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A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 

Again with this

Very early on in the yearly 5e campaign after a side quest where one player’s character got four boyfriends (a young elvish bard guy with several very high rolls), the other players followed suit in trying to make relationships with NPCs and it was established that pretty much every NPC in-universe is bi or pan for the sake of convenience when rolling to flirt. This had the unintentional consequence of making *literally every character in the campaign non-straight*. After the entire campaign was over several players were on a one-off mission and the following exchange occurred. The session was nearly over as we’d just found the person we were sent to look for.

Simon: So the girl is able to walk and stuff?
DM: No, she’s too weak.
Alex: I cast cure wounds on her.
DM: Yeah, she—literally any amount of HP gets her walking, no need to roll.
Simon: Okay, so we… take her back home, the barkeep was her dad right? This was the daughter?
DM: Yeah, they look a lot alike. She also tells you so when you ask.
[a few minutes later]
Simon: I wanna roll to flirt with her.
DM: Yeah there it is. That—I was waiting all mission for this one. The DC is high dude, just warning you.
Simon: Cmon dice… *nat 19*
DM: That’ll do it! Alrighty then!
Alex: Wait, dude, did—did you just make the first straight character in this universe?
DM: …Oh my god I did.
Alex: *joking* We needed the diversity, really, the believability was suffering.
DM: Finally! First one ever!
Simon: I’m a girl.
Alex: …wait—
Simon: I’m using my elf lady, remember?
[Pause, then laughter]
DM: So close, and yet so far!
DM: I tried, I really did. I—I tried to make that evil wizard and his son straight, but nah, never works. Always ends up like this. You guys started this.
Alex: Every time.

I Do Not Understand- Pennywise X reader

Hey there everyone! This is just a little snippet of a larger story idea that if you would like for me to continue, be sure to let me know! 


for those of you who do enjoy it, I hope you like this, and thank you for reading!


He liked to watch you. He would hide within the shadows of your closet and peek out through the empty spaces, carefully melting back into the walls around your room. Although the reason that kept him here was still unclear to him, he stayed and studied you, absolutely fascinated with how you went about your life.

You knew he was there, sometimes. You had caught him once or twice in the early summer, and every time he would spare you and flee without giving a word or explanation. But that was a while ago, you thought that maybe he had moved on and that hopefully he would leave you alone. Although, part of you wished that he would stay, after all of the days you had spent with him. You had known the creature for a long time now, though “know” wasn’t the world to use. You had no idea where he came from, what he really thought about you. All you knew was that he had watched you, in your room and at your school, and you remember the marks he had left many times on your skin. You remember all of the cloudy days he had spent by your side, just looking at you and enjoying the closeness. He knew the route you took to get home, what stop signs you passed and what oak trees you hid under to escape the heavy rains and he knew of your growing affection for him. You suspected it was because of this, that he left, and remained a mystery.

How much you didn’t know about him, was outnumbered by how much he did know about you.

As the months passed and summer came closer to its end, you saw less and less from the clown. You didn’t see any tall figures in the shadows, no more red balloons tied to thin tree branches, it was almost as if he had disappeared. Though this was not what it seemed.

In reality, the creature’s obsession with you only grew, he spent more time lurking in your room, watching you. He watched as you slept, dressed and ate. He watched you as you worked and talked on the phone with your friends. And what’s worse, he watched as you moaned and whimpered his name between the silky sheets of your bed.
Everyday the creature grew more more tempted to join you, relish in the earthly pleasure that was your touch. He remembered the very few time he had allowed himself to touch you, how wonderful it had been to hold so much power over you. Yet every time he was so close, he’d break away. Never again would be allow himself to partake in such a human thing, he hated himself for even thinking about it. He would try to imagine your body ripped open before him, blood blanketing the beautiful smell of your fear, but it was no use. The rush of the kill was was pale in comparison to the thought of your hands on his face, gentle touches followed by begs for more. The creature could no longer stand this torture.

One morning while you were preparing for the day ahead, he watched as you picked out a particularly interesting outfit. A short sleeved white blouse was tucked gently into an ankle long skirt, floral patterns decorated the pale pink fabric with layers of crinoline hidden underneath. You curled your hair and painted your lips with a color that caught the creature off guard, blood red. You skipped happily out of your bedroom door with a pair of cherry red shoes to match, your skirt twirling happily as you looked over yourself in the passing mirror. The monster watching from the shadows was astounded, completely overtaken with the red that decorated your body. It was a look that he had seen before, but never before had he appreciated it like this. Seeing you wear red was always a favorite for him, but never before had you worn it on your mouth, like he did.

Throughout the day he followed and watched you like usual, saw the interactions between you and your fellow humans. But this time was different, this time he felt strangely protective. He saw their looks of envy, saw how some of them would look at you behind your back, their eyes raking up and down your figure. The storm drain could barely contain his anger, his sharp teeth grinding against themselves as males and females alike would touch and compliment you. He could feel the jealousy within him, the want to make a claim to you boiling his very blood. The feeling of shame and regret that he had felt for so many months was gone, he only wanted you.

As you returned home that night, gently setting your bag on the floor before wandering into your room, the monster could no longer take it.

As you slowly opened the door to your closet, a long and slender arm shot forth from the dark, fingers clamping around your throat to silence a scream that started to form in the back of your mouth. You watched in horror as a pair of gleaming eyes stared back at you from the shadow, blue and murky like a fresh rain puddle. As you squirmed they flashed a golden yellow, sending a shiver up your spine.

