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Touhou names PSA

Western name order: Minamitsu Murasa
The confusion arises from her theme name (Captain Murasa). In this case, ‘Murasa’ is the surname, and ‘Minamitsu’ is the given name.

Western name order: Eiki Shiki
‘Shikieiki Yamaxanadu’ is a mistranslation. In Japanese name order, her name is ‘Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu’, Shiki being the surname, Eiki being the given name. ‘Yamaxanadu’, meaning ‘Yama of Xanadu’ or ‘Yama of Paradise’, is a title. Therefore, in Western name order, she is Eiki Shiki (or Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, if you want to include the title).

Cirno’s name in Japanese is チルノ (Chiruno). ‘Cirno’ was the romanized spelling given for her name, although it is a poor romanization that doesn’t convey the meaning or pronunciation of the name very well, leading to the incorrect ‘serno’. Her name actually comes from the word ‘chill’ (チル, chiru), as she is an ice fairy, and all other named fairies have English-based names. ‘Chiruno’ is therefore the only ‘correct’ way to say her name, although ‘Chirno’ would probably be the next truest pronunciation.

The ‘wi’ (ゐ) in Tewi is an archaic character no longer used in modern Japanese - the intent of this is to show that Tewi is so old, her name has letters that don’t even exist anymore. It is now pronounced the same as ‘i’, so her name is pronounced ‘Tei’. Another example of this is the ‘wi’ in Tenshi Hinanawi - her surname is pronounced ‘Hinanai’.

Western name order: Meiling Hong. Meiling is the given name, Hong is the surname. I have no idea why English translations make her the only character with eastern name order. Something to do with Chinese?

Reisen Udongein Inaba was originally called Reisen (レイセン) in katakana, when she was the Watatsuki sisters’ pet. Eirin gave her a new name in kanji, but still pronounced Reisen (鈴仙), when she fled to Earth.

The second Reisen, appearing in Silent Sinner in Blue, was renamed Reisen (レイセン) in katakana, in memory of the original Reisen. This is easy to distinguish for Japanese fans -  ‘鈴仙’ looks very different from ‘レイセン‘. To distinguish their names in English, manga Reisen is usually spelled ‘Rei’sen’ or called ‘Reisen II’, but these are unofficial.

She had another name before this, although it isn’t ever stated.

Eternity Larva. ‘Etarnity’ and ‘Etanity’ were typos in the HSiFS demo, fixed in the full version.


Her name is officially Rory.

So, here’s the thing. I’ve been calling her Ori, but that wasn’t her real name. When we picked her up from the shelter, her name was Oreo. But I hated that. I mean… I’m sorry. I just hated it.

So I started calling her Ori. It reminded me of Ori and the Blind Forest, so I thought it was nice, but everyone else hated that. 

We’ve been confusing her, because we’re all calling her different names, so today we reached a compromise. Her name is officially Rory. It’s close enough to her original name that she responds, and now this sweet dog has the bonus of sharing a name with Rory Gilmore of Gilmore Girls, which was massively influential in my childhood and seriously helped to shape my sense of humor. So, you know.

I can live with this decision.


►Officially introducing the Bloesem Pastel Rainbowcy!

After contemplating multiple challenges and listening to @alfalfalegacy and @tinysimmies ‘ suggestions, I’m introducing you to Witte Bloesem (Dutch translation of White Blossom ;) ), the founder of The Bloesems! Also, I really should stop using this hair on all my sims, but it’s too pretty not to ;-;


Artistic (Family Trait) ♥ Flirty ♥ Perfectionist ♥ Family Oriented ♥ Neat

►Lifetime Wish:
Surrounded by Family

In any world build a starter home: One bedroom, One bath vacation bungalow and move your founder into it. Over the gens you can build on, but you must keep this lot in the family through the entire challenge. Can be as elaborate or bare bones as you like to start. Larger lot is ideal since it will grow quite a bit over the generations. 

