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Yes or No? (Montgomery de la Cruz, 13 Reasons)

~To start off, this is the only thing I’ve written so far that I would even consider writing a part 2 for, if requested enough. This is a sad one lol. It also has a lot of Jeff in it. Thank you again for all of your support. Requests are open!!❤️~

Everyone was staring at you. You were the talk of the school. No matter what group, everyone knew what had happened to you. What had happened to your whole family. Everyone knew that you hadn’t been to school in almost a month. If it weren’t for your needing to be there for attendance, you probably would have stayed gone longer. Well, your parents were a factor too. You were heart broken and sad and confused. Everything imaginable. Your brother was dead. Jeff Atkins was dead.

You remembered that night like it was yesterday. You’d been at the same party as him. In fact, you were completely blasted. Your boyfriend, Montgomery De La Cruz was taking care of you as you blubbered about random things. Jeff had said he’d like to drop you off to your guys’ house while he was out on the beer run that he’d been asked to do. You’d refused, even after Jeff and Monty both persisted that you do so. So Jeff took off into the night. Little did you know, your drunken refusal would be your last interaction with your brother. And a mere hour and a half later you’d get a very frantic call from your mother. You, still out of it, were not comprehending the seriousness of the situation, forcing Monty to take your phone and work out what your mother was talking about. His teammate, and one of his best friends, had been in a fatal car accident. Without a word to anyone, he’d leapt up, throwing you over his shoulder, knowing he didn’t have time for your antics, and ran out to his car.

Five minutes later, you understood. No amount of drugs and alcohol could have ever kept you from noticing the body bag, and your mother hiding her face in your Father’s chest in sheer horror. Nothing was going to take away the fact that your brother was in the body bag, that he was dead.
You remembered screaming at the top of your lungs, eventually trying to run over to the paramedics that were tending to Jeff’s body. Monty stopped you, turning you back around and pulling you into him. You could feel his heart pounding. You kept demanding things, as if they could be done or changed. ‘Give him CPR’ you’d bellowed. ‘Wake him up.’

Monty refused to leave your side after that. His baseball coach had given him four games off without any grief. He felt the loss of Jeff too. Monty said he wanted to wait until you could handle yourself before he tried to go back to normal.

Your parents didn’t say anything when you refused the idea of Monty leaving your bed at night. In fact, Monty had spent every night with your emotionally drained body since the accident.

No one saw it coming, Montgomery caring about someone so much. Jeff had been suspicious of his motives when he’d first asked about you. But there was no mistaking the way his eyes lit up when he saw you in the stands at their games. Or the way he’d talk to himself, as though he was practicing what he was going to say to you. He liked you. And your lack of reluctance towards him scared not only Jeff, but your friends as well. He was, well he was a 'fuck boy’. It surprised everyone even more when he gave you a 'ring on a string’ for your six month anniversary, when the first I love you’s were said.

“Montgomery said he wished he could have walked you to class, Y/N.” Hannah’s voice shook you out of your daze. You nodded, she was right.

“I told him, baseball’s his future. If coach wants him to practice, he needs to.” You spoke in a hushed tone. A sharp contrast to your normally spunky, louder voice. But this was the voice you’d grown accustomed to. There was no reason to be so cheery or chirpy.

“You look nice in your dress.” Hannah continued. She was another person who’s sympathy you’d been receptive of. She seemed genuine, not nosy. You didn’t care what Monty had to say about how she 'got around’. She was a good person.

“Monty bought it for me last week.” You said. You could feel her wide smile on you.

“He takes good care of you, yeah?” She asked. You couldn’t help but smile, you liked the honest answer you were able to give.

“Yeah. I used to take care of him too.” Hannah stopped in the middle of the hallway, and turned you so you had to look at her.

“After everything, I’m sure he’s aware it’s his time to be caring for you, Y/N.” you nodded, not in the mood to wallow in your self pity aloud.

“See your knight in shining armor?” Hannah nudged you, gesturing for you to look forward. You looked up and saw Monty with his friend group. It was good to see him with them. He’d kind of wiped them out of his life to take care of you.