“Why must you do this to me..little one”

The creature spoke and you whimpered, his arm dragging you closer to him. You could barely see him in the dark, but the smell of burnt sugar reassured your suspicion.


A muffled recognition of his name was all you could manage as he lifted you by the hold on your neck, walking forward and out into your room with you in hand. The light from your bedside lamp bathed him in gold and you observed the scowl on his face. Your hands flew up to grasp at the one that held you, tightly holding onto him as he leaned in and shouted

“Why must you tease me so!”

He shook you, your breath hitching as you croaked for breath. The clown was angry, but he didn’t seem to be angry with you. It almost seemed, as if he was frustrated with himself.

“Why? Why damn you!?”

His voice was deep, yet sharp, it made your head spin with how deep it cut you. You shook your head and managed a smile, softening your gaze.

“I- I missed you”

You said and he spat, tightening his hold and making you croak. He shook you again as she spoke, his eyes flaring into a deep gold.

“How dare you, you little pest!”

He exclaimed, confused by your smile and the way you spoke so calmly. The air was rancid with your fear, yet you smiled at him, why? Pennywise shook his head, turning and pressing you up against the wall. The force almost knocked the wind out of you as your small hands clasped tighter to the one around your neck.

“I was at peace! I would feed and then rest, content with devouring your kind! And then- You!”

He leaned in forcefully, pressing himself against you and burying his face into the crook of your neck. His eyes fluttered at the smell of your fear, your soft skin so warm, so fragile. He inhaled, growling and almost whimpering as you clutched to him. He shook again and this time, a hand came to rest against the small of his back.

“Penny, it’s okay”

You said, your voice shaking as he slowly relaxed his grip on your throat. He looked up at you, anger blaring in his eyes

“No. No! I can not eat, I can not rest! All I see, is you! You little monster!”

He roared and growled, saliva dripping from his lips as his pointed yellow teeth pressed against your skin. You winced but you did not let go, holding onto the fabric of his clothes and repeating

“Pennywise, it’s alright”

The clown shivered and felt himself melt under the smell of cherries, a new smell that he had only caught whiffs of when he saw you from far away. You felt his hands clasp your waist as he shook and pressed further into you

“I do not understand this..”

He whispered, and you smiled, resting your chin against the top of his head

“Neither do I”

You said back.


thanks so much for reading, if you’d like for me to continue this fic, be sure to let me know either in the comments, or in his inbox! If you have any head-cannons/ fic ideas, share those with me too and i might write about them! 

Thanks again! 

Part 2 -

• Mirror rorriM •

Based off an anon ask that the lovely @stylesunchained received the other night. Who doesn’t love the idea of a some naughty fun against a mirror with Gucci suit Harry?
Thank you to @aboutalighthouse for the help and immense support while writing this!


The first thing you see when you walk into the crowded room is Harry. Harry in the Gucci suit looks like a goddamn vision; his smile breaking every heart and making knees weak. It’s like he has this bright spotlight on him and you can see everyone around you is casually trying not to stare in his direction. He’s oblivious to their stares as he works the room, his focus fully on the conversation he has with each guest.

He catches your eye when he’s posing for a picture with a beautiful woman on each arm, their bodies against him in hopes of keeping his attention when the photographer is gone. So, when his gaze lingers on you for a little longer than you can handle, you see the smile become a sort of smirk that you know can only mean trouble for someone, and you sincerely hope it’s going to be you.

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just in time

@vlhoria asked: can you do an angsty fic that maybe ENDS with fluff but it’s peter x reader (and she knows he’s spider-man) and gets kidnapped and tortured reallllyy bad (almost dies) and peter almost doesn’t make it in time to save her? (i would prefer for it to end with a lil fluff but  you can run with it haha)

warnings: torture and angst 

word count: 2k

author’s note: this sucks but the request didn’t so i am deeply sorry for how rank this is.

Originally posted by winter-hunters

You hadn’t showed up at school today which Peter normally wouldn’t have worried much about, but the fact that he had only told you he was Spider-Man yesterday worried him, a lot. 

And now the sinking feeling of regret and panic settled in Peter’s stomach only growing more with each passing hour, it only seemed as the clock on the school wall moved slower and slower and him fearing for you safety he ditched the rest of the day and ran into the nearest alleyway to change into his suit.

He looked around making sure that no one was near before he pulled his blue sweater over his head and opened his backpack to get the red and blue suit Tony had made him. 

After he had removed his pants only leaving him in his plaid boxers, he quickly pulled the red and blue fabric onto his body along with the mask. He looked around one last time, seeing no one he pressed the spider on the front allowing the suit to wrap it self around his frame.

He first swung by your window landing on the fire escape with one hand in front of him and the other one behind his back. He pushed your window open and crawled into your room, and there was no sign of you there either.

He then pulled his mask off and walked around your house calling your name every once in a while knowing it was still a whole week until your parents got home from the business trip they had left for a couple of days ago.

It was quite obvious that you weren’t there so he picked up his phone and dialed your number for what felt like the hundredth time today. He waited and he waited until he finally heard the “Hi it’s Y/N sorry i can’t come to the phone right now leave a message after the beep!” 

He let out a frustrated sigh at this pulling his backpack off his shoulder so he could place the phone back in it, but before he could do so his phone dinged signaling that he had gotten a message.

