is your pet peeve?

Shit like this:

Come on, I don’t burn everything.

…But I did burn his entire front yard. And four or five cop cars. And the cops. And a bit inside his house.

I probably traumatized his parents, but fuck them, they were assholes. Cat was cute, though.