so chirpy!


“Good morning, Professor L/n,” Professor Winchester says as he approaches you in the hall.

You stumble a little, shoe catching on the carpet at an awkward angle. “Uh - hi - yes - good morning, Professor Winchester!” you say with way too much enthusiasm for this early in the morning. “Good morning. It’s - a lovely day?” Your voice raises at the end, making it sound more like a question.

Sam glances toward the window, where the charcoal gray sky is obscured by the steady sheets of rain that fall. “Um, yeah. I guess.” He offers a soft smile and you fight the urge to kick yourself.

“I just really like storms,” you say quickly, trying to recover. “Perfect weather for reading.”

His next smile is more genuine. “Definitely. Do you have big plans for the weekend?”

“Nope! Not a thing!” When did your voice get so chirpy? “I mean, it’s not that I won’t do anything. I probably will. Maybe. Because I have friends. A lot of them.” God Y/n, stop talking. “What about you?”

He shrugs. “I’ll probably just grade papers. I’m a little behind.”

“Oh. Well. I hope you have fun with that!” Idiot. Grading papers sucks. “I should probably get going, have a class to teach, you know. Bye!” Clutching your folder to your chest, you hurry down the hall.

“Y/n!” Sam calls after you.

“Yes?” You turn around, holding your breath.

“Do you have dinner plans tonight?”

You shake your head.

Sam smiles. “Then do you want to grab a bite to eat somewhere? Hanging out with you would be way more interesting than grading papers.”

You grin. “I would love that.”

Oneshot (smut): Attention

Hii, okay so this is a oneshot which also includes a bit of smut as a lot of messages asked me to write it.. the smut part will be indicated in case somebody prefers not to read it. sorry for the mistakes. let me know what you think.

So here is the request: “Can you write an imagine where Kendall buys y/n a puppy and y/n is completely ignoring Kendall and Kendall fights for her attention. Fluff plz 😘”

You are chilling in your bed while scrolling through your phone. You hear a knock on the door. You groan because you are so comfortable that right now you don’t feel like moving at all.
You open the door just in time to find your girlfriend smiling adorably at you.

“Hi babe,” she says giving you a chaste kiss.

“Hi, what’s got you so chirpy today?” you ask her.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” she grins. “Follow me and I’ll show you,”

“Oh my god,” you say as you approach her car and notice the little puppy sleeping peacefully in a pet carrier in the back seat. “Oh my god, it is so cute! Is it for me?”

“For us. He’s our love child,” she gets him out and the puppy slowly wakes up. “I adopted him today. He is such a cutie and as we both love dogs so much I thought of bringing him home with me,”

“I love him already,” you say while holding him in your arms. “We should give him a name, any suggestions?”

“Simba, because he looks like a little lion,”

“Well, seems like we have a name already, let’s go inside,”

You go inside your house with your girlfriend and play with the puppy all afternoon. He has made both of you fall in love with him. Currently you are laying on your bed playing with the dog and your girlfriend is looking at both of you lovingly.

“Are you staying the night?” you break the silence.

“You want me to?”

“Of course! Stay and we will cuddle with Simba,” you say while planting kisses to the pup.

“But I want to cuddle with you,” she pouts.

“But he is so cute, look at him,” you and the dog give her big puppy eyes. She just roll her eyes and goes to the kitchen.

It’s getting dark outside and you are still fascinated with Simba. You are both in the sofa right now, the dog in your lap sleeping comfortably.

“You know that since I got here I didn’t get any kiss from you, right?” she tells you while getting a little bit closer.

“You did. A little kiss after I opened the door,”

“Yeah, but I want more,” she says while softly kissing your jaw, then your cheek, then the corner of your lips. You are interrupted by a small squeak from the pup.

“Babyyyy, what’s wrong? You hungry boy?” you go to the kitchen to prepare something for him. You hear Kendall groan in frustration and you just giggle. “Awwww, what a good boy you are,” you say as he licks the now empty plate.

