so cold the river

Title: This Distance Hurts but I Live for These Moments 

Pairing: Link / Prince Sidon 

Rating: General 

Tags: fluff with a little angst, relationship communicating, sweet with a little sad, fish prince loves a blondie 

Summary: Link and Sidon spend some time together after being apart for a couple of months but growing worries and fears about their relationship pop up and demand to be recognized

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He didn’t know the name of the gently rolling river in front of him but it was a gloriously welcome sight.

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One Day, I'll Marry You (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

This is my first DEH imagine (I’ve written a shit load of AWG fics.)

If it’s shitty it’s because I wrote this at 3 am and am too tried to proofread twice.



Jared Kleinman.

The ever present Jared Kleinman

The family friend Jared Kleinman

The loser Jared Kleinman

The insanely annoying Jared Kleinman

For you Jared was a forced childhood friendship destined for failure from the get go. Or so your families thought. Your moms where friends in high school and remains friends till this day, and were elated when they discovered they were pregnant with babies at the same time! So close in time that you were born less than an hour apart on the same day, same month, same year. Which meant same birthdays and the joint parties! You and Jared had known each other from birth and were stuck with each other. No escaping him. Ever.

As the two of you got older it was apparent to the families of both parties that you two were most likely not going to be friends once your personalities developed. Jared loved video games and action figures and comic books, while you enjoyed playing outside, dolls, and kiddie makeup. Your mothers had predicted your separation after your first fight, what game was to be played. You weren’t even in school yet but they just knew. Or so they thought.

“It’s gonna happen and soon. You know they won’t stay friends” Jared’s mom said while drinking wine at the dining room table. You and Jared were hidden behind the wall, eavesdropping on them. They didn’t know this but the two of you were in a ninja phase, Jared was given Sly Cooper from his grandmother and you both LOVED IT.

“They think we are gonna like, breakup!” Jared whispered to you.

“We can’t breakup we’re not even married!” You replied your knowledge of the world so minimal, all you knew was marriage.

“Well we should prove them wrong!” He cheered. You heard both mothers suddenly stop talking, you locked eyes and took off down the hall way back to Jared’s room in a fit of giggles.

“Hey (y/n)?” Jared piped up after you were safely hidden in his room “when we’re older, like 13, I’m going to marry you!”

“I’ll say yes!” Your giggled picking up the Play Station controller.

That was 14 years ago. This is today.

You were packing your over night bag to drop off at Jared’s before school, you really only packed clothes, you spent almost every weekend at the Kleinman’s so they had a set of over night things for you already.

Grabbing your keys off your nightstand you left the house from your back door, and you found yourself in the Kleinman’s kitchen, you knew this large house like the back of your hand, reminiscing slightly as you headed up to Jared’s room, little you in picture frames smiling brightly always with Jared. You stopped at your favorite, the two of you were sopping wet, holding hands, and neither of you aware of poison ivy and fevers manifesting in your bodies.

You and Jared were 8 years old, it was the end of your joint birthday party, everyone was gone and your parents were helping clean up the small outdoor venue. For the first time all day the area was quiet, a mischievous smile painted on your face as the sound of running water swam to your ears.

“Jared! Jared listen! There’s a waterfall or something! Let’s go find it!!” Your chirped grabbing his hand and pulling him into the woods.

“(Y/N) we’re going to get in trouble!” He cried slipping his hand from yours.

“Jared if I’m going to be your wife you’re going to need to follow me anywhere!” You insisted. Ever since that day he said he’d marry you neither of you denied it. It seemed almost wrong for either of you to consider anyone else. And besides boys had cooties, Jared isn’t a boy. He is Jared and that’s different.

You two clambered through underbrush to the small river at the back end of the property. Sun shone down on to the shallow water, leaves tumbled gently from the oak trees above, and you and Jared shamelessly stripped down to your underwear and splashed into the stream.

After 30 minutes of of playing pretend in the river, you both were so cold you were blue and decided it was best to get dressed and head home. Your clothes were soaked from your splashing, and stuck to you like a second skin.