►Master Painting Skill
►You can make money selling paintings, but (Do not join painter Career)
►Paint 5 masterpieces
►Mate’s Career: Law Enforcement
►Paint portrait of your heir to hang proudly in the family home. (This will be a requirement for each generation)
►Have a total of five children with two different Sims (Pink Sim & Purple Sim). No adoptions for this gen.

This challenge was created by @berrysweetboutique , thank you lovely!♥ I will be playing this legacy besides The Weeping Willows, but I want to make this one a little bit more story oriented. Let’s see if I can stick with that! :)

feminism is about having a feminist icon™ mom and then having her die shortly after childbirth so u grow up confused, always searching for who she was, sharing her name and learning the letters by tracing them on her gravestone where u later lose ur virginity. (also, writing a scary book and receiving ur dead husbands petrified heart {or maybe liver})

red-paladin  asked:

jumping on the siblings-fight train here. how about pidge and lance have a huge fight and pidge goes to her room and when she slams the door angrily, she sees the death note she recently got from daddy keith as a little present (after they both binge watched it together) and in her anger she decides to write lance's name in it. but then she suddenly gets scared and runs to lance's room but he doesn't answer (because he's upset too) so she runs to her daddies to confess she killed her brother.

[The Voltron Family] Another weekend at the Shirogane household, everything was the same except for the fact that Pidge was banging on the kids’ bathroom at the second floor. “Open up, Lance! You’ve been in there for an hour!” 

“You’re exaggerating, you small baby,” came Lance’s reply from the inside, voice not too clear because of the running water. “I’ve been here for only 20 minutes. I have a routine.”

“What routine? You’re seven! Seven-year-olds don’t have routines!” Pidge retorted, getting annoyed every passing second. “Open up! I left my hair scrunchies in there!”

“Lalalalala, can’t hear you!” 

“Argh!!!” Pidge had had enough. She balled up her fists and shouted as loud as she could, “DADDY SHIROOOO!!!”

As soon as Daddy Shiro unlocked the door with the master key, Pidge stormed inside the bathroom and saw that Lance was by the sink, in front of the mirror putting a lot of hair gel. He was surprised to see the door opened and with Pidge puffing her cheeks angrily.

“You are the most selfish person I have ever known!” She cried out, grabbing her hair scrunchies on the sink. “I hate you and everything you stand for! No matter what you do, no girl is ever going to like you because you’re ugly!”

“Pidge!” Shiro looked at her pointedly as she passed by him on her way out.

It was no secret that Lance and Pidge would usually fight over silly, petty things. They got along fine, but not all the time. Only Hunk was the good one and Pidge adored him, shockingly, so did Lance, but whatever. When she entered her room, she stomped her feet angrily. 

“Argh! I hate Lance so much, I wish I could just—” she balled up her fists and slammed it to her bed. Her eyes landed on a notebook by her desk. It was the Death Note Daddy Keith bought for her as a gift after watching the anime a few weeks ago. She grabbed the notebook, opened it and took a pencil.

Her hand hovered over the first page. 

The human whose name is written in this note shall die. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

She didn’t know if it really worked. Daddy Keith said it did, that was why she hadn’t written any name on it yet. But it couldn’t be 100% real, right? It was from an anime show after all. But Pidge didn’t give a damn. So she wrote:

Lance Shirogane

She stared at her writing and suddenly her heart started to beat so fast. Her eyes widened in fear. She had done it. What if the note was real all along? Oh god. Lance.

She got out of her room and looked for her brother. He wasn’t in the bathroom anymore, so that only meant he was in his room. She ran as quickly as she could and tried opening the door to Lance’s bedroom. It was locked. Oh god. 

She knocked on the door and shouted, “Lance! Lance are you in there?!”

No answer. She tried again and still no answer. She stepped back and stared at the door and then ran back to her room and grabbed the notebook. This wasn’t happening. She needed to tell her daddies even if it meant they would hate her. She ran to the master bedroom and found them on the bed watching a movie.

