so colourful

[throws markers across room] ugh

i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so


“And even as I’m kissing him and kissing him and kissing him, I wish I were kissing him, wanting more, more, more, more, like I can’t get enough, never will be able to get enough.”
     ― Jandy Nelson, I’ll Give You The Sun (x)

it’s one am and i have a busy day tomorrow 

thought i’d try my hand at a gif instead of sleeping though 


Melanie was annoyed, to say the least, she would’ve been infuriated if she wasn’t so tired. Vanessa had taken off with Akira and Melanie’s phone and now she was wandering the streets of San Myshuno, completely lost. She had never been to this part of town before, she thought she would remember the way home, but all these streets looked the same and she had no idea where she was now. She was exhausted, angry and nervous to be all alone in the middle of the night. Why had she agreed to go with her sister? She wanted to cry.

Hey there! Are you lost?

Transgender Credence Moodboard.


He felt the sweet fragrance as soon as he opened the door.

There were roses in the kitchen and by the window in the living room, pinkish and white and red, as if someone turned the flat into a garden.

Then there was Hope, with roses in her dark hair and on her dress, almost running into his embrace, tall and beautiful like a rose herself.

“What is this suppose to mean?” Percival smiled as he kissed her, pulling her closer and feeling the soft fabric of her new dress under his fingers. “Are we opening a flower shop?”

Read Lace and roses on [AO3].

ID #74802

Name: Jayde
Age: 17
Country: USA

my name is jayde ʕ ∗ •́ ڡ •̀ ∗ ʔ and i am a seventeen year old girl from the united states.

╰(•̀ 3 •́)━☆゚.*・。゚

i’m a h u g e child at heart so i love disney movies (and anything disney related) collecting things (especially stuffed animals) and coloring ♡

i also like cosplay, blogging, writing (snail mail), literature, music (listening/enjoying, not composing or singing), dancing (even though i suck lol),

anything pink and glittery tbh, S W E E T S (desserts more than candy), art (literally any form of art), taking hot baths, aaaand taking long walks

Preferences: i’m a home schooled student and i have bad social anxiety ( * ಥ ⌂ ಥ * ) so, i’d like to test my chances and try to make some internet friends!

k, so before anything else.. ( ✿ •̀ ‸ •́ ✿ )

i am NOT here for any type of romantic, sexual relationships! i am simply looking to make some great friends, so all and any emails i may receive will be marked as spam, deleted and your email will be BLOCKED.

on the other side..


i’d really like to talk to someone who’d be down to actually be close with me, just someone who i can connect with. someone who i don’t have to force out conversation with and just someone who i can really be myself with.

also, talking to someone who shares the same hobbies / interests as me (which i will list somewhere in this little ad lol) would be amazing, but not a necessity.

i don’t have any strong preferences, but i’d like you to be somewhere between 16 - 20 or close, so we’ll be able to relate to each other better.

I was tagged for the wonderfuls @percalyspo@gaycheldare to make this game because I can not believe that someone wants to know me better hahahahahahah

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Name: Giuliana
Nicknames: Giu, Giuli or Giuly, Giu Giu, Nana, Demi (only here calls me that), Speedy,  Twinkle Toes.
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 4′8 (very short)
Orientation: Have a guess
Ethnicity: Brownie.
Favorite Fruit: Watermelon, Mandarins
Favorite Season: WINTER CHILD.
Favorite Book: Tokyo Blues.
Favorite Flower: Sunflowers.
Favorite Scent: I don’t smell, so idk hahahahahah
Favorite Colour: Violet & Blue
Favorite Animal: CATS
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Tea.
Average Sleep Hours: One day I can sleep 4 hours, the next I can sleep 12 hours hahahaha
Cat or dog person? Cats
Favorite Fictional Character: Piper McLean
Number of blankets you sleep with: 3
Dream Trip: Japan
Blog Created: 2/5/2016 
Number of Followers: 9.645 (I win 40 followers from yesterday to today, miracle of the sky ahahah)

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