His eyebrows furrowed in a questioning manner as he turned the phone around pressing the turn on button on the side. His phone screen lit up showing a notification that read ‘video message from Y/N’ he was quick to swipe right and unlock his phone to see what you had sent him.

He was hoping that it would be a video of you explaining where you were and why you hadn’t come to school today but judging by the thumbnail of it that was not the case.

He took a deep breath before pressing the play button, the video filling his entire phone screen. “Hello Peter” a rough man’s voice was heard as the camera pointed towards you hanging from two ropes that were tightly tied around your wrists, purple and yellow bruising already starting to form where the ropes were bound.

“Y/N here tells me you and Spider-Man are quite the ‘best buds’” the man laughed picking up the camera as to bring it even closer to your face, and when he did so Peter could see the multiple bruises and scars that covered it.

Anger bubbled inside him as he continued watching the video “so if ‘Spider-Man’ isn’t here within the next 24 hours I’ll make sure Y/N here gets what she deserves. Time starts now Pete so don’t waste it” and with that the screen went blank and it was replaced with a timer showing that he had exactly 23 hours 59 minutes and 45 seconds to find and save you.

He cursed to himself running back up to your room where he had left the mask laying on your bed. He was quick to climb out of your window and when his feet had landed on the fire escape he thought of every possible place you could have been held captive but his mind was blank and he was now aimlessly swinging around the city ignoring everything and everyone around him the only thing on his mind being to find you.

He eventually stopped on top of a fairly high building where he sat down on the edge of it groaning at how stupid he had been, before an idea popped into his mind. “Karen, can you track down Y/N Y/L/N’s phone?” he spoke remembering that your phone had the ‘find my phone’ feature “let me see” she spoke, a map appearing in front of Peter’s eyes as Karen tracked your phone down.

“Y/N’s phone is located at an abandoned warehouse not so far away from here, would you like me to lead you to it?” Karen asked, Peter’s ears perked up at this and he quickly answered with a yes the GPS that was installed into the suit leading him to his destination.

He quickly jumped off the building raising his arm up as he shot out a web that connected to another building, Karen’s voice telling him when to turn and where to go.

“Karen how much time do i have left?” Peter’s panicked voice asked as he swung from building to building “you have exactly 19 hours 29 minutes and 10 seconds” She spoke Peter pulling himself forward with much more strength and determination now.

“I don’t think you’re understanding the question little lady, so I’ll ask it again. Who is Spider-Man” the man yelled in your face a punch in your rib following soon after as blood spilled out of your mouth and tears made their way down your face.

“Go to hell” you spat at him, he could torture as long and as much as he wanted to but you would never give him the identity of the person you loved and cared for the most in this world, even if it would be the death off you which now seemed to be what would be happening.

“Wrong answer” he growled walking over to a metal table where he had numerous of weapons and tools laid out. Many of them he had already used on you and every single one felt as painful as the other but you had a feeling this would be the final straw.

He grabbed two items, the first being a knife and the second one a taser. He turned around a smirk playing on his lips as he tapped his finger on the silver material of the knife, painfully slowly making his way toward you.

When he was standing right in front of you he raised his arm up in a way so that you could clearly see the 6 inch blade he was holding a chuckle leaving his lips as he started dragging it down your cheek a blood curdling scream making it’s way passed your lips as he did.

“Do you want me to repeat the question?” he asked. You didn’t answer and kept your brave face on your lips forming a straight line “and again that’s just not the answer I’m looking for” he chuckled—yet again, as he pulled the taser out of his pocket and jabbed it into your side pressing the red button as electricity ran throughout your body and pain like you had never felt before consumed you.

You screamed, you screamed so loud you were sure everyone in the city had heard you. Your sobs filled the room as your legs gave out the only thing holding you up being the two black ropes he had tied you up with.

“Please stop” you begged finally finding the strength to stand back up but a fist connecting with your cheek sent you tumbling back down. Your vision started to blur and you knew in that moment the face of your kidnapper would be the last one you ever saw.

But a cold liquid pouring over you brought you back to consciousness and you gasped, your teeth grinding against one another. “This is no time for sleeping” the man chuckled “this oughta wake you up” he grinned going to tase you again so you closed your eyes and screamed yet again clutching the rope in both your hands as you prepared for the impact—but it never came.

You slowly opened one eye and saw the all to familiar red and blue suit consume your vision, you were glad he was finally here but you couldn’t keep your eyes open much longer and watching Peter fight the guy that had been torturing you tired you as you let your eyelids close and your body give out underneath you.

Peter had saw you slip into unconsciousness and a sudden rage bubbled up inside him a feeling he had never felt so strongly before. “Karen, activate instant kill” and with that his previously white eyes had turned into much smaller red ones as he lunged himself at the guy not caring for any damage he caused, the only thing he wanted being revenge.

“How dare you!” he yelled throwing the guy to another corner of the warehouse quickly picking him up again so he could toss him back down again. He had never felt anger like this before and he couldn’t control it. 

It was pulsing through his veins and he kept on screaming and yelling at the guy soon going in for the final punch that would definitely kill the man but before he could cause any more permanent damage his eyes landed on you.

He immediately dropped the guy and reached his arm up so he could swing toward you. When he landed in front of you he quickly cut the ropes that were bound around your wrists and let your body drop into his arms.

“No, no hey Y/N you’re okay it’s going to be fine” he tried to reassure himself “Karen call 911 and send them to this location now!” and after that Peter ripped his mask off and his gloved finger pressed against your neck a sigh of relieve falling from his lips as he felt your pulse.

