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@zukocrownprinceofthefirenation I can’t speak for certain on the show, but having read the book I can tell that I personally felt that the way mental illness was depicted and shown was really… I don’t want to say inaccurate. Because with a topic like this I can’t speak for everyone. Each situation is different. 

But in my experience, when it comes to the suicidal thoughts I’ve experienced and the depression I have and currently struggle with, and talking with other people who have been seriously depressed or suicidal, the story paints a very skewed picture. 

All of this is personal opinion, and like I said, I haven’t watched the show so I don’t know what was changed from the book. The points I’m about to make are not what everyone has gone through, but just what I, and every other person I’ve talked to about this, have experienced and agreed on. 

From what I remember of the book and what I’ve heard about the show, Hannah Baker is not portrayed as a depressed person. She has thirteen reasons why she kills herself, and she sends those reasons to the thirteen people she associates with why she killed herself. That is where my issue begins. When it comes to having depression and being suicidal, that is not the mindset people have. I’m not saying the events she went through weren’t awful, and weren’t enough to trigger some sort of depression. But the way she acted throughout the book before her suicide was nothing more than one or two ticks of ‘oh yes she’s depressed’ because she cut her hair. We don’t see her truly depressed. Mental illness and suicide are brought on by more than circumstance. 

But let’s say what happened to her really did hurt her enough for her to want to kill herself and go through with it. If that were the case, a real life Hannah Baker would not have recorded those tapes and sent them out. 

The awful thing about wanting to kill yourself, is that it is all internalized on you. A real Hannah Baker would not make the tapes and send them out because she wouldn’t blame the people who did those awful things to her. Her mind would twist everything and convince herself that she deserved what happened to her. By her making the tapes, by her calling people out on their actions, she shows a complete understanding that what happened to her was not her fault and that she was not to blame. And I don’t believe that someone who understood that would go through with killing themselves. Someone truly suicidal would believe that every awful thing that happened to them was because they deserved it. Every crappy thing that went down was their fault, and suicide is the only way to make it end. 

Glorification is not the right word to use in this situation, so I apologize for using that wording. I watched the video you linked, and holy crap. I’m crying right now, honestly, because that is insanely heavy. That is not glorification, you’re right. 

But my issue isn’t how the actual death is portrayed, it’s the events that led up to it (which I just talked about) and the culture it has spawned. (Also I think it may have not been the right call to include such a graphic suicide in the show, because I bet you a crap ton of suicidal people are going to be watching this and that’s… very triggering. However this is just my personal opinion and not a real gripe I have with the show.)

Here’s where my biggest issue comes in. If I knew people were watching this show and learning to be more tolerant and aware of mental illness and bullying, I would keep my opinion of a not so accurate depression to myself and be glad of the impact the show is making. But I’m not seeing this today. 

The show is being romanticized the fuck out of. I’ve seen people posting cutesy edits of the quote “‘you can’t love someone back to life’ ‘you can try’” and even have promposals that are 13 Reasons Why themed. I come to school and listen to girls in the bathroom talk about how they just watched episode three and are ‘really curious to know who really killed Hannah Baker’. This isn’t a ‘Who done it’ murder show. It’s suicide. There shouldn’t be this suspense and eagerness to see what happens next. I’ve listened to comments about how misunderstood Bryce the rapist is, and how Clay is such ‘boyfriend goals’. I’ve seen people who bullied me relentlessly throughout middle school make insanely fake posts about how ‘game changing’ the show is while begging for a season two about the school shooter. And then those same girls continue to not learn from their behavior, they continue to be cold and heartless. 

And that’s where my main issue lies. I do not believe that this was the author’s or show’s intention for this to happen. But I think that the resulting phenomenon that has resulted has had the opposite effect than what was meant to be, and I think a good bit of that can be attributed to what I said about how poorly Hannah’s depression is handled. 

I’ll end again saying that again, I have not watched the television show. I am only speaking from my knowledge of the book and what other people have told me about it. 