Your parents, worried sick, cried with joy when you guys showed up in the field by the venue. Jared’s mom gasped at her soaking wet, shivering son and his best friend. Your mom cracked up at the scene before her and instantly took a picture of the two of you, hands locked, soaked to the bone, grass stuck to your sticky skin, and grinning like mad men.

Later than evening both you and Jared were itchy like hell and coughing like crazy. The prognosis; poison ivy and a fevers from the cold river.

You smiled and continued down the hallway to Jared’s room, pushing open white door you found your best friend just waking up. Blurry eyed and voice still husky from sleep he squinted at you confused. “W-what are you doing here?” He groaned as his hand reaching for the glasses that had fallen to the floor moments ago. Walking into his room you grabbed his glasses, put them on, and sat straddling his sleepy body.

“I’m staying the night of course. I’m just going to come straight here after school,” you replied poking is squishy face.

“Yes because your house is so very far away,” he rolled his eyes “where the fuck are my glasses?” In a fit of giggles you grabbed his face between your hands and leaned in close, your face and the glasses on them coming into focus.

“I don’t know J, where the fuck are your glasses?” You said dead serious.

“Go fuck a goat,” he scolded shoving you off onto the floor. You broke out into another fit of giggles, the last you’d seen of his face he was glaring at you, but that facade fell away and he smiled at you gently. He tapped your ribs with his foot as he got out of bed and went to his closet.

“You know if I’m going to be your wife, you need to treat me better!” You said as you got off the floor.

“Yes (y/n), because you’re so set on being my wife,” He deadpanned.

“Wow Mr. Kleinman if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re jealous!” You gasped flopping onto his bed. He mumbled a response that you didn’t hear.

‘Well (y/n). It’s a great thing you don’t know any better,’ you never heard it. But it was a thought that had plagued Jared for a while now.

School was slow and the only reason you didn’t give up preform a self inflicted virgin sacrifice in the bathroom was because Jared kept texting you about tonight.

From: Kleinmeme 🎮

My parents are having a date night, the house is ours till tomorrow. But dinner is up to us.

To: Kleinmeme 🎮

Pizza or Chinese?

From: Kleinmeme 🎮

Dad is leaving $50 like a fucking pimp, so the only reasonable dinner to buy is both and sodas.

To: Kleinmeme 🎮

Damn you. Making me hungry and also giving me a will to live via dinner.

From: Kleinmeme 🎮

You can’t die. I need you. How can I summon Satan if I don’t have his vessel?

To: Kleimeme 🎮

Stop texting me, if Mrs. P takes my phone I’m going to take your soul.

“I’m just saying if you’re going to pick Bowser you’ve got to play to win!”



You and Jared took off down the sidewalk, barreling full speed ahead to his front door. Running around his house you gathered pillows, blankets, and a nights worth of drinks. You placed orders for pizza and Chinese while Jared set up all of his gaming consoles in basement.

It was midnight, you were pregnant with a Chinese-Italian baby and Jared was complaining he was going through food baby labor. The TV was playing Friends reruns and you and Jared were swaddled in tons of blankets.

“You know. I wouldn’t make a good wife. I can’t cook for shit. But damn I can order a good fuckin’ pizza,” you announced getting up to clean up the take out containers.

“That’s alright sweetheart, I’ll cook. You just go to work and look pretty” he replied in a surprisingly serious tone. You never thought Jared actually meant anything by his comments on your imaginary marriage, but you’d be lying if you hadn’t thought about him romantically.

“Did, did you just call me sweetheart?” You stuttered, your cheeks flushing. Suddenly you appreciated the darkness of the basement.

“I also said you look pretty, what’s your point. Also don’t even say I’m lying we both know you’re fucking drop dead gorgeous,” he grumbled, Jared was practically in love with you. You were his best friend, his partner in crime, and the one that got away. That is if he ever actually had you.

“Jared Kleinman! Are you professing your love to me!” You feigned shock, attempting to defuse the situation with humor.