You bring him back to the living room just to find your girlfriend laying on the couch in only her bra and panties. You gulp. You know you haven’t been giving her much attention today because you are fascinated with the new family member and now you feel a little guilty. She loves to tease you like this. Whenever you ignore her or something she will instantly take off her clothes leaving her in only her undies. She has done this many times before, last being when you were too focused playing a video game in your ps4and completely ignoring her. It always worked for her. You are not going to please her this time, just to tease her a little bit.

“This boy eat all his food, isn’t he such a good pup?” you sit next to her with a proud smile on your face not even bothered by her lack of clothes. She furrows her eyebrows at you, confused. Suddenly, an idea crossed her mind.

“Babe where do you have that book of interior design?” you know why she is asking you this. That book is in a shelf that is really difficult to reach, which makes it perfect for her to tease you with her body. “Kylie wants me to send her some pictures so she gets inspiration for redecorating her house,”

“Oh, alright. It’s in that shelf over there,” you point it. “You should stand on a chair because I don’t think you can reach it,”

“Let me try first,” she stands up and all you can see is her body. You try not to drool. She stands in front of the shelf and you know she won’t be able to reach the book. She just goes up with the toes and extends her arm to reach the item. All her muscles for you to view. You are obviously staring, you can’t take your eyes off her. “I guess you are right, I do need a chair,” she grabs a chair and she stands up on it. “Babe, can I ask you a favor?” she says now looking at you.

“Sure,” you say distractedly trying to act as if you weren’t looking at her.

“Can you give me my phone and hold these books for one sec?” You grab her phone and give it to her. “Alright, hold these for a minute while I send Kylie the photos,”

You are literally in front of her abs right now. You are biting your bottom lip trying to hold the urge to kiss them. You feel the heat radiate from her skin. You hate that she has this effect on you.

“Ready, give me those,” you do as she tells. “Help me get down,” she puts her hands on your shoulders and you grab her by the waist. She easily gets down and then she just wraps her arms around your neck, hugging you. You hug back, tracing shapes in her back, which is driving her crazy. She puts her head in the crook of your neck giving you soft kisses all over the place. You sigh in pleasure. “I think we should put the baby to bed,” the model suggested. You nod in agreement. You prepare Simba’s bed and leave some paper on the floor in case he wants to pee.


Once ready, you go back to the living room but it seems like your girlfriend is already in your room.
You find her laying in her stomach while texting one of her sisters. You get on top of her softly, kissing her back, the back of her neck and then her shoulder. She closes her eyes in pleasure and toss her phone away. She turns her back wrapping her arms around your neck and catching your lips between hers. Your hands exploring all her body leaving her breathless. She takes off your shirt and tosses it away, eyes filled with lust. Then she changes positions, now straddling you.

“You are so beautiful,” she tells you breathlessly between kisses. You take off your pants and she helps you, giggling.
You sit while she straddles you, never breaking the kiss. You unhook her bra and your hand immediately caresses one of her boobs. She moans quietly in your mouth. You change positions, now you on top of her and she is the one laying on the bed. You kiss her jaw, then her neck where you find her sweet spot. She is moaning right in your ear which is getting you all wet. You take care of her nipples, kissing and licking them, trying to give them equal attention. You go down to her stomach, leaving a trail of kisses until you get to the panties. You don’t get rid of them right away and decide to tease her more. You spread her legs softly and kiss her inner tights. Then you kiss her pussy and play with her clitoris through the fabric, her hips thrusting in desperation. Her hands find the hem of her panties in an attempt to get rid of them. You don’t let her making her groan in frustration. Not only can you see how wet she is but also you can smell it. You take her panties slowly and throw them away across the room. You spread her legs and get close to her pussy. You spread her lips a little and lick all the way up and down. Then you give attention to her clit. She is already so wet. She moans loudly this time. “Please Y/N, stop teasing,” she says breathlessly. You start licking her clit, one hand holding hers and the other teasing the entrance of the pussy. “God, keep doing that,” you enter one finger, curling it so as to touch the g-spot. You add another finger and you can feel her wetness dripping all over your fingers. “Babe, I’m about to cum,” you go up carefully, fingers still inside of her. You kiss her al the way up until you reach her face. Lips parted in pleasure, you kiss her passionately and speed the motion of your hand. Walls get tighter around your fingers and she moans in your mouth as she cums.