“Pidge? Are you alright?” Daddy Shiro asked upon her arrival.

“I killed Lance!” She cried out, tears flowing down her face.

“What?” Daddy Shiro asked, tilting his head. “Come here.”

“I… I…,” she stammered and presented her Death Note. “Daddy Keith gave me this notebook and I… and I wrote Lance’s name and now he’s dead. He’s in his room. Locked. No longer breathing and I was the one who killed him. I’m so sorry,” she sobbed as she held onto Shiro. “Please don’t hate me.”

“What?” Daddy Keith asked when he got hold of the notebook. His eyes widened in fear as he looked at Pidge. “What have you done, baby girl?” he gasped.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Keith,” Daddy Shiro gave Daddy Keith a look. 

“Alright, alright,” Daddy Keith was smiling fondly? Why was he smiling? Was he so happy Lance was finally dead? Did he hate Lance that much? What kind of daddy would want his son to be dead? Even Pidge didn’t want Lance to die.

Daddy Keith sat up and pulled Pidge. “Come on, sweetheart. I think you owe someone an apology though.”

“I can’t apologize to a dead body,” Pidge raised her eyebrow.

“You’d be surprised that you actually could,” Daddy Keith smirked.

“What is up with Lance and locking doors? Even we don’t lock doors. I need to talk to this kid,” Daddy Keith muttered as he used the master key once again.

When the door opened, Lance’s was on the bed and Pidge cried even more. The guilt was too real as she walked slowly to Lance’s dead body. “I’m so so sorry, Lance.”

Lance sat up and Pidge screamed, hitting him in the tummy. “What are you doing?! That hurts!” He tried stopping Pidge from doing any further damage.

Upon realizing that Lance was actually alive, and not a zombie, Pidge’s tears fell and she smiled so wide. “LANCE! YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!” She pulled Lance into a big hug. “I’m so sorry! You’re not ugly!! I take it back! I’m going to erase your name in my Death Note, so don’t worry about that.”

“What? What is going on?” Lance asked, looking so confused. 

“Apparently your sister wrote your name in her Death Note,” Daddy Keith answered, standing by the door with his arms crossed.

Lance’s eyes widened and turned to his sister. “Pidge! How could you!”

Sene, just being Sene. I wrote a little piece for this one, a sequel to the one where Sene and Solas meet for the first time. It’s called:


Sene had always been scribbly. She woke up in a weird hut somewhere in the middle of the weird mountains. What the fuck? She was not sure whether she’d said it out loud or just inside her own curly, scribbly head. She looked around.

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Okay but imagine if Peter named Karen "Liz"
  • Peter: So Liz told me that I should tell Liz how I feel about her.
  • Ned: Wait, the girl you like told you to tell her how you feel about her?? Dude, I am so confused.
  • Peter: NO, NED. My suit lady told me, I named her Liz.
  • Ned: So let me get this straight, you named a lady who isn't real and talks to you from a suit the name of the girl you've been crushing on??
  • *Flash walks by*
  • Flash: Parker! Whose this other girl Liz, the stuffed teddy bear you sleep with at night?? I gotta go tell Liz, she's gonna be soooooo jealous!
  • *Flash leaves*
  • Peter: I have to change suit lady's name.

So I used some of my commission money to buy one of my younger sisters (I have two, Ferryn and Christina) Ferryn, two birthday presents.

Ferryn’s turning 13 on the 20th (Wednesday) and once again, I can’t be there. It tears me up inside and I’ve been feeling so upset this whole month knowing I was going to miss her birthday.