“You know what, fuck it! (Y/full/N) I’m in love with you. I am. For once no jokes or memes. I’m seriously head over heels for you and have been since the 6th grade. You’re the only person who makes me feel like I’m not just an annoying nuisance. You listen to me prattle on and on about stupid memes and video games and you put up with all of my shit from late night rants to family vacation skype calls. You’re always here and you make me so unbelievably happy. God I love you. Your smile. Your eyes. Your humor. Your wit. Your body. God I fucking love your body. I love you,” he admitted. All you could do was stare at him in shock, you never even thought he could have feelings for you beyond friends. You wanted to hold him and kiss him and tell him you felt the same but you couldn’t move, your mind was going too fast for your body. “You know what forget it. Forget I said anything. You obviously don’t care. I’m sorry I know you don’t feel the same, I mean how could you? I’m just Jared Kleinman The ever present Jared Kleinman. The family friend Jared Kleinman, The loser Jared Kleinman, The insanely annoying Jared Kleinman. And you’re (y/n) and everyone knows you can do better than me by a long shot,” tears pooled in his eyes, you still hadn’t reacted, and he was just waiting for your disgusted rejection, but it never came.

“Jared Kleinman. You’re the best person I know. You always make me smile no matter how bad life gets. You’ve been here for it all, no matter how emotionally disturbed or distant I get. You keep me sane, you keep me safe, you keep me honest. I love you too, more than friends, more than best friends, more than I’ve loved anything ever,” you pulled him into your arms, his body racking with sobs. “Please stop crying, it’s okay, I’m not going anywhere,” you pet his hair and held him to you tightly. He slowly lifted his head from your shoulder and looked at you, his puffy, bloodshot eyes filled with happiness and love. Suddenly you were swept off you feet, he spun you around in joy, all at once you felt you feet return to the ground and you felt Jared’s lips land on yours. It wasn’t a nice kiss, it was wet with salty tears, it was uneducated, too fast and hard, but it was perfect because it was you and it was Jared.

You settled back into the make shift blanket mattress on the floor, curling into Jared’s chest you smiled, happier than ever. He placed a kiss on the top of your head, his arms wrapped around you shoulders.

“Hey (y/n),”

“Yes Jared?”

“You need to go home,”

“What! Why?”

“It’s Saturday. And Saturday is for the boys,”

“Go the fuck to sleep Kleinmeme,”

“Goodnight Love,”

“Goodnight squish,”

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Frozen Like Ice // Archie Andrews

Do you remember when we saw previews for riverdale and there was that scene that showed Archie frantically searching in the snow/ice? (Idk if they’ve shown that yet- I’m sadly VERY behind in Riverdale) but anyway, I was just wondering if you could do angsty Archie x reader based off that. Basically anything angsty where Archie is worried about reader/reader is hurt or missing or something is fine idk.Your writing is AMAZING all the love thanks ❤❤❤

I liked how this one turned out. Also thank you again for following my blog of imagines. The only reason I really started this is because I knew how it felt to wait for a request for months on end or it never happening, and I wanted to be a little different. I didn’t expect to love it and connect with people around the globe. Thank you again and enjoy this one!


‘Y/N, you’re not going and that’s final!’

I knew deep down there was something more to Jason’s murder, but Archie being a protective boyfriend, wouldn’t let me go and investigate near the lake where Jason was last seen. It had snowed heavily in the past few weeks, but it wasn’t the worst I’d seen in the past years.

‘What if you come with me? We can look together. It’ll be like…a date, but add in murder mystery to make it spontaneous.’ I suggested, which was followed by a glare from Archie.

‘Neither of us are going, Y/N. It’s too dangerous and I don’t want something to happen to you.’ He grabbed my hand, lacing our fingers together whilst we walked down the school hallway. I sighed, throwing my head back.

‘Archibald, I love you, but, I can do this. I could find something that could crack this case wide open and we can finally get answers.’ I argued, giving him a small smile that usually changes his mind.

