so close so close so close

“…Adding silver to cut flowers makes them stay fresh for longer.”

“Sorry,” Ibushi says ruefully, “but my element is actually wind.”

KAIROSCLEROSIS  n. the moment you realize that you’re currently happy–consciously trying to savor the feeling–which prompts your intellect to identify it, pick it apart, and put it in context, where it will slowly dissolve until it’s little more than an aftertaste.

school art project involving the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


four songs for the good times, and four for the bad. you’ll be there for all of them. ( listen )

PART I: THE GOOD ↷ i. the great escape [boys like girls] ii. the reckless and the brave [all time low] iii. immortals [fall out boy] iv. long live [taylor swift]

PART II: THE BAD ↷ v. jumper [third eye blind] vi. how to save a life [the fray] vii. mona lisas and mad hatters [elton john] viii. lean on me [bill withers]