But I got her those presents and my mom recorded a video of her opening them and saying she loves me. Y'all might think it’s silly or not care but thought I’d share anyway …

Guess I’m just a sap at heart x3


Rumour Has It


Part 1
Part 2

Request: Um.. Can I request a Seb song fic? It’s Adele’s rumour has it. It’s up to you to make it a one shot,, or long ones! Thx:)))

A/N: So, this was supposed to only be one part but I just kept writing and writing…. this ended up being over 6K words and it’s probably somewhere around the middle of this story so… Yeah, decided to split it into two parts. If you guys are not happy with the ending, I could MAYBE do an alternate ending that would probably not fit the song or the way I thought about it. Some people may think of it differently but I hope you like my take on it and enjoy reading this long piece.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 6,085

Warning: If your name is Tempesta or Tempest to be exact, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to offend anyone, I actually think Tempest is a pretty damn cool name. I’m sorry I made the reader speak so badly about the name. I just searched rare names and Tempest showed up. 

The lyrics in the video and the lyrics I’ve added in this story are different because the lyrics I wrote down are the ones on the album version. 

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Watching Wynonna Earp is super confusing for me because one of the main baddies is called Bobo and I can’t help but think of Bobo Berens and I just keep going like “geez Bobo can we have less murdering and torturing humans and more brilliant Cas episodes? Kthx”

Dadmond headcanons! 

Requested thing and you guys know I’m a sucker for Dadsassins.

* Desmond totally forgets the name he and his love give the kid once they’re born. Really. They had a totally different name for the kid up until the last month of pregnancy and Desmond’s wife changed it- Desmond calls their halfling their original name for the first month of the kid’s life (“Did you just call Sage ‘Athena’ again?” “What do you expect? Athena was her name for 8 months, then it changed!” “She’s going to be so confused, Desmond.” “Because you changed her name after 8 months, Y/N.”) .

 * Once he’s used to the kid’s name though… He gets it tattooed on him. Over his heart, on his non-tattooed arm… Somewhere he can see it. He wants to be reminded of why he keeps going every day, and why the world needs to be safe. Because really… He’d kill anyone to keep his baby safe.

* Look… Desmond stays awake with the kid, all hours of the night. He didn’t mean to take the night shift, but with how messed up he got from Abstergo, he wants to make sure everything around him is real- whether it be from just holding the baby, or cuddled up with the one he loves on the couch with the baby sleeping on his chest, he wants to know that it’s real.

* Desmond is one of the ‘give me the baby’ dads. Like… His love needs to go to the store and grab some things for the baby and for dinner? You bet Desmond has that kid in one of those sling baby carriers. He may or may not have had his love buy two of them- one for her, and one for him. He wears it all the time, too. Doesn’t regret a single thing.

* The ‘give me the baby’ turns to ‘BRING ME THE SPAWN’ once the kid is a toddler. He’s a little offended when his two year old decides that they want to hang out with mama more- but it doesn’t last long. It’s a phase, seriously, that lasts a week before they’re right back to being stuck to daddy’s side like glue.

* Desmond takes the kid everywhere. When he goes to see Rebecca and Shaun, he’s got a mini him attached to his hip and almost gives Shaun a heart attack (”Oh no. There’s a miniature you running around? Desmond. I’m not old enough to have gray hair.” “Shut up and hold my kid, Hastings.”)

* On that topic… Shaun and Rebecca are the only people Desmond trusts to watch his kid. Seriously. He doesn’t let his kid stay out of his sight for longer than a minute- but when he does, he knows these two have his kid- and the little one is safe.

* And, lastly. Desmond has never known unconditional love like that comes with being a dad. He never thought that there would be a little person that he helped bring into the world, that he would literally kill for. He doesn’t want his kid to know the same fear, or lack of love he did. He wants to always keep his baby safe, no matter how old they are. He wants them protected, and safe, and loved- always.

So I’ve discovered there’s a twitter account called riathedreamer, and I just want you guys to know it’s not me! I don’t have twitter and I am not planning on making an account.
This is just a random Ria who’s apparently also a dreamer. I just wanted to clear up any confusion if you thought I had an account there.