‘No,’ he pointed at me and shook his head, ‘no “cute smile” that changes my mind, not this time. You’re not going to Sweet Water and that’s because I love you.’ I groaned, crossing my arms over my chest. ‘Don’t pout about it, alright?’

I glared at him, raising my eyebrow. ‘Whatever. Fine, I won’t go.’ I raised my hands up in surrender. He pecked my forehead, then my cheek.

‘Thank you, just this once Y/N.’ He smiled. The bell echoed throughout the hallway, making me give Archie a quick peck on the lips.

‘I’ll see you later.’ I smiled, walking away from him down the hallway.

I knew he was going to hate me for doing it, but I needed answers.

And I was going to Sweet Water River.


I shivered, the snow being so cold and frozen. I trudged my way through the woods, looking around to see anything that could help us in the case. I knew I was completely going against Archie by doing this, but I needed to know and I wouldn’t stop till I found something.


I was sitting in Pop’s with Jughead, Betty and Ronnie, waiting for Y/N to show up. She promised that she would make it tonight. I checked the time on my phone, sighing in annoyance since she was 20 minutes late.

‘Archie, relax,’ Betty spoke up, ‘she’ll be here. Maybe she got caught up with her parents or school work?’

‘No, she’s done all of her homework and her parents know we come here every Friday night…something not right about this.’ I sat back further in the booth, feeling the frustration building up of where she could be.

‘Did she say anything else to you today that could suggest something else?’ Jughead asked, taking a bite of his burger.

My eyes widened, a light bulb going off in my head. ‘She went against what I said…’ I muttered, putting my letterman back on and standing up.

‘What? Archie, what is it?’ Ronnie asked, standing up with me.

‘She’s gone looking for clues at Sweet Water. Guys – she could be in serious trouble…’ I panicked, walking towards the exit of Pop’s.

‘Wait – we’re coming with you!’ Betty called out, my three friends following me.

Y/N, you just can’t help yourself, can you?

Y/N’s P.O.V

I ducked under another fallen tree, almost finding the place where Jason was last scene by Cheryl near the river. I looked around, seeing it was slowly starting to become dark. Okay, Y/N, 10 minutes then you go to Pop’s and play off that you didn’t completely disregard your boyfriend and went searching on your own accord, even though he told you no.

I squinted my eyes at one of the trees, seeing something carved into it. I moved closer near the tree which was just on the edge of the river, standing on one of the visible roots to see it clearer. I panted a little, looking up at the carving to see the initials on the tree being “J.B ❤ P.C”. I chuckled, nodding my head. I knew he loved her.

I heard a loud bang as I turned my head of where the noise came from as I felt my balance go, falling backwards into the snow behind me, little knowing it was apart of the river behind me. I let out and ear piercing scream, feeling the impact of the cold, icy water. The cold water made me instantly numb, no feeling in the bottom half of my body. 


I recognised that voice, and I knew I was in trouble now, but I needed him. ‘Archie!’ I screamed, feeling body sinking through the snow into the cold water below it. ‘Archie!’ I screamed louder, feeling my voice crack.

I could feel my body sinking further, finding nothing to grab hold of to pull me up. ‘Archie! Help!’

‘I’m coming! Just hold on!’ Archie exclaimed, desperation in his voice. My teeth chattered, feeling my hands beginning to shake. I was going to drown. This was it.

‘Y/N! Where are you?!’ Archie called out, closer then before.

‘I’m here! Arch! I’m sinking, I can’t pull myself up!’ I felt the snow starting to slowly cave in on me, blocking me from any view of Archie being able to find me. ‘The snows caving in, Archie!’

‘Where are you!?’ He repeated again.

‘Near the tree…near the river!’ I called out as loud as I could, feeling my body slowly starting to shut down from the cold water.

I could hear the steps coming closer and stopping, before I could see Archie digging his way through the snow. He looked down frantically at me, grabbing me by the jacket, hooking his arms underneath mine, pulling me up and out of the water. ‘It’s alright babe, I’ve got you…’ He mumbled, pulling me towards his chest, making sure I was completely out.