If I’m just flat out wrong about something I said about the portrayal in the show, please tell me. I’d love to be wrong about this. But this is an issue that’s very close to me and at the end of the day I hate having to go through my every day life watching people binge watch this show and talk about it like it’s the new ‘Gossip Girl’. 

bangtangy’s super cool 3D gfx tutorial

hey everybody, ur lil slug friend is here to give you a super hip, super rad graphics tutorial! (request via @fabtaebutt)

so today I’m going to teach you how to make this picture:

do this:

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When contemplating to make a Missandei blog, I was extremely hesitant and nervous. I’d heard horror stories and many negative things about the GOT rp community and I was convinced I’d end up deleting in about a week.

But when I got here, I found that I’ve never been so wrong. I’ve never been so welcomed and accepted like I was here, and everyone was just so lovely and willing to help. And since then it’s been the same, and I’m so glad I decided to make this blog.

Though it doesn’t feel like it, two years is a pretty long time and when I think about it, a lot has happened. I’ve made amazing friends who are some of the most caring, compassionate people I’ve met and hopefully I’ll make a bunch more. I just want you guys to know that I love you all so much, and I want to thank you all for following me and putting up with my shit, whether you’ve been here from the start or just started following me a day ago. I appreciate you all so much <33

Enough of the sappy crap. Now I’m not talented enough to do an icon/theme/graphic giveaway, and I’m too poor to do an item giveaway, which sucks. The only way I can show my appreciation right now is by doing this little bias list, but once I somehow become rich and successful, I’ll buy you all the nice things you deserve. Like a sugar daddy without the naughty stuff (unless you’re into that wink wonk) 

Obviously this list isn’t gonna have all of you on, bc I have no patience and I’m lazy af. But even if you’re not on there, I still have so much love for you. If I follow you, then take that as a sign that I think you’re amazing. Now this list is of people who over the past couple of years I have become friends with, who I admire and respect, who I think are super talented, and some people I either write with a lot or admire from afar. I think you’re all great, and I’m sorry for taking up your dashboards.

Here is to many more years <333

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The Difficult Little Dragon
a little golden book
By Merideath

ONE BEAUTIFUL Night, a difficult little dragon embarks on a journey filled with adventure! In the course of her wanderings, she meets a brave captain, and together they fly a daring rescue mission.

From the Inside Flap:

One of the original 12 Little Golden Books, The Difficult Little Dragon has sold nearly 15 million copies since the end of World War II, making it one of the most popular children’s books of all time. Now this difficult little dragon and her friend Captain America are ready to win the hearts and minds of a new generation of kids.

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S4pph1c genderists love putting “no TERFs” in their descriptions, making those posts like “yikes a radfem reblogged me”, telling lesfems they’re not welcome in their spaces and don’t belong in the gay community (lol), bragging about blocking these women or calling them harassers for reblogging a graphic or some shit. “Can terfs… chill?”

And they absolutely can, so actual lesbians make their own blogs, spaces, posts, hcs and edits. They state they don’t want genderists in their posts and that their content isn’t meant for males or identity politics activism. Genderists LOSE IT. They NEED to go through every post and mock it, change its wording, “anyway this is blahphobic”, “bad post op”, “ESPECIALLY trans girls”; they NEED to bother the blogger with their bullshit messages, they NEEEEED to crap on everything and then steal the idea, now sterilized as all-inclusive and meaningless. The amount of effort and time put into demeaning and invading every little thing that doesn’t cater to them is just… amazing.

For people who claim that TERFs are basically contagious, they’re sure eager to interact. For people who claim TERFs are undeserving of positivity and spaces, they’re sure eager to include themselves in both. For people who claim radical feminists are incapable of good content anyway, they sure as fuck are putting their backs into invading and stealing this content. For people who spit at the idea of sisterhood, they’re obviously very jealous and bitter about it. Can genderists… chill?

anonymous asked:

This is not HATE, it's called being realistic. Jared and Richard are straight, therefore they will never be a homosexual couple, which also means that the whole "Jarrich" crap is pointless. Are you trying to make them a couple in the series (getting the writer's attention of this) or is this some sort of delusion that you have where you honestly think that it is going to happen? I can tell you coming from a huge Silicon Valley (myself), WE DON'T WANT THIS!