That didn’t stop him from perking up when he saw you walking down the hall. He smiled as he walked towards you. Hannah unlinked arms with you, as if her shift was over. There was a pregnant silence between Monty’s friends and Hannah. God, they were all judging her. And it clearly was making her uncomfortable.

“I’ll see you in gym, Y/N.” Hannah rubbed your shoulder softly before beginning to walk away.

“Stay?” You asked simply. Looking into her eyes. She paused, thinking about it for a moment.

“No, I think you’re in good hands now.” She smiled gently before walking away and out of the hallway.

“I don’t get why you like her so much.” Monty pulled you into his chest, wrapping his arms around you.

“She’s a good person, Montgomery. You all are so mean sometimes.” You whispered.

“Hey Y/N, Monty just doesn’t want her influence around.” Marcus spoke up. You hadn’t seen him since Jeff’s funeral. He hadn’t said much to you. Then again, you two hadn’t ever said much to one another.

“Hey so we’re all gonna workout at the country club later today, you down?” Marcus asked Monty. Your boyfriend traced small circles on your back as you took in the group of people, arms crossed over your chest.

“Dinner with her family tonight, sorry.” Monty said in return. That hadn’t been officially planned, but he did have dinner with you and your parents most nights.

“You haven’t worked out with us in forever, man. It’s the only day that I can get all of you into the club at once.” Bryce continued to try and convince your boyfriend.

“My girl comes first, sorry.” Monty thought that was the end of the conversation

“She can come. You just said how she’s gained all this depression weight and it’s getting to be a problem and-” Bryce was going to talk further, but Monty lunged at him, making him fall to the ground before he could.

“If anything about her EVER leaves your mouth again I swear to God I’ll kill you.” He growled. You pulled Monty off of Bryce, tears already slipping down your cheeks.

“She just lost her damn brother, Jesus.” Jessica, who had been standing by her boyfriend, Justin had rushed to your side out of protectiveness.

“That’s not how it was I just-” you couldn’t even let him finish his excuse.

“Did those words leave your mouth?” You didn’t even look up at him. Jessica has wrapped her arms around you. The hall had gotten quieter. This had officially been made a scene after Monty lunged at Bryce.

“Look princess it didn’t-”

“Answer the question! Did you say my weight was a problem? Yes or No?” Your voice was raised and louder than it had been in a month.

“Yes, but it was just-” you shook your head, laughing to yourself.

“That’s all I needed to know. But, let me relieve you of this said problem.” You pulled your hair to one side. You unhooked the necklace you wore. The necklace that hadn’t left your neck in almost four months. His little promise 'ring on a string’ anniversary gift. When he wouldn’t take it back, you handed it to Zach.

“Make sure he takes this. It’s his decision what he wants to do with it. Maybe he was who every girl in this school warned me he was all along.” You said, turning in the other direction. Jessica followed you, wanting to show you support. Monty tried to walk after you. You had no idea what he was frantically saying. All you knew was that Jessica was yelling at him to get away and that you now felt officially alone in this world.

Imagine long distance with Chris.

A/N: Hello, this is Part 1 of Chapter 2 - Little Ways Away. Now I know I’m jumping into the next chapter of the mini series, but I just don’t have inspiration to write anything else. This chapter’s going to be a bit of an emotional ride, so there’s my little heads-up. You can read the related mini series, and the first chapter of this spin-off here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini Series Spin-off, Chapter 1 ‘Unexpected Reader’ - Masterlist)

Ava smiled when she heard your phone ringing from her bedroom; the set ringtone told her that Chris was finally calling. You’d been waiting a while for his daily phone call now, a mishap on set pushed filming back a little which was why he was late. It’d been a rough couple of months for you with Chris being away, business picking up at the Italian restaurant where you worked part time, and your school’s workload piling on. It was almost suffocating, everything that was going on in your life.