I was shivering and hyperventilating of the fear I was going to drown. Archie wrapped his letterman jacket around me, trying to keep me warm as he picked me up bridal style, holding me close to his chest.

‘It’s okay, you’re okay…’ Archie muttered more so to himself as he walked past Jug, Ronnie and Betty. Betty’s hand flew to her mouth in shock of my state. Was I that bad?

‘We gotta get her to a hospital, Arch.’ Ronnie stared down at me, not looking anywhere else.

‘We can’t, she’ll get questioned why she was out here in the first place. We’ll take her to my house.’

I felt my eyes drooping shut, feeling darkness consume my sights before I could hear another word.


I opened my eyes to no longer feeling cold or wet, but warm and safe. I looked around my surroundings to see it was Archie’s room and I was laying on his bed. I looked up to see him sitting at the edge of the bed, looking at me with worry.

‘Before you look at me like that, I wanna make you feel better by saying you where right and I was wrong…I’m sorry that I went behind your back. I just – I finally got the answer I wanted though. He loved her, Arch.’ I whispered. He moved closer to me, leaning down and kissing my slightly cold lips. I smiled, resting my hand on his cheek. I pulled away, resting my head against his. ‘Can you yell at me tomorrow? Please?’

‘Okay.’ He answered, laying down next to me as he hugged me into his chest, running his fingers through my hair as I felt my eyes close once more, feeling safe in the arms of my protective boyfriend.

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Bloomtale - Chapter 15 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 15 is up!!! Even if I’m on break, I keep updating things… Kaito, just go to sleep xD

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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My name is Anja (Anastasia, actually, but i prefer to call myself this way).
I am so sorry for my english, it is foreign to me.
I know, that many users don’t like when non-english-speaker tries to write on english, but it is necessery now.
Well, I’m from Russia.
*Many people will skip this text without any attention because of attitude to my country, and I understand that, but if you are still reading - thank you. It is extremely important for me*
I have been living there for all my life (for about 20 years).
When I was a child, I really loved my country.
I knew, that it is so beautiful, that there is no words in my vocabulary to describe its beauty. Large wild forests, home for wonderful birds and animals, sparkly rivers, so cold and vivid, boundless sky, so bright at mornings and evenings, so brilliant at noon and so deeply-dark at night.
Big cities and small villages side by side, modern skyscrapers near by old wooden houses from before last century.
A pleiad of great scientists, writers, poets, composers, artists…
I used to love my country. But something had gone the very bad way.
I suppose, it is all started when I was in high school.
It was 2014, when all of these occasions in the Ukraine started.
I and all of my classmates were shocked, stunned. We didn’t understand, what is happening, why it is happening. We thought that it isn’t real, that it is just a bad long joke. We were confused when started all that things with Crimea, we wanted that to stop.
Our teacher said, that this is the way the history happens: one day it will be in the school books, but for us, for people, the whole world turned into something weird, complicate and dangerous.
From that moment, Russia started to do some mad things in the international area.
But also, a few years ago, it started to do some horrible things against it own citizens.
From 2011 to 2013, several mass protests took place in the country. They were due to results of legislative election in 2011 and president election in 2012. Our “new” president was again Vladimir Putin. Our President for 17 years.
After arests of protestants, in our country passed a law, that limited participation in rallies. This law was need to make the protestants fall silent.
Now, in 2017, this hysteria has reached the unthinkable scale. In the eve of the 2018 president election, the authorities “do their best” to strangle the opposition candidate Alexey Navalny and all the opposition generally.
They do not let us speak. They don’t want us to exist, to act, to fight lawfully. And they break our laws, our Constitution; they forget about our human and civil rights, about freedom of speech. They want us to be their silent slaves.
And today, at October 7th, I write this post in honor of USSR Constitution Day and to support the legal rallies all across the country.


a) I demand political competition;

b) I demand admition of Navalny and any other candidate, who can collect the required 300,000 signatures, to 2018 president election.