“You’re going to be okay” he sobbed bringing your limp figure as close to him as possible. Strangled cries left his mouth as he brushed a lock of your hair out of your face and tucked it back behind your ear.

“I’m so sorry Y/N this is all my fault” he cried even harder feeling the previous anger that had consumed him being replaced with nothing but emptiness “I am so sorry”

You had woken up a few days later in a hospital bed where Peter sat next to you, his quite snores filling the room as his cheek rested in the palm of your hand.

You smiled at this and tried to move your hand so you could run it through his brown locks but as you did an overwhelming feeling of pain consumed you and you groaned squeezing your eyes back shut.

Peter quickly woke up at this and as his eyes met your now opened ones he grabbed your hand tightly in his and he smiled for the first time in days “you’re awake” he croaked out, a few tears slipping from his eyes as he pressed a kiss to your forehead so carefully you barely even felt it.

“Yeah I guess so” you managed to get out, although a burning feeling consumed your throat as you did. Peter seemed to notice this and immediately jumped into action “here drink this” He said as he handed you a plastic cup filled with water. You thanked him as you placed your hand on the cup and slowly brought it up to your lips.

The liquid ran down your throat and the previously burning feeling immediately faded away and you finished the entire cup in less then a minute handing it back over to Peter when you were done, where he placed it onto the table next to him.

“Thank you” you said smiling up at him but he only looked down at his lap and shook his head “why are you thanking me? This is my fault. It’s my fault you’re in here and it’s my fault-it’s my fault that you-you almost died!” he cried out standing up from the white chair he had previously been sitting on.

“No it’s not Pete, you saved my life and i can never thank you enough for that” you said your Y/E/C eyes meeting his brown ones. Peter quickly rushed forward at this and connected his lips with yours.

Your lips moved against one another for a few seconds before you both pulled away and smiled lovingly at one another.

“I love you”

ouija | kim junmyeon

pairing: junmyeon x fem reader

word count: 1,772

genre: smut

summary: a night in with junmyeon leads to something else… ft spirits!

“No, I refuse. I don’t like paranormal things.” I shook my head at my best friend. Junmyeon had been trying to get me to play on his Ouija board for the past hour. “Y/N, you’re such a pussy. Don’t be like this.”

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Colors (Yoongi/Jimin)

Genre: Fluff + Angst | Soulmate!AU

Words: 1,837+

Author: Admin Em

Summary: Park Jimin hated black and white. More than those however, he hated grey; grey and its seemingly never ending shades. 

Tags: Major character death, car accidents, hospitals, implied suicide, swearing.

Note: This is the thing I wrote for my HOBI app for those of you who wanted to read it for some reason

Originally posted by yoonmin

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“High tensions lead to bad intentions.” A Barry Allen smut

 You knew that stress levels throughout team Flash were at an all time. A new meta of course wanted to take over Central City and it seemed that Barry had met his match. Being his girlfriends and sensing how stressed out he was made your heart hurt. He sat a one of the tables near the Cortex as you watched him rub his tired face with his hands. You looked around the room to see everyone at work. You could have called their names but you knew there was no way they were tearing their attention away from their work. That gave you an idea. A very good idea. You sauntered over to where Barry sat with his head in his hands looking over what you could identify as a file. You pulled a chair next to him as you gave him an award winning smile causing Barry to soften as you kissed his temple. You kept the chair nearby, knowing you probably would need it if this went according to plan. 

“You’re so tense baby…”

“Sorry it’s just…stressful.” He sighed as he randomly kissed your cheek. You wrapped your arms around his torso as you pressed your side to his. 

“I know what could help.” You whispered hotly in his ear causing him to give you a confused look. Your hand crept across his upper thigh as he maintained eye contact with you. The minute your hand came in contact with his crotch he immediately hardened as he stifled a moan. You shushed him quietly as you gave him a warning look. 

“Shhhh Bar…don’t let the others hear you.” You whispered as you began to palm him under his pants. He gave you a pleading look with wide eyes. You knew that you two haven’t had time to ‘get busy’ as of late, so it wouldn’t take long for him to be thrust into an orgasm. You looked at him with innocent eyes as you popped open the button of his pants as you carefully took him out of his restricting boxers. You ran a hand up and down his cock as he had to bite his lip in order to hold back a moan. You picked up your pace as you ran your thumb over the head of his cock. 

“(Y/n) please.” He begged. He didn’t want to cum underneath a desk. You let out a little giggle as he shuttered. You stopped your actions suddenly causing his eyes to shoot open. You brought a finger to your lips as you stood up. You swayed your hips as you made your exit to ‘use the bathroom’. Barry looked at you with angry yet hungry eyes as he buttoned up his pants. His cock throbbing at the lack of attention he needed yet didn’t received. 

Good thing he knew where you’d be. He threw open the door as you turned to him. You smiled at him innocently. 

“Does someone have a big problem?” 

“Yes. And you need to fix it. Now.” He growled as you walked over to him with a pouted lip. 

“I could fix it. All you have to do is ask Barry!” You sunk to your knees in front of him. 

“Please suck me off baby girl.” He grumbled huskily as you smiled. 