As it turned out, that week you took off from school to go spend some time with Chris was a terrible idea; you got back and found yourself overwhelmed by everything you missed out on. Two months later, you felt like you were still trying to catch up. But that was the thing, you just felt that way because it was all in your head. It was always all in your head, which was why your mom, your best friend, and your boyfriend were always so worried about you; you were too much of a perfectionist to give yourself a break. You were an incredibly intelligent and diligent student who was ahead of the class despite being in Boston, but your mentality after returning back to Los Angeles without your boyfriend ruined your stride. So here you were; overworked, sleep deprived, and stressed beyond belief.

So Ava was glad to hear ‘Under The Sea’ coming from your phone, she knew you’d benefit from hearing from your sweet, loving, and reassuring boyfriend. Up until Chris came along, your mom and her were the ones to reassure you. With them, it didn’t always work- you’d still doubt yourself and let your anxiety chew away at your brain. But with Chris? He had a way with you that no one understood, it was like he had the handbook; he always knew what to say and when to say it. It was sickly sweet, and it was proof that soulmates do exist.

Ava waited a while and felt her eyes narrow when the song didn’t stop playing. She closed her MacBook screen then walked outside, sighing when she found you asleep at the dining room table with Dodger at your feet. You were surround by your textbooks, assignment notes, class timetables, work schedules, and other bits and pieces. Ava guessed you were trying to plan out your week again and fell asleep after overwhelming yourself. It was typical Y/N, every Sunday evening you’d sit and plan your whole week like life was just going to do what you wanted it to. She walked over and held a finger up to her lips when Dodger looked up at her, whining slightly. She gently pried your phone out of your hand; breath held when you stirred. She let out a quiet sigh when you remained asleep and answered the call, walking a distance away before she spoke because the last thing she needed was to disturb your much needed rest.

“Um…Hello?” Chris’ voice came through sounding confused at the lack of your chirpy greeting; you always answered with “oh Evans, my Captain. To what do I owe this pleasure?” Always, every call, without fail- unless he caught you while you were half asleep then it wasn’t so chirpy and coherent. “Sweetheart,” he chuckled softly, “are you there or is this your cute butt I’m talking to?”

“This is actually her cute best friend you’re talking to,” Ava quipped and Chris chuckled. “Sorry, Cap, but your girl’s passed out at the table.” Ava heard Chris sigh and began to explain to him what he already knew had happened. “It’s Sunday so she-”

“Overwhelmed herself by planning her week again,” Chris finished for her and Ava noised confirmation. “God, I leave her for two months,” he commented with a weary chuckle. “Other than her usual Sunday activities, how’s she doing? I feel like I have to ask you because she’s not going to tell me the truth about anything bad. Every time I ask how she’s doing, she says she’s fine but- if she’s falling asleep while planning her week, things must be a little chaotic.”

“A little, she’s stressed. But-” Ava looked over at you with a small smile; she wished you’d let up a little. “When is she not?” Chris nodded in agreement, a weary eye roll was used. “But she’s okay, I mean- she’s a tough nut to crack.” Both your best friend and boyfriend chuckled at that because it was true; they’d seen you persevere through so much. “Dodger and I’ve got her sorted, don’t you worry.”

“Thanks, Ava.”

“I’m going to have to hang up on you though, I don’t want to wake her up. She really needs her sleep, she asked for an extra shift at the restaurant and that’s in an hour so- Let her sleep?” Ava made it sound like a question, but it was more of an order; Chris said nothing because he knew what his options were. “I’ll tell her you called so she can-”

“What time is it?!” You shot up from your quick ‘rest-of-the-eyes’, worried you were late for work. You scrambled for your phone then looked up and saw it in Ava’s hand. “Is that Chris?” You asked and she nodded, walking back over to pass the call to you. “Hey, sorry.” You said into the phone, then mouthed a “thank you” at Ava, who nodded and went back into her room to give the two of you some privacy. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’ve just been really tired lately.”

“There’s really no need to apologize, sweetheart,” he told you. You held the phone to your ear with your shoulder as your hands started to fiddle with the pieces of paper in front of you. “You’re busy, I get it and it’s fine. I just want you to take care of yourself, please.”