“I love you,” you say after some seconds. You get your fingers outside of her and lick them clean.

“I love you too,” she says while kissing you and tasting herself so.


“So, what are we gonna do with Simba? Is he gonna stay at my place or yours?” You ask her while cuddling.

“Well… I was actually thinking that you, Simba and I could get a nice house and live there, just the three of us,” she looks hopefully at you waiting for an answer.

“Well I think that’s a great idea…” you are interrupted by a pair of lips.

“Good,” she says breaking the kiss. “Well, now it’s your turn,” she kisses you passionately and give you a couple of orgasms the rest of the night.

I was trying to work out why I feel so giddy and chirpy this morning after having a meltdown last night.

Robron means a lot to me, for some days it’s my only source of happiness and with this all building up to the “what will happen” and being so worried, I feel like the worst did happen and now I feel strangely calm and alright about it. It feels like I can relax because it happened and I don’t have to worry about it happening..If that makes any sense!

I adore them both as characters and together and I’m intrigued to see where it goes from here.

Imagine you and Dean being ill at the same time...

You swallowed hard, grimacing at the feeling in your throat. You weren’t normally one to complain but you didn’t get ill often and this just sucked. It felt as though you’d decided to swallow tiny shards of glass and just to top it off you had a fever too.

Plodding down to the bunker’s library, you plonked down into one of the chairs next to Dean.

“How’re you feeling?” You mumbled, staring absent-mindedly at the grain of the wooden table.

“About as good as you look,” Dean said in a croaky voice. You frowned slightly so he added, “Nothin’ personal, you know what I mean.”

You nodded and slumped down further in your chair, barely looking up as Sam entered the room.

“Morning guys!” He said in a chirpy voice, “So I was trawling through some reports earlier and found something that looks like our kind of…” He trailed off as he looked up from his laptop, finally taking in Dean and you.

“Morning,” Dean said, his voice sounding hoarse.

“What’s gotten into you two?”

“Tonsillitis,” you answered Sam, pulling a face, “I feel like crap.”

“Tonsillitis?” Sam scoffed, “If it’s both of you at once, it only transmits by saliva so shared drinks or… Oh.”

Dean smirked. “Guess the cat’s out of the bag?”

im not sure whats the better reaction in this image:

  • kankri talking to himself as usual
  • terezi laughing at him without him noticing, and appearing genuinely interested in what hes saying if only ironically
  • vriska’s complete disinterest in the dancestors, but staying round anyway because of her friend
  • latula’s frustrated expression. is she confused about vriska’s presence? pissed off with her attitude? wondering why this new terezi’s suddenly so chirpy? is she simply sick of kankri’s shit?

I’ve said it once I say it a lot I love the Chirpy Chirps singer and I like to think Lila has a little crush on her as well. These two pieces are actually kind of old and some of the first pictures of Lila that were ever done so I thought it’d be nice to show them off. Of course they were drawn by the absolutely wonderful @stars-blush who is super sweet and gave me permission to post them ^.^ thanks again I still adore these.

Turning Back || Tedromeda

After owling Albert Andromeda made sure to have everything she needed to in case of any eventuality and made her way to Albert’s, she knew the older Tonks wouldn’t know how to reach the school so she made sure to pick them up. Since receiving the owl she didn’t know how to feel, she was happy that there’s was a possibility for Ted to get back, but there’s was a small part of her that dreaded the up come, was Ted going to be his old self? would he just be back in one way and not the other? millions of questions that made her absentminded for more of her ride and not so chirpy when she reached for the doorbell, however she made her best to not show how nervous she was. The door opened and she smiled at the older Tonks, “Hello Albert, How are you today?”