We  speak that in the Internet. We speak that on the streets of our cities.
I will not be silence anymore.

Oregon Gothic
  • The water tastes good here; it’s the best you’ve ever had. It’s the only water you’ve ever had, and you are grateful.
  • Everything is green. The trees are green, the grass is green, you’ve even started bleeding green. The world is green, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.
  • Everyone talks about Oregon State and University of Oregon. You could have sworn there were other schools. Once upon a time, you were right.
  • You start the day wearing sneakers. By the end of the day they are sandals. This is the third time today. The same thing happened to your jacket. Everything is flannel now. 
  • Only Nike is immune. They are always immune. All hail Nike.
  • You started driving I-5 North to Washington, but you cannot leave. You can never leave. I-5 goes on forever, and you are trapped.
  • “It’s not rain, it’s Oregon sunshine” people say. You believe them. What’s the sun? 
  • There’s a harsh glowing orb in the sky. You wear long pants and long sleeves to protect yourself from it, and wish for the sun to come back.
  • The lava beds make you bleed. The gods have accepted your sacrifice.
  • The water on the coast is so cold. The water in the rivers is so cold. That does not matter, the water calls to you, and you answer, wondering what being “warm” means.
  • Once upon a time you knew what hazelnuts were. Now all you know are filberts. 
  • You hike to Crater Lake, and you see a ghost ship. You turn away, and when you look back, it is still there. It has always been there.
  • You love hiking. You have always loved hiking. It was inevitable.
  • As you stumble from ghost town to ghost town, you can’t help but wonder if the whole state exists, or if it’s just one giant ghost town.
  • You cannot pump your own gas. You wouldn’t want to. The things that hang out at gas stations haunt your dreams, and their hands when they take your payment are too cold.
  • You feel like you are always being watched. You are not paranoid. The plants have eyes. 
Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Characters: Hinted CastielXReader, Bobby Singer, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 3248

A/N: One-shot written for @writingthingsisdifficult / Syn’s Monster Challenge / monster #12, the Utbard (ghost of a child who died a violent death in the forest – forces you to carry it on your back, demanding to be taken to the nearest graveyard – it gets heavier with each step you take, driving you into the ground until you die of exhaustion). Story is set during the end of season 6, after Castiel’s betrayal of the Winchesters, but before he breaks Sam’s Lucifer wall down and goes all Godstiel.

(not my GIF)

The Beginning of the End

Bobby Singer considered himself a proud man. Wringing a well-worn navy trucker’s hat between gnarled fingers, eyes rimmed red and wet, he studied the pallid body laid out on the couch in his study – barely recognizable as the vivacious and lively hunter he’d mentored in recent months.

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i saw this sweetie crop top at h&m yesterday and i was like
eleven would wear that

so here’s an h&m AU i guess

So it got super cold and rainy where I live and the river is flooding like the majority of my city. Highways are being shut down, schools are closing, etc. Which means that my roommate and I have opened up our apartment to anyone who needs to be on this side of the river for work and lives on the other side. THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE IN OUR SMALL APARTMENT. But I really love having a full house. Even though they’re all my age (plus her dad, lol), it gives me this overwhelming sense of family. I just really love waking up i a house where people will be hungry and want me to make them pancakes and coffee. It’s a weird thing.

And it’s also making me yearn for a “weather conditions force everyone into one apartment” sickfic!

prompt: comfort 
note: takes place during ch352/ep230, the one where yorozuya find those cellphones

sougo is only slightly surprised to see kagura splashing around in the river as he crosses the bridge. he pauses, leaning against the side and calling out a few insults. she doesn’t respond though, only bobbing up briefly and then falling back down below the current. 

“oh.” sougo sighs as he considers that maybe she isn’t just testing her breath holding abilities. “china, you drowning?”

he doesn’t get a clear response. kagura just resurfaces for a few seconds before being brought back below the water. 