“Yeah, the weather’s been lovely,” was your response because you didn’t actually process anything Chris said to you. You were too preoccupied, scribbling all over your planner to listen and respond accordingly. “A little warm, but perfect for my afternoon walks with Dodger.”

“Step away from the table, Y/N,” he instructed in a firmer tone and you found yourself dropping the pen you had in your hand. You took the phone back in your hand as you stood up and walked over to the couch where you couldn’t fiddle with anything; Dodger followed, settling by your feet. “How are you, really?” He asked, surely with furrowed brows of deep concern. “I know you don’t want me to worry, but lying to me- that’s even more worrying.”

“What did I lie to you about?”

“Every time I call and ask about you, you tell me you’re fine-”

“And I am-” you interrupted.

“I just talked to Ava and she tells a different story,” he cut you off and you huffed, wishing your best friend would just keep your struggles to herself. “What’s going on? What’s got you so stressed out? It can’t be school, you’re doing so well.” You sighed because you wished you knew. “What can I do to help? Ava said you’re asking for extra shifts, do you need-”

“I don’t need your money, Chris,” you stopped him before he could offer and he sighed. “I’m fine, honestly,” you let out a laugh to lighten the mood. “I’m just- I miss you and not having you around is affecting me a lot more than I thought it would. So don’t worry, I’m fine. School’s great, work’s good, my financial situation is perfect so- don’t worry about me, okay?”

“That’s like telling water not to be wet, darling,” he chuckled and you smiled. “You promise you’ll tell me if something’s up?” You nodded, 'mm-hm-ing’ your response. “That you’ll keep things honest between us?” Another 'mm hm’ left your throat. “That you’ll ask for money if need be?” He winced as he said that because he knew he was trying his luck; you were one of those 'make-my-own-way’ girls. “Y/N?” He quizzed when he heard nothing come from the other end.

“No,” was all you said.

“I can afford to support you,” he reminded you.

“And I can afford to make my own way,” you retorted.

“I know,” he sighed. “I’m just reminding you, in case you get sick of working while studying.” You smiled because he reminded you every chance he could, and while you did appreciate his offer- you couldn’t take it. You knew how it would look and you didn’t want it to look like that, perhaps when you were his wife and not his nineteen year old, student girlfriend. “Are you sure you don’t need anything, baby? Can I at least pay for Dodger? He is living with the two of you, I can-”

“Baby, no,” you chuckled, reaching down to pat your boyfriend’s cute dog who you were more than happy to support for nine months. “Right now, all I need from you is your maximum effort to make Infinity War absolutely amazing.” He chuckled softly, nodding. “Then I need you to come home to me and Dodger because we miss you,” you felt your eyes well as you told him that.

“I miss the two of you too,” his own eyes watered as he reached for the Polaroid photograph he kept on his desk in his trailer. The photo was of the three of you, the morning after you got together; you had a copy too which you kept in your planner. “I’d count the days, but that’s just going to make us both sad.”

“Yeah,” you chuckled with limited humor.

“I’m going to let you go,” he said and you felt yourself sigh. “You need some rest before you go to work,” he explained his leave and you nodded in agreement, running a hand through your hair. “I’ll call you tomorrow and have an actual conversation, okay?”

“Okay,” you nodded.

“I love you,” he ended the conversation like he always did, smiling despite how much his heart ached for you. He wished he could be there with you, hold you and tell you things were going to be okay because you clearly needed that. You lied about being okay, and he knew you were lying, but you were going to work and he didn’t want to put you in a bad mood by calling you out. He was going to save that conversation for another day, when you didn’t have classes or work to go to or worry about.

“I love you too,” you responded then stayed silent until you heard the dial tone. He hung up and you did the same, putting your phone aside. You sighed and buried your face in your hands, only looking up when you felt Dodger nudge his head into your leg. “How do you do it, Dodger?” You asked the pup, cupping his furry face in your hands. “How do you survive without Chris for months on end? Because it’s hard, like- it’s really fucking hard,” you chuckled to stop yourself from crying. Dodger licked your face when you bent over to kiss his forehead, making you smile. “Yeah, I know I’ve got you and Ava.”

Nine months; two down and seven to go.