“That was all I needed.” And with that your mouth was on his cock. Barry’s hands flew to your hair as he pulled it into a makeshift pony tail as you bobbed around his cock. His head was thrown back and rested along the wall of the bathroom as you knew he was close by the noises he was making. So you stopped yet again and threw you skirt down taking your underwear with you as he growled. He was fed up with being teased. He picked you up by the waist and spun you around. Your back hit the wall as he slammed inside of you. Sucking on your neck harshly as he slammed in and out of you. You couldn’t speak due to the massive amount of pleasure. Your back was hitting the wall with every thrust as he snapped back and fourth. You felt him twitch in you and he exploded in you. You let out a whine as you clenched around him. Your  eyes rolled back into your head as you whined. 

“Don’t tease me like that again.” He warned in a whisper.

“Hey…you’re a lot less stressed aren’t you?” You smiled innocently as he smiled back. 

“Can you two hurry up! We found the meta!” Cisco banged on the door. 

You blushed as he sped out the room. You were grateful for high tensions and stressful levels.  

KakaSaku Month 2017 - He Desperately Wanted To Breathe

Can also be found on!

Rating: G

A/N: Fluff.

Her delighted gasp, breathy and quiet like the cool fall night, and warm like the feeling of her body pressed to his side, ghosted across his ear. “Oh, there’s another one!”

He couldn’t figure out what possessed him to tug her close to his side and wrap an arm around her shoulder, but it happened, and he wasn’t about to remove it because the feeling of her smaller body nestled into his side was doing stupid things to his heart. And goddamn, he knew it was okay because they were good friends (she was his best friend at least) but he just liked her too damn much.

He looked up just in time to see the fading shooting star she pointed out and smiled, letting his hand rub and down her arm when she shivered from the cold and tugged her even closer. “That’s the third one.”

She hummed, content and warm in his embrace, and he had to banish the thought track that was marvelling at how beautifully she fit his side— at how it felt like she was meant to be there. “I won’t get tired of these anytime soon, it’s the second time I’ve seen them in my life.”

His eyebrows shot up, slightly incredulous. “Seriously now?”

She hummed again, curling closer to him. It didn’t help that he could practically hear her heart racing in tandem with his, and feel her soft breath fan across her chest.  Slightly embarrassed, he admitted to himself that he wouldn’t have minded remaining like this forever.

Her scent dwarfed him, almost overwhelmed him —her sweet perfume, her familiar shampoo and body wash, her minty breath— surrounded him completely, coupled with the warmth of her body washing over his with intoxicating intensity, he was lost.

He let his head drop against hers and relished in the way she nuzzled her face in his neck, felt his heart skip a beat when her hand casually found his, her fingers tracing over his larger ones, twining and untwining them.

The kiss he pressed to her hair was completely involuntary, almost idiotic, but she didn’t stir or pull away, merely shifted into a more comfortable position and relaxed into his embrace.

He turned his eyes back to the starry night, watching them glimmer with faint awe. Somewhere beyond the glass door of the balcony behind them slept Naruto and Sasuke, and he had to wonder if his chakra going crazy might wake one of them up.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to be caught in an intimate position with the rosette just yet. Besides, they were on a mission and they should’ve been sleeping instead of watching shooting stars at four in the morning. But when he found her sitting there huddled in a comfortable jacket, he couldn’t resist joining her in a rare chance of some alone time.

“I’m sorry for not talking to you much these past few months.” Her murmur interrupted the quiet and he started at her admission. They had grown very close over the past year, but then the rosette got busy with her hospital promotion and he barely heard from her in the past three months.

“It’s okay,” he soothed, his hand moving over her arm again to offer her more heat, “you were busy. I understand.”

He felt the ghost of her smile on his skin as she turned in his hold to completely bury her face in his neck. “I’m sorry anyway. I missed you.”

When his heart skipped another beat, he sent a long suffering look to the skies. It was getting ridiculous really, he thought as he carded his fingers through her pink strands, enjoying the sensation of them slipping through his fingers. “I’ve missed you too,” he finally admitted, and her fingers found his again, innocent, experimenting as they twined and curled with his.

He felt her breathy snort against his neck and without his permission, his head pressed down against hers, trapping her there. When she made no move to protest, he relaxed against her again, fingers flexing with hers to fill the stilled silence of the night.

“I just worry sometimes,” he added after a minute of silence, unsure of why he was elaborating, but wanting to fill the silence just so he could hear the sound of her voice again, so he could feel it reverberate through him and feel that much closer to her just for a little while. “When you suddenly go all quiet and I have no way of finding out if you’re okay because I’m away… it makes me wonder about your well being a lot.”

She made a small embarrassed sound at the back of her throat, moving closer to him. “Dammit don’t sound so sincere… I’m sorry, really, Kakashi.”

He chuckled, his fingers letting go of hers to brush her hair away from her face. “I’m not saying that to guilt trip you, silly. Just… keep me in the loop, hmm? Just so I know you’re okay. I’d sleep better.”

She huffed but once again he felt her smile on his skin. “Fine. Will do,” she mumbled rather sluggishly, in a way that made him want to tilt her chin up and kiss her breathless just so he could pull back and look at her hazy green eyes, see them for himself.

She shifted again and like a strange prayer answered, the new position brought her face into his cheek and he felt her lips burning into the skin there.

By now his heart was galloping and he knew she could hear it, but it was okay he decided since he could hear hers racing, too.

She held his hand on her shoulder again, and this time, she firmly intertwined their fingers and held it against her where his arm rested.

He leaned down—into her— even further, aware that he was moving but feeling as if in a daze and unable to stop when the corner of her mouth brushed across his chin, not a centimetre away from his lips, and he felt her hot breath fan his face.