“shit.” realizing she might actually be drowning, sougo runs down to the side of the river and jumps into the water to rescue her. what an idiot, he thinks. what a complete idiot. 

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12.8 miles in 4:45 - Meramec River, Sand Ford to just south of Wells Ford

Started at around 7:45 this morning and was basically alone on the river for the whole day.

- Saw innumerable turtles, herons, & hawks.
- Was barked at by a mama river otter trying to protect her 5 pups.
- In a deeper section of the river, I hit a school of smaller fish that jumped out of the water with ever paddle stroke (!).
- Found a cave spring (darker pic above) that sounded like a waterfall and whose water was so cold that it was steamy where it hit the river.
- Didn’t get sunburned.
- Didn’t tip over or drop my phone overboard. 🙃

I don’t understand Arizona, my dudes. Last summer the temperature was 120°+ right? We have this freezing cold river so it wasn’t too bad. But right now? It’s fucking 48° and I’m freezing my ass off. I really want summer to hurry up and get here because I can’t do this cold shit.

William Karlsson - Sauna raft

Warnings: Just cute, some swearing and drinking

Wordcount: 3069 

By the way this is a sauna raft for those who don’t know!

I walk out on my balcony feeling the sun hitting my body and the light breeze running through my hair. Days like these always puts a smile on my face, there’s so much to do and everyone is in a good mood. I decide to call Felicia to ask if she wants to do something.


“Hi what are you up to?” I sit down while taking a sip of my water the warmth starting to get to me.

“Not much really, I’ve just laid down to tan a bit, you?”

“Same here, I was thinking of taking the sauna raft out for a bit, you in?”

“Y/N was that even a question?” We both laugh and I’m shaking my head “I’ll tell Hannah to come can you call Josefine?”

“Of course” All the girls are with me in my hometown Stockholm over the weekend, but we all decided that we will live on our separate ways so we can do whatever we want during the time they’re here.

“Sounds good! I’ll be over at yours in 30” We hang up and I call Josefine and she almost screams in my ear from excitement.

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An Ending

       Dragging her legs across the raining, disturbed town; her mind spiralling, the brightness in her soul faltering.

    The buoyant Betty Cooper, the so called perfect girl next door; looked like a weary shell of what had been. Wandering with no sense of direction, intent, or purpose. Perhaps her conscious mind was trying to get her somewhere, lead her to a place of importance in this obscure gloomy town.

   But Betty was having none of that, she wasn’t going to try and reach into that delusive false hope, that maybe, maybe this existent reality can be saved …

    A few months ago the people of this town were carefree and easygoing, hiding behind their realities, not showing their real colours. There was a time when their most challenging worries were paying the rent or getting a date to the prom or being described as “cool “by their peers.

Not anymore.

   Compared to the faces she sees nowadays; the once care less lighthearted people seemed so abnormal, so different, so out of reach. And unfortunately, Betty’s life wasn’t immune to this horrible change of style.

      After the whole town found out about Clifford Blossom butchering his own son, everything went downhill from there. Every shred of innocence this town once had was getting ripped away, forgotten.

        Archie changed. When his father was killed by a mysterious person in a black mask. Archie shut down completely after that, he broke things off with Veronica who had to move back to the city of New York after her father’s unseemly release. Perhaps it was that event that changed Riverdale from wholesome and innocent to deranged and sinful. The shocking death of Fred Andrews.

    Like Veronica, Jughead was begrudgingly forced by his mom to move to Toledo after she found about the, to quote Mayor McCoy, “tragic incidents” that happened in Riverdale.

    Betty can still remember that night Jughead told her he’s leaving so clearly, as much as she’d like to dismiss that memory, it’s always there, engraved in her mind.

That night

    Was a dark somber Thursday night?  Thin, dingy rain spat and drizzled past the lighted street lamps. A canopy of luminous stars hung amongst the ocean of blackness. Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones were lying peacefully on the cosy bed in the trailer.  Betty could remember Jughead shifting, changing his position to face her.