My friend, despite the fact that you are capable of navigating Tumblr, you don’t seem to get the point of this whole shipping business, so I’ve commissioned a helpful graphic to explain it to you. 

Pay attention now! This is important!

Here it is:

Okay! Hopefully that clears up all of your concerns. IF you still have questions, I encourage you to google ‘Jarrich’, or maybe ask a friend, or just keep on tumblin’. 

What I have learnt from and about Germans
  • Berlin is not actually part of Germany, its completely different to everywhere else

  • Germans are always on time. A-l-w-a-y-s

  • Myth: people don’t actually wear lederhosen or dirndls here.

  • Bretzels are only famous because they are a tourist icon

  • same for bratwursts

  • and beer …although germans drink a lot of beer

  • beer is generally cheaper than water :|

  • yes you have to pay for water a restaurants, bullshit right?

  • The water here is safe to drink, people just really like mineral water

  • Myth: germans are not fat, on the obesity scale it goes USA - AUS - GERM

  • So many people do further education here (university)

  • ^^Probably because the education system for uni is so much better here in the outside structural features such as fees, course options, number of universities

  • However, while the Australian education is slowly bringing in alternative ways of learning the german way of learning is still comparatively very formal and old fashioned,

  • Don’t be casual with your teachers; you know each other on a strict last name, I am not your friend, I am your teacher only basis. I call all my lecturers in Melbourne by first name …and go drinking with some of them that doesnt happen here.

  • Neo nazis do exist, but most people are highly regretful and open about their countries past

  • people here really like to save money …in every possible way

  • Their public transport system is brilliant, but expensive and very controlled

  • Most Germans are highly organised and structured in everything they do, less things happen spontaneously here …in less a foreigner starts it.

  • Their organisation can be good at times; more gets done in the office, a building will be built faster, the gym class is more intense; but for work it’s all less productive and more fun in Australia

  • Germans and most Europeans are direct in the way they say things. Australians and Americans are not, so at first it feels like everyone is out to insult you, they’re not. It’s just a cultural difference, but takes some getting used to.

  • Germans are more stylish than us

  • No one would leave the house in a wife beater, boxes and thongs (heeeey Werribee Plaza)

  • But for a night out people don’t dress up to the extent that they do in Melbourne; walk up swanston on a saturday night and every girl is six inches taller and eatting the cake plastered to her face. Girls actually go out in jeans here, shock horror.

  • No one wore heels in dresden, and people believed in the statement “don’t you know you’d look a little better if you wore less make up?” god I loved that.

  • People don’t actually care more for the environment than Australians; its just that the government give Germans far better ways of looking after their world than good'ol T. Abott does; aka good prices on apartments, brilliant public transport and great recycling systems

  • Germans can and do manage to look stylish riding bikes; this contrasts greatly with Melbourne’s horrible lyrca clad men, seriously I have friends here who ride bikes in heels

  • Children are tougher here.

  • Almost no one over 18 still lives at home …I love still living at home in Melbourne

  • Germans tend to be specific about things; if they reserved a seat on the train, the carriage is empty, except you, sitting unknowingly in their seat, tough titties, you my non-german friend need to move and quick.

  • While many native english speakers talk (for lack of better words) “a lot of shit” germans tend to only say something when they have something of vague importance to say.

  • I wish someone had told me ^that^ before now, Germans hate small talk, so do I but I thought the silences were “awkward silences” no they were just silences, they don’t always need to be filled

  • the lack of small talk makes them seem wiser (emphasis on the “seem”)

  • Germans take life more seriously (than Australians anyway), its good in a lot of ways but means people tend to get insulted by sarcasm …by my sarcasm

  • Workplaces are more serious; people get more work done but I miss yelling “thats what she said” between offices at my Melbourne graphics job, and the chill atmosphere.

  • Germans do have a sense of humour (myth busted) its just while Australians like relatively stupid humour, german humour tends to be smarter, so despite being relatively fluent most things go over my head and people think I’m an idiot

  • “your mum” (deine Mutter), is used in the way we use “thats what she said”. Why have I only just discovered this? Everything makes sense now.

