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Rules: List the top ten songs you’re listening to these days.

  1. The Night We Met- Lord Huron
  2. I’ll be Good- Jaymes Young
  3. Sign of the Time- Harry Styles
  4. Feel Good Inc.- Gorillaz
  5. Monster- Starset
  6. One Week- Bare Naked Ladies
  7. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?- Arctic Monkeys
  8. Ghost- Mystery Skulls
  9. Work Song- Hozier
  10. So Contagious- Acceptance

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songs that jean would probably dedicate to/sing for mikasa. 

1. Distance//Mike C | 2. So Contagious//Acceptance | 3. Baby I’m Yours//Arctic Monkeys | 4. Say What I Feel//Te Overtones | 5. Until The Last Falling Star//Matthew Perryman Jones | 6. Someday We’ll Know// The New Radicals | 7. I’ve Got A Crush On You// Michael Buble | 8. Stutter//Maroon 5 | 9. I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick Of Time// Bon Iver

she’s my favorite pain. ( a dasey fanmix. )
listen here.

so contagious - acceptance // true love - pink // she’s killing me - a rocket to the moon // ships in the night - mat kearney // all this time - one republic // haunted - taylor swift // she’s a lady - forever the sickest kids // girls freak me out - the summer set // drumming song - florence + the machine // fallout - marianas trench // how you remind me - nickelback // the mess i made - parachute // poison & wine - the civil wars // all about us - t.a.t.u

Hey, Asshole  The highs and lows of fucking around with your best friend. x

Wolf Like Me TV on the Radio // Stolen Dance Milky Chance // Outta My Head Tommy & the High Pilots // The Greatest View Flume ft. Isabella Manfredi // I Want You, But I Don’t Need You Momus // Northshore Tegan & Sara // Dreaming of You The Coral // Should Be Loved Blue October // So Contagious Acceptance


worth the wait to give you my heart / a peter & balthazar fanmix 

sunburn - ed sheeran / lovers or liars - lauren aquilina / something great - one direction / more than friends - gabrielle aplin / fools - lauren aquilina / bumper cars - alex & sierraalmost lover - a fine frenzy / oceans - seafret / stuck on you - new politics / everything you are - ed sheeran / ships in the night - mat kearney / stay - hurts / young blood (renholder remix) - the naked and famous / a twist in my story - secondhand serenade / so contagious - acceptance / maybe you - say lou lou / latch - kodaline / sweetest devotion - adele / btsk - ms mr / mess is mine - vance joy / the journey - dave baxter

anonymous asked:

26 Ranpo and Poe please. ^w^

Thank you!!

Number 26 - What would be there theme song?

Well one they’d pick for each other I have no clue….sorry…

But one I listen to and think of them is ‘So Contagious by The Acceptance.’ It’s rather cheesy but it’s cute and I like it for Poe’s side of the ship! 

Hope this is a alright answer! Feel free to ask more! 

i was tagged for a tag meme YEEHAW but i don’t feel like tagging people so i love yall if u wanna do it just say i tagged u

shuffle ur music and post the first ten songs here i go

  1. Gravity - Timeflies
  2. Laura - Bat For Lashes
  3. False Realities - Pleasantries
  4. So Contagious - Acceptance
  5. Fog (C-Gak Remix) - From Indian Lakes
  6. Quesadilla - Walk The Moon
  7. One More Time - Daft Punk
  8. Rocketeer - Far East Movement
  9. Hurt (Quiet) - Nine Inch Nails
  10. Turn Me On (ft Nicki Minaj) - David Guetta

all of your pieces | a fitzsimmons mix (listen)

if i didn’t have you - humblehe. pieces - andrew belle. stole you away - benjamin francis leftwich. may i - trading yesterday. fade into you - sam palladio & clare bowen. when the stars go blue - ryan adams, center of attention - jackson waters. so contagious - acceptance. all i need - awolnation. all we are - one republic. always be my baby - david cook. deeper - alexz johnson

#sanvers fanmix → listen 

i. free broods / ii. staring at it safetysuit / iii. ugly truth lauren aquilina / iv. the chain ingrid michaelson / v. someone to stay vancouver sleep clinic / vi. lullabies yuna / vi. safe britt nicole / vii. colour me in damien rice / viii. coming home (acoustic) sigma & rita ora / ix. agape bear’s den / x. water under the bridge adele / xi. so contagious acceptance / xii. don’t need nobody ellie goulding / xiii. rising water james vincent mcmorrow / xiv. up all night owl city / xv. how you get the girl taylor swift / xvi. the catch (feat. luke tierney) jules larson / xvii. fools lauren aquilina / xviii. anywhere but here safetysuit / xix. over you (feat. a great big world) ingrid michaelson

these rules are made to break us
a lingfan fanmix

i. king and lionheart (of monsters and men) || ii. girl on a wire (nerina pallot) || iii. monster (imagine dragons) || iv. soldier (ingrid michaelson) || v. momentum (the hush sound) || vi. so contagious (acceptance) || vii. under control (ellie goulding) || viii. silhouettes (of monsters and men)

Cover © taylertots (thank you so much for letting me borrow it, darling!) 


all of the musics you’ve listened to while you cried thinking about your favorite ship.. they’re here.