He inhaled her scent again, mindlessly noting that he was torturing himself with the way he had her so close yet so far away.

The sound of crickets yet again filled the night and the flutter of her eyelashes against his skin slowed as her eyes finally shut. “Sleepy?”

She hummed and brought their hands closer to her face so that his thumb brushed her cheek.

He didn’t know what to make of the situation anymore. They were close and occasionally touchy but that was just them. This, however… he couldn’t deny the implications. She was practically in his lap, fingers twisted with his, lips nearly brushing his unmasked ones. He knew couples who weren’t that close.

And he could’ve sworn, by the way she kept tilting and adjusting the position of her head, inevitably bringing their lips even closer together, that she wanted him to kiss her as badly as he wanted to.

And so, throwing caution to the wind he turned his face and pressed a small kiss to her cheek, close to her mouth, and when her head tilted in his direction, nearly aligning their mouths, he let his lips brush softly over the corner of hers in a peck, and then another before turning away, afraid he’d over stepped their boundaries beyond repair.

His skin burned, and her breathing was strangely loud in his ears, as fast as his, as anxious as his. He resumed brushing her hair as a distraction, as her taste was now branded into his memory, along with her smell. It was almost painful how much he ached for her.

But she was still relaxed in his hold and so he took it as a good sign— even when that discovery sent his cardiac muscle into another frenzy.

He abandoned his earlier search for shooting stars at that point, choosing instead to listen to the sound of her heart thudding in tandem with his; stuttering and racing every few seconds.

Her face was still pressed against his cheek and her lips were still there, calling to him invitingly, but he settled on letting his thumb brush at their corner instead of leaning in for another kiss like he wanted to do. She didn’t stop him; the soft flesh of her lip parted softly with every brush of his thumb and it was pure torture, especially when she exhaled softly and he felt it against his digits, especially when her head kept slowly and strategically tilting back like she wanted him to kiss her again.

Kakashi was damned anyway, he decided, pulling back an inch to look at her. Her emerald eyes were open but half lidded, watching him, and suddenly the night grew even quieter as her eyes slid to his lips and back to his charcoal orbs.

A small shiver rattled her spine and he felt the corner of his mouth twitch up. “Cold?”

“No,” she whispered, even when she buried her hand in his for warmth, letting his palm completely engulf hers.

“Comfortable?” He tried, smiling slightly when she snorted to hide her shyness, and the blush blooming in her cheeks was nearly his fall as she tilted her head back against his arm, using it as a headrest and regarded him with cloudy emerald eyes. “Yes.”

He couldn’t anymore, he just couldn’t. He leaned in a mere centimetre and seeing her reciprocate, he took the plunge, slanting his mouth fully against hers in a proper kiss.

Her heartbeat was especially loud now; he was sure Naruto and Sasuke might wake up any second and come find them caught in a lip lock, but Kakashi decided he didn’t care at all as his every cell shivered in delight at the feeling of her lips against his.

She made a small sound at the back of her throat as he caught her lower lip between his and kneaded softly, tilting his head back to let it go, only to engulf her mouth with his again.

She was so sweet against his tongue, so soft beneath his touch— he desperately wanted to breathe, to inhale her. He got a ridiculous vision of the fireworks books spoke about because the spark racing through his veins could only be described as that, if not solid electricity.

He lost count of how long they sat there kissing unhurriedly, hearts racing, her taste now imprinted into his senses, into his tongue and gods, he wanted her, wanted this every day, always.  

“Sakura,” he murmured against her lips, almost reluctantly, but he needed to address this before his heart sent itself into cardiac arrest.

“Hmm?” Her neck craned up in seek of another kiss and he obliged her, completely unable to resist her even for mere seconds.

“You won’t regret this will you?” he whispered worriedly into the skin of her jaw, pressing soft kisses there even as he awaited her reply.

She snorted again, softly exhaling against his skin. “No.”

“Are you sure—?”

“Shh,” she intercepted with a touch of warning in her tone, her mouth finding his again, and he was already getting addicted to the feel of it. “Tomorrow we’ll talk… for now…” their mouths locked again, gentle, experimenting, moulding together perfectly, “kiss me.”

And so he did.

xxsugamonsterxx  asked:

Dongho, Jonghyun, Samuel, Seonwoo, Seonho, Youngmin ect all deserved better T_T (not that I dislike the chosen 11, I like all of them but...)

THEY ALL DESERVE THE WORLD, I am so upset and bitter at Knetz. 

Dongho had a voice of a god, the looks that fit so many concepts and that blew me away. His compassionate and comforting personality of a father was so heart fluttering. This manly man with a heart of gold and a smile that is so cheesy, he deserved so much better.

Originally posted by hitoritabi

Jonghyun was Nation’s Leader, carried all the trainees and made sure they did their best. He faced so much yet he came out of training with a smile. Through all his hard work, through all his comforting giggles, with all his hugs, He was a caring and loving person who has the ambition of a lion. He deserves better.

Originally posted by 3cbx

Minki has such a humor to bring everyone and everyone crying from joy and aching from laughter. He is such a cutie to love and support every trainee. But his personality switches in performances and shows how serious and how much he truly wants to be on stage and show everyone the Choi Minki that loves everyone. He deserves much more.