  • I don’t care what people say, coffee in Germany cannot compete with Melbourne coffee. Coffee here is crap, c-r-a-p, it really is.

  • Germans are not racist (compared to a lot of Australians), although many people tend to have a problem with the turkish immigrants. Or if they live in Brandenburg…

  • Turkish coffee is actually really good, germans should be nicer to turkish people

  • Despite considering myself an introvert, the german society is far more introverted than Australia’s society and it leads many foreigners to come to the conclusion that germans are cold, rude or shy, ALL WRONG.

  • Customer service in restaurants here is brilliant but in most shops its terrible

  • People do what their job is but don’t tend to do more. While doing retail jobs in Australia I was always told “customer comes first” and “customer is always right” or “if you haven’t gone out of your way to help a customer it’s not far enough”. It’s not like that here, go to the supermarket and pack your own bag buddy, if you take too long people are going to get angry.

  • Young people here stress over stupid things that they don’t need to think about for decades.

  • It’s harder to make friends here initially than in Australia, people take a while to open up and you need to be the one to make an effort not the other way around.

  • However if you become really goods friends with someone in Germany they’ll never forget you. While my Australian godmother has long since forgotten who I am my german host parents always write and send care packages. While I’ve lost contact with most people from school in Australia my best friends from when I went to school in Emden when I was 16 always check up on me. While my Melbourne art teachers aren’t so interested in what I’m doing, my art teacher in Emden almost started crying and wouldn’t stop hugging me when I visited her.

  • In general German people are deeper, more introverted, hospitable, friendly and brilliant people.

  • So perhaps some of my comments are generalisations, obviously they are, they’re all generalisations. And they’re all based off the people I’ve got to know. Which is about 0.001% of the German population.

  • But at least I didn’t give you the tourist book example which talks of only oktoberfest, beer, bratwurst, bretzels, cars, rough language, german is too hard to learn, lederhosen, castle, squirrel, bullshit story. I hope that was an appropriate waste of 10minutes for you.

Jerza for Ana || Happy Birthday (^-^)

If I could tape myself telling y’all how much I loved you it would look something like ^^ that so this graphic is very apt. It was also made by a very amazing person that I am happy to say I’ve interacted with~ thank you Christina

Okay so I was supposed to make this when I reached 500 followers, but it got delayed by life and now I have way more but that’s okay. I want to tell all of my followers that you’re amazing and awesome and thank you for following me for whatever reason (like I’m such crap but you guys are here sooo) and I want to thank all the blogs that help me fill this blog and all the awesome people I met on here like this. 


This whole this is technically a shoutout but I wanted to specifically point out @parkjinyawn and @mark-2on because apart from being got7 family (that I birthed :))))) they’re also my cousins whom I love <33333 

Also @got7gifs and @defwang who were my very first friends on tumblr. Lyd thanks for speaking to me and being my sign twin and loving infinite and basically everything I love lol. Paula, thanks for plotting with me and reading my stories and fawning over Jackbum with me. I love you both <3

Everybody at @got7editors and @jackson-net and @got7writers and @jaebum-net deserves a shoutout because these networks are where I got to connect with so many iGot7′s and become good friends with. 

Kay, so below are my fave blogs. The bolded ones are my mutuals and sweethearts, the others are my Senpai blogs that make my dash alive <333 

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I don’t even have words to express my anger and frustration at tumblr for these changes. Literally my entire blog consists only of original posts of mine, I’ve made every graphic/gif on my blog and now everything looks like total crap because of the dimension changes. And I have no idea what to do because I want to post so I want to make new things but I neither want to give in and make the new sizes (which don’t seem to work anyway) nor do I want to waste my time making more things of the old sizes which are just going to get warped and blown up.

Plus Colin’s Bello photoshoot (which I’ve been waiting for forever) should be coming out soon and I want to edit it when it does but I don’t know what sizes to use or anything and just i’M SO FRUSTATED. LIKE WHAT DO WE DO WHEN THE NEW OUAT EP COMES OUT? OLD SIZES? NEW SIZES? NO GIFS? LKSDFJSLKFJSLKJFS