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Part 2

Coffee in the mornings

Authors Note: This is my first blurb regarding Shawn, I am remarkably sorry that is more dialogue, but I thought the small plot/interview made for a cute start to the new sense of writing I am doing. 
Thanks to my Anons who convinced me to do this!

Enjoy! Xx

He confidently stands with a coffee cup gripped in his hand while patiently waiting to be pushed onto the stage of the interview that’s minutes from taking place. He’s self-composed and collected, he’s not ill at ease about the subjects that may be thrown at him, he has it all figured out in his head— to a certain extent of course. After all, there isn’t much to ask about besides his music and his future plans regarding his music.
Everything has essentially been covered in numerous other interviews he’s fulfilled. The amount of repetitive questions he has received about his newest hit song is unbelievable. 

Shawn has his responses memorised perfectly for each set of questions he’s expected to be asked. He’s realised they’re not strategically directed or worded, consequently, he can use the same response with most of them. 

He takes a seat graciously next to the host, a grin depicted across his lips as he adjusts his black Sandro sweater while becoming content within the chair. While Shawn becomes comfortable and takes one last quick sip of his coffee, the host views the notes scribbled down on the note cards, promptly revising.

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Watch That Fire Burn

Sequal to Don’t Drown My Fire (Let It Strive) for @supremeuppityone who asked. 

Summary: Four times Caroline ran into Klaus through the centuries and the one she went to him.


Caroline learns early in her immortal life that her feet do not like to be shackled in one place for long. The only exception to that was Italy, but papa had been there and so it had been out of the question that she missed a single moment with him while his heart had still been beating.

Humans only lived for a short time, after all.

The sky and wind still called her though, it always had and always would.

Her father draws his last breath when she is only twenty five. It is not easy to ignore the tears streaking her face.

She sends the servants on their ways and closes the door to her home. She will come here again, just not soon. She does not think her heart could bear it, to look at the hallways where she had ran in, with ribbons laced around strands of her hair, and not feel like a knife was twisting and twisting deeper into her bones.

In Venice, Caroline sees the port full of passengers, wonders whether to let her wings lead her or see where the sea wants her to go.

The latter wins and she lands in Japan where the Noh Theater strives and she watches the performances about legends and old times.

Tan dons her body. She loves her kimono more than anything, floral prints decorating the fabric. Her mouth salivates each time she smells the local dishes cooked in the air.

Running into Klaus is a surprise, one where she is not exactly sure if she should be pleased or weary about. The memory of his eyes as he traced over her wings is fresh in her mind.

“Fancy seeing you here, sweetheart,” he says, lips quirking at the edges where a set of dimples appear. She thinks of something sharp to say.

The words die on the tip of her tongue when she realises that they were no longer in her home and she can’t demand things of him like she used to.

How unfortunate.

Caroline doesn’t reply as quickly as she would have liked. Klaus was dangerous, that she didn’t forget.

“Yes, it’s quite the shock,” she says briskly.

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The Black Envelope: Puppy Love

PART TWO of The Black Envelope series

OTHER PARTS: Sehun | … | Joonmyeon | Kyungsoo | Chanyeol | Minseok | Baekhyun | Jongdae | Yixing

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Kim Jongin (Kai of EXO) x Reader

Genre: Fluffidy Fluff!!!; Arranged Marriage/Soulmate!AU

Summary: Jongin’s envelope is still lost in the mail. Yet, you looked at him as if he was the cutest puppy in existence and that was all he needed.

Word Count: 3,4K

Jongin didn’t actually like going to cafes. He disliked the smell of coffee and the temptation of buying some baked goods when he had promised himself to eat healthily. In all seriousness, the only reason he ever visited the cafe was to get his friends off his back. There were only so many Baekhyun’s questions and Sehun’s teasing comments that he could take.

Thus he made sure to visit Joonmyeon’s cafe at least once a week. He didn’t really dare to go there more often because the owner’s nearly motherly gaze always persuaded him to spend more money on the pastries than Jongin would allow himself. The young man had perfected the means of customer manipulation and Baekhyun was his biggest victim.