Originally posted by croppedteen

Hyeongseop is a bundle of joy who makes every situation into a “glass half full” situation. His optimistic and hopeful personality does everything to soothe and comfort any person. His also very humble personality shows a sweetheart who gets along with everyone. This is also shown in his performances however with a strong desire to his best and for his team to their best. He deserves so much.

Originally posted by peach-somi

Haknyeon was a kind hearted cutie who bared many hardships but kept a very pure and happy surrounding so things would be easier for his peers. He is a youth who strives for more improvement and values all those who he learns from. He continues his path of learning and growth but with all his pure smiles and laughter, he deserves so much better.

Originally posted by winkdeep

Seonho, the childish chick who has improved so much through this show. He showed his devotion and commitment to being a better idol. His very cuddly and cute personality filled with such pure and innocence appealed to everyone’s hearts. However he showed much strength in his stage presence and did whatever was required. He deserved more.

Originally posted by wannaone11

Youngmin, his fatherly role model and motherly compassion for his members was something that was able to comfort and help any trainee. He is a very hardworking and great person who did not deserve the amount of trouble that came his way. He practices the most out of all the trainees and faced some of the worst hate. He is a caring and helpful person who makes sure to put others before him without giving up. He still had a smile of his face and was grateful for every second given to him and he will forever be in my heart as a great trainee and will soon shine brightly on others.

Originally posted by paccayoungmin

Sewoon, oh this shy sweetie. A hardworking and very passionate person who holds a very hidden but very lovable humor and dorkiness. When faced with hardship before, so close to debuting yet still not enough,rather than giving up he showed his growth and continues to show it. Falling in love with his ambition and resilience, he was shown how much love and support were with him from his fans. Yet again, he was so close to debuting and I think he deserves so much better.  

Originally posted by seawoon

And Finally Samuel. This young star filled with so much talent and ability. However this does not make him more prideful or cocky than any other trainee. His genuine shock and amazement for every performance, every trainee, every experience throughout the show was him finding more ways to grow and to be surrounded with very talented people. His ability to laugh at himself and not take things personally is another talent he holds His humbleness is also connected with how much he admires other trainees and believes they are amazing. I really hopes he knows how amazing he truly is and how much he shines on me today so that he can shine on everyone in the future.

Originally posted by produced101

All 101 trainees work so hard and have a place in my heart. I hope they know how amazing they are~

Stay with me a little longer. Taehyung x Foreign!Reader

*NOTE: I do not speak Korean, so this sentence (in the story) is (most definitely) misspelled, or the grammar is incorrect. I apologize. :)

Word count: 1850

Summary: A foreigner gets the chance to travel to Seoul with school, but after the foreigner got lost, they didn’t realize they were about to meet with their soulmate.

Originally posted by gabedonohoe

You woke up and looked out the airplane window, ‘’How long until we get to Seoul?’’ You asked your classmate. ‘’Not too long, we’re almost going to board, I think,’’ she said, not looking up from her phone. She was listening to Korean bands, she said she could ‘learn Korean in a matter of days’ because of it. You didn’t believe a word she said. 

It didn’t happen to everyone that they had a trip to Seoul, fully paid, with school. Just 5 people were allowed to go, minus the teachers, so this was insane to you. You closed your eyes yet again, falling asleep in a matter of minutes.

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too-cute-to-care  asked:

Uma and Harry please

@too-cute-to-care requested something nsfw for the pair. So here, have some pure UmaxHarry smut. It’s been a while, but I do hope ya’ll enjoy it. 

Clearly rated M and cause I’m a dork and this is super cheesy anyway. I’m naming it Passion Cove. Fight me.

Uma frowned as she stared out at the sea, toes digging into the wet sand. She had been so close to getting what she wanted and yet Mal once again got in the way. And had Ben -that stupid little Beastie Boy- not attempted to appeal to her softer side, she would have won. She just knew she could have taken Mal and dragged her scaly ass into the water. She sniffled, her frown deepening as she realized she had been crying. She never cried. Uma dug a hand into the sand beside her, fingers wrapping around a sharp rock. She glared at it, clenching it tightly before tossing it out at sea with a yell.

“Uma dear,”

The young sea-witch quickly wiped her face, before greeting the pirate as she tried to conjure up her usual smirk. “Harry.”

He dropped down beside her, blue eyes scanning her from head to toe. “How did you..?”

The shell necklace at her neck grew warm and she gently took it between her fingers. “The shell worked outside the barrier. I tried to will it to bring it down, but I’m not strong enough. Not yet. You can stop staring,” she rolled her eyes, “I’m not hurt.” Not physically, the annoying little voice in her head reminded her.

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earningbournvilles  asked:

are you still doing the prompts because after that last episode i need a fix-it :') - if you are, either jon & arya (platonic) or arya/gendry (or just all three lol) - and one of these numbers: 28/33/40/49 (SORRY I CAN'T MAKE DECISIONS :( )

Yes yes I am I’ve just been crazy busy the last few days i’M SORRY MY DEAR! Bc I’ve been v v busy I’ve mixed together the numbers so it’s just one fic per pairing, I hope that’s still OK! <3 (now after writing this I seem to have focussed on Jon a lot well Jondry is the brotp I never knew I needed so I guess he’s on my mind a lot LOL sorry <3)

Jon-Arya - 40: Separation 49: Coming Home

The things she would do for Jon to be with her now. 

Knowing Jon was so close but yet just out of reach, again, made Winterfell feel both like home and a prison. Arya trained with Brienne and Pod. She kept her eye on Petyr Baelish. She helped wheel Bran to the Godswood, and talked to him, trying to make sure that the small part of Bran that remained didn’t disappear entirely. 