1. U2 - With or Without You (for Ross and Rachel from Friends)

“I can’t live with or without you”

2. Lifehouse - You and me (for Cox and Jordan from Scrubs)

“And I don’t know why, I can’t keep my eyes off of you”

3.Christina Perri - Arms (for Roz and Frasier from Frasier)

“You put your arms around me and I’m home”

4. Foo Fighters - Walking After You (for Mulder and Scully from The X-Files)

“I cannot be without you, matter of fact”

5. Blink 182 - Miss You (for Mark and Susan from ER)

“You’re already the voice inside my mind”

6. Acceptance - So Contagious (for Peter and Olivia from Fringe)

“You’re the only one breaking me down like this”

7. Edward Sharpe and the Magnet Zeros - Home (for Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation)

“Home is wherever I’m with you”

8. One Republic - Apologize (for Dan and Serena from Gossip Girl)

“I loved you like a fire red, now it’s turning blue”

9. Snow Patrol - Run (for Mulder and Scully from The X-Files)

“To think I might not see those eyes makes it so hard not to cry”

10. Andrew Belle - In My Veins (for Castle and Beckett from Castle)

“You’re in my veins, and I cannot get you out”

11. Trading Yesterday - Shattered (for Peter and Olivia from Fringe)

“And his love will conquer all”

12. Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes (for Luka and Abby from ER)

“And I won’t waste a minute without you”

13. The Lumineers - Hey, Ho (for Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation)

“I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart”

14. The Calling - Wherever you will go (for Carol and Doug from ER)

“If I could, then I would, I’ll go wherever you will go”

15. Tegan and Sarah - Where Does the Go (for Meredith and Cristina from Grey’s Anatomy)

“Look me in the eye and promise no love’s like our love”

16. No Doubt - Don’t Speak (for Mark and Susan from ER)

“I really feel that I’m losing my best friend”

17. Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved (for Buffy and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slave)

“Look for the girl with the broken smile”

18. Landslide (for Santana and Brittany from Glee)

“Well I’ve been afraid of changing, cause I’ve built my life around you”

19. Washington - 80 Miles (for Meredith and Cristina from Grey’s Anatomy)

“I’m built with parts of you, and you are built with parts of me”

20. Best Coast - Our Deal (for Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld)

“I wish you’d tell me how you really feel, but you’ll never tell me, cause that’s not our deal”


If Only

Summary: Behind the cold and firm exterior, Yoongi had developed a soft spot- for you. Based on So Contagious- Acceptance.

Member: Suga x Reader (with mentions of Jimin)

Type: Angst

Length: 1533 words

I promise this was supposed to end happily, but as I began writing it I felt it was better to continue on with the sad feeling. It kinda makes me sad that my first ever Yoongi scenario I’m going to post on here is angsty, because he is my ultimate bias, but at the same time it felt best to write it this way. The song was amazing by the way, and I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be entirely angsty, but like I said I couldn’t help it. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this take on Yoongi <3

-Admin Gray

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“Yoongi! That’s not funny!” You shout exasperatedly, but he only laughs in response. You eye him with a fake glare, watching as he blinks at you rapidly before staring at you with feigned innocence. Groaning, you attempt to throw a pillow at him, but fail majorly. “Stop laughing! There is nothing funny about this!”

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we should just kiss like real people do - a clarke/lexa fanmix ( listen )

breathe me » sia, landfill » daughter, so contagious » acceptance, hardest of hearts » florence and the machine, another love» tom odell, holding a heart » girl named toby, shattered » trading yesterday, can’t help falling in love with you » fleet foxes, like real people do » hozier

Listen Here

1. If I Tremble // Front Porch Step 2. First Day of My Life // Bright Eyes 3. I Don’t Mine //  Defeater 4. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot // Brand New 5. Honey Bee // Seahaven 6. A Part of Me (feat. Laura Whiteside) // Neck Deep 7. Always (Blink 182 Cover) // D at Sea 8. So Contagious (Acceptance Cover) // Jaime Preciado 9. Peach // The Front Bottoms 10. Never Be What You Want (acoustic) -  We Are the in Crowd

a mix for the bellarke hug (tracks chosen by emilybrontay and maytheymeetagain) (cover x)

i. falling slowly - once ii. running back to you - matt wertz iii. just like heaven - the cure iv. so contagious - acceptance v. this love - taylor swift vi. 505 - arctic monkeys vii. castling - the narrative viii. close to me - the cure ix. at the beginning - anastasia x. in our bedroom after the war - stars xi. long live (live) - taylor swift


loving you at first sight // a klavier gavin & apollo justice fanmix


[art] (if anyone knows the source please let me know)

i. girls and boys in school - neon trees // ii. scratches - kyte // iii. center of attention - jackson waters // iv. birds - deas vail // v. over my head (cable car) - the fray // vi. so contagious - the acceptance // vii. what you know - two door cinema club // viii. sweater weather - the neighbourhood // ix. all of the stars - ed sheeran

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