“Care to explain to me once again why you ordered a kilo of pigs in blankets?” Jongin asked his friend. The older boy shrugged, “It was an accident.”

“How does one accidentally order a kilo of pigs in blankets?” Jongin still couldn’t understand. He knew that his best friend was a one of a kind character, but ordering a kilo of pastries by accident was a whole new level even for him.

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But what if Cas isn’t like he is in all the fanfics when he becomes human where he is just the worst before his coffee in the morning / doesn’t get up til midday anyway? 

Cas and Sam getting up at dawn to go for a morning jog and Cas being so bouncy and annoying AF when he gets back to their room and Dean just can’t cope with him, he’s so CHIRPY at this ungodly hour and he’s just like “Caaaaaaaaas….. shut up and come back to bed or get out”.

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anonymous asked:

"Who were you with?"

Drunken nights at a bar isn’t typically your thing, but last night— last night was different. There was an ache making itself present, buried at the bottom of your heart. There was a raging desire to forget the sickening feeling inside you as the reminder of your verbal disagreement with your boyfriend took a twisted turn when you no longer had words to express to him and walked out of the house, ultimately finding yourself at a bar.

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emi010  asked:

Idea for Light on the Dark Side of Me: A look at all the times Shiro came at Keith with his dark humor so hard and so many times that it pisses Keith off as much as it does in Giggle At A Funeral. (Everyone else is like 'Shiro! Please stop talking like that! Why are you saying these things​?!' and Keith is just like 'SHIRO WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS FUCKING LIKE THIS, YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR BITCH MOUTH -RIGHT NOW- OR SO HELP ME-' and I feel like there must be some stories there.)

“So,” Shiro said, disgustingly chirpy.  “This was way easier to do on concrete than sand.  This engine is definitely not doing anything until we clean it out.”

Groaning, Keith glanced around them.  Their visibility was awful in the near pitch darkness of the hour.  But even if it had been noon, Keith wouldn’t have been able to see anything but sand in all directions.  They were miles out, a necessity of avoiding the occasional Garrison patrol that would have had a lot of questions for two Cadets out at 2 AM.  With a speeder bike.  One they hadn’t officially rented out.  So Shiro could show him how to ride dunes like a water ski.

This plan hadn’t been well thought out.

And now they were stuck out here.  

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Worth Fighting For

Hey guys! Happy Chicago Fire day (or night now haha). As promised here is the story of Sylvie being shot finally. I hope I did this story justice, but it is a long one since I had plenty of my own ideas. I may do another story since I wanted her injured longer but I was already up to 5k words when Antonio found out, so her fighting for her life would have made it too long. Enjoy! 


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anonymous asked:

I don't like that everyone in the English dub sounds like a grown ask adult lmao

Ahhhhhhhh I can imagine that - some of them sound like adults in the jap version too, like Tokoyami? But you’re more used to those voices being associated to teens so you notice it less, I guess haha after all they are adults’ voices

But, at the same time, nothing warms my heart more than seeing the members of the fated fam come together and defend each other and show that they are just that - a family. You don’t mess with family. I’m not part of this family but consider me a close family friend. I will defend as long as I can because come on, we’re all in this fandom and love these characters. Why can’t we love each other?

So I read some of Nora Sakavic’s extra content and I read about the fact that Andrew and Neil get cats *quietly melts*. And then this happened. 

P.s. I warn you, this is just one of many things I will be flinging onto tumblr in the throws of AFTG/Andreil feels, usually after too many glasses o’ wine. 

p.p.s I think Andrew loves dogs, but if they become a threat to his kitty cats…

The/your/our cats

Sir Fat Cat McCatterson and King Fluffkins, two big cats with two big names. Loved, of course. But there were a few little nuances in the relationship that Neil had to get used to. Namely that the cats were ‘Neil’s cats’ if they did something Andrew didn’t want to deal with; they were ‘the’ cats when anyone asked for updates and Andrew had to speak about them; and ‘our cats’ only when they were under threat. Which they became, all at once, when the neighbour’s moved in with a terrier.

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