But most of all, Arya spent her time with Ghost. He followed her everywhere like a shadow, even going as far as to sleeping on her bed.

Ghost was pining. She knew he was. Jon was a part of him just as Jon was a part of Arya. He loved Jon, just as she did. When Arya lay down, her head resting on Ghost’s warm body, eyes closed, she almost felt as though she could see Jon through Ghost’s eyes, the same way she felt she could see the world through Nymeria’s. 

Both of them were separated from their beloved Jon. Arya suspected that Ghost knew she was Jon’s favourite; that he took comfort in her from that, and also felt the need to protect, so that she would be there for him when he returned.

But Jon was fighting for the living. Arya and Ghost both knew Jon was gone for good reason. 

So they bore the separation as best they could, waiting out the cold together, huddling together for comfort, for warmth, for companionship. 

It would not be long until Jon returned home. 

Arya-Gendry - 28: Waiting 33: Hope

Every passing day Gendry spent with Jon was another day he felt he needed to speak up, say something, let Jon know that he knew Arya. Every smile Jon gave him, every laugh they shared, Gendry felt a mixture of warmth and guilt. 

This was what having a close friend, a brother was like. But the knife that twisted in his stomach overshadowed it. 

I don’t know if she’s alive or dead, he thought to himself. What do I say? I knew your sister and I abandoned her? I knew your sister and I don’t know if she’s still alive, thought you should know?

Every day he felt as though he was waiting for Jon to say something, do something that indicated he should blurt out he had known Arya. 

The days spent at Eastwatch after the mission had been cold and long. Jon had wanted to ensure that all his men were well fed, rested, injuries healed before they set off again. He had to discuss with Tormund measures to ensure Eastwatch remained strong. 

All the while the captured wight rattled and gagged in the ice cells, and Tormund enjoyed yelling “SHUT UP YOU UNDEAD RATTLE CUNT” at it.

Finally, Jon came to Gendry.

“Gendry, you have been a true friend and ally,” Jon said, clasping Gendry’s shoulder. “I don’t want to send you back to King’s Landing. I want you to fight for us, if you will.”

“Always,” Gendry nodded. “Now and always.”

“You are a smith. You are good at what you do,” Jon continued, gesturing at Gendry’s warhammer. “If it is acceptable to you, I am sending you to Winterfell. We need more blacksmiths forging weapons. Tormund is going too,” he added, as Tormund glowered his way into the room, muttering about the wight bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘they rattle me’. “Tormund is going to help the Northern people train. You’ve seen how he fights. They need his help.”

Gendry nodded again. He felt that guilty knife twisting in his stomach again. “I - who will be at Winterfell?” 

“I’ve left my sister Sansa in charge.” Jon replied.

No mention of Arya, Gendry thought to himself. She really must have died. The thought made him feel physically sick - of returning to Winterfell, to Arya’s home, with no Arya there. 

“However, I’m sure my other siblings will make you feel at home too,” Jon continued, oblivious to how Gendry’s eyes shot up as he said this. “I assumed they were dead. I shouldn’t have. But when your family’s been through what mine has… my brother Bran is there, as is my sister Arya.”

“Arya’s alive?!” Gendry regretted the speed at which those words left his mouth as soon as he said them.

Jon looked taken aback. “You know her?”

Gendry nodded slowly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know if she was still alive, so I didn’t want to put my foot in it.” He swallowed. “We travelled out of King’s Landing together, stuck together for about two years. And then… I was sold to the Red Witch. I didn’t know what happened to Arya. I haven’t seen her since.” He paused, the knife in his stomach slowly being replaced by a warm, calm feeling. He looked up to meet Jon’s eyes. “She was my closest friend in the world. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for her.”

“In which case,” Jon said, smiling, “I must demand you go to Winterfell. You can’t refuse the demands of a King.”

Gendry laughed. 

Arya was alive. His brave, fierce wolf girl was alive, and in Winterfell. 

Gendry suddenly felt something he had not felt in years. 

He felt hope. 


A Sweet Mess 

pairing: jihoon x fem! reader

summary: in which Jihoon attempts to treat his friend with the joys of food but ends up making a monumental mess

word count: 1k

a/n: finally a new imagine! + user :’’) enjoy! 

Being awoken rather abruptly on a Sunday morning was quite honestly heartbreaking. Sighing morosely, you reach up and rub your eyes with the side of your palm. The room was still and silent, however you could still hear a racket echoing from what seemed to be the kitchen.
“I swear…” you mumble irritably, swinging your legs out of the confines of the soft sheets and into a pair of slippers that sat next to your bed. Large streams of blinding light bled through the curtains as you made your way towards the door. Still, an array of voices could be heard from the kitchen, followed by a loud crash. Once your door was open on its hinges, you lean against the frame and listen. You could easily recognise separate voices now, each fighting painfully to be heard over one another.

“It’s flour then sugar you moron,”

“Chan, that’s salt put it back,”

“Do you think I should call my mom?”

“NO! We can do this!”. Jihoon’s voice rose swiftly above the others which caused his room mates to fall silent. What were they doing? Deciding that perhaps investigating was your best bet, you made your way down the corridor. Someone had obviously walked through before you, opening windows and hoisting up the blinds. Finally you made it to kitchen, folding your arms across your chest as you came face to face with your friends. 

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