        She distinctly remembers how Jughead eyes didn’t shine that night, not once. She knew something was wrong but she pushed that thought away. They both had troubles. Their town feeds on trouble. Their friends either changed dramatically, left, or in Cheryl’s case, died.  

        Yes, Betty cried after he told her he’d be leaving, but she really didn’t have it in her to sob or weep. Jughead did what he could, cradled her in his arms while she cried, told her he’d come back in a matter of days, and tried to wipe away her tears.

With all these thoughts in her mind

    Betty found herself by Sweet Water River.  

     The moon reflected on the river so brightly to the point that there was a spot on the river that hurt to look at, it shone so radiantly, she had to squint to be able to glimpse it. The weather around this river was always so cold.  She hated coming here, and yet this was her third time this week. And just like she does every time she comes here.  Betty sat on the freezing ground, letting her crushing emotions free. Her tears fell silently, she didn’t shake, quiver, sniff or gulp. She just sat there missing Archie, missing Veronica, missing Cheryl. God she missed Cheryl.

       Sometimes Betty would dream about walking in the school hallway and seeing Cheryl standing with her posse laughing at whatever the girl that just walked by was wearing. But Cheryl would never actually be there.

Cheryl was, just like she said, with Jason now.

       Archie spends most of his time trying to find the man responsible for killing his father. That’s all he ever does anymore. His mother moved back to Riverdale to stay with him, but she found not much of him left.

    And of course Jughead, Betty can’t even begin to describe what she feels about Jughead leaving. And she isn’t going to try to. All Betty has is herself.The Silence in her soul, the madness in her thoughts, and the chills in her blood.

    After a while, she checks her phone for the time.

2:48 am. Maybe it is time she went home-

“What are you doing here Betts? “

  Betty reluctantly turns around, praying that this isn’t a cruel mind trick or a hallucination, like they are, every single goddamn time.





“Juggy? “


Maybe there is hope after all.  

... And Found (Part 2) [Lafayette x Reader]

Characters: Lafayette x Reader, John Laurens

Length: 935+ words


A/N: Here’s Part 2! And I kinda lied bc I didn’t end up using the song I originally thought I was going to be using, but it took me FOREVER to choose a song. After changing the songs around for the millionth time, I ended up with this. I hope you guys like it! It doesn’t have my usual level of angst, but I thought you guys would need a break from the constant heartbreak. 

(Part 1)

It’s been a few more weeks since you sent that text to Gilbert, and you couldn’t be happier. You had taken small steps to getting out of the house before him, going up to play at the bar was one of them, but this decision to interact with someone else was a step you didn’t not see foresee. But you were happy. Meeting up with Gilbert again reminded you why you liked him so much. He never pushed you to talk about anything you weren’t comfortable with, and he made you laugh. You laughed more in that two hours with him than you have in the past year!   

You reached out, and held his hand. “Thanks, Laf.” 

“For what?” he asked with that smile he had plastered on his face.   

“For hanging out with me,” you said with a shrug.   

“Any time, mon ami.”   

“Will you be at the bar this Wednesday?”   

“Of course. When have I ever missed your performance?”   

You thought about it, and you realized Gilbert has never missed a performance. He might have been late to a few, but he had never failed to show up.   

“What are you singing?” 

“That’s a secret,” you replied with a cheeky smile.   

“But I’m your number one fan!” he exclaimed, feigning offence.   

You laughed, throwing your head back. “Hey! If I knew myself, I would tell you. I guess you’ll have to show up to find out.” 

“I guess I do.” There was a comfortable silence before Gilbert spoke again. “How are you feeling, Y/N?” 

This was Gilbert’s way of asking if you were alright. He’s always been patient with the way you were taking things. You spoke to him about your rut, and the things that went down in the past few months. “Everything’s good.” 

“I’m glad,” he commented with a smile. “You are so strong, you know? You go through these had times, and you don’t lose your smile.” 

“Well, I did for a while.“ 

“But you fought against yourself, and you came out stronger.”   

“Thank you, Laf. I couldn’t do it without you.”   

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