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Scientists have discovered hundreds of nearby galaxies that were hidden by the Milky Way
Countless worlds no longer veiled by stardust.
By Peter Dockrill

Astronomers have used radio waves to peer through the galactic mass and stardust of the Milky Way, and in so doing, have discovered hundreds of nearby galaxies previously hidden from view.

Some 883 galaxies – a third of which had never been seen before – were observed by scientists using the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope in Australia. While the former ‘hidden galaxies’ are located about 250 million light-years away from Earth, their comparative closeness in astronomical terms effectively means our own local neighbourhood of space just got a whole lot more crowded.

“The Milky Way is very beautiful of course and it’s very interesting to study our own galaxy, but it completely blocks out the view of the more distant galaxies behind it,” said astronomer Lister Staveley-Smith of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) at the University of Western Australia.

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Physicists will make their big gravitational wave announcement this Thursday!
Watch this space.
By Fiona MacDonald

It’s been 100 years since Einstein first predicted the existence of gravitational waves - ripples in spacetime caused by the most explosive events in the Universe - and scientists have been desperately searching for direct evidence of them ever since.

But the wait might finally be over, with a big announcement scheduled for this Thursday, 11 February at 10.30am EST (2.30am on Friday AEDT). If the educated rumours are anything to go by, we’re about to see the first clear evidence of gravitational waves’ existence - a discovery that’ll be a front-runner for a Nobel Prize. Yep, we’re quietly freaking out over here.

So why are gravitational waves such a big deal? The light-speed waves are a crucial part of our understanding of how the Universe functions, and they’re the last major prediction of the general theory of relativity that has